The Self Liberation of the PAT and the Unsuffocating of the Soul

Carolina P., May 19, 2021

Following in the steps of “we are the creators of our own reality” (“Why there are no victims, only creators”): You, who are “waiting for” external signs that the shift is also happening for other persons.

You are the New Earth. You are the Shift. You, with your feelings, with your thoughts, with the way you conduct your own life, are creating the New Earth. Your version of the New Earth. Your individual and unique version of the New Earth.



The New Earth is not going to appear and fall onto your lap as a fully mature being. This is a – let us be honest with ourselves- a very naive misconception.

So, let’s start  from the beginning:

It is not your duty to “wait for” the shift to happen for any other person. More to the point, when you are “waiting for” any other person to do this or not do that (in this specific case we are talking about the Shift happening for some portion of humanity, e.g. for the lightworkers community) you are putting yourself in the victim position. DELIBERATELY.

I repeat: You are putting yourself in the victim position.

Because you are saying that another person has the power over your own life: “No, no, I cannot experience this unless and until that other person does this or that”… And so, this is exactly what you are creating FOR YOURSELF.

That “you cannot experience” … Do you see it? Do you really, really understand the implications?

You are keeping yourself trapped and you are SUFFOCATING the expression of your SOUL through you.

Is this what you do want to experience in your life? Really?

Because, if you really comprehend the Law of Creation:

1. You are the creator of your own reality.

2. The keepers of 3D are the human beings, which means that ONLY human beings can create and manifest PHYSICAL THINGS AND PHYSICAL REALITIES.

3. You, as a Creator Being, are ALWAYS creating.

… You own that – it is your nature, and there is no break time.

So let’s be clear: What do you think you are creating for your tomorrow when you are in this “waiting for” mode today? When you are in the attitude that you cannot live on the New Earth until some portion of the rest of humanity makes some steps that you deem necessary? … And you experience frustration and disappointment when, tomorrow, you find out that you are in the same “waiting for” mode of reality?

Let’s take an example from real life: Vincent Van Gogh, the great painter, could see the energy moving, the swirling motion. To the best of his ability, he expressed this in his paintings. You can see the swirling stars, the swirling air, the swirling sky, the swirling tree leaves, and even this swirling effect in the chair legs:

Painting «Copy of Van Gogh paintings. The road with cypress and star» — buy on

Can you imagine what would have happened if Van Gogh would have said: “No, I’m going to wait for the people to understand my paintings” …”I’m going to put myself in the waiting mode until this shift in the consciousness of the people takes place”…

What did he do, instead, knowing that nobody was going to understand his art, nobody was going to buy his paintings? He said: No matter what. And he followed his SOUL. He chose not to suffocate his Soul.

Because, and this is the crucial point, when you put yourself in this waiting mode you SUFFOCATE your own SOUL. You block the energies of your Soul, incapacitating them to flow freely through all the energy channels of your complete energy body. And here is a gigantic clue about healing and self-healing because healing – making whole again –  means restoring this whole quality of your complete energy body.

So, turn your back on what the rest of humanity is doing or not doing. New Earth (all the timelines and different New Earths) is inhabited by INDIVIDUALS. Mass consciousness (consensual collective consciousness) was an attribute of the Old Earth (the dying timelines and Old Earths).

New Earth is already a physical reality. A tiny baby New Earth. If you are expecting that she will appear as a fully formed mature being, you are severely mistaken. She is a reality now. And it’s you, and me and everyone who has in their hearts and souls the vision and the dream of this new Earth, who are creating her NOW in our very lives. Through our very lives. With our very lives.

Don’t look outside yourself. If and when you are looking “outside”, you are missing the point and you are repeating more of the dying Earth structures.

What attributes has this New Earth? Be aware that before the physical manifestation there is an internal structure, so let’s focus on this internal structure: self-responsibility is a quality of the New Earth. Self-responsible INDIVIDUALS are the inhabitants of the New Earth NOW. How are you applying your creationary powers? Are you suffocating or “unsuffocating” your Soul? What you put into the mix now is part of this New Earth.

So bear in mind that the main component of New Earth is the UNSUFFOCATED Soul and be very blunt with yourself:

Turn your back on them.

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