The Sufferings of the Young Jonas* for the Ascension of Mankind

Jonas Be, May 16, 2021

Dear Georgi,

I felt the last days as well as an extreme climax of the barrage of energies and as the “starting shot” of the collective soul catharsis, which has been building up over the last months and has now reached a point of absolute breakthrough from the inside to the outside. I have the feeling that the last PAT decree has additionally fueled the whole thing. Today it seems to be a bit calmer.

On the physical level since days the again intensified symptoms with extreme headaches, the loud high-frequency sounds in the ears and I have to cope also again and again with breath problems, the last heavy bronchitis lies now however already some years back. In addition, again and again phases of deepest depression, bitterness and a high stress level, the nervous system is overstimulated.

I thank Jerry for his message, because I also suffer frequently from neuropathic pain in the legs and feet, knew where they come from, but to hear the experiences of others is always good. On a mental level the overwhelming perception of what is boiling up so high in the collective. Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish what still belongs to oneself, when the consciousness expands in such a way, as it has been the case for many years, it is often no longer possible to distinguish boundaries …

For many years I am in the spirit in this dichotomy, to be infinitely tired of life and to want to die and at the same time only the most ardent desire to finally want to live, in the knowledge that the life which I dream of for years and decades begins only when this reality has fully collapsed and I have completed my LBP on this level and my tasks of purification of humanity and the earth together with you. This cannot and must not take much longer, as most of us are already absolutely at our last energy reserves and the Shift and Ascension is now the last step and way out of this situation for us.

“Where is the joy in these last days for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour?”

Even though I have hoped for it for a long time, I strongly doubt that it will come up in a big way. The energies will certainly continue and increase until the Shift, thus the symptoms as well. I started writing a text the other day in a brief moment of balance and a flooding of loving energies about “the last days on this world” and that we should leave it in peace with everything that made up our incarnational cycles and our lives here. I was deeply in touch with myself, but these moments/energies quickly fade away when I wake up the next morning feeling like a 100 year old man with rheumatoid arthritis and need time to get out of bed because of pain and stiffness.

Often both are there at the same time, the understanding and yes, also love and gratitude for this world, because it has given us so many experiences and opportunities to learn and become conscious and I am allowed to be part of this process, but also only because I already experience it from a higher perspective and am already no longer part of it – and at the same time the feeling of being a “foreign body” in this crumbling reality and the painfully burning longing for the higher dimensions. It is like in-between dimensions and not a nice state.

I had to think with this sentence also of some channelings of Jahn from some years ago, in which of the “coming most sublime days of the ascending mankind” was spoken. How can he and many others speak so extravagantly about ascension without being involved in the way the PAT is? This example of the New Age scene stands of course also for many others, this topic you have already discussed completely. Well, his messages, valuable at the beginning, were a short part of my path, but since I found your website (“The chicks are fledging”), I stopped following his blog and the messages seemed to me, in part, almost a mockery to the true light warriors of the first and last hour.

We had and have far other concerns than this “spiritual banter”, without the personal experiential and lived substance and essence of the ascension process, of gnosis as a personal experience. Or as Pepé put it:

The soul is very clever, because it disguises the spiritual path as a very tempting and mysterious endeavor, only to lure one so deep into the mouse hole that there is no turning back and the LBP comes like a hammer.”

The emotional storm which will now break over the agnostic unconscious masses will be immense. I experience many people in my environment who are now fully confronted with themselves and partly cannot handle their strong emotions anymore and often cannot classify them. It is difficult to see that many people now project their anger and frustration, which they have accumulated over years and decades, onto other people who actually have nothing to do with it, but only trigger these very own feelings. Many have not yet healed their karmic issues or their relationships with their parents to any degree, nor are they aware of who or what has enslaved them over eons of time and are now wandering and raging off “like headless chickens”, to quote you.

I often think how many more people would be able to ascend if they had knowledge of the global and energetic processes? Let’s imagine that the mass media would report about all this …. The sad truth is that the evil masters of the people are also their executioners if they do not free themselves from them.

The shock must probably come for most people from the outside, so that they recognize to whom they have delegated the reckless authority over themselves, to finally recognize which parts in themselves once authorized these forces, in order to then be able to enter into their soul catharsis and subsequently their LBP. I would be interested how a LBP feels in an energetically to some extent pure and from dark forces freed atmosphere, as it will be probably the case on the (upper) 4D earths.

I think and wish the people that it would be much easier to “blow up” a whole dense dimension from the inside without this immense work and to fight the absolute energetic final battle of the end times between light and darkness, which fortunately has already been won and we can only observe the consequences of the past dark reign and ages – a poisoned upper earth, a shattered humanity and some of the departing human puppets, who desperately try to continue playing the game of their already disempowered dark entities in the background for a very short time . .. Like an old slipping canvas sinking into the mire of this time.

I really realize in the last few days what we have accomplished and I am always amazed to still be alive. Even if our path over the last years and decades has nothing to do with “life” anymore. But it has paved the way for the glorious future that lies ahead of us, Mother Earth and the ascending humanity and the people who want to enjoy this God-given paradise in the future. And as you say, it still goes far beyond that, the ascension of a whole galaxy …

In spite of all difficulties, I am so grateful that I was allowed to go this way and that my past was obviously forgiven. From the beginning of my awakening and awareness, I was unconditionally ready to give everything, to follow my great visions and to sacrifice everything to this goal, to walk this path to the end with an iron will and a big heart, like the entire PAT, under your glorious leadership. More than what we have done, we could not and cannot do and the new morning is on the horizon and none of the last clouds can darken this light …

For years, despite my own difficult and painful processes, I have been doing my best to help people where I can, but at the moment I am often at my wit’s end, because many are so intransigent and renitent and simply cannot and will not recognize the root of all evil, which lies within themselves. The resistance to these painful insights is so strong that the coming time of global, historical, political and social revelations is urgently needed, so that people get reflected from the outside, how it looks in themselves – and this brings us back to the topic of your exchange with Charlotte.

I can well empathize with your desparation with humanity, only unfortunately I can not yet meet it on the same scientific level as you, that is, I can not prove what I perceive and experience, but I have nevertheless been able to develop a certain wisdom and empathy, more on an interpersonal and psychological level.

The true natural sciences I will begin to study in the coming time, it was not possible in recent years, but there are still many areas in which I have received deep insights through self-experience and my intuitive understanding of the truth is strong, without being very educated in scientific theory so far. However, I am so strongly drawn to the natural sciences and their understanding that my present limited cognitive abilities often torment me very much, but I know that I will soon make up for all this when the symptoms of the LBP and the planetary cleansing work no longer dominate my life and everyday life and logical, linear thinking is often hardly possible.

In terms of time quality, I have felt for some time that our mission both on an energetic and psychological level must soon come to an end, it feels overdue and there is no longer any benefit to anyone in dragging out this unbearable situation any longer. But as you say, any “delay” within linear time means progression to higher timelines. Earth and humanity are separating, even though this fact is often difficult for our sympathetic hearts to bear.

But I have been able to perceive in the observation of people in the last years that the choice of every human being is really willed, nobody is at the mercy of his fate. Every soul has its development and its cycle, from a higher point of view there is nobody to regret, everybody makes his own decisions and everybody is taken care of – it is the consciousness of the rightness and beauty, the harmony and synergy of all life, all decisions and all ways and their right time, the “constructive interference”, as it comes to my mind?

With all the drama, to let go of the drama and hopefully very soon be allowed to fully detach ourselves from it and this world.

It is time.

Thanks for letting me get rid of some of my perceptions and thoughts every now and then ….

Best regards



Dear Jonas,

I have just written to another PAT member and told him the same thing in content as you have summarized here. Therefore, my comments will be superfluous. I just want to draw your attention to yesterday’s message from the Arcturians discussing this very issue:

I will publish your discussion tomorrow because I like it very much, I just have to think of a title, or even better, you suggest one. Today I have a headache again…

I think like you that the shift will come soon, because we can not suffer forever, and you have to start to really enjoy your youth, it can not go on like this, I have already ranted about this with HR.

All love


PS: And here is a song from the jazz opera “Porgy and Bess” about Jonas (Jonah) who lived in a whale and survived. This is a very precise metaphor that describes in a humorous manner what Jonas and all of us from the PAT have gone through all these years and somehow survived the energetic onslaught to make the ascension of earth and humanity the crowning achievement of our long incarnation Odyssee as light warriors of the highest order.

* In allusion to the epistolary novel “The Sufferings of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1774, whereby his sufferings were ridiculous compared to the real ordeals that the young crystalline children experience nowadays in helping the slumbering humanity to ascend.


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