My Arduous Path to Ascension

A Rollercoaster of Emotions on the Eve of the Shift

Jonas Be, April 25, 2021

Hello Georgi,

A great text that you have published today. Especially today I have the feeling that I have rarely experienced such an intensity of energies, although I have often thought that, especially in the last weeks and months. The pain in my head and body, the vibration, and the emotional tension are extreme, the body is like paralysed and I am hardly able to walk. At the same time, a tense silence permeates everything and literally feels like the calm before the storm. Last night a deep sense of farewell washed over me and I cried a lot.

There were a few days, a few weeks ago, after I last wrote to you when I briefly thought that there was still a transitional time when I could still find my strength, self-realisation, and true tasks here, but that feeling has completely disappeared. How could this be possible with the continuing intensity of this energy? Our ascension feels so close and real now and I feel that all ideas, goals and visions regarding my life will no longer be realised on this level.

It’s also kind of strange, I’m about to turn 30, and looking back my whole life has only been subjected to the Ascension process, after a difficult childhood, what I perceived as torturous school years, and severe physical illness, I fully entered the LBP and the purification work. All far from a “normal” life course, but each experience has been absolutely necessary for my personal conversion and surrender.

I long so much to finally be able to live truly soon, to create things and work for the good of all. For example, my most important vision since my youth has been to co-create a large community healing centre where people can find real healing with alternative or higher dimensional healing modalities, the place I have always wished for myself.

Now I have recently realised that these places ARE the new light and healing centres from the 5D onwards and have now detached myself from possible ways and questions about how my life could continue to be shaped here. After the shift, whatever will be possible then, we can hopefully decide freely how and when we shall appear again on 3D and 4D earths to help the people. For now, I think all of us need a little holiday …

It was hard the last years/decades to have a deep calling and clear visions of myself, my life and tasks, and to be aware of my resources, but due to the severity of the symptoms to even barely get the everyday life properly regulated and to just stick to it alone and often without any understanding on the part of the environment and to follow my heart, my truth, and your support and teachings. At the same time, these years were also an essential part of our tasks and they are just as true and important as what lies ahead of us, they have set a new course inside and outside and laid the foundation for the new.

I have learned infinitely more in these years than in numerous incarnations, which were only karmic cycles. It was an absolutely painful, existential learning and I am already looking forward to when this will soon continue on a completely new level. Despite several attempts, it was not possible for me to study because of my path, how fulfilling it will be to be able to “catch up” on all this in the place and with the contents of my dreams….

A true evolutionary leap that has been and is being made possible for humanity. For me, this chance and possibility is the epitome of infinite grace … There are and have been moments in recent weeks when this feeling, love and gratitude completely overwhelm me. In these moments I then have the feeling that I never had it bad, they give me strength, confidence and the knowledge that “Everything that happens between now and then is absolutely irrelevant in the bigger picture“, as you put it so beautifully.

I also have the feeling that the intensity will increase even more until the shift, if there will be any short breaks at all. So I guess it’s just a matter of hanging on and enduring until the curtain finally opens and our new life can begin…

My messages don’t have any added value at the moment, but I hope you don’t mind a few personal lines from time to time. I have not been able to talk about these issues, myself and my life with almost anybody so far.

Kindest regards



Dear Jonas,

I will publish this email from you tomorrow because it describes so excellently the energy quality prior to the shift. With your 30 years, you have every reason to be proud of yourself and now you must gain the certainty that you have made it and, as you say, have achieved more in this incarnation than in all the others together.

So, I see your letter as a final life review just before your ascension and transition into a new life, where you will quickly catch up with all you have missed so far because of the pain and strain of the LBP, and then there will be endless new joyful experiences open for you to explore. Now enjoy the roller coaster of emotions before the shift as they fire it up and ride the waves of emotions. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will never happen again for us.

When you consider that the light warriors of the first and last hour have already achieved immortality, 30 earthly years is a blink of an eye and very soon it will seem the same to you. As you write, you are already embracing this view and I can only tell you – keep it up – and then all memories of past torments will also dissolve in an instant and disappear forever.

And that’s all we can expect at this moment.

All love


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