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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 9, 2021

Today, I begin with the translation of a special series of theoretical and informative articles for the German and Italian readers, which I have written in English in the last half a year, in order to educate and inform them about what will happen during the upcoming Shift. I will discuss all the energetic and social changes that will take place in the course of the Shift and thereafter so that the German and Italian public is prepared for this fateful event.

There are two crucial reasons for me to do that:

1)  The confusion in the German-speaking space with regard to the Shift and what will come with it is particularly great, probably as big as in all other western countries, but the Germans, especially the less informed esoteric wished-to-be gurus, unfortunately disproportionally many women among them who are not ideal representatives of the true feminine energies humanity badly needs, are particularly disingenuous. They display an appalling spiritual self-righteousness, have a very narrow world view, are politically completely uninformed about what is happening worldwide due to the overall extreme narrowing of the collective Weltanschauung of the German peoples, have no intellectual capacity for abstract thinking, are poor writers that cannot express properly and consistently any content of importance, many of them do not even master the German language, probably due to inadequate education at school and university, in case they have a higher education, as I have observed it first hand with my daughters.

The Italians, and even the tiny community of spiritual individuals on the Apennine peninsula, do not even have a proper idea of the Shift and that it will happen very soon and that Italy is chosen to be the centre of this magnificent and dramatic event as it also harbors the major cities of light that will first appear on this planet.

I do not mean to be disparaging, but Germany, and also Italy, are politically insignificant vassal countries, although the only ones in the West with a still broad industrial basis, which is now being radically destroyed by the current lockdown. As former Nazi, respectively Fascist countries, they have absolutely no political or any other sovereignty and are treated by the victorious NATO allies (USA and GB) as de facto occupied territories. As it transpires these days under the lockdown, they have also never had a true democracy.

This is known for Italy since WW2 where the governments are so weak that they do not last for a year on average. In the last years, the dark Roman cabal has also canceled the elections and Italy is now governed by appointed shape-shifters and clones without any popular support as the current prime minister, capo-Mafioso, and shape-shifter Mario Draghi exemplifies.

In Germany, the devil-daughter Merkel has destroyed the last vestiges of pseudo-democracy with the communist zeal of a former communist agent and the German idiots still consider her to be the good “Mutti” (Mama) of the nation, while she is behaving like a wrecking ball and MUTI-lates the entire nation for almost 2 decades. She was one of the main political reasons for me to emigrate from Germany.

How will the Germans and the Italians liberate themselves from their shackles of perennial enslavement and assume the role they need to play after the Shift if they do not bring the minimal intellectual, spiritual, moral, and ethical prerequisites as I have admonished recently?

The smaller and the more irrelevant a country is, and Germany and Italy have descended to this status of political quantité negligable a long time ago, the more the citizens of these countries must excel as to become again masters of their destiny. Unfortunately, I see nowhere any serious attempts of the Germans and the Italians to do precisely that. Both the Germans and the Italians have no personal greatness (grandezza) and have never had one, and this is a very serious deficiency of the national character of both countries.

This can change and must change as this is the divine plan for these countries after the shift and my ascension and appearance as the world spiritual leader, and I am determined to achieve this goal independently of the excessive, toxicity of many half-baked German new agers as one can easily observe it in their nasty unqualified comments to my articles and that of a few other prominent writers whom they do not understand and always try to diminish in their unprocessed self-hatred, as a German PAT member Rumi, who knows his countrymen excellently, recently pointedly observed.

The Italians are more gracious insofar as they do not care about spirituality but this is “neither here nor there” and equally bad.

These are very serious issues of the German and Italian nations that have to be addressed and I see nowhere a German or an Italian spiritual thinker who even remotely understands these problems and then tackles them from a sovereign intellectual point of view as to build a benevolent opposite pole to the dumbed-down population of these nations.

In fact, there are no more true intellectuals and thinkers in Germania and Italia. They have all become easy prey to the proverbial German “spießbürgerliche Mief” (stale bourgeois stench) or to the proverbial Italian “non-me-ne-freghismo” ( I-do-not-care-mentality).

Italy is a special case, and as I do not know where to begin with, I will be very succinct. Italy is the Alpha and Omega of all incarnation experiments on this planet and it will again assume its preeminent role after the shift and the ascension to the new earth for the entire humanity. That is why I am here.

At the same time, Italy has been the cradle of the darkest evil cabal and the most obnoxious ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire on this planet which we have been ferociously combatting for more than 3 years since we arrived in Italy and finally eliminated on June 10, last year.

2) Italy and the German-speaking space are populated by a very high percentage of ripe and old souls who will be the driving motor of the global Shift and the planetary ascension, together with the ripe and old souls of many other smaller European countries that surround them, except for France.

That is why I am here in Italy for the last three years, and that is why I spent almost four decades in Germany and suffered under the most obnoxious, xenophobic, vindicative collective ostracism any human being can be exposed to on this most toxic planet in the entire multiverse.

If hell exists, it is Germany and you recognize it by the fact that the Germans do not need any devil-watchdogs with big forks to keep the poor Germans under the tar: They are the watch-dogs themselves and viciously observe that nobody raises his head above the tar and breathe fresh air as this can be seen in many frescoes in Orthodox churches.

Hell – detail from a fresco in the medieval church St. Nicolas in Raduil, Bulgaria

The famous German saying says it all: “The Germans envy even the other person’s hair in the soup”.

And what is most scary, the Germans are not even aware of their inherent darkness; and what is most obnoxious, in their unduly high-esteem, they behave like the worst “School-Crammers” (Pauken-Lehrer) of the world and are thus the most annoying people on this planet while they think they are “Musterknaben” (model boys).

The Germans are the only readers on my website with whom I have consistently this kind of problems even if they live for a long time abroad. It is incredible how the Germans allow themselves to behave in such a despicable manner and are not even aware thereof.

I am communicating with the entire world and even have a Chinese website and am also present on major Chinese platforms thanks to our PAT member Patrick, and I must say that if there is a scale of politeness, the Germans are the negative pole and the Chinese – the positive one, followed closely by many small enlightened European nations, Italy and England. The Americans are mixed baggage and many tend to the negative German pole, but there are great individuals in the USA as well, as they have to offset the gargantuan darkness of this Empire of Evil and must be true and courageous light warriors.

The Italians can be as cowardly as the Germans, which surprises me a lot as I thought the Germans were world champions in cowardice, but “c’est la vie”, as the Chinese say.

However, the Italians are not xenophobic, thank God, they do not know even what that means. They are not nationalists and are ready to agree with you on most critical issues when they are pressed to in a fair discussion, which you can almost never have with the Germans.

That is why I think that the Italians are spiritually more evolved when compared to other nations and will easily make the shift and adapt to the new ascended reality. However, their spirituality is very rudimentary.

After the Italians decided in the last several decades to emancipate themselves from the dark influence of the Vatican and the Catholic church, and rightly so, they have become cynical agnostics and have not yet found the pathway to true spirituality. The new age movement is so tiny in Italy that it virtually does not exist and the few esoteric websites on the Internet are very provincial and out of touch with what is truly happening energetically on this planet and in particular in their country.

In this sense, Italy is a third-world country in modern spirituality and needs us badly as development helpers. The most awakened people I met in Italy so far were not Italians – they come mostly from Eastern Europe. The few dedicated Italian PAT members, of course, excluded – they are the beacon in the Italian spiritual darkness.

While I am appalled by the current submissive behavior of the Italians under the lockdown, I acknowledge that they have a much greater soul potential to make the Shift unscathed and adapt to the new blissful conditions on the new earth than the Germans as the latter are such obsessive-compulsive, sadomasochistic personalities that they have to change profoundly before they can enter the new earth paradise.

The Italians can enjoy “dolce vita” and “dolce far niente” when they have the opportunity, which they did not have in the last 30 plus years since their current prime minister and chief criminal of Italy Mario Draghi (The Reptilian) ruined the Lira in 1992, destroyed the economy of his country and caused the rapid and ongoing impoverishment of this nation since then.

Thus the Italians have a big advantage over many other nations, in particular over the Germans when the Shift will come and the new spiritual paradigm which we established in Rome two and a half years ago will be firmly established, even if this dramatic progress does not seem very likely currently.

And yet, the two populations, no matter how different they are, have to come together very soon under my guidance as the new world spiritual teacher because they build a huge corridor from the South to the North of Europe, straight through Central Europe, and have a very similar history and political background which I will not discuss here as I will have to write a whole book.

This is the reason why I have been building, with the help of the PAT, since the beginning of the 3rd millennium as an Elohim soul, and then as Logos God and Ascended Master since 2013, the major cities of light on this planet in these two geographical regions: New Raetia in Germany, Austria with expansion to Eastern Europe, where the new Panslavonic Commonwealth of free people will emerge under my guidance after the Shift, and here in Italy, where we have built the healing and study centres in Liguria.

Both Italy and the German-speaking space are the two direct heirs of the obnoxious Roman Orion/Reptilian empire and its fake religion Christianity and have amassed so much collective karma now to cleanse and heal that it is mind-boggling. This is the reason why the percentage of ripe and old souls is disproportionately high in these geographic areas as they need a lot of light.

The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis

I hope this clears the matter.

In the coming days, I will translate the most important English articles into German and Italian where I have discussed the major energetic transformations which all ascending humans will undergo during the shift and thereafter in order to prepare for their individual ascension in the near or distant future. Below I will list the English articles on this topic that I have already written and published on this website and which I will translate into these two languages:




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