Germany – The Painful Awakening of the Drowsy Behemoth

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 6, 2021

All the best and prominent German thinkers, to whom this drowsy behemoth owes its undue reputation as the “motherland of philosophers and thinkers” have spent their life in love-hatred (Hassliebe) for their motherland. Their names cannot be counted…

They have been criticized, ridiculed, ostracized, persecuted, extradited, and eventually killed by their countrymen in a ruthless manner. After they were dead and could no longer poke their finger in the German vices, their countrymen, die Untertanen (the state slaves), slyly adorned their battered reputation with these spirits of light as to illuminate a little bit all the dark corners of their country.

Currently, these spiritless Teutons don’t even do that as they have devolved intellectually to such an extent that they no longer know their own sublime philosophical tradition of their past thinkers because the entire German-speaking area has descended into cultural insignificance, as I have written recently to a channeling lady, while strongly doubting if she is intellectually capable of even grasping such cultural-historical aperçus (insights).

Although I am not a German and have always kept a healthy intellectual distance to this cultural region full of unresolved conflicts, vigorously swept by a suppressed historical memory into the Freudian abysses of their unprocessed collective subconscious, I am in full solidarity with my German predecessors – my brother-thinkers and philosophers – and have always had a lot of compassion for their fate. And I share their love-hatred for this country.

While I know beyond any doubt that Germany will play a key role in the near future, after the Shift and the revelations will have taken place – after all, this was the reason why I spent almost 40 years in this country cleansing the miasms of the collective and individual German souls – I have still not made up my mind if I truly want to engage with the German-speaking people after my ascension.

Ultimately, the answer will be given by the Germans themselves: Whether they would be able to rise to the occasion, to the lofty spiritual spheres of my true being, where there can be a joyful and rewarding communication with them. This was never the case so far. This is probably the most serious and momentous statement with which I have ever addressed the Germanic-speaking space in Central Europe and its population.

The reason why I have not yet fully given up on the Germans is the extraordinary souls, all of whom are members of the PAT and live in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and whose light outshines all the darkness of their compatriots put together. They, like me, have taken the heavy burden in this lifetime to sacrifice themselves in order to save the souls of these intransigent Teutons. It is my obligation to stand firm to these exceptional light warriors and help them fulfill their mission in this final lifetime. Again, I will not give any names but they know who they are, and many of the PAT too. Very soon they will play a magnificent role in Central Europe.

Initially, I was intending to publish my recent one-sided correspondence with some German channelers who try to receive messages about the upcoming Shift in complete spiritual and transcendental ignorance of the underlying energetic processes that prepare this momentous event but I gave it up. They do not possess even a modicum of the necessary magnanimity to discuss their personal energetic experiences in a free-spirited discourse as it should be among light gestalts and as I will vehemently advocate for all students in the new centres of light in Italy and later on elsewhere.

Why then honor such dumbed-down people in this essay? Instead, I will make a few general comments that illuminate all the dark thought patterns that pervade the German society, every society nowadays, and will not survive the Shift. But this darkness has to be recognized now so that it can be eliminated as none of its carriers will ascend with these dark patterns.

Let me state it clearly and unambiguously: Anybody who fears and evades an open, enlightened discussion on any topic that concerns human evolution, and by default, the current energetic processes leading to ascension is not an evolved person and needs a lot to learn before he/she can qualify for ascension. This is true for the overwhelming majority of the lightworkers who currently behave more like “light proles” and this is surely true for most German-speaking “Lichtproleten“.

There is not a single German light prole who can be remotely considered a thinker and a philosopher in this very provincial, plagiaristic, esoteric environment where even the concept of philosophy has never been understood by these people. And of course, none of them has any clue what science is all about and why logical thinking is at the core of all human intelligence.

And all this debasement has happened in this country in front of my eyes that was renowned for its brilliant scientists, most of whom were thinkers and philosophers in the first place. This highlights the total collapse of the German culture and the end of its glorious philosophical and scientific tradition. This is a huge, very painful, and deeply sad topic for another disquisition and this explains also why I had to emigrate again from Germany 8 years ago after I emigrated from Bulgaria almost half a century ago. My destiny is to be the eternal emigre on this hostile planet… that is why I built the cities of light and can barely wait for them to manifest.

Fortunately, I can report some very positive developments in my recent communication with the Germans. There are two German editors of popular websites, Roswitha with Es Ist Alles Da (Everything is there/available) and Max von Gaia with Liebe Das Ganze.. They have begun to translate articles from our website in the last months and this is a very interesting return to Germany for me as nothing happens coincidentally and I didn’t plan it.

Max translated beautifully the latest article from Patrick

which prompted our long-standing PAT member from Germany Helga to write the following appreciative letter to Max:

Dear Max,

For the first time, I read a publication by Patrick translated into German. My heart melted at the beauty of his words. The Google translator is helpful, but often reaches its limits for someone like me who is not so perfect in English. I have been reading Georgi Alexandrov Stankov’s texts for many years and now without any problems, certainly with the help of my soul, as I am a PAT member.

I am very grateful to you for your now regular publications of him, and the appropriate pictures chosen with much spiritual sensitivity. The vibration of your blog site has risen enormously since then.

Thank you very much for that!

Light & Love


You might ask yourself, why I am telling you about these, at first glance, trivial stories which may not make much sense to you. But wait and see. You surely know the parable of the mustard seed in the Bible: “The mustard seed was the smallest seed, but it grew into a huge plant.”

There is another fact that shows how the dots are being connected now. Max uses for his website a motto from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov and only yesterday I published an article about my conversation with a French lady, an editor of spiritual literature in agnostic France, which to me is a heroic deed equivalent to that of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc).

The city of light New Raetia exists already in Central Europa, throughout most of Germany (that is why I cannot neglect this country) and is now spreading also to the east and southeast of Europe through Austria and Czechia. It has merged through the violet city of light over Lofer in the Alps with the city of light here in Italy and the latter also extends to Southern France.

This is called organic growth and the signs are all over the map. You only need to be attentive and read them and not behave like the foolish virgins in another famous parable of Jesus, The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids.

I thanked Max recently for his great work to propagate the ideas of the PAT in Germany in preparation for the Shift and the emergence of the cities of light in Europe. As he adores my countryman Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, I shared with him a personal encounter with this great man and his teacher Peter Deunov from the White Brotherhood last summer which also goes in the same direction: What will happen after the Shift with humanity. Here it is again for you to connect the dots:

Dear Max,

this morning, as I was editing my diary, which I must keep as my memory has deteriorated greatly since I live only in the present, I found this tidbit. I have never published it before, but it plays a great role, for on that day the Divine Dispensation for the upcoming Shift was given to us by Deunov and Aivanov from the White Brotherhood, which of course I reported. The two then delivered a short personal message to my dual soul Amora. Here it is for you so that you know how spot-on you are with Aivanov:

Friday, July 17, 2020 – Our first direct encounter with Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. 

They endorse us as members of the Universal White Brotherhood in order to begin with our mission regarding the healing and study centres in Italy.

This morning I was urged to watch with Amora the video in Italian about the life of Omraam Mikhael Aivanov and then both Deunov and he came to us and established a telepathic contact. Amora got a short message from them which she will type so that I can document it here. Nothing particular but it is obvious that we three are working on this project and they are very happy about our success. We both were emotionally deeply stirred.

This is another interesting event but my HS tells me not to have any expectations and I do not have any as a rule.

Message from  Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


It is with such JOY in my heart that today we have experienced a special visit from these two great Bulgarians, Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

Their LOVING PRESENCE made me, and You too, weep with JOY and a sense that we have made it through a very turbulent time, into what I hear them describe, and what I also feel, as “A TURNING POINT” in our lives, including how we will move forward with our sacred support of humanity on so many levels.

Here is the message I channeled from them, not as a separate and distinct message from each other, but rather in the form of a unified consciousness that I sensed 2 metres above and in front of me.

Me:   “Thank you for coming today, gracing us both with your profound loving presence!”

PD/OMA: “We are Honoured!  Keep going!  Maintain your focus on the goals which you desire to see! The World awaits You!

[Personal message for me, Amora]: Follow your inner guidance always ~ you will present ‘Your Way’ in English, in French and in Italian.  Teach and expand on the Seven Rays and their power, and also include the beautiful Wheel of Light and Life!  Because this form (WLL) is the foundation of the new world, the new earth, that can easily enfold these energies within it!  Therefore, you must teach it!  Continue to use it, it is the new foundation!  LIGHT is the way, the Truth and the Life!

We dearly love you both!  Do not lose sight of your desires for an enlightened humanity!  You are beautiful, you are blessed, you are the World’s Treasure!

Me: ” What about the Universal Law?”

PD/OMA: “The time will come when the revelations will include the expansion into ‘New Science’. Be patient, be strong, there is no one else.

They continue to honour us with their presence for a couple of hours radiating LOVING PRESENCE right into our hearts.  We are so moved!

Here you have the beauty of the Divine Plan unfolding in front of our eyes, full of details and signs as part of our ongoing creation and then you have on the other hand the intransigence of the German light proles who do not even want to take notice of what is truly happening while channeling their non-sensical stuff about the impending shift and what might happen.

Everything that will happen during this event has already been created and implemented by ourselves – the PAT, the light warriors from the first and the last hour – as none of these massively transforming energies from the Source can reach the broad human population unless they flow through our fields. Hence we are the ones to experience them first and we are the experts to tell the people what is happening with them. And the stupid light proles should listen to us if they want to ascend. Period!

If you as a channeler do not feel these energies in your fields and body and do not have the long experience of properly evaluating them, no matter what esoteric BS you channel from the book with new age plagiarisms of the light and love illusion, you are only contributing to the overall confusion.

This is what we see currently with this naive and very arrogant person Simon Parkes who has no clue of finance and economics but aggrandizes himself to play the role of the financial prophet and is already distributing the fictitious new wealth among the people after the US military will introduce the new “quantum reset”. Or were these philanthropists the Chinese eldest, it doesn’t matter after all, as long as I, Simon Parkes, am popular on the Internet. How can one seriously refer to such discredited concepts as Nesara and Gesara that were entirely dark CIA psyops and were made popular already decades ago only to mire the stupid new agers and vastly achieved their goal?

And now this stupid guy complains about the disappointment of the people who are attacking him, and rightly so, when his promise of prosperity failed to occur and then he blames them arrogantly for not having enough spirituality. And how about your deficient spirituality, Simon? Not that this insignificant man matters much, I only quote him as a negative example of how much harm and confusion any false spiritual activism can generate these days.

And this also holds true for all German and Anglo-Saxon light proles who pretend to know and tell you what will happen during and after the Shift. No one really knows but there are milestones in this process and it all begins with the current activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body, and the ensuing soul catharsis that will shock humanity, that much is sure.

The reason why this is so, is because none of these people are true and responsible thinkers – they are not philosophers and can never be. And they are not scientists and know nothing about the nature of Energy, which is All-That-Is. And if one day there will be a new earth and a new humanity, their new leaders must be true philosophers and true thinkers as already Plato once knew and not the intellectual garbage we must put up with these final days before the Shift. From our point of view, it is unbearable, it is disgusting, it is inexcusable.

In Germany, this downfall began with the unification when the politicians, fully supported by the dumbed-down German proles, betrayed the nation and the constitution. I summed up this crucial for Germany moment in another recent email to Max von Gaia where I made him aware of my pivotal  essay ‘What’s Love” which I published one more time yesterday in connection with the latest Arcturian message that came exactly on time:

Dear Max,

Please take your time, I just wanted to bring this essay to your attention because it eliminates most of the discussion and confusion on the subject in the New Age. You are doing great and very important work. I am glad that you are translating some of our articles, because it is time for me to turn again to the German-speaking world, after having emigrated to Canada 8 years ago, and now in Italy when I correctly foresaw the inevitable cultural decline in this part of Europe.

Now we have reached the threshold of renewal, and I hope that this time the Germans will not disappoint me again with their servility, as they let everything happen to them after the unification, including the fact that the politicians cheated them out of the promised new, democratic and sovereign constitution in 1990, and no resistance came from the German Untetanen (Heinrich Mann). If there had been a new constitution then, as was promised in the preamble in the 1949 provisional constitution and taught in this way in all German schools, Germany would look very different now.

I will inform Patrick about your translation and he will be very happy.

Take good care of yourself, this month is the peak.

All the best

Here we have all the elements for the total failure of the German nation, of all nations on this planet, and for the spiritual bankruptcy of the tiny fraction of light proles in the new age that was supposed to lead humanity in the End Time. Instead it was totally infested by the dark lies of the cabal and could not display any true intellectual resistance and moral and ethical fortitude. In other words, they failed as leaders of humanity so that the whole burden of the upcoming change and revelations is left for us to carry.

Let us summarize one more time all the major points of their profound ignorance leading to their spiritual, intellectual, and political failure as the spiritual spearhead of humanity, as the “wayshowers” they never were:

1) The light proles have no knowledge about current fake science and why it has failed so badly. That is why they cannot sovereignly reject the current coronavirus scamdemic and only contribute to the overall confusion thus playing in the hands of the dark still ruling cabal.

2) They have no clue about the existence of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law that is the theory of ascension. When they are informed about it, they close their eyes and their ears and do not want to hear or learn anything new. Simply, they run away as also all corrupt and cowardly scientists do.

3) They do not know the nature of energy and are therefore absolutely incompetent to analyse and interpret the quality of the incoming energies that flood the earth and humanity and drive the ascension process.

4) Most of them also do not directly participate in the cleansing and ascension process of Gaia and humanity as the PAT does, and when they do, they cannot interpret it properly.

5) The only intellectual means of grasping the ascension process, which all German and Anglo-Saxon proles that are vastly translated in Germany and referred to as experts, use, is the idiom of love and light illusion of the new age that is entirely anti-intellectual, anti-scientific, counter-intuitive, harebrained repetitive, full of plagiarisms and profoundly dishonest. It is plain stupid. All these people still carry the Atlantean energies of betrayal, and I know what I am talking about as I am purging them now for a year and a half in a conscious manner and surely for decades unconsciously.

6) Most of the light proles show no curiosity to learn anything new and when they are confronted with such an offer, they immediately crawl under the bed or feel offended for being exposed for their ignorance. This is a recurrent behavioral pattern of all light proles the world over, probably – and this will be your greatest surprise – with the exception of the Chinese people who, due to their cultural tradition, cherish a natural curiosity and propensity to learn new things. That is why they are so successful as a nation.

And that is why all Western nations, such as Germany, France, and above all the USA are totally failing economically and morally. While this is part and parcel of the Divine Plan for the End Time, this trend also elucidates all the weaknesses and vices in the collective human character of these populations which contribute to this profound economic crisis.

By the way, I predicted this crisis for the End Time already a quarter of a century ago. All of these dark aspects of humanity must be exposed now and not only the crimes of the evil cabal. While the latter will never ascend, all the ascension candidates and the light proles must be confronted with their profound inner darkness, if they would have any chance to follow us. And who else will make them aware of their deficiencies if not we, the embodiment of the Christed energies on the earth and when, if not now – on the cusp of the Shift and our Ascension?

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