How I Shifted Through the 555-Portal

PAT Energy Report

May 6, 2021

Dear George

Happy St.George’s day!

Hope all is well and things are not so intense on your side as it is on mine. This year has started off pretty bombastic and I mean that LITERALLY.

I’ll try and keep it short (no promises here) and just describe what happened up to the lead up/on the 555 gateway and ongoing until today, 6th of May, as I’m sure many people will relate to these particular energies as they were so powerful. I’m not quite sure what timeline I’m on or I’ll go as far as to say if I’m even in human form on the inside. I look at myself in the mirror some days and see many different versions of myself and no, I’m not delusional.

The lead-up is always the usual occurrence, slight headaches, hot and cold flushes, dizziness, nausea and the list goes on, so I won’t bore anyone with the details. Although on the 4th of May I had no appetite, was constantly dizzy and the energies were not only off the charts but so much different than I have ever felt them before.

I was super excited, as at the same time I was in a blissful state, I remember thinking “I really do hope this is not just a one-day affair and these energies will continue to merge forward for the shift.” I was spinning constantly.

The sky was putting on a show and there was a lot of movement, I was observing diamond particles in the clouds again and swirling energy as I tried to focus past the focal point of the sky beyond space. I had a strong recognition that my mind was completely empty of old forms and explanations and it truly feels as though I’m being filled with original codes of creation and the starting point for me has commenced.

Everything that I knew, even down to everything spiritual, just was emptied from my mind. It was as though my memory was erased, as anything that I knew up to that point no longer served me and I am now downloading more advanced knowledge that hasn’t been mentioned in any movement I have witnessed so far. Forget the new age one with their ‘love and light’: “Let’s ignore the darkness as it’s a figment of our imagination.” As we are in this complicated and unique situation, you need an idea of how to explain it. This has not been made redundant even as I type these words.

We will soon know more about our Ascended Masters, more about the Archangels we call upon, how many planets are actually in our solar system, my gosh does anyone have any idea what we still need to discover with this limited perception with our carbon-based minds? Not to mention all those lies we have been told! Forget about the time of the shift here, go with discernment when you PERSONALLY – not anyone else – will know round about when this will happen to you through your experiences.

I would go as far as saying that even those who channel have no clue as they are only told and shown what they can handle, this will change and a more vast awareness will be available past this limited and dense reality.

Is everyone ready to really discover the truth of EVERYTHING?  For those who know what I am talking about will just know, because you are advanced enough to understand especially after reading George’s publications, for those who are new and have no clue you still have some work to do on yourselves if the question is asked.

Back to yesterday’s 555 Gateway which Michael Schmitz explained the importance and intensity of, so if you haven’t read that article and have no idea what I’m talking about please read it.

When I awoke, I decided to do my energy work early so that I could make the most of the energies on this gateway, although at this point all I had was the usual headache, nausea and dizziness. I prepared my blessing oils, got my ‘keepers of the light’ deck cards, a white pillar candle, incense and my Jasper stones.

These stones, in themselves, have a story. When I was in an intergalactic council meeting and when we finished, two of our galactic colleagues came to give the message that I needed to look into these stones, because I never was that keen on using crystals. It’s just not my thing and I can access anything I need without using any apparatus. I only have them around when truly needed. BUT they mentioned their importance last year when I had to do energy work up in the mountains before this fake pandemic started.

Whilst shuffling the cards my adored colleague Melchizedek came out, I’ve worked with him and his team a few years ago, very impressive character and his work is highly advanced and I was satisfied he came through as I was already thinking about him. Then St. Germain came and Gaia. Both Melchizedek and St. Germain gave me their messages.

I asked Gaia how she was progressing and at what point of her evolution she was at. Of course I can explain it to the best of my knowledge here but we all know that it doesn’t even come close to the experience. She showed herself as the usual Earthly globe we know so well and on top, there was a lotus flower that opened up and expanded large and wide swirling around slowly with brilliant bright shimmering diamond specks of gold, yellow, pink, green, you name the colour it was there, turning shining brighter and brighter. I could see the elemental kingdom within her but they remained where they were and the lotus flower encompassed the whole Earth. It turned into truly a magical Garden of Paradise. There were no words, just visuals, emotions and I could feel her saying, I AM COMPLETE.

I was content at what I experienced during this energy work and then booom! It took only 10 minutes and then the ride of pain started. At first I thought, wait a minute what type of energy work did I do today? Coupled with the 555 gateway I really did ask for it as some of the most powerful Ascended Masters came through and this can only mean serious business.

The headache on the right side of my head started, nausea, I was empty inside, as if I could not focus. I felt like I was going thick, completely illiterate. I couldn’t remember anything, couldn’t even speak properly like I knew nothing, total re-set. I made dinner early, ate and went straight to bed at around 4.30 pm. I slept deeply until after 6 pm and the pain was still unbearable. It turned into a very heavy and painful headache, my body was vibrating on and off and my ears were in pain, especially the right ear and it felt as if an earache was starting. Luckily it subsided and all that was left was a light ringing in the ears.

The weather was bonkers, as it is most days and I would wake up on and off to harsh rain, then sunny blue sky, it was a crazy day. I awoke again at 1.30 am today, 6th of May, my nose was congested, I was thirsty and very weak. The pain was even more intense when usually we shouldn’t be when we rest, but yes, of course, I had sharper pains and everything was spinning and vibrating faster and harder.

I asked three times since I had gone to bed to the Lemurians and Agarthans to please allow me to enter the temple of healing in Shambala in aid for my pain as it was so intense. Three times I was refused entry. I entered the first time but it was pitch black with a golden cross and other symbols I didn’t recognise, then I was thrown out. The second time, I stood at the bottom of the steps that led up to the temple and they wouldn’t allow me to go forward. The third time I asked, I sat on the bench by the steps as I felt defeated and I was urged to ask why I was being denied the healing? They told me that I had to suffer the intensity of the energies in its full power to manifest as whatever was happening needed to be this intense as it was important and I couldn’t receive the healing.

I resorted to asking mother Mary to comfort me in her loving embrace as she had done 15 years ago when I was going through a hard period in my life and she did just that. The funny thing is they were right because usually when I have a headache and go to bed it takes time for me to sleep and every time I would awaken I was aided to go straight to sleep again as they knew that if they took me out they could intensify the energy work they were performing, so I wouldn’t remember the full scope of the suffering. That is why it looked as though I somehow accidentally woke up early morning and felt it all and was put back down to sleep instantly.

At around 6 am, 6th of May, I woke up as if a high-speed freight train had hit me. Still weak, the headache was still there and the pain encompassed most of my left side, even my teeth! Come on guys, my teeth? I was super hot and went slightly deaf. I then proceeded to do my morning chores as I can’t stay in bed, I get worse if I do, and everything seemed to get slightly better and without fail Mother Mary continued comforting me through the process.

Then I was advised to go back to bed to rest, this was around 11.45 am and I asked one more time to enter the healing temple. As soon as I asked, there was no hesitation and off they went to work on me. They swirled the violet and pink flame in a vortex at high speed around my body starting with my head, I felt everything twitching, I even felt my bowels grumble as it reached my digestive tract, all the way down past my feet and it thinned out to about a metre away still with the pink/violet flame (for full clearing and re-set, together they also aid in healing) which merged with the emerald green flame (for healing) that turned with the same effect.

I remember thinking, here we go! As if I was on a roller coaster ride and had reached the peak at the top where we are then blasted down the tracks. I was getting ready and so it was, it came at such a high speed through the bottom of my feet inside, outside, around the whole body. I then opened my eyes and the painting above my computer was flashing gold yellow, it was a gift given to me of a lake painted in Autumn by a friend from Lithuania.

As if reading my mind, they asked me, would you like the cloak of illumination? Yes please! Then they laid down this bright beautiful gold yellow cloak over my body. I then fell dead asleep for about 30 minutes, woke up and felt brand new. I’m not joking when I say this, yes, brand new. Sod’s law that some of the heaviness in my frontal lobe and especially down to my third eye started a few hours later as yet another wave was arriving.

Why do I even bother to type such a report? Some may think this is all make-believe, a pile of nonsense, that none of it makes sense, and I must be delusional. For starters, if you have read this far, I must have engaged you somehow in this ‘make-believe’ and it can’t be complete crap if you read it all. Also, anyone can think what they like, it is free will after all, but be mindful of any hateful remarks or comments because in time when you actually see us in our crystalline bodies and you have no idea who or what we are… yes, you actually should do: This website is proof and has all the knowledge you need to figure out how to get to this stage yourself.

The main reason I even attempt to mention any of this is so that it can empower others who are ready or going through whatever stage of the Ascension ride or would like to understand what a true Ascended Master goes through showing you the way. It is for those who are interested in soul evolution, who want to experience exceptional beauty, divine love and grace beyond this matrix, beyond this distorted illusion. For those still questioning, still confused and in need of a little encouragement. This isn’t a boastful report as I am equal to all, the only difference is the stage of evolution I am at and anyone can achieve it through hard work, dedication, concentration, strength, determination, and truth. These are just some requirements that are needed, the others you will figure out as you go along.

Many times I have gone through this type of energy waves and only the slightest change has happened. Although when you think of how far back this universe has been impacted by this inorganic darkness which no one can tell you how far, but it surpasses many thousands of years for sure, no wonder it has taken this long and is so slow going, with many twists and turns.

Also, humanity would never be ready if there wasn’t a huge influx of advanced souls flooding in after WW2 ready to take this challenge and to our detriment, as we have had to dumb ourselves down enough to be able to come here to guide them and do most of the cleansing.

One thing to bear in mind, this is not only an Earthly mission, but it also encompasses the whole universe and everything has to align. Therefore we shouldn’t be arrogant and ignorant enough to think it is only for humanity and Gaia we are here for, the whole flipping universe needs to shed itself of this whole mess. It’s an evolution process, yep, it sure is, but seems like some things have gone out of alignment.

That’s a wrap! As I said I couldn’t promise that it was not too long, but I just can’t help myself once I get going. I would be grateful if you could publish it as I’m seeing so many people struggling hard to understand what is happening to themselves and it is useful, in my opinion, to know what more advanced souls like me and the PAT go through so they can relate to the energies around and within them.

Much love and light,

Dalila, London


Well Georgi,

it’s rather heartening to note that 1) I’m not dying and 2) that I’m not totally crazy; 3) that, just perhaps all the aches, pains, hot flashes, and dizziness are not symptoms of decrepitude as I had thought. Other than that, it’s been a quiet, lovely May 5th here in the Pacific NW (Washington, USA).

All my best, Jim


Dear George,

When I read your newsletter of 5/5 I was shouting Hallelujah from within.  Why? First, you validated for me again, ironically, with your physical suffering my own debilitating suffering of the past three days.  On the 4th, I could barely get out of bed in the morning because of overall pain and stiffness.  I have never experienced that level of discomfort before but I knew what must have been happening.

The other blessing came from Michael’s message which I needed to uplift my soul.  I did not read his message of the 3rd because my head was hurting that day and I couldn’t focus very well.  I feel so much better today (May 6th) and the words he wrote were so soothing.

I just wanted to thank you for these messages and for finding some fellow humans with whom to share the difficult and the wonderful that is happening these days. May the Shift be realized as soon as is possible.

Marie Housel, Hawaii


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