The Shift Happened on April 11, 2021

At Today’s New Moon Portal, the Staff of Oppression  Has Been Laid Down!

Ilse-Maria Fahrnow, MD, April 12, 2021


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

I established contact with Ilse-Maria Fahrnow, MD, a spiritual healer and a Sirian channeler, and her husband from Germany recently as I am now connecting the dots in this country in preparation for our mission in Europe after the Shift. I was pushed to do so by my HS.

Ilse-Maria sent me in the last 24 – 48 hours several messages from Sirius that announced the imminent arrival of the Shift. I had shared with her before my inner knowing that the Shift is about to arrive anytime soon and that I consider the new moon portal yesterday and today as a key date for this pivotal event to happen. 

From my perspective: Yesterday I experienced the most powerful planetary shift in my whole career as the captain of the PAT and the driving force of all planetary ascensions as described by the Elohim in the article which I have just translated and published in German and Italian language.

Why the PAT is the Focal Point of Ascension of This Galaxy and Universe

Yesterday, I was working consciously with three groups of light warriors to accomplish the Shift – 2 couples in Germany, one of them being Ilse-Maria and her husband, and then another German couple, a group of three powerful female light warriors in Great Britain, and also with Helga from the PAT who also lives in Germany. I built an energetic trinity with the two German couples in order to magnify our energies and provided backup for the British trinity. Helga and I constitute an experienced tandem within the PAT for quite some time with the main focus on the German-speaking space.

I will spare you now all the details of what exactly we did yesterday, but it was a glorious continuation of our long tradition of energetic adventures as reported on this website that have enabled the ascension of Gaia and humanity in the past and are now shaping decisively the Shift of the last batch of ascending timelines and human souls. We are doing this with our last soul fragment in this 3D reality and have gained in the meantime, since 2014, so much more power and dexterity, that there was never any doubt in our success.

We did it exactly as in 2014 when we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, and then in August and early September 2014 when we also created the new Golden Galaxy and ascended Gaia and numerous timelines to it. I recommend you to read very carefully the Elohim message above in order to understand what happened yesterday during the new moon portal.

The Shift has been accomplished.

However, I am reckoning with some more pushes before it can fully manifest in this reality in the course of this month for everyone to see it. Expect huge surprises in the coming days.

The “light tsunami of love”, about which Ilse-Maria writes in this and in a previous message is already engulfing humanity and this earth since March 15 when a major alignment happened in which I was fully engaged, and about which I cannot speak here in detail due to the urgency of this report.

Hence we knew since the middle of March that the Shift is in its final preparation and that it will manifest most likely in April, and I informed you accordingly. The energies for this event are now flooding humanity and this reality relentlessly and the changes are irreversible and inevitable.

We have every reason to rejoice. And now enjoy the beautiful message from Ilse-Maria from today, which you can better interpret in the light of the additional information I gave you in this foreword:

Sirius Greetings on 12.04.21: Healing the Broken Hearts*

Dearest friends – we greet you with love! On this present New Moon, we may give you joyful news: the staff of oppression has been laid down!

There are several aspects to this statement. Your destructive rulers are in retreat. The space that has become free is immediately and completely filled with the spirit of purest love that is now flowing to you. This also changes the principle of domination. Hierarchies are dissolved – in yourselves as well as in your communities and cultures. Dominion is being transformed into community! As we promised you years ago, the spirit of synthesis is now bringing together what belongs together. What was separate is coming together. The broken heart heals in union!

You recognise your errors and illusions and find strength for new decisions. Courageously leave behind what no longer serves you! (For further information how this would happen read also this article.)

Dearest friends – full of gratitude and joy we confirm that the core of your great transformation is now unfolding. Deep within you is Oneness – you are ONE! The brokenness of your chaotic world was an expression of your brokenness, and it is ending now. It can end now – if you wish it to! We remind you that it takes your choice for all of this to take effect. Use the moments of cosmic stillness that these special days bring to you and create a new alliance with your great SOUL if you wish. Surrender to her wisdom and follow her. Right now she is gifting you with a course correction that will manifest your happiness.

Everything you need lives within you, dearest star brothers and sisters. You are the happiness you long for. Direct your attention to it. Unite with this happiness in consciousness and experience it physically. Your material expression then becomes a magnet and attracts to you what you hope for.

The tsunami of love that now washes through your field of consciousness heals all that is broken within you. It is reconnecting you to your true BEING (which is the soul when it descends in the human body after the threefold flame of life is fully activated). Do you wish to expand your consciousness, and make room for love, dearest human? Go into the stillness of your heart, and discover that all is prepared. Your soul knows what is happening and guides you wisely and lovingly. Remain in its midst, and relax. Remove the power of the artificially created turbulence of this time by acknowledging and practicing dominion over yourself. Allow your SELF to take the lead and support the healing union of your broken parts. A choir of angels and masters are with you all to accomplish this precious work. Remain gentle and abide in love! We greet you with love and gratitude, and are with you!

* Ilse-Maria received this message after I sent her my article on the activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body in all ascension candidates by myself in the last two years and in particular since the stargate 12.21.20. I made her aware of this ongoing energetic process that transforms the human energetic system into a multidimensional soul-driven entity of expanded awareness. This message can be considered as a confirmation for the upcoming soul catharsis of humanity that will occur during and after the Shift in all ascension candidates, which the Sirian source above describe as a “tsunami of love“.


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