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February 10, 2021

Response to: The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior


Excellent article. Most of the revelations have already been made available to anyone who cares to know, concerning the activities of the dark cabal.  Most are just not able or willing to accept them.  Would they accept them more fully if the mainstream media broadcast 24/7 revealing the deception as well as the recent military takedown? Probably not. Some have accepted these truths but still are not able to connect them to the broader spiritual aspects. They still hope that a new government “nesara” would be the solution without examining the reasons they have been trapped in this matrix for so long.

However, I do believe that those who at least recognize the evil that has been perpetrated and that has enslaved them are better candidates to receive further information and eventually begin their ascension (LBP). Religious and spiritual dogma to date has been from a rather childish and immature view consisting of blaming others or begging others to do the spiritual work for oneself in order to obtain salvation and redemption.

9For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. 10But when that which is perfect comes, then that which is in part shall be done away: 11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”  1corinthian 13:12.

The issue remains that unless the LBP has begun and has been advanced to a high level the incarnated soul fragment has a very limited connection to its higher self. They cannot and will not recognize the Universal law concepts or any other spiritual concept fully or even partially.  The LBP is necessary to release the trauma held in the body both individual and ancestral trauma. This is a very painful and long process as we well know. It doesn’t matter how many beautiful and “inspiring” messages one “channels” from whatever source until they have entered and completed their LBP they will not ascend to 5D and above. I have heard from many over the years that they do not experience LBP symptoms or are able to control them, but are ascending none the less because they have a different role. Yes, they have a different role and it is not to ascend until they enter and complete the LBP, which is all-encompassing to the mind, body and spirit.

There are really so very few who would understand what I am saying or what you have been saying for years. But that’s okay there were enough of us to heave the rest into a position to begin their ascension process which hasn’t even started yet but will as soon as we take our rightful place fully physically in 5D and above.



Re: The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior

Dear Georgi,

How is it that when you post an exhaustive disquisition such as referenced above, I too have been engaged in an intense reading of the same subject for a few days and continuing? Let me explain. I was assessing my home study library these last few weeks and realized a text that I once believed to have been in my possession was nowhere to be found. So, I ordered it at a very minimum price, ” THE CHRIST CONSPIRACY, The Greatest Story Ever Sold ” by Acharya S.

I am two chapters in and she spares nothing as to the machinations of the false narrative which as you poignantly present was undertaken by the Roman authorities under the Flavians. The text comprises approximately 400 pages with an inventory of footnotes and reference sources of a significant library. Initially, she points out the elimination of the series of texts from the Old Testament, termed the Book of Maccabees which was not included in the Constantine-Bishop Council of Nicaea and originally sanctioned Catholic Biblical Canon.  No wonder? They allude to the torture techniques beyond the pale which the Roman Catholic Church utilized in the suppression of the Gnostic ” Christians, Druids and other nature-bound practices of as gnostic persuasion exclusive to the ” Messiah and Redemptive Salvation Complex.

This contrived and introduced measure for controlling the masses would begin the Dark Ages of a thousand years after the Neo-Platonist Heroine, Hypatia was brutally murdered by Christian religious fanatics while serving as the only female instructor in the Library of Alexandria. 5th Century A.D.

It is interesting to note how within a year of publishing these refutations of the Christ Redemptive Salvation Doctrine, Dorothy Mine Murdock, pen name Achyrya S of Boston, Massachusetts succumbed to a series of organ cancers at the age of 55. I can only speculate here, but it would not be the first time that such an early demise would befall a truth-teller by actions of those who benefit from this monstrous fabrication of the last two thousand years.

I hope that you are well, rested and settled in your new apartment.

With love and light.



Dear George

I just finished reading your today’s article with great interest. I read quite a bit of Dead Sea Scrolls and the history of Akhenaten and Nefertiti in Egypt before, therefore having some foundations to understand what the information are talking about. This is a huge revelation. I am very interested in these topics.

Thank you so much for this brilliant article.

Have a lovely evening.

With love and light



The web of Lies around the Myth of Jesus Christ

Dear George,

Thank you so much for your article of yesterday. I read it in the evening and seeing finally what happened, I experienced suddenly a huge expansion of my heart chakra.

I did not read the article in detail yet, but it was enough to feel such a big relief, in fact, it felt as if I was freed from a century-old prison.

This was literally: THE TRUTH SHALL LET YOU FREE”.

I am sure that somehow I was related to all these people like the Druïds, the Celts, etc., and of course to you/Apollonius from Thyana because you know we are connected already for a very, very long time.

So thank you deeply from my heart and soul.

Wish you a very fine week and the time ahead.

With love,



Dear George

Hope your move went well and you’re settling in well.

I could not believe that your last publication was about the false idea of Jesus even existing. I remember this discussion well that we had a few years ago and last week I was drawn to it again. I decided to look on Marina’s page (which I have been following for a few years also) and found Cosmic Agency’s first video that you posted in your latest publication. Then the second video was released and I questioned ‘how will Christians around the world feel listening to this?’ What a way to kickstart the truth regarding humanity.

Although I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you tell them they will always fob the reality off without even considering it, let alone researching for themselves. Therefore, there has to be some type of divine intervention and if that means our sudden transformation then let’s go. As much as I love what I do and what I’m here for, I am feeling quite uninterested in anything that is going on at the moment.

Saying this I’m finding much inspiration in my new creations and I’m having the best dreams and synchronisations that I have ever had.

Much love to you and Carla,

Dalila. xx


Hi Georgi,

I just woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep so I went to the computer and saw your latest article about the Jesus myth/fraud. I read it and most of the stuff I knew intuitively but it felt so so true, more than ever. The energy emanating from the article felt clear, present, and very upfront like I never felt it before. I guess the current energies in the air are carrying these truths in order to permeate the misled ones drowning in cognitive dissonance.

Let’s hope that many minds and hearts will be touched by these energies and changed for the better, even the many gatekeepers that protect the fraud at every turn…

In your article, I was not familiar with the word Synods so I researched it.

It seems that the current show trial for Trump the citizen, seems like a continuation of the Synods!

Also when I traveled to France many years ago, I visited a museum of the torture devices used during the inquisition of the Cathars (victims of the Synods I now presume). What a sick bunch that team dark…

As for the channeling on the Christian fraud, I was not familiar with this one, I will watch it later.

OK, back to bed now…



The Inextricable Web of Lies and Deceptions Around the Roman Cabal’s Myth of Jesus Christ, the Savior


It is high time for ALL religions to end, but unfortunately, most will not listen.

In Ayurveda Medicine, Wrong thinking initiates the Wrong action.

It creates functional abnormalities and imbalances.

It creates structural deformation (excessing, blockages or overflow of channels)

It creates a weak dull energy force causing the production of disease.

Those tied to religion and unable to let go will exhibit all of the above characteristics and lack the energy force necessary to Ascend.

The secret societies know this and is why they protect the lies. This is also why that New Age crap about “setting your intentions” doesn’t work if you are filled with wrong thinking.

New Agers have done more damage than good by fluffing over the wrong thinking.  There is no way around it but they fear the shame, guilt, and pain from acknowledging wrong thinking and so avoid addressing it.

Letting go of religion puts the onus on us and people don’t want to accept their responsibility in the Ascension process.

Going within is hard work and requires dedication.

The SPLIT between the Ascending ones and those not Ascending will become more apparent now.

In a perfect world, they would all take notice of every word you’ve written!

Peace & light


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