Michael Herrmann and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 4, 2021

Deutscher Michel: German national figure

I have been following your process and your website for several years now. As I have always had an interest in questions such as “How did the universe come into being?”, “Does it have a beginning and an end?”, “Why is nothing faster than light?”, “What is mass?”,… especially your explanations of the Universal Law and its application to physics have had a magical attraction on me. I have read your explanations to the light body process and ascension with interest, however, my mind always stopped here and I was often in the astonishment and admiration, how such a thing is possible at all. Nevertheless, deep inside I was always aware that your work and that of the PAT are as real as these unbearable political, economic, and social developments here in the 3D world. This brings us to the actual topic.

Because of your articles, it was clear to me immediately after the outbreak of the corona pandemic that there is no real danger from the virus. I was and am not afraid of the coronavirus. When the vaccines appeared, I was just as unconcerned. But what about the family that is exposed to the vaccines? That’s what I’m afraid of, that’s been on my mind immensely ever since. Especially since the pressure is growing on me to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Even though I know that fear is the lowest vibration, I can’t get rid of it yet. My mind tirelessly weighs only two destructive options: Refusal of the vaccination and the danger that my family breaks up or the vaccination, which possibly causes an autoimmune disease to me in the long run. Who wants to decide such a thing? How is that possible? The mental burden was unbearable.

It took time, but I came to the following realization… you have repeated it yourself in countless articles: I am finally a Creator God. The creator of my own reality. If I manifest, think, dream health for myself… then nothing else can change that either: neither a virus nor a vaccination! I don’t have to make this decision (vaccination vs. family), I “only” have to decide if I finally want to create my own reality or not.

Now I ask myself whether this is already a part or the beginning of the soul catharsis of which you write? Up to now, I was of the opinion that I am far from being ready to belong to the first wave of ascension. However, with this realization, a great burden falls from my shoulders, which is also a trigger to work more on myself and to become more the creator of my own reality. I will have to consult some of the articles on your website again.

I admire your work and long for changes that finally show up on the 3D level. The situation here in Germany, as in most western countries, is hardly bearable. Especially for the children, it can’t go on like this for much longer.

Kind regards


Dear Michael,

thank you for contacting me and I am glad to read that you can find and apply important knowledge and information for your life from the writings on my website.

First of all, I have proved that there are no viruses in nature and therefore no coronavirus and that this is the biggest and most heinous fraud in the history of mankind. I am also appalled at the total failure of the entire medical profession to establish a counterweight of argumentative rationality and to put a stop to the lies of the corrupt cabal governments. Thus, the verdict on current medicine is already in: it will very soon cease to exist, as I reasoned many years ago and have clearly stated again in this popular book:

Thoughts – Part I

This is the positive dialectical side of this lockdown and I am very happy about it.

Every incarnated personality on this earth is constantly exposed since birth to make decisions and to distinguish good from evil. Today is no different than it was 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years ago when the Nazis came up. I decided 50 years ago to become a dissident under communism and follow only my inner voice of truth. Even then such a decision was life-threatening and that is why there were only a handful of real dissidents in the East and none at all in the GDR, because Germans are known to have never had any civil courage, or simply expressed – are cowards. Of course, there are many cowards everywhere on this earth, but we are talking about the Germans now.

Thus, you are challenged to prove in this situation for you, and only for you, that you have grown above the German Michels and make the right decision, which corresponds to your current knowledge and the inner voice of truth. And no one can take this courageous decision from you, even though I have contributed significantly with my articles to the enlightenment of the ultimate truths of earthly life. Because only courageous people can truly create their own reality.

Best regards


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