How the PAT Experiences the Shift

May 21, 2021

Observations on The Shift from Scotland

Dear George

I wanted to give you a short update as to what I have perceived as The Shift, or at least, the symptoms of an imminent manifest event, from my perspective here in Scotland.

Firstly, the colours in the sky at both early morning and late evening have been very different and subtly more beautiful on the hills and mountains around where I live near Loch Lomond. There is a definite banding now fading up into the sky which consists of a lovely hue of violet with yellowish and orange pastel and greenish hue somewhere below. I put this down to the expanding fields you have mentioned previously. I have also seen lots of rainbow-like effects and actual bits of rainbow forming near where I have been. I attach a photo I took last night, Tuesday, to show what I mean. The picture does do it fair justice, although never as good as the real thing, you can clearly see each of the seven colours which was the first thing that struck me and corresponded with our own Chakra colours. I don’t know why but it just seemed a more important understanding when the thought came into my mind. There was also more of the same tonight and what looked like echoes outwith the normal double effect zone.

Also, today I was in the garden and the blackbird which sits in a large Ash tree above our garden was singing new songs. As well as the usual blackbird repertoire there was most definitely new additions. It seemed to be learning them, like someone playing a musical instrument going through the scales etc and getting steadily better I suppose. The sparrows are also seemingly upping their chatter and usual hustle and bustle behaviour and I have also had several cats appear at my back door late on and just sitting down looking at us. I give them food, which they seem to appreciate, then they are on their way again. All round, very pleasant experiences. Oh…..and even our pet hamster, DandyLion, is showing signs of being in tune with something beyond our physical senses.

There is also the other side which I’m sure I don’t need to go into and would actually prefer not to due to the obvious reasons but needless to say, I didn’t think it could get any more insane but each day I find myself surprised when I look into the madness! I have pretty much removed myself from any activity, person, organisation or interaction which brings me into that reality.

I have enjoyed your recent publications immensely and indeed, they have re-affirmed many things which I have been considering and experiencing myself in a way much more coherent than I could ever hope to describe. So it is good to get that confirmation from others which calms the nerves that sometimes arise due to the fluctuating energies all around us at the moment and when the discipline slips a bit. I need to have a certain discipline to maintain my centre and calm as it is still work to do on my part, but I am getting there and it becomes easier every day as the experiences come and go and my shields deflect any negativity which in turn only makes them stronger. I seem to be finding things more and more humorous actually the more insane it gets….which is nice.

Hope you are doing well in your endeavours.

Best regards and love




Dear Bryan,

from what you describe you have already entered the new earth – congratulations. I also observe similar phenomena here for a few days while others are reporting constant changing stormy weather, also in London. Hence it is mixed baggage. The photo is spectacular.

Today I will publish a new message announcing the imminent ascension. Stay the course.

With love and light



May 19, 2021

Dear George

…This evening (May 19) I saw a sign in the sky. It was of angel wings, the cloud formation was carefully and elegantly crisscrossed. I was going to take a photo with my mobile and I was stopped. The message was that the people will start seeing more of these formations in the sky and be able to identify them as Archangels. I smiled as I watched it change the form, as it grew in size and maintained its composure for about an hour then moved right in front of my window and disappeared slowly until it was gone.

I have a strong sense it was Archangel Uriel, the harbinger of truth. A sense of peace washed over me, I knew I was being showered with the beautiful uplifting energies of the heavenly realms. I was in another space, a much higher timeline, gosh it felt good!..

With love and light



Dear Dalila,

indeed, I went to bed at 10 pm my time as I was tired from the headache the whole day. When I received Gabriel’s message from Michael, all the Archangels and Ascended Masters were around me and as soon as I read the message, they hit me with such a powerful ascension cc-wave with an excruciating headache, that also affected the whole body as if they were telling me unequivocally: This is it, we mean business, we gave you this message to know the ascension is happening now.

Since then all the AA are around me as you also describe. I hope today will be a calmer day as yesterday I could not properly think due to the headache.

Now I must publish the message.

With Love and Light



Lieber Georg,

dein Artikel über das CFS war sehr interessant für mich zu lesen. Ich habe auch eine Frage dazu: Du schreibst über neue kraftvolle Chakren an den Knien und Füßen. Ich hatte letztes Jahr immer wieder Knieschmerzen ohne einen wirklichen Grund dafür zu kennen. Diese sind momentan nicht mehr vorhanden, dafür habe ich seit ca einem halben Jahr Schmerzen oder Brennen an den Fußsohlen oder Achillessehnen. Könnte das damit zusammenhängen?

Mich würde auch interessieren ob unsere Meditation/ Lichtarbeit direkte Auswirkung auf das Wetter haben kann? Ich habe schon mehrmals das aus meiner Sicht beeindruckende Erlebnis gehabt, dass wenn ich meditiert habe und das Wetter sehr bewölkt war bzw keine Sonne am Himmel sichtbar war, während der Meditation oder direkt danach, der Himmel über mir aufgeklart hat bzw die Sonne hervor kam und mich direkt angestrahlt hat. Kann das direkt zusammen hängen? Kennst du solche Phänomene auch?

Danke für deine Mühe in diesen anstrengenden Zeiten.

Ich habe momentan fast täglich Kopfschmerzen, linke Seite abwechselnd mit der rechten Seite, leichte Schwindelsymptome, innere Hitze und natürlich die schmerzenden und brennenden Füße.

Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf das kommende Supermondportal

Liebe Grüße



Dear Georg,

your article about CFS was very interesting for me to read. I also have a question about it: You write about new powerful chakras on the knees and feet. I had knee pain on and off last year with no real reason for it. These are currently no longer present, but I have had pain or burning in the soles of my feet or Achilles tendons for about half a year. Could this be related to that?

I would also be interested to know if our meditation/lightwork can have a direct effect on the weather? I have already had several times the from my point of view impressive experience that when I meditated and the weather was very cloudy or no sun was visible in the sky, during the meditation or directly afterwards, the sky above me has cleared up or the sun came out and shone directly on me. Can this be directly related? Do you also know such phenomena?

Thank you for your effort during these stressful times.

I am currently having almost daily headaches, left side alternating with the right side, mild dizziness symptoms, internal heat and of course the aching and burning feet.

I am already very excited about the upcoming supermoon portal.

Kind regards



Lieber Alex,

ich habe heute (May 19) auch furchtbare Kopfschmerzen. Sie kamen als ich eine Botschaft von EE Gabriel zum unseren Aufstieg erhielt. Ich werde sie Morgen publizieren. Eine sehr wichtige Botschaft.

Deine Knieschmerzen und Brennen an den Füssen sind mit Sicherheit das Ergebnis des Aufbaus dieser zwei Chakren, denn ich habe auch immer wieder über Jahre hinweg Knieschmerzen gehabt.

Wenn du meditierst, du steigst automatisch auf höhere Zeitlinien, wo das Wetter besser ist, du erschaffst das auch, aber nicht in der linearen Dimension.

Alles Liebe



Dear Alex,

I also have a terrible headache today (May 19). It came when I received a message from AA Gabriel about our ascension. I will publish it tomorrow. A very important message.

Your knee pain and burning on your feet are definitely the result of the building up of these two chakras, as I have also had knee pain on and off for years.

When you meditate, you automatically ascend to higher timelines where the weather is better, you create that too, but not in the linear dimension.

All love



May 20, 2021

Lieber Georg,

Seit gestern Nacht geht es nach einer kurzen Verschnaufpause wieder los. Heftige Vibrationen, Augendruck, Kopfschmerzen etc. Ich fühle, das eine neue grosse Welle anrollt.

Ich habe gestern Deine beiden Artikel auf deutsch übersetzt:

Dir auch Alle(s) Liebe



Dear Georg,

Since last night, after a short breather, it has started again. Violent vibrations, eye pressure, headaches, etc. I feel that a new big wave is rolling in.

Yesterday I translated your two articles into German:

All love to you too


Max is the editor of the website: and publishes regularly my German articles.


May 20, 2021

Dear Georgi,

I hope you feel better in-between these energetic onslaughts! May you ascend soon and feel bliss forever.

I decided to continue with the activations provided by Amora, and yesterday I had the activation for Gaia.

To her surprise, 6 Lemurian healers showed up and started beaming me with codes that came from their hands. She was told that I was to be prepared for a mission in Italy shortly. That was a sigh of relief, meaning heaven will partly take care of making our transition into Italy smooth. As of now, the government requires us to have minimally a PCR test which I don’t like. I am praying for relief of this requirement for all.

My mission involves spreading these codes along the coast of the Ligurian coast, Santo Stefano Al Mare, with the goal to disperse these codes along the shorelines of the whole Mediterranean, and further, I believe.

The activation was quite heavy what I felt afterwards. Even this morning I had lower back pain and needed to let go of slime in my upper respiratory system. My head still feels clogged up and my eyes are hurting.

This Whit-Monday and Pentecost is hopefully very eventful and promising.

With love&light,



Dear Dennis,

shortly before the impending shift and the ascension of a few of us, all important players from the PAT and some other light warriors are being moved on the planet to their final key destinations. This aspect of the End Time has been discussed for a very long time.

I will publish on Sunday, Pentecost a very important message and when you have read it, you will know what to expect in the coming days and why you are coming in early June to Italy, Liguria.

This is all I can tell you for the time being and expect some big miracles and events to happen very soon.

With love and light



May 20, 2021

Lieber Georgi,

wie geht es dir in diesen letzten Tagen vor diesem großen Ereignis?

Ich spüre es in allen Fasern meiner Körper. Als wäre alles hier ein Traum. Die Vibrationen sind enorm, mein Kopf dröhnt, als wäre ich am Stromnetz angeschlossen.

Ich schwanke beim Gehen, und meine Hände machen nicht mehr so ganz mit beim Schreiben.

Alles um mich herum tote Materie, abgestumpfte Menschen, die glauben, ihr Leben gerettet zu haben.

Bevor ich gestern ins Bett ging, dachte ich an den Mai 2014. Ich nahm mir vor, die Zeit vor sieben Jahren heute noch einmal nachzulesen.

Heute hast du ebenso darauf hingewiesen.

Die Botschaft von EE Gabriel ist wunderbar und hochschwingend.

Der große Verkünder.

Alles, was sonst so erscheint auf den Blogs lese ich nicht mehr. Es hängt mir wahrlich zum Hals heraus…

Ich schaue in den Garten; alle Büsche, Bäume und Blumen sind mit einem Glanz überzogen.

Noch nie habe ich solch eine Pracht gesehen.

Nun brauchen wir nicht mehr lange Tee zu trinken (Deutscher Spruch für warten).

Ich freue mich auf Ambrosia.

Alles Liebe



Dear Georgi,

how are you feeling these last days before this great event?

I feel it in every fiber of my body. As if everything here is a dream. The vibrations are enormous, my head is booming as if I were connected to the power grid.

I sway as I walk, and my hands don’t quite keep up with my writing.

All around me dead matter, jaded people who think they have saved their lives.

Before I went to bed yesterday, I thought of May 2014. I took it upon myself to reread the time seven years ago today.

Today you pointed it out as well.

AA Gabriel’s message is wonderful and soaring.

The great herald.

Everything else that appears on the blogs I no longer read. I am truly sick of it…

I look into the garden; all the bushes, trees, and flowers are covered with splendor.

Never have I seen such splendor.

Now we don’t have to drink tea for long (German saying for waiting).

I am looking forward to Ambrosia.

All love



May 20, 2021

Dear Georgi;

I’m sending you some photographs which were taken on May 18.

On that day, although it was not predicted in weather forecasts and even applications showing instantaneous cloud movements, the weather was quite closed and windy. I had severe heart palpitations until the afternoon.

(The last time I had this type of palpitations in May 2014 (first planetary ascension on May 28) and then in August 2019. Under normal conditions, I feel these continuous energy changes as migraine pain, joint pain or unexpected restlessness. Until now, I have observed that the energies that stimulate the heart center to such an extent are much more extensive. By extensive I mean energy changes that affect the collective consciousness of humanity regardless of distance or time. )

Then one of the beer bottles in the house exploded spontaneously and at the same time, thunder and downpour began. From that moment I felt that all the energy in my body was withdrawn and I really couldn’t even lift my arm.

It is difficult to describe the state of the sky towards the evening. I tried to take pictures as I could. There are no filters in these photos (at least if the phone hasn’t adjusted itself) The places that appear geographically are the Islands, Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, Galata Tower and the Pera region in Istanbul where the consulates are located.

Yesterday, May 19, the weather was quite clear. Today, there is a strong wind and fragrances are spreading around. The energy of this wind is quite different, just like in the article you shared today, it wanders around the houses like a ghost. Smells are not those of Istanbul.

Until now, I have not been very wrong with my intuition because the source of my intuition is the universal consciousness itself. That’s why I can say right now that a huge event is approaching that will affect the whole world. This event will of course manifest differently in every society, in every culture, and even in every mind. It is an integral change that is impossible for this or that person, this or that society, to be left out. But of course, there will be those who accept the change and those who do not. And I guess there will be another divergence at that point.

Tonight I’m going to review some of the notes I took on previous dates because there must have been a clear indication of what is about to happen.

With love and light.


Istanbul, Turkey


Dear George,

It has been already over four months since I wrote to you for the first, and last time. I kept visiting your website daily and what a journey it has been ever since! After the disappointing Inauguration Day I came to the conclusion that one should be careful with all the information and rumors going around regarding future political events, since these are all different perspectives coming from different people, thus manifesting their own realities. After that day I also realized that one should not expect anything big coming from a president or other politicians, whatever their names may be (especially if they also turn out to be agenda contributors to the World Economic Forum (WEF)). A politician remains a politician. Often selected for the people, not elected by the people. The only big change can come from the people themselves. Therefore, I very much agree with what Carolina P. wrote in her last article.

In the meantime, I’ve read two of your books, namely The Light Body Process (LBP) and Thoughts – part I. In doing so, certain passages in your books made me reflect on certain past and current events of my life. I now begin to understand more clearly the purpose that some of these events served for my spiritual development.

I was just thinking today of a strange mystical event that occurred to me somewhere in May 2013. I went out of bed at 3 a.m. to go to the toilet. I looked out of the window. It was foggy outside. And what I saw were two blue humanoid shapes that were joyfully running or floating around these clouds. One was running after the other. It reminded me of children playing catch me if you can. I was chilled and could hardly believe what I saw. I thought that maybe some people on the ground were flashing with bright lights towards the clouds. But then suddenly I realized they had these humanoid shapes and they ran really fast and even climbed on clouds like they were some kind of hindrances. Then, I noticed even more of these light beings farther away. First thing I thought was that they were some Souls or angels. Do you have any idea what they could have been, George? Anyway, after this event my interest in the mystical Unseen began to grow.

About five years ago, I experienced various random clinical symptoms that either occurred one after another or simultaneously, such as tightness or lump in the throat, inflamed nasal mucosa, dry (reddish) eyes, chronic stuffy nose, tingling, sharp pain in the stomach region, reflux, bloating, irritable bowels, lower back pain while sleeping – you name it. With every symptom that I began noticing I became restless, since I was a healthy young man who had never experienced any health issues before. Out of fear, I visited one doctor after another and one medical specialist after another. What had occurred to me was that these doctors couldn’t possibly understand what was going on within me or the symptoms that I was trying to describe to them, as I was the only one who knew my body so well. That year was one hell of a rollercoaster for me and I had never visited doctors in my life so often. I began to think that I was suffering from hypochondria. Realizing the madness I was going through back then, I had decided to just let go of FEAR and fear of death. Live my life fearless. Some of the symptoms eventually disappeared after I had simply quit paying attention to it. Looking back, I guess my Soul was having a lot of fun and maybe triggered these events to teach me a life lesson and boost my personal development. These events had also ushered me to start living healthier and beware of the food I eat. I became more interested in health and in the benefits of all kinds of natural foods. Since last year, I eliminated meat from my diet as I feel I’m in a phase right now where it does not longer serve me. I also try to eliminate sugar as much as possible.

Since the start of this so-called pandemic, I began digging more and more to find out the truth of what was really going on. I was following David Icke and a book of his caught my attention, namely Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told, after which I started reading it. An eye-opener for sure. It was through David Icke’s twitter account last year that I had stumbled upon your website (I think someone had shared an article of yours and David retweeted it). I was at the right place, at the right time.

That period, I also began reading the national and international news daily – something I in fact ignored for several years – to spot patterns in order to perceive the full picture of what was going on at the 3D level. I’ve found out that a lot of what is going on at the political level can be linked to The Fourth Industrial Revolution by the WEF and United Nations (UN) agenda 2030. Not that it really matters much now. But to look at things from an energetic point of view, the dark forces are indeed desperately trying to prevent as much people as possible from shifting to the 4D consciousness, and they do this mainly by using FEAR. And it works, as I observe it by reading comments from people below some news articles. Fortunately, fear does no longer affect me and I find it to be more and more of a silly show when I witness what is going on currently at the political level. For example, here in Belgium (Limburg province) there is since Tuesday an ongoing manhunt for a heavily armed professional soldier who had threatened the State and a virologist per letter. About 250 police officers, 150 military forces, special units, helicopters, police horses, heavily armored vehicles, and even TANKS are deployed for this one heavily armed soldier who after 72 hours still manages to stay off the radar. This is just too ridiculous. It has even made world news. Some Belgians here are joking that at least one soldier has been trained well. I think that this is just a publicity stunt or a trigger to deploy another one of the government’s agendas.

As for the Truth, I for quite some time now rely more and more on my intuition to tell me this. As it should.

What I have also noticed for a while now is that time seems to go faster. Could it be that time is becoming more and more irrelevant as we are now shifting towards a higher consciousness? I do expect the old way of thinking in linear time to disappear soon in this new level of consciousness that is already happening.

I hope you are hanging in there. And I wish all the best to you, the PAT, and all of humanity in this period of time. I do believe that we will see changes soon! And may the Light, Truth and Love find their way to all of humanity from within.

Best regards,


Belgium, originally from Russia, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

student in biosciences

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