On How Humans Create Their Evil Masters and Get Rid of Them

Carolina T., May 13, 2021



Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Carolina is a long-standing PAT member from Spain and I am in contact with her since I opened this website. She has been silent since 2016 and now she has come up with a very interesting new perspective of the actual origin of the evil ETs that have allegedly enslaved humanity and we are combatting now for many years, and finally eradicated from these ascending timelines at the end of 2020.

I am very much inclined to agree with Carolina’s approach as I have also thought about this issue in a similar way in the past. Of course, this is only one facet of the actual situation on the earth, and there are many different perspectives on how to see this multidimensional reality that are equally valid.

I am sure that after the shift these topics will emerge in the collective awareness of humanity with a new compelling force and will capture the attention of the ascending humans for years to come in order to fully grasp our true nature – who we truly are and why we degraded to such monsters.

The shock of the upcoming revelations will not come from the sudden acknowledgment of the monstrosity of all the crimes the ruling human cabal has committed for eons of time as many naive new agers currently surmise, but from the horror of realising how evil this human race has truly been, while exploring all the negative aspects of its total separation from the Source in this most derailed incarnation experiment in this multiverse.

Therefore, Caroline’s disquisition is much broader as it began with our discussion on the manifestation of the soul catharsis in the average human population on the eve of the shift. While the final analysis of this topic is still pending – and I hope Carolina will provide soon a new insightful discussion on that -, there is no doubt that the soul catharsis will be the single most important driving force of all human energetic transformation, including the expansion of human awareness as a prerequisite for any true revelations. And these revelations will include in the first place the close introspection of all the human demons that have plagued the current incarnation experiment on the earth – how they were created and who ultimately bears the responsibility for that.

All the aspects Carolina has addressed below are thus of great actual importance on the eve of the Shift and that is why I decided to publish her emails today in order to stimulate you to begin thinking deeper in this direction as very soon everything will change. All the human belief systems of fraudulent knowledge that currently determine human life in this crumbling reality will not survive the Shift. They were deliberately created as false by our souls and the evil ETs contributed vastly to this fraudulent end. This was already a key topic in Fulya’s discussion of the irrelevance of the current legal systems.

The only system of knowledge created under 3D conditions that will not only fully survive the Shift but will thrive and determine decisively human life after this event is the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law.


May 12, 2021

Hello Georgi,

I am Carolina, from Spain. We have interchanged several emails in the past years although there’s been a while since I have emailed you again.

Yesterday I sent you an email and as you usually send back a few words acknowledging it and this time there has been no word from you, I think that maybe you have changed your email address.

So, please let me know your email address for future correspondence.

And now, I’m copying here the email I sent you yesterday:

Mar 11/05/2021 10:56

Proof of the Soul Catharsis being triggered

Dear Georgi.

How are you, my friend? I hope you are doing the best you can under the energies that today (May 11) have me recovering from an intense burst yesterday that had me as if my body was plugged into a source of power and for hours these currents were traversing my body, physically and energetically. And so today I feel like a beaten rug.

The following I had started to write to you on May 7:

Since the first week of March till several days after the Spring Equinox, I had interminable bouts of anxiety, heart pains, shortness of breath, fear, intense fear as in existential panic, intermingled with brief periods of respite, but very, very brief just enough to not be totally annihilated. I identified these symptoms with the Soul Catharsis being triggered in the Ascension candidates. That soothed me as I took it as proof that this Soul Catharsis was indeed already being triggered and a reality in the etheric levels as this was what I was empathically feeling.

I was, although exhausted, very hopeful and I thought about writing to you telling this news, but I opted to wait and see if some external evidence would appear on the horizon as we already know about the delay between the inner planes and the physical manifestation.

During the Wesak Portal, the energies were very high and intense and, suddenly, a strong and vicious psychic attack was launched upon me. As is usually the case with me, in the beginning, I was dumbfounded: how something so low and so ugly surge now when the Wesak Portal is open? was the question in my mind.

And I let aside all preconceptions and allowed the profound, visceral, energy of the Fire and the Sword to be integrated into my being. I called in KALI, the Goddess destructive of evil and demons, and this purifying Fire was exactly what I was feeling.

I realized the distortion created by the catholic hypnosis, that lies in the core of the “love-and-light” illusion, that all of us have suffered as incarnated beings on this planet as this is the perfidy upon which we were born. This is the suppression of all healthy signals of a complete energy body that is integrated with the I AM Presence and identifies instantaneously everything that is false or unhealthy, and the institution of the “false god” of “Being Good” and “compassionate”. And so, being spiritual was perverted into being good and not feeling rage, fire, the sword in action, all of this was suppressed.

But the essence of the Goddess is this destructive fire that doesn’t allow the falseness to take root and cut it for good. The catholic hypnosis taught the women to be meek and “good”, “loving”, “soothers”… repressing the Truth in Action because this is the Sword, the instrument of the Truth in Action. All healing starts with a purging phase and what is this purging but the Sword in Action?

And this damage was not only intended for the women as the feminine energy of the males was equally suppressed by this catholic hypnosis. But the females on the planet were meant to bear the brunt of it.

And so, I AM KALI, and my Sword destroys the evil and the demons.


Today, May 11, I will close this email and I will write something more to you about why there are no victims, only creators, as I am having proof daily as everyday as I go outside I see people who deliberately choose oppression and authority upon them and they will fight tooth and nail against anyone who is “A Shining One” as we are, for them, the very demons.

Be well and until next time.

Much love.



May 12, 2021

Dear Carolina,

thank you very much for your energy report. I didn’t receive your previous email. The last email from you is from 2016. You should write to my private email address.

This is very interesting information and I would ask you to expand a little bit more on it as you also write you are intending to do. You have written already a lot and it is an excellent description of the ongoing battles we are leading with the dark ones and I would like to publish your report.

I have only one question – you are writing that you were attacked at Wesak Portal. The Wesak portal this year is on May 26th. Which portal do you actually mean?

Do you also see symptoms of the soul catharsis among the broad Spanish population?

Thank you very much for your effort and I am looking forward to hearing soon from you.

With love and light



Dear Georgi:

Yes, I’d like to expand a little bit more precisely on the subject you mentioned:

Do you also see symptoms of the soul catharsis among the broad Spanish population?

as this is exactly the theme that has me seeing very clearly that there are no victims, only creators.

The broad Spanish population is a painful landscape to contemplate and they are willingly choosing the oppression and repression and a system based on authority over human consciousness and human life. As this is now only a brief response to you I will leave it at that and I will extend over it soon.

If you want to publish the report you are welcome.

According to the information I have since many years Wesak, which is the Taurus Full Moon, this year has been on April 27th (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio), so I feel that we have been under a Monster Portal encompassing Wesak and 5.5.5, no wonder we are so battered and the attack I mentioned was launched upon me exactly on this date. But now that you mention that this year is on May 26th, I have done some research on the Internet and there are some sources that give the date of May 26th and some other sources that give the date of April 27th…?

I will write to you again soon. Be well.

Much love,



Dear Carolina,

I was actually also confused as I wrote in my diary that the full moon portal April 27 was also Wesak at that time and then when I checked on the Internet one more time they were talking about May 26.

I mean, your presentation so far is very informative and I really want to know what is happening in Spain as I am also in contact with people from Portugal and I am curious to see what will happen tomorrow on Fatima’s day.

I will wait for you to put the pieces together for publication but please use all the information you have sent me so far as it is very good.

With love and light



May 13, 2021

Why there are no victims, only creators

Dear Georgi:

This is the promise about “Why there are no victims, only creators”.

Back when I started my spiritual journey the first thing I dealt with was that “we create our own reality“. At that time and for all the people in a spiritual path that was subliminally translated as “we, spiritual people, create our own reality” and I worked very hard transforming my life in order to integrate my I AM PRESENCE.

Now, many years after, I find that every time one hears about the demons, the vampires, the dark forces that rule the Earth, the predator extraterrestrials, the toxic astral energies, and so on…one is subliminally pressed into thinking “Ah, poor humans, the poor things under such evil oppressors!”.

Well, think twice.

Many years ago I read a book by Barbara Hand Clow speaking about the Dimensions, and she stated that 3D was the realm of the physical dimension, physical manifestations, and the keepers were the humans.

Read twice, please: the keepers are the humans.

What does it mean? You can ask…

And the answer is so, so logical that is hidden in plain view: Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, absolutely nothing occurs in the physical dimension that is not CREATED by a human being. That means the dark forces, the bad aliens, the predators in the astral, etc., would only be reduced to operate in the astral realms because they have no access to the physical world. Zero.

So how is it that our physical reality, our physical Earth, is controlled by these forces and entities?… Obviously, because a human being, or several human beings, or many human beings, or the majority of human beings presently incarnated HAVE INVITED THEM, HAVE CONTRACTED with them and CONTINUE DOING IT with the purpose of physically manifesting exactly this anti-human-anti-life reality in which we dwell.

It is as simple as this. Don’t put the responsibility on the “bad guys”. Put the responsibility on the physical human beings. You, who are on a spiritual transformative journey, your neighbour who has zero consciousness that he/she is creating hell on earth for everyone to experience. You, who are an ascended master in human form and a Shining One, the people you cross in the street and have their hearts closed. And so on.

And now when you do this, you understand why it is so difficult for New Earth to manifest physically: the bulk of the physical human beings don’t want it. They want to experience hell on earth. For them it is not hell, it is a normal life, a secure life.

They are on the Descending road.

This separation in our thinking is a very important one because once we have this clear, we stop wasting our precious energies on people who don’t appreciate them, don’t want to Ascend, and will only keep us from doing our job: Creating the New Earth, firstly, etherically and, finally, physically.

So be ruthless and focus your divine creationary energies on your goal. Only on your goal.


Georgi, this has come out different from what I had expected. When I write something I let my soul guide me and the flow starts.

I will add something about the reality in Spain soon.

Yesterday has been another day of very intense energies, and I can’t sleep! It is horrible.

Until next time.

Much love.



Dear Carolina,

a few nights ago I dreamed that my guides were teaching me how to introduce a new energetic method to bring the ultimate truth to humanity in the quickest and most effective possible way. They called it the “CTB-Method“, which means “cut through the bullshit”. This is precisely what you have done with your interpretation of the origin of evil on this planet. Obviously, you have also received the codes for the CTB-method.

Indeed, if one proceeds logically from the notion that we are the sovereign, i.e. the only creators of our reality, then there can be no dualism and no separate origins for good and evil. They all have the same source and this source is the imagination of all incarnated souls as human beings on this planet whose goal is to experience the utmost separation from the Source in order to explore how we shall behave under such adverse conditions.

And the greatest separation from the Source can be achieved by introducing the evilest masterminds whose ultimate goal is the enslavement and destruction of humanity – the achievement of such a maximal separation of the incarnated human personality from the soul and the Source, that no ascension is possible.

These are the two ultimate goals of the two opposite camps:

– maximal separation of all humans from their souls and the Source through enslavement in the NWO, and

– maximal connection to the soul and the Source through the LBP and descent of the I AM Presence in the human body that manifests as soul catharsis.

Now we are experiencing the culmination of the confrontation – a veritable cosmic clash between these two opposite forces – before the shift can take place and the final resolution in favour of the Light and Ascension is made. Because this outcome was agreed upon by all human souls for the current End Time, and what we decide, is what happens.

Of course, we then have many helpers from the HR, such as AM, Angels and AA, just as the dark ones have their evil helpers from other civilisations, so that the drama becomes very realistic and dangerous. But the outcome is predetermined and this is the bottom line.

This leaves most of the humans with the impending acknowledgment, how often they were the evil ones and how many times they have destroyed human lives in the past so that before they begin to get presumptuously outraged about the cabal evildoers in power, they should look in the mirror and see the demons in themselves. Even the most advanced human being, who claims to be already an ascended master, and rightly so, is not free of his demons to the very end, or as they say, till the fat lady sings. Before that, the drama goes on.

I think we are now firmly anchoring the CTB-method on this planet and I expect a surge in unprecedented mental clarity to hit the slumbering humans like a brick wall so that the Shift can finally take place. My educated guess is – end of this month around the second Wesak date, May 26. 

I am very eager to see how the events will unfold till the end of this month, but as this discussion with you already promises, the coming days will be very exciting and turbulent.

With love and light


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