We Are in the Middle of the Shift

Helga Heinemann and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 30, 2021


Dear Georgi,

I have been thinking and feeling into the energy and awakening of Germany.

The courageous campaign of various actors and also the support of some doctors are now causing a big wave here.

Some have backpedaled for fear of reprisals. But not J.J. Liefers. He bravely faces questions in talk shows that are more reminiscent of a tribunal hearing.

He seems somewhat awkward and lost in his role, and I begin to support him.

Born in Dresden, he is equipped with the instinct of unfreedom/dictatorship, but has little or no connection to Spirit.

When I attune into the energies of my heart chakra, I feel the warmth and strong presence. And I think of Mother Mary more than before.

I heard about an action on 15. May. I guess for tactical reasons not much is reported yet.

All love



Dear Helga,

There is a lot happening on the energetic level that is promoting this new trend of finding the truth in Germany and Europe.

At the weekend, I was asked by my soul to cleanse all of Europe and especially England, because there is still a lot of darkness there. I activated the Wheel of Light and Life here in Italy and the Fountain of Freedom and extended them to all of Europe and connected them to the existing Wheel and Fountain in Bavaria, Austria and the Czech Republic that I had already installed there last winter 2019/20. This was a powerful action and an energetic alignment took place throughout the galaxy and the universe.

I heard afterwards that I had significantly changed the course of Ascension – I was given the knowledge that I had accelerated it, for I have also been ranting a lot about the present intolerable situation on Earth with my soul and the Source and I am being heard, as I am also the official observer and analyst on the ground. Furthermore, I know that my soul monad is the director of this planetary ascension and is the one who makes the final decision and all other light forces must follow. I have known this since 2014 when we successfully accomplished the first Ascension.

Then on the night of Thursday 28 April, I dreamed of how I covered all the people with the “cloak of truth and this then formed a filter and sent codes of truth into the energetic structure of the incarnated personality, which make it impossible for people to speak a lie and only see and live by the truth. This was an important process in preparation for the shift that is now in full swing.

In fact, I am speaking forcefully to my soul these days that there can be no revelations with this humanity because people are not able to see the truth and all the revelations that are already there are not really perceived in their heinousness and there will be no emotional outrage that will then trigger the necessary change. That is why the soul catharsis is necessary and I put this cloak of truth upon the people in the dream state as part of their forthcoming soul catharsis.

In the dream, I perceived this as a great breakthrough that will change the whole situation on the planet, and I was very happy, satisfied and relieved about this energetic resolution.

Yesterday morning I went to Diano Marina to pick up my lens and at the end I spoke to the optician and told him the truth about the coronavirus scam. He and his secretary who listened were very impressed and deeply touched.

Then in the afternoon when I came back home, the following unbelievable event happened. First when I was in Diano Marina, I saw a big spaceship over Cervo, where the intersection of the Healing Centre of Light is with this reality, and I knew they were monitoring me all day long. My attention was drawn to them as I was walking along the seafront waiting for my glasses to be ready. The cloud looked very similar to the one in this article (see the photo with the cloud there) and I wondered what this huge spaceship was doing there:

The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September 2019: How We Create a New Human Race Capable of Ascending.

Then, as I was working on the computer in the afternoon, it suddenly became very dark and it started to rain heavily. All of a sudden, there was a powerful flash of lightning and thunder coming at me through windows from a maximum of 50 – 100 metres at the same time, I can’t say exactly how far, as I had closed the curtains and the light came through the gap between the two curtains. This was definitely not normal thunder and lightning as it was deafening and blinding, they were the only ones and afterwards the sky cleared. There was no storm or tempest and no other discharges.

The thunder was really deafening and the lightning was blinding. I was startled when the lightning struck my threefold flame of life of the soul in the chest. I assume they activated it again in preparation for the shift as they did once back 2 years ago (see the article above). It must have been related to my dream that night about the cloak of truth, which is closely linked to the threefold flame of all ascension candidates. Such incidents don’t just happen.

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

Then I was in shock and my whole nervous system was in disarray. I ate something because I was hungry but my body was still shaking and the vibrations were increasing and I had to lie down and sleep and then just lie down until I recovered a little until it was already late and I went to sleep properly.

Tonight, I had another remarkable dream which is a continuation of what happened yesterday. I dreamt that I irradiated inanimate matter, people and other beings with my superior energy and they became alive. Not in the sense that they were dead and then resurrected, although that can also be part of this energetic process, but in the sense that they were lifted into much higher dimensions and became much more alive, nature was more alive, and the people were really alive for the first time.

Considering that yesterday my threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in my chest, was activated one more time with a lightning bolt and a thunder at the same time that struck my heart/chest and scared me, this dream is the logical consequence of what I am doing now in preparation for the Shift and will do after the shift visibly for all people. I sent these energies to all objects and beings and they blossomed into new life. It was amazing and I felt like the Wizard in the Land of Oz and took great joy in illuminating everything with my superior light and energy. I was the Prime Creator playing with Creation.

So, I am assuming that there is a lot happening right now as the shift is in full swing and we will see the results very soon because as I wrote to you, the old matrix is now dead and the new earth is around us and can manifest at any time, it has actually started to show and the old matrix is crumbling fast.

You are seeing it now on the political level and in the media in Germany and I expect this trend to accelerate rapidly now.

All love


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