PAT Report – The Arrival of the New 5D Earth at the New Moon Portal 12/13 March, 2021

As I mentioned yesterday in my discourse with Tanya, we experienced on that day the Arrival of the New 5D Earth, its full descent upon this reality, punctually with the beginning of the new moon portal which started yesterday and peaks today at 11 am CET. This is the most remarkable event I have experienced so far. The day was full of wondrous synchronicities, miracles, mystical insights, unprecedented clarity and expansion of my consciousness carried on the angels’ wings of bliss, anticipation, joy and the inner certainty that we have made it and that the best is yet to come.

I thought this was entirely my personal experience and was not sure if I should share it with you unless the PAT has made similar experiences. And today I received some extraordinary emails that fully confirm the Arrival of the new 5D earth in our reality after weeks of dark labour to cleanse the miasmas of humanity, while the oppressive dark energies kept coming in a ferocious, interminable manner, devastating our bodies and almost destroying our indomitable spirit of light warriors.

It is over now and this is the message that this report and our PAT friends bring to all my readers.


Hey Georgi,

This is Henry, Roxies partner.

I do not use the internet much, if at all, so I am using Roxie’s email to get in touch with you.

For three days I have felt promoted to get a hold of you, and after reading what Tonya wrote to you, I felt that I needed to share with Cliff Notes, what I have been through, and Roxie.

About 3 weeks ago, my HS told me to get more wood stacked up, and get more kerosene. Later that day, a darkness, greyness and dark covered the sky. I felt a pressing energy pushing in my energetic field, and I felt smothered, couldn’t take a deep breath. It started raining that night, it changed over to ice and started coating everything. In the afternoon of the next day, the electricity went out. We did not have power for 5 days. We stayed warm and were able to cook, but the energy was very oppressive and we could not sleep. It felt like being in labor. This continued for 12 days and afterward, the sun had finally come out from the nasty grey in the sky.

I am not elegant with words, but I’ve been blessed with some wonderful photos that I will send to you of the sky during those weeks.

That night, Roxie and I had trouble sleeping, but we finally dozed off, and in the morning we awoke to a beautiful blue sky that filled the air and we felt we could finally breathe for the first time in forever. I was lead by my HS to take photos.

It was exciting once the snow melted and we could travel to town and get more kerosene. We heard that some of the states were going to lift some of the bans and the masks, thanks to the invocation from you and the PAT.

After getting our things from town, we heard it was going to rain 2 days later. We received 7 inches of rain in about 7 hours. It took us about an hour to get home in what is usually a 10-15 minute ride. There were many cities in our state that were completely flooded and underwater. During one of those nights, Roxie and I were talking, and the energy was very strong, I feel very sick, nauseated, off-balance. All I could do was lay in bed with an invocation and try to center myself. After 7 hours I finally dozed off to sleep. I woke up feeling the best I have felt, in this reality, as you mentioned in one of your articles. I walked out to our pond and I felt a divine presence and took some photos, one of which Roxie sent you.

The air was clear, you could breathe with ease, energy flowing, beautiful.

I felt like I gave birth. Since then, I have had more clarity of mind, and while I was at the pond taking the photos, I felt to send them to Amora, which I did.

Here are the photos I spoke of earlier:

Thank you, Georgi, your words speak very clearly and precisely to me. Ever since the website was out up it has helped me realize I am not crazy and I am not alone.

Many Blessings,

Henry, USA

Again, thank you for being captain of the PAT.


Dear Henry,

I am glad that you finally decided to write to me personally. I was getting the news about you from Roxie in the past but was fairly well informed of what is going on with you, also from Amora. You are actually very eloquent in your descriptions and should probably create your own email account.

What you describe in the last several weeks is exactly right. We went through a very long and dark birthing canal in February and the early days of March. Everybody felt it, the PAT felt it, I felt it too and the weather was a mirror image of this darkness that engulfed mankind and this planet in transition.

For several days the energies are significantly lighter and uplifting and it surely feels as if we have been reborn anew – it is our resurrection from the dead, and hopefully, this also holds true for all the ascension candidates as the others who will not ascend, will descend much deeper in the muck of this crumbling old matrix.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures that tell a whole story of how nature transitions from deep winter into sunny spring. However, I am glad I am here on the Mediterranean coast and do not need to experience snow in the winter as I did for many years in Bavaria, Germany which is very cold with a continental climate in the winter and with a lot of snow too. I prefer to sit at this time of the year on my balcony here and enjoy the sun only in a shirt and drink my cappuccino with a croissant.  But that is the only pleasure I have for the most part as the energies are savage, the intensity is beyond pale, inhuman is the right word, and it is time to lift up and transform these physical vessels into crystalline light bodies of ascended masters.

Enjoy now the spring and the upcoming shift. The new earth was already anchored yesterday in this reality and now all the other changes will come in one fell swoop. This is what I am sensing now.

With love and light



I feel it!

Dearest George,

I have to share my experiences of today.

I woke up this morning feeling very emotional.  I was missing my parents and sister who passed over these last several years.  I was weepy and just felt strange, almost floaty.  After my little cry, not a gut-wrenching cry just a cathartic and cleansing release, I felt so serene.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought about my son Noah’s old karate teacher.  He had a few lessons when he was 4 but was just too boisterous and young yet for that so we stopped going, with intentions of returning once he got a little older.  The instructor’s wife, a very loving and sweet woman, answered right away and after I asked if she remembered us she told me that she was just thinking about us and was looking for my contact information.

We had a wonderful conversation and discovered that they now lived in our town and they were offering lessons here at our local arena.  She said that us not wearing masks would not be a problem and that she actually does not allow any masks in the training room. She knows about the scamdemic (Trademark G. Stankov) :)  and said that her children have never worn masks either…..

I was elated and before hanging up told her that I can’t wait to look into her eyes and see someone awake staring back at me. I have not knowingly set eyes on another actual soul who sees things as I do since this whole thing started.

As the day went on, I was bathed in silky ribbons of joy, bliss and hopefulness, almost a strange excitement, that stayed all day and is still over me as i write this.

Noah and I went for our end-of-day walk and as we neared the “popsicle store”, he asked if we could go in and get one.  I told him that I didn’t take any cash with me, sorry.  We walked another 100 yards or so and something shiny caught my eye.  I found a dollar, a quarter and a dime on the side of the road, half-buried in snow, exactly what a popsicle costs.

A few other magical things happened, little things, and they have BEEN happening more and more frequently these last several months.

I sense that those with evil intentions will be experiencing catastrophes and mishaps, accidents and disappointments and those with good intentions for humanity and all life, those with innocent hearts of love and truth, will be experiencing bliss and good fortune and dreams coming true.  The masses in the middle… I don’t know.

Actually, the last few days have been filled with a deep contentment and peaceful feelings….but not like today. I can even breathe more deeply.  My words are not doing justice to what I am feeling!

Even Noah seems happier, which is quite something as he is just a sweet package of joy and love each and every day.  He has been extra huggy, affectionate and super well behaved.

He drew a lovely picture which we enclosed in a card I had been saving for years which fit perfectly for sending to poor Pastor Coates in Alberta who has been in jail for holding church services and will continue to be held until May.

Such evil.

We mailed the card after receiving an email today with the address of the jail.

The first few months of this war, I was under attack from unseen forces, tech, something tried to take me out.  I felt like I was being cooked alive each night when I went to bed.  I would look at myself in the mirror when up to use the washroom and my face would be bright red.  Also, for almost 100 days exactly, I was in excruciating pain in my left hip, such that I had to resort to using a cane at times. I could not lay flat or on my left side at all. It stopped the day after I broke down in tears and cried out to my husband that I didn’t know how much longer I could stand the pain.  That morning, I woke up pain-free.

After this trying time, things have been better, then worse, then better for longer, then worse, etc… a rollercoaster!

Well, dear George, I had to write to you because I KNEW SOMETHING WAS HAPPENING TODAY.

The beginning of the end for lies and hate and the end of the beginning for truth and love.

Synchronicities and magic abound!  This is IT.

THANK YOU for your tireless efforts and many, many sacrifices.  Thank you for this forum, for the PAT, for your kindness and generosity.  Thank you for being alive.  I love you, sir.

Gina (Lou) in Nova Scotia, Canada


Dear Gina,

you have very precisely captured the miracles and synchronicities that now surround us and I also experienced yesterday (March 12) abound. The new earth has now fully entered our reality with the new moon portal as I wrote yesterday.

I am also happy to hear stories about Noah and to know that he is doing very well and that you both are happy. The human connections of joy and contentment will now sprout like mushrooms after rain and this will change the make-up of the society in a gentle and very effective manner. This is what I expect to happen after the shift on a global scale but it has begun with us, the light warriors on a personal level already.

Enjoy the new earth and all the wonders that are now coming to us. A warm hug to Noah.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

It warms my heart to read your recent correspondence with young, awakened souls.

I have pondered privately about the German Americans around me all my life. There have been many, so your comments are interesting.

Today (March 12) was the opposite of yesterday. I felt high vibrations all day long which is unusual.

Tonight a strong high-frequency energy came that caused me to sneeze, my eyes and nose ran, I had to clear my throat and lie down.

I feel like I could float off the planet.


Lynn, USA


Dear Lynn,

with the new moon portal, the new earth has fully descended on this earth and we are beginning to make wondrous experiences in every area of human life. Other PAT members make the same experience. It is overwhelming and blissful at the same time.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I hope not to take too much of your time, as I suspect you are energetically overwhelmed these last days prior to the shift. I felt the urge to write to you because you may be the most knowledgeable person to discuss this topic with(or any topic really) given your vast understanding of philosophy.

Unfortunately, I never truly had the opportunity to study philosophy while in school since the subject was never discussed much in any of my literature classes. At this point, I’m firmly convinced that I’ve learned more useful knowledge from your website alone than I have in all my literature classes combined. By the way, these classes rarely ever gave me the same enthusiasm that I pleasantly receive when reading your website. However, this realization was a bit disappointing to me because much of my time in school was dedicated to this course of study.

Nonetheless, I recently recalled that during High School, one of the few intriguing literature topics I roughly learned about was transcendentalism. Since this topic was vaguely discussed in school, I was prompted to do further research. I came across many fascinating essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson that instantly resonated with me. After now having read some of his essays, It was no surprise to me that while in school I rarely happened to read any literature corresponding to his work. I was immediately reminded of how my school teachers had frequently favored dull literature topics that always seemed to stimulate boredom rather than any critical thinking. In retrospect, not only was I exposed to fake education(especially science) but also to the incessant social engineering that so many of my peers habitually accepted. This pervasive indoctrination I endured throughout my school years had indubitably distracted me from the inner spiritual work that I had yearned for until now.

All things considered, I’m actually quite glad to not have become enthralled by my academic studies. Otherwise, I too may have followed the path of perpetual indoctrination that so many of my peers willingly wandered down. It goes without saying, these deceptive educational institutions have been extremely efficient in producing working slaves for the Orion Matrix. Nevertheless, after the shift occurs, I expect these current educational institutions to soon transform into those encompassing true spiritual principles(referring to your crowdfunding website).

At this present moment, being unemployed feels more like an honor in a society where the majority of people have effortlessly succumbed to their survival fears, by tolerating some external “authority.” This utmost feeling of true independence I now experience is accompanied by an immense reassurance that I AM in the constant care of my lovely soul. With much gratitude, I AM now understanding what my soul wants to experience, so here I find myself on my path of Ascension.

All the best and a big hug,



Dear Nicholas,

thank you very much for your lovely letter and the very important topics regarding education and human philosophy and literature you address. You have presented the current situation perfectly and there is very little new to add on my part.

I do have come across the spiritual movement called transcendentalism in the USA, which was one of many similar modern gnostic teachings that later on evolved into the Theosophical society and can be considered the founding fathers of the current, albeit failed new age esoteric movement. I have read also some writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and know all too well that these thinkers in the 19th century were much more advanced and correct in their perception of the world than all the scholars and scientists today. There were very similar movements also here in Europe that can be summarized under the term “New Gnosis” which I finally developed to a new overarching approach in philosophy and holistic human thinking with my philosophical books that are firmly rooted in the scientific theory and Axiomatics of the Universal Law.

Your dismay about the current curriculum of topics being taught at schools and universities is absolutely justified and founded in truth. I am glad and convinced that you can learn more from my website than from all the academic courses you might have enrolled in, in case you had made the wrong decision to continue with your conventional education. Now you are unspoiled and can start again with your studies in the new light centre here in Sanremo Italy, which I have the premonition will first appear on this planet, hopefully, this year. I am working hard to make this happen.

Finally, I can only say: Carry on, continue reading my website, and then you have the foundation to critically evaluate all other human teachings as this is all part of the human cultural tradition and it has to be rewritten in a profound way to serve humanity in the future. We must change human history from the fulcrum of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the UL in the very near future in order to lay the new spiritual and transcendental foundation for the unlimited expansion of the human Divine Mind.

With love and light



Michael is a seasoned PAT member like me and we have found out that we make the same experiences with the energy waves over the years. George

Me again, just to let you know, I had a huge wave of joy hit me, not used to that, I had to stop driving because of the tears then when I resumed I saw cars disappear right next to me, don’t know what to think just yet, but I think I like it

Michael, USA


Dear Michael,

thank you for this confirmation of the descent of the new earth yesterday upon this reality during the new moon portal, but can you elaborate more on that so that I can publish your report. And please, write to my private email address as there is a danger that your email goes to spam and I delete it by mistake when you send it to the contact page.

With love and light





It was Friday, March 12 at about 4 PM Tucson a USA time, I was about to eat dinner and Michael Jackson was on the radio singing “so you wanna be starting something” I was in my truck looking at the mountain and watching some squirrels play in the field and then this energy wave came over me, it tingled like a large electric current and I was filled with what I understand as joy (i don’t have much experience with joy) and I was crying with a  big smile on my face. So I ate my meal smiling.

I then started home.  The road I took required a left turn at the light and this one had two lanes for turning. I was in the left lane and a large white truck pulled up next to me in the other turn lane and we waited for the light.  There were no cars behind either of us and none crossing so when the light changed I pulled off and was making my turn being very careful (I have an SUV and it gets tight on some corners like that) so I looked to my right expecting to see the white truck, nothing, not behind not to the side didn’t go straight across just disappeared.

I’m used to strange stuff so I continued up to the next light and again had to make a left with two turn lanes. I was being very aware now because I just don’t lose cars on the road like that.  This time I was in the right lane of the two for turning left.  Next to me was an off-road jeep dark gray with large mudder tires. There were three cars behind him and two behind me. When the light changed i started to make my turn and I have to go a little wide so as not to pinch the inside guy but just as I came straight on the next road the jeep was gone and the cars behind him only the cars behind me were in sight.

Now I am an expert driver and I have six mirrors just to say that my capabilities and attention are very honed. I started talking to my hs asking what was going on and I got a big smiley face in my mind and heard “some people aren’t able to be in this high of energy”. It was a strange and wonderful day and I’m looking forward to more fast changes.



Dear Michael,

OMG, you have seen it first hand how you have shifted to higher timelines of the new earth and the others didn’t make it and remained on lower timelines. This is how the shift /ascension is happening now and we have had similar experiences on the road with Amora in Canada when huge shifts happened and all of a sudden cars began to disappear. Hence this is nothing new to me. Since I do not drive in Italy, I do not make this kind of experience anymore, but when I go for a walk, I always notice when I shift to higher timelines occurs as all of a sudden the few lights in buildings around me become dark and the city is empty. Then a few days later, there is more life again.

This multidimensional shift is the most difficult to explain to the people and most new agers simply do not get it and generate a plethora of wrong obsolete spiritual ideas about such important topics and thus discredit themselves.

As I already published your short first email I will add this second email as an addendum to the PAT report.

Thank you so much and stay attuned, much more miracles are bound to come in the next few days.

With love and light



Hallo Georgi,

Ich schreibe dir das erste mal. Ich bin seit vielen Jahren Leser deiner Website, hatte aber bis jetzt nicht den Impuls dir persönlich zu schreiben. Seit deinem Artikel über Deutschland hatte ich den inneren Impuls dir zu schreiben. Als erstes möchte ich dir von ganzem Herzen für deine aufopferungsvolle Arbeit danken, die du für die Menschheit leistest. Außerdem danke ich dir dass ich durch deine Website sehr viel lernen durfte und dadurch mein Bewusstsein immens erweitern konnte und natürlich immer noch kann.

Deinen Artikel über Deutschland kann ich voll und ganz zustimmen, ebenso dem neuen Artikel von Rumi, der sogar noch einen Schritt weitergeht und den Deutschen perfekt den Spiegel vorhält. Ich finde es sehr schade dass du soviel negative Kommentare bekommen hast, ich kann dies aber nachvollziehen, da ich in meinem Umfeld ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Ich komme aus dem Süddeutschen Raum.

Die Deutschen sind leider wirklich nicht fähig zu lernen, dies ist mir im letzten Jahr sehr deutlich klar geworden. Seitdem widert es mich sehr oft an in dieser Realität zu leben. Ich habe oft das Gefühl nicht mehr hierher zu passen. Ich glaube das größte Problem der Deutschen ist ihre arrogante Selbstüberschätzung kombiniert mit ihrem Selbsthass auf ihre eigene Geschichte, wie Rumi es so treffend beschreibt.

Deine Verfügung bezüglich des Lockdowns Wende sage ich täglich an und bin begeistert von der kraftvollen Energie die davon ausgeht. Ich hoffe, dass es sich bald im sichtbaren manifestiert. Ich hoffe dass der Shift so bald wie möglich kommt damit sich diese toxische Realität endlich transformieren kann.

Mit Licht und Liebe


Hello Georgi,

I am writing to you for the first time. I have been a reader of your website for many years, but until now I did not have the impulse to write to you personally. Since your article about Germany, I had the inner impulse to write to you. First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sacrificial work you do for humanity. I also thank you that I was able to learn a lot through your website and that I was able to expand my consciousness immensely and of course I still can.

I can fully agree with your article about Germany, as well as the new article by Rumi, which even goes one step further and perfectly holds up a mirror to the Germans. I find it very unfortunate that you got so many negative comments, but I can understand that because I have had similar experiences in my environment. I come from the south of Germany.

The Germans are unfortunately really not capable of learning, this has become very clear to me in the last year. Since then it disgusts me very often to live in this reality. I often have the feeling that I don’t fit here anymore. I think the biggest problem of the Germans is their arrogant overestimation of themselves combined with their self-hatred of their own history, as Rumi so aptly describes it.

I am saying daily your invocation regarding the end of the lockdown and am thrilled by the powerful energy that emanates from it. I hope it manifests in the visible soon. I hope that the shift comes as soon as possible so that this toxic reality can finally transform.

With light and love


Lieber Alex,

ich freue mich, dass du dich endlich aufgerafft hast, mir zu schreiben. Es ist ein Gebot der Intelligenz, die Deutschen so zu sehen wie Rumi, ich und du auch. Alles andere deutet auf einen schwachen Verstand. Ich belasse es bei dieser vereinfachten Formel.

Wo wohnst du im Suddeutschland? Ich habe 30 Jahre lang in München und Umgebung gelebt und die Bayern sind menschliche Fossile, mit denen ist nichts anzufangen, “grobschlächtig” ist ein passendes deutsches Wort für sie.

Gestern hat sich die neue Erde über diese Realität gesenkt und der Tag war voller Wunder und glückliche Zufalle (Synchronizitäten), die ich und andere PAT Mitglieder erfahren und mir berichtet haben. Aus diesem Grund bin ich sehr zuversichtlich, dass wir bald den Shift und umwälzende Veränderungen sehen werden. Alles deutet darauf hinaus.

Ich freue mich auch, dass meine Webseite dir geholfen hat, die Situation auf der Erde besser zu verstehen, das ist eigentlich mein Hautziel – Aufklärung, aber diesmal richtig und nicht wie vor 200 Jahren, die nichts gebracht hat.

Also melde dich bald bei Gelegenheit und stimme dich jetzt auf die großen Ereignisse, die sicherlich auch Deutschland von Grund aus verwandeln werden.

Liebe Grüße



Dear Alex,

I’m glad you finally made up your mind to write to me. It is a commandment of intelligence to see the Germans as Rumi, I and you do. Anything else indicates a weak mind. I’ll leave it at this simplified formula.

Where do you live in Southern Germany? I lived in and around Munich for 30 years and the Bavarians are human fossils, there is nothing to do with them, “coarse” is an appropriate German word for them.

Yesterday the new earth descended over this reality and the day was full of miracles and happy coincidences (synchronicities) that I and other PAT members experienced and reported to me. For this reason, I am very confident that we will soon see the Shift and revolutionary changes. Everything points to this.

I am also glad that my website helped you to better understand the situation on Earth, that is actually my primary goal – enlightenment, but this time properly and not like 200 years ago, which brought nothing to humanity.

So get in touch soon when you get a chance and tune now for the great events that will surely transform Germany from the ground up as well.

With love and light


People have to go thru the darkness in order to see the light. –

rumi no kami

People have to be sick of darkness in order to embrace the light.
No sugarcoating.
Bittersweet medicine.
Healing on all levels.
Understanding, yes.
Compassion, yes.
Respecting choices.
Revealing deception.
Truth and transparency.
The only way forward.


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