Massive Surge of Human Darkness on the Eve of the Shift and How to Overcome it – Individual PAT Strategies

PAT Report, March 9, 2021

The dark behemoth of the human race is rearing its ugly face one last time on the eve of the Shift before being fully exposed and vanishes from this planet. But in the meantime we, the PAT, need effective and specific strategies for how to confront this unprecedented upheaval of human darkness, without allowing it to infest our ranks, as some of us experienced it these last 48 hours, without me going into details here. The people involved know what I mean…

Below, there are three suggestions or rather personal strategies of PAT members on how to cope with this current volatile situation where human darkness surges one more time like a tsunami of sewage and seems to inundate this humanity in its last attempt to survive. Not the PAT!



Long reply (to read with a good coffee!)

Hi Georgi,

Hope you are doing good today.

Yesterday Sunday I felt like shit, so-much-so that I even didn’t go out for a walk despite the beautiful sunny day. However, I feel better today Monday despite the very shitty sleep I had last night. I think your use of the word “rollercoaster” is very appropriate to describe what we are going through.

Now, regarding the French, in your last email you wrote:

” The French usually like when one is nasty and this is the only way to gain their respect as they are very arrogant themselves.”

I totally agree with that as I have experienced it first hand too, I spent 9 months in France.

Your comment reminds me of an anecdote on my very first trip to France in the ’90s.

On my first day in Paris, fresh off the plane, I was walking on the street all jetlagged and feeling dizzy, and I saw a car cutting another car, then both drivers got out of their cars and started shouting loudly at each other with their French/Parisian accent (which is way different than the Quebec French accent). I was instantly transported to the memory of many French movie scenes I had seen in my childhood, where Frenchmans would scream at each other in the movie, but now, it was happening there, live, in real life, right in front of me! It was such a shock that I remember it well to this day!

This was my personal, real-life introduction to the French culture of “screaming at each other” which I saw many times in my 9 months stay in France. After a while you start to not take it personally once you realize it’s just a cultural thing, and not a personal attack (!)

Despite speaking the same language as here in Quebec, the French have their own culture that didn’t somehow cross the Atlantic couple of hundreds of years ago, at least if it did, it didn’t survive much as here we don’t have that “screaming at each other” French thing!

In Quebec, we seem to have been more domiciled by the social engineers, probably like most Canadians…

I’m sure you noticed that when you were living in Canada.

As for the Germans, I also spent 9 months in Germany 20 years ago, but because of the language barrier, I could not really immerse myself in their culture. I still got to make friends there as many spoke basic English, but my German was way too basic to engage in deep discussions. However, I did feel the strictness and “military-like” aspect of their culture…

So, after reading your “acidic” article about the Germans, what came to mind is that the social engineers of team dark have really done a good job at getting people to dumb themselves down, and not just in Germany as demonstrated in your article, but around the world, it seems.

The social engineering has been made so incrementally gradual, that people didn’t see it coming.

David Icke calls it “The Totalitarian Tiptoe”which I find is a perfect title as it encapsulates exactly what it is.

So the Germans fell for it too it seems. The important knowledge was forgotten by most of the people because they were captivated by the many distractions the social engineers had concocted for them. The Germans are no different and probably revel in cognitive dissonance too…

Like I wrote you in a previous email, the cognitive dissonance I see in people when I present them the facts about the whole scam (covid, elite controlling the media, governments, the education system, the history books, etc.), is such that it confirms how deep the people have been programmed and hypnotized by that social engineering…

I have given up on trying to convince people about the truth as they just drown the facts with cognitive dissonance…

It’s just a waste of my energy.

I think that the only way for humanity to move forward in its evolution is for every human being to disconnect from the distractions that the “Soul pickpockets” have created, and connect inwardly with their intuition, as there, and only there will the truth be revealed to them, and not from an external source.

I firmly believe that getting and validating information through intuition is the key to self-sovereignty.

Anything else is just a distraction and a scam in order to throw us off so that we can be taken advantage of like team dark has done throughout mankind’s history.

Thus, in order to help those drowning in cognitive dissonance, we need to silently shine our Light, and anchor in 3D all the positive energies and  Ascension energies that are available at this time.

We need to expose the whole of humanity to these positive energies in the hopes that it will crack open, from within, their social engineered trance, and that they will finally hear the voice of their intuition so that they can access their inner-guidance and Soul remembrance, and finally find their way to Truth.

By listening to their intuition, they will be guided from within instead of relying on external sources (smartphone apps, MSN, government, etc.) and the truth will only then reach them, convince them throughout their whole being, and be accepted by them (as opposed to being rejected, thanks to cognitive dissonance…).

Acting solely on the inner-guidance of one’s intuition is the act of reclaiming one’s God-given birthright of self-sovereignty and freewill.

This self-sovereignty and free will is the very thing that team dark has been working for thousands of years to take away from us, by dumbing down so many of us humans, as demonstrated by your article about the Germans and their loss of important knowledge.

Let’s unite in Truth, we the PAT, and shine our Light silently by anchoring in 3D those Ascension energies.

Let’s reclaim our God-given birthright.

Let’s do this, now, with compassion, as it is the only way people are going to wake-up from their zombie trance, and get access to all the knowledge of Truth, such as the Universal Law.

Let’s do this despite any perceived negative external appearances (that nothing positive seems to happen out there).

Team dark was good in the past at focusing their attention and energy on negative scenarios in order to make them manifest here in 3D.

Now it’s our turn to focus and shine our Light on a positive scenario and make it a reality on our individual timelines, thanks to the deluge of Ascension energies, and up-coming spring equinox energies.

Ascension seems a global experience, but a personal experience as well like you wrote Georgi, and thus, by reclaiming dominion of our self-sovereignty, at the highest levels of Truth, we WILL make this happen individually and collectively here in 3D.

So there you go Georgi, your article on the Germans inspired me to write that long reply to you.

I feel some kind of relief after writing this. I guess it helps and energizes when we get it out of our system.

Bring it on!


Montreal, Canada


reflections from Colorado

Dear George,

I write to you again from Colorful Commie-Rado, the once mountainous state now razed by refugees from California, who nevertheless bring the very plague from which they flee. While the Texas and Mississippi governors have just made announcements to lift the mask mandate, we here in Fort Collins see some of the mindless drones slavishly adopting a 2nd mask, some with goggles and shields, even alone in sealed cars, or out for exercise and ‘fresh air’. The ludicrousness of this whole debacle from every angle is beyond my words. Any simple fact from any conceivable angle demolishes their worldview, yet they have miraculously hermetically sealed themselves into an echo chamber of insanity.

My patience for intransigence had eroded years ago, long before any of this current charades began: fake news, fake epidemic, fake president. Truly, if the masses wish to avoid contamination by rationality, they ought to file themselves into a gas chamber. Doing so would also eliminate their devastating carbon footprint – another ploy which they have swallowed hook, line and sinker – and relieve them of the horrible possibility they might breathe any unsanitized air. Sound like “a modest proposal”? And yet is the current situation not the fruition of a past fever dream?

Being among the masses in these conditions is a steady tightrope walk of mastery, for which I also lack the superlative words. Their irrationality reads to me like a swarm of volatile zombies, primed to devour the non-conformists. Because if they can be so easily duped toward self-annihilation, what horrors could come next?

Now, I am well familiar with the usual New Age admonishments for the awakened ones to allow for the tragedy of Earth’s true history, the way the controllers designed and perpetuated the masses’ subservience and ignorance. By knowing such, we are yet again to correct our own lack of supreme compassion and patience and to lay ourselves like a doormat of perfection on which they can trample like swine.

I do comprehend that the spark of God-Source is present in all things, no matter how obscured. And I champion the bodhisattva’s sincere wish for all beings to be free if they so choose. But this Earthly drama seems to roll on like an interminable looping stage play, where the audience is held captive, their eyes and energy fields affixed open to witness the slow-motion trainwreck in which the ignorant enthusiastically participate.

I am tired. I know how the play ends.

I helped envision, write, and direct it, I suppose. As did they. Whatever. Enough is enough on all fronts. This twilight zone version of normalcy is completely debased, and the collective has had now a full lap around the sun to come to terms with it.

Was it naive of the awakened ones to assume the blatant contradictions and revelations would shake loose the grip of evil on the souls of men? It appears now that most are irretrievably lost. Still, it is of no consequence to me, as long as I can endure it all to completion.

With the energetic transformations, I anticipate a fresh clean slate for myself and possibly a willingness to be of service in ways that sound now only like I would play emancipator to those who worship their prison sentence.

That said, there remains for me an overriding question regarding the Draconian loophole made against the “prime directive” by compromising the free will of the human race with a swamp of deception. Is such not a violation of free will anyway? And whether or not it is, does not the situation on Earth warrant more positive intervention than a multitude of beings incarnating incognito to increase the collective frequency?

Desperate times, desperate measures. If God manifests infinitely, including into quagmires of duality across the multiverse, when does it ever end for the subjectively individuated soul? This construct also seems like a hamster wheel. Are we to believe that we get so bored of the higher realms – or that something compels us – that we willingly incarnate into these situations over and over again? I am suspicious of all of it and wish now for peace and resolution. Finito.

Pressing onward, never defeated. In the Light of Truth, God, and Love,



Dear Travis,

I love your letters and style. Unfortunately, I am hit today (March 6) by a monster wave that is very violent and life-threatening (the wave lasted till March 8 and during that time there was a huge coronal hole in the sun). I hope I will survive it. I have an excruciating headache, my stomach is very upset and I am in a fever. My HS told me that now the atomic and molecular configurations are being transformed at the quantum level and this causes the increase in heat, however without high temperature as I am not able to have fever since I entered the LBP in 1999. This is in preparation for our transfiguration from carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies.

Tomorrow when I feel better, hopefully, I will read your letter one more time and will most probably publish it.

In the meantime, we must just try to survive as the shift is knocking on the door and this insanity must come to an end.

With love and light



Germany – The Painful Awakening of the Drowsy Behemoth

Dearest Georgi,

You wrote

“Anybody who fears and evades an open, enlightened discussion on any topic that concerns human evolution, and by default, the current energetic processes leading to ascension is not an evolved person and needs a lot to learn before he/she can qualify for ascension. “

My question to you:

For many, an enlightened discussion on some topics causes great emotional pain due to their current belief systems; this includes so-called lightworkers who are not prepared to embrace this pain.

So, how can we help them?

Instead of facing their fears head-on and getting things over with quickly, they run from their fears hoping they will go away.

What role can we possibly play for these people?

We cannot reason with them as their belief systems will not allow it.

Honestly, the Germans are not much different than the Americans in that regard and I am just about all tired out trying.

What is your secret to getting this done?

Peace & light,



Dear Charlotte,

I very well understand what you ask me about but I must frankly admit that I have no effective resolution. I agree with you that open and direct statements as I made them in this article cause a lot of fear in the people to which it is directed, in this case, the Germans, and indeed many of their comments on the German websites expressed these fears.

But the point is that if the people are not confronted with their fears, they will never recognize that they have them and will always suppress them and then behave according to these fears and make the life of the other people around them hell as you have experienced it first hand.

What do you think Nazism was? – It was the political expression of the collective and suppressed German fears and this movement became so ugly because the German fears are also very ugly and they don’t know it.

This is not our problem to heal or help them in direct care – our only duty is to make these people aware of their fears and dark sides and then show them how these fears manifest in ugly social and personal behavior. Most Germans are so enmeshed in their darkness that they do not see it and as there are very few people who make them aware thereof, I mentioned the German thinkers and philosophers and how they were treated in my article, they are shocked when someone like me who knows the Germans better than they themselves, tells them the blatant truth.

I think they deserve their fears and they must see how to cope with them. I have experienced so many fears in my life, most of them from the collective in order to cleanse them, but they still felt very personal and unpleasant, so that I know that fears cannot kill a person. And when this person feels his fears but cannot export them to other people as in the past, because now we no longer allow it, and also the new energies do not allow it anymore, then he will be compelled to deal with his own fears and eventually transmute them.

This is how I see it. And this is what is already happening now and it will become obvious to everybody after the Shift.

With love and light


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