Anchoring the Light and the Word

Christopher Maehl, March 23, 2021

Dear Georgi,

it is certainly a wonderful pleasure to connect again with you. We do live in wondrous and transforming times on so many levels.

The current incoming energies I am perceiving are asking to be anchored and stabilized in myself and in the outer World. Ideas are great, manifesting them is even better!

The Source is impulsing us continuously and there will be more and more tsunamis of intelligent Light energy that are on their way already. They impulse us and impulse the “Imago cells“ within us.

Light energy has rhythm and sound. Energy is, energy flows and then from flowing it changes into oscillating. Oscillating energy is the most powerful state of expression. Can I feel these energy states alive in me? Can I savor the whole experience and let it be and let itself express through my bodies?

If we are able to experience ourselves as the individualized Expression of the Creator (feeling vividly the exhilarating alive presence of our Creator within us) and at the same time the enveloping presence of All-That-Is and both within the swaying rhythm of our breath – then there is unlimited power in action.

When powerful energy is palpable vibrating in our bodies is it possible to let this potent divine emanation connect willingly with our vibrational system – our voice? Is what we are about to say then to the highest good of all?

This is: In the Beginning was Light and the Word (Sound) that burst it into existence. That’ll be the summit of personal expression in alignment with the Creator.

In the end, there might be no satisfying ultimate proof of God from outside sources of us that is good for anyone. Only if we personally experience our LIVING GOD INSIDE of us we have the ultimate experience and Gnosis that leaves us with no questions asked. (Well, at least for that moment of truth.)

I still remember what I  have read in my early years. It still resonates strongly with me: “Know Thyself and you will know God.“ This thousands-year-old Inscription on the Apollo Tempel in Delphi is as fresh and true as it was before it was written.

I do feel that we are called upon to be an individualized manifestation of the Light coming from God/Creator/Source. This and only this might give us purpose and happy satisfaction. So what I do is to feel the Living God within me as often as I possibly can.

At the moment my bodies are „rewired“ and „retooled“ to accept and to hold the energies. Blockades and old patterns of behavior are scrutinized and brought into the light. They need to be acknowledged, released, and superseded with more insightful and superior patterns.


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