An Important Personal Announcement

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Amora, March 27, 2021

As I have reported, Amora left me and Italy end of September last year and returned to Vancouver, Canada to resolve some pending family issues. But the real reason why she had to return was that we couldn’t stay together at the same physical place during the shift and the ascension of the earth. Our energetic fields are so huge and expanded that they encompass the whole planet and much more in this galaxy and universe as Elohim and prime creators. This would have caused a great energetic imbalance on the earth and would have prevented the impending shift and our ascension.

The Elohim told us about this energetic precondition some time ago.  Hence our physical separation in September was service to All-That-Is and a huge personal sacrifice on our part as human beings for the highest good of all. We knew that and we could do nothing about it. We have always been in a state of full acceptance as a necessary prerequisite for our phenomenal success as creator beings.

End of last year and the beginning of this year, we realized that our seven-year-period of light work as a team of dual Elohim souls has come to an end. Our most intense light work began first in December 2013 in Lofer, Austria, where we created Gaia-5 and then with full force when I arrived in Vancouver, Canada in February 2014. I have reported in great detail on all the light work we accomplished at that time, especially in my retrospective energy reports from August till the end of October last year on a daily basis. Let me only mention that we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014, and then several more times during these seven years of most intense light work together as dual Elohim souls.

The Elohim told us already in 2013 that our teamwork as incarnated dual Elohim souls in human bodies is the guarantor for success of cosmic proportions and I have published this message but can’t find it now. We have accomplished very successful light missions in Lemuria and Atlantis that changed the destiny of these civilizations profoundly, whatever their objective was at that time. We also fulfilled all our duties for which we incarnated in this auspicious time in 2016 when we managed to establish a most profound cosmic alignment as I reported at that time.

Message from the Elohim: The “Magnificent and Most Dramatic Event” on May 30, 2016, Was a Full Opening and Transition of Gaia and Humanity into Light

We could have then left this reality forever as human beings because our light work as it was initially planned was done.

We decided to continue staying in physical bodies for five more years as avatars during which time we accomplished many new incredible creations as the cities of light in Italy and South America, the expansion of the city of light in Central Europe, the wheel of life and light of the five flames of ascended creation, the fountain of freedom (the world heart chakra of the threefold flame), just to name a few.

In February this year, we knew with certainty that our lightwork as a human team has come to end with the ending of the seven-year-period.

Let me say some more words on this important topic. All human evolution and expansion in the incarnated state on the earth in the old 3D matrix followed the seven-year-period. I even recently discussed this issue with some PAT members as they had come to the same conclusion.

I have always followed the unfolding of the seven-year-period in my life and could explain with it all the major events that occurred to me and changed my destiny in a profound manner. For instance, when I entered the 7X7 year-period at the age of 43 in 1994, I discovered the Universal Law and began to develop the new theory and gnosis. This changed my human life forever and I have written a lot about that in my books and articles.

Now I have entered my 10X7 year-cycle. My soul essence is 10X10 = 100 and this is soul power on steroids. Each time the number 1o occurs in my life as this is the case this year, I perform great things.

The Elohim told us that Amora is an Elohim of the 1st cause and is providing the refined pristine energies of the Source as the foundation of any creation. I am an Elohim of the 3rd cause and responsible for the creation of forms, such as galaxies, star systems, new civilizations, social forms, technologies, etc. An Elohim of the 2nd cause is responsible for the harmonic distribution and exchange of the Source energies from the 1st cause to the Source energies of the 3rd cause to be used to create all kinds of forms. These Elohims are so to say a kind of energetic accountants that guarantee the immaculate balance of all energy exchange. That is why they never show up.

Based on this understanding of our role as Elohim souls, we realized in the last several months that Amora and I will have completely different missions after the shift and our ascension. Amora will play a key role in the global healing of all souls throughout the entire multiverse that are now incarnated on the earth or have ever had a human incarnation on Gaia.

The earth has always been a melting pot of souls from infinite civilizations so that the earth now carries not only human karma created on this planet but also huge karma from all the other civilizations that has to be resolved now on these ascending earth timelines. That is why the earth is the linchpin for the entire ascension of this universe and why so much attention is paid to the earth and humanity by all the forces of light. I have written a lot about this aspect and the Arcturians have also confirmed it in their recent messages on several occasions.

Since Amora returned to Vancouver, Canada, she started to be prepared for her new mission as a universal healer of all human souls by her guides. She is the Chohan of the violet flame and is also working very closely with St. Germain. Amora has a very important incarnation in the Inner Earth of Agartha/Lemuria and is the chairman of the Lemurian council for the surface earth as we were told in December 2019 when we visited Lofer and met with the Lemurians there in the violet city of light over this region. I am also in this council and responsible for new technologies with another member of the PAT, the name of which I cannot disclose at this moment. I am sitting in many other councils.

Amora is the twin flame of Adama and this is sensational information I am now revealing for the first time. We knew about that as early as May 2013 when Amora and I met for the first time in Germany and Adama came to me and thanked me emphatically for taking care of her, of his twin flame. When she will ascend, she will most probably not return in a crystalline light body to the ascended upper 4D and lower 5D worlds as I will do and will instead heal the human souls from the higher dimensions as Elohim of the 1st cause.

My mission as Elohim of the 3rd cause has been discussed ad nausea on this website. I am the new world spiritual teacher of humanity now and after the shift and will introduce the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law as the cornucopia of infinite abundance and bliss for the new ascended humans on the new earth. I must be present on the ground in a crystalline light body for a long time after the shift and also lead humanity to its final ascension.

With that, our roles have separated energetically at the human level but our fields are eternally inextricably linked throughout all dimensions and infinite realities where our Elohim fields extend. This is particularly true for all our creations here on the earth, which I mentioned above.

Amora and I knew about this inevitability clearly in January and February this year and were waiting for further instructions from our guides as to how to proceed. At that time it was obvious that we would not be able to see each other physically as the lockdown was tightened and no travel abroad was allowed anymore. The whole situation on this planet is so messed up that the only solution can be the Divine Intervention through the shift and our ascension.

Besides, we knew that we must keep our geographical positions where we are now, me in Italy at the Ligurian coast where the healing and study centers of light are, and she in Vancouver where the other city of light New Lemuria is. From there, she is sending her light over the entire North American continent to mitigate the worst consequences of the impending shift for this big unripe young soul population.

We are the driving motor of the PAT Supernova of Ascension and we must be optimally positioned for it on the globe. We span a huge rainbow bridge of ascended energies over the Atlantic and encompass the two continents Europe and North America as the cradle of Western civilization.

But we have also extended our energetic fields to South America when we created the third city of light in the Andes in Ecuador. The latter builds a triangle with the cities of light in Vancouver, on the Pacific coast and here in Europe. Without its stabilizing effect, no shift or ascension can take place.

The Elohim told us about this energetic prerequisite already in 2017 when Amora first traveled to Ecuador to anchor the third city of light Terra Nueva there. Then she traveled one more time in January 2019 and fully created it with me backing her up from Austria, where I was expanding at the same time the first city of light New Raetia in Central and Eastern Europe.

I am only mentioning these facts to sensitize you to the gargantuan light work we have been doing these last seven years on an entirely transpersonal level. Our personal relationship was always of secondary importance and served only as a means to support each other at the human level to be able to accomplish our light duties.

In the last 3 years, Amora had to regularly go back to Vancouver to reinforce the city of light New Lemuria there and to expand our fields over the Atlantic while I was busy here in Italy creating new centers of light in Sanremo and also in Austria, Czechia, and Eastern Europe during my sojourn in these countries last winter. It was never about our personal human connection as many people may think from their limited anthropocentric point of view.

And now I come to the latest sensational insight that was revealed to us in the last few days and which took me by such surprise that I was overwhelmed for several days before I could fully assimilate the implications of it and finally make this announcement.

Last week the Elohim told us that it is time for the 12 twin flames pairs belonging to the PAT to come together, augment their energetic power infinite times by merging their fields and establishing the sacred union. This will be the fuel for the shift and the ascension of this planet and its human population. They urged me to republish their old message which I promptly did.

The Elohim: The 12 Twin Flames Pairs of the PAT and Their Role in the Ascension 2021

And then came the greatest surprise for me. I was told that I also have a twin flame that has incarnated at this time on the earth and that I must meet her in order to ascend with her.

As I said, Amora’s twin flame is Adama and she does not have a twin flame as an incarnated human being. She was with me as my dual soul for the last 7 years and when she will ascend she will merge with Adama in the 7th and higher dimensions. Because she is also an Elohim of the 1st cause, she is not directly related to all creations of form in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.

I, on the contrary, am the creator of these forms and this also applies to my twin flame who has also incarnated at this time and belongs to the 12 twin flames pairs of the PAT, the Elohim spoke about. As I was all the time with my dual soul Amora, this message was not of any personal interest to me and I considered and published it only as very important and valuable information for the PAT.

Until I realized a few days ago that I am one of these 12 twin flames pairs and now I must find my twin flame and enter the sacred union with her.

We discussed this dramatically new development with Amora, and following the advice of our guides, we came to the conclusion that we must demonstrate to the universe that we are ready to fully embrace this new development.

We officially decided to end our human physical relationship so that I am free to find my twin flame and enter the sacred union with her and this is what I am announcing now with this publication. All the more as there is no possibility for Amora and me to meet one more time physically before the shift and our ascension.

I do not know who my twin flame is, the only information I was given so far is that she has entered her 7X7 year-cycle and is ready to perform great things as I did when I discovered the Universal Law in 1994. And that we can only ascend after merging our fields to reestablish the ultimate Sacred Union within our human bodies in our final incarnation on the earth. That’s all.

With this announcement, I have fulfilled the energetic precondition for my reunion with my twin flame and am confident that this will happen in the coming days. Our sacred reunion will trigger the shift and the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

It goes without saying that this will happen at the optimal point in time which nobody knows now. I am full of excitement and joy about my reunion with my twin flame as I also know that we have now finally reached the threshold of our transfiguration and ascension.


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