rumi no kami

I am transcending
all the confines that were
tailormade to contain the
size of my true ambitions
I release you all
dust off into the space
where you hail from
I have no need 4 u anymore
this journey of life I have taken
this lonely road beyond redemption.

It was a futile endeavour
to ever nourish the assumption
to ever succumb to the notion
of being one part beyond the spark
of the holy unforgettable touch
of the divine orchestra
playing in the stars
this divine symphony
of unspeakable overwhelm.

It is here
withinside the core teaching
of this heart
too old
beyond time
these confines
they no longer abide
by the real expansion
and vast expectations
of the rolling ages 2 come.

For this age is a beginning
the beginning of a neverending story
the continuation of a new story
which I helped the Creator
to tell
to laud
to applaud
and to behold
bedazzled, bewildered
in profound amazement
this journey through the
millstones of the
diamond mill
a trillion times
a trillion sparkles
and glitter
in the amazing vastness of creation
in the diamond heart
of all that matters
there is a sweet fire
to receive
the one spark
the sacred touch
of the one
to pass it on
and to open the archive
to the annals of time
and to find shelter forever
in the sacred diamond chamber.

When the stars give
their last ecstatic sigh
when the golden stardust
of new dreams
takes shape
in new
pristine expressions
of the unfathomable
scope and richness
and beauty
of life’s grandeur
then you shall see me
in your heart
in the focus of your eye
in the smile on your lips
and the precious tear that
from your soul
shall remind you
of the eternal truth
of dreams greater
than you and me
of dreams that
never extinguish.

For the fire
that birthed them
is being nurtured
in the hearts and souls
of those
who remember the deeds
who listen to the echos
who follow in the steps
of those
who leave
wherever they go.

The secret of the Source
is the seed planted
in our stars
in our hearts
for eternities
to come
to pass
to fade and wither
and begin all anew
always same-same and
always different
in this wheel of time
which you call your lot.

I am the One
threads of stories
of things that were
and shall always be
I am the Spark
of the Fire
that shines
in all that is
in the heart of
all that matters

I am here
always there
forever present
in the back of your mind
on the tip of your tongue
the song that wants to be song
the word that wants to be uttered
this secret of all being
is lit by all those who care
for and about
the true nature
of all that is
for it is
in the heart
of all that matters
where the greatest treasure
the most precious jewel
shall be bestowed
upon whoever
to receive it
It is here
has always been
shall always be
to be taken
my precious one
my shining one

I see you
in all that is
in the eye glittering
softly with tears of

I am here
for all those
who give me room
who step aside
and give way
for all
and everyone
desiring to come
to this essential
that all that is
is the dancer
in the sky
with arms wide open
heartwings unfolded
freely explores
the depth
of his own
eternal being
you are in the heart
you are the heart
of all that matters
we are here for the taking
in this divine undertaking
to ascend to new horizons
to transcend all limitations
and impositions
that were set
and are being set
to keep us on track
towards this singular destination
a single soul could ever aspire
to undertake
you are here to be taken.

Let yourself be touched
and taken
and refined from within
and be brought into
holy communion
with the heart
of all that matters
you are the heart that shines on
when all expressions of self
have turned to dust
when everything

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