My Vision For the New Earth

Josef Fleischman, May 7, 2021

Dear Georgi,

since there’s basically nothing new to share as we’ve nearly exhausted all of our options and have scrutinized the current situation on Earth from every possible angle, I’ve decided to at least share my vision for the New Earth as this is what keeps my spirit alive in these preposterous and dire times. There’s hardly anything to stick around for in this desolate swamp.

Much like you, I’ve grown weary of all the alt-media thinkers as their intelligence has sunk on the bottom of the Marianna trench. They provide nothing of value, indulged in writing their wicked fantasy stories, they’ve let their dark imagination mired by the their unprocessed fears run loose like a dangerous beast, dragging their poor readers with them into the abyss.

Anyone who has successfully opened their heart chakra and is capable of discerning the truth from a lie, thus developing their conscience and a Unified chakra, better follow their intuition and discard all these abominations. One could compare it to the compass of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean – it points to whatever you want the most. And that would be the Shift. Everything else is a fallacy and a false notion which only aims to create discord, misconception, division and disharmony. The Universal Law is Unity and Perfection.

I could also quote Agent Smith from the Matrix, where he holds Neo strangeled on the railroad in a subway whilst the train’s approaching:

“You hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. It’s the sound of your death. Goodbye Mr. Anderson”

“My name is Neo”

Neo flips out the Uno reverse card and it’s Agent Smith who dies. The parallel with the dying and desperate Cabal is perfect here. Neo destroys Agent Smith in the end, outnumbered and outgunned, against all odds. So sure of their success, only to die and fail miserably.

Oh, did I mention that one of my family’s closest friends, who also happens to be a a very old Walk-in soul read the “Why there are no viruses” article, and totally loved it? She even requested more articles and I was more than happy to provide them. She and my mother now seek more contact as their new souls are obviously very close and they very much benefit from each other’s closeness. I can now see both of them transforming before my very eyes. What a sight to behold. Of course, my mother remains indifferent to the idea of transformation but that will very soon change. All shall change.

Unfortunately my grandpa and dad gave in and let themselves be vaccinated. Even if people remain ignorant to the conspiracy that involves their death and many millions since the end of the WWII that the despicable and obnoxious big pharma cartel has perpetrated, one should at least read the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. They all are convicted criminals, but people are ecstatic to recieve a potential death shot in their shoulder.


I shall begin with the succinct summary of what I envision:

The healing centers of miraculous healing powers, where humanity will see that we’re capable of healing anything and everything. No more being bound to a wheel chair or spending one’s life without eyesight. There will be no limit to our healing. Humanity will see what we can do and they’ll be eager to learn it themselves and we will teach them. Without ailments, the world will flourish.

Self-sufficient communities will thrive and prosper with the introduction of Astral Currency. The pillars will be: No more stress or existential fears. People can now live completely carefree and in unlimited abundance. Every single human being will have enough Astrals to have a comfortable live and can decide how to manage his life. You can spend all day meditating, dancing or doing whatever brings you the utmost joy. You can decide to enjoy the companionship of your fellow humans and laugh until your belly hurts (I can see a lot of abs (abdominal muscles) being developed in this way). There will be many possibilities to manage one’s life in the highest vibrational way, hence contribute to the wellbeing of the community. All shall be in service to all. Everybody is aware of their true spiritual nature and the Universal Law is firmly established in the minds and hearts of the people.

The new agriculture requires little attention and maintance as the technologies we shall introduce enable the crops, fruits and vegetables to grow very fast and abundant. Delicious food will be available to everybody at any given time. People are no longer carnivores as they became aware that by harming any other being, they ultimately harm themselves. Poverty and malnutrition no longer exist. There is only ubiquitous abundance, love and bliss. Coherence once again reigns.

Housing is available to anybody and easily accesible as the new light technologies will make building a house a piece of cake. Want to move across the globe? Easy, you can simply teleport your house and belongings to the desired destination by photons. Photons have mass so you can teleport anything you want once the technical device is introduced. The pyramids were build this way as well. Travelling has never been easier as anti-gravity vehicles are available to everybody. The hideous concrete jungles can also be reduced to ash in some way as there will be no need for such monstrosity to scar the surface of the New Earth and can be replaced by the new vibrational version of living.

I’m not quite sure if this is correct but can the free photon energy transfer for example heat or light as a visible electromagnetic spectrum? (It can, NB, George). In case there’s cold inside, one can just turn on the device and heat will be transfered from the parts of the globe where there’s warmth. The same would apply at night where one could transfer light from the other half of the globe where there’s day. I’m really letting my imagination run wild here.

Nature has been fully restored, the oceans are once again clean and full of life. The damage humans inflicted upon mother nature has been healed and all the beings co-exist in a complete harmony and love. Once vast deserts have been transformed into a prosperous paradise.

The cities of light of immense beauty, where the interface between 4D and 5D will take place. Many galactic civilizations will want to interact with humanity and this is where it’s going to take place. It’s a place of sacred creation and a higher dimensional knowledge, where humans can learn and deepen their understanding of the Universal Law and healings. It had unlimited capacities as it will not be fully subjected to the limitation of space and time.

Step by step, the humanity has risen from the ashes and emerges into the Golden Age.


That’s pretty much it. I’d very much welcome if you could provide further specifics of how you imagine the Cities of Light. I imagine they will be floating maybe a hundred meters above the ground? Not that it matters that much, I’d like to keep the visions as congruent as possible. Thank you in advance.

Much love.



Dear Pepe,

I love your vision of the new higher dimensional earth and the good news is: It will be exactly as you imagine it as you are the ultimate creator.

Everybody must realize that humans are the ultimate creators of their reality and the more daring their vision, the better and more interesting their life will be. I also fully share your thoughts about the current outrageous situation and can assure you that after the latest portal 5.5.5., we have changed this reality irreversibly forever as we shall witness in the coming days.

Dear Pepe, I have accompanied your becoming of an ascended master closely now for quite some time – given your young age, it may seem a whole eternity to you, and a blink of an eys from the cosmic perspective. You have undergone the LBP and all the challenges of cleansing Gaia and humanity as a full member of the PAT now for many years with diligence I have seldom seen in your age and only in a few other young PAT members, such as Travis and Elliot.

If anybody ascends in the age between 20 and 30 with the first wave, then you will undoubtedly be the first one to achieve that and thus have already accomplished everything for what you have incarnated on the earth in this auspicious time. For this reason you have my unreserved admiration and the full acknowledgement of your steadfastness to follow the most difficult path of earthly life which always brings you to the highest sphere of blissful existence through ascension.

One cannot achieve more in this last incarnation, and I am hopeful that very soon other young crystalline children will follow also with admiration your example as a role model and learn from you how to ascend and become evolved multidimensional personalities as you already are. And the good news is that this will happen this year, and with the greatest probability in the first half of this year if the ascension process continues with the same intensity so that the shift can take place in the coming days.

We know that the shift is not ascension for humanity, but it will be the transfiguration and ascension of its new spiritual leaders, to whom you will undoubtedly belong, together with Travis, Elliot, and many more young people who will then join us. Then all options will be available for us to create the new earth to our liking. You have already done it with your disquisition.

Stay the course and take good care of your new walk-in mother, she will surprise you soon with her quick opening.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

thank you very much for your kind words. The admiration is mutual, I was always in awe of your achievements and perseverance and the success of the PAT wouldn’t be possible without you. The knowledge you were able to accumulate is truly remarkable. Your determination and undying perseverance helped not only me but many other PATsters in not giving up and together we managed to achieve the greatest success in this mission impossible. You are a true role model.

It was, after all, the only option and felt completely natural for me. Although I had no idea what horrors await me, if I got to choose again, the choice would be the same. The soul is very clever as it disguises the spiritual path as a very alluring and mysterious endeavour, only to lure one deep enough into the rabbit hole that there’s no going back and the LBP comes like a hammer.

Soon we shall toast and celebrate our grandiose achievements in the Cities of Light and the pains of yesterday will vanish forever.

Much love.


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