Energy Report For February, Outlook For March, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 15, 2021

I can talk here only about what I subjectively experience as this is my only barometer of what is currently happening on this planet; I cannot rely on any external sources.  Almost all channeled messages nowadays are either coming from dark sources or tempered and invalidated by the limited awareness of the channelers. As I am the nexus to the source and all transformation energies, codes, and waves that flood humanity and Gaia currently in preparation for the Shift are first flowing through my crystalline body and fields, I am a very precise seismograph on the cutting edge of the impending shift.

Since I moved to a new apartment at the beginning of February, by the way, the 5th move this year, I am on a very steep ascension spiral that is even mind-boggling for me as a seasoned light warrior who already ascended for the first time in July 2000 and since then have to live daily with these overwhelming energy intensities and inhuman vibrations from the source that would incinerate every normal human being if he/she is exposed to them even for a few seconds.

The physical move to the new place was the epitome of my beautiful ascension to the new 5D earth, and I was in a trance and not on this earth all the time. This made my move quite strenuous as I couldn’t concentrate on anything. But I like my new place and know that my ascension will happen from here.

I am in the middle of the new healing centre in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo/Cervo with a view to the hills in the north, where I was told by my guides will be the interdimensional interception of the healing centre of light with this reality. I can also see the Mediterranean sea and the beautiful sunrise and sunset. What more can one desire for the last days on this toxic planet? Probably no masks and my beloved beside me, but these are unfulfilled wishes under the current crumbling reality where everyone is a lonely light warrior behind the enemy lines, until the enemy – the mentality of humanity – is fully defeated.

Yesterday, there was another monster wave that almost paralysed my body with pain and stiffness. Especially the joints were hit very hard and that is why I know that this wave had to do with dramatic changes in the earth’s magnetic field as I have had similar experiences in the past and then the Elohim have confirmed this fact. At the height of the wave, when I got extremely tired, my soul left my body and I was taken away for 2 hours. Shortly before, I had the very strong sensation that I had already arrived on the new earth and this caused a fleeting moment of blissful joy before I passed out.

Based on these personal experiences with the actual energies, I expect that the shift may happen this month, during the remaining 2 weeks with a probability of 50% or with a much greater probability in March. Something has to give up as the situation on this last batch of ascending timelines has become increasingly unbearable for all humans, even for the dark cabal who is now desperately fighting for survival from a losing position. There is no pedagogical benefit in prolonging this ordeal of humanity much longer, now that the lockdown has lasted almost a year and the desperation of the masses has reached an unprecedented peak.

However, as I have explained in my articles from the last several months, the descent of the soul through a soul catharsis  – in the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body – can only happen in a state of total desperation when the ego is fully paralysed by the impossibility of changing anything in the external living conditions.

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

The ego exists only through the manipulation of the external reality which the soul has initially created. This is the only legitimacy of the ego. If its ability to manipulate the external reality effectively is vastly impeded, then there is no reason for the human ego to continue existing.

This is the higher-dimensional purpose of the current lockdown due to a fake epidemic. The dark cabal imposed the lockdown in their last futile attempt to install the NWO and instead sawed on the branch on which they sit as this led to the ultimate awakening of the masses, even if the situation may seem very messy currently.

Now humanity is on the verge of reaching anytime soon the threshold of collective awakening necessary for the global shift. The dismantling of the human ego in the collective goes hand in hand with the crumbling of the old matrix as both – the ego and the old 3D matrix – are mirror images of the same human illusion.

I explained already in July last year in a discussion with Patrick what new energetic conditions this event will bring to humanity.

Moving Towards The Shift

Essentially, there will be a leap in human awareness to absolute transparency and the highest possible level of conscience as an expression of the true essence of the soul. I gave an example of what happens with most deceased humans (except the darkest individuals) when they leave the 3D earth’s plane and move to the astral plane in their astral body. This phase transition is achieved by the dismantling the ego as the filter that prevents the soul to unfold in the human personality and to expand the awareness of the individual to the truth of the transcendental dimensions.

All ascending humans after the Shift will have to leave their human ego behind and existentially experience for the first time how it feels to not be able to hide any thought or idea about themselves and the others and vice versa – all other human beings will know exactly what you think, have done, and how much darkness you hide in your fields.

This will be the global shock that is awaiting humanity when the Shift will come, and we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who have cleared our darkness in years of tedious cleansing work for us and on behalf of humanity, will be the least affected by that and will be able to begin fulfilling our mission as the new spiritual leaders of humanity.

Please, understand that there can be no meaningful revelations unless the human race undergoes this profound energetic transformation. The upcoming revelations will not be about revealing some hidden facts, which are already now available on the Internet if one searches and is interested in knowing them, but most of humanity shows no interest and desire in learning these dreadful facts.

The revelations will be about the shocking acknowledgement of all ascending humans how dark they have truly been – how despicable and obnoxious this whole human race has always behaved  – and not only the current dark ruling cabal, as we all have had our darkest moments in other incarnations.

The energetic effect that will transform humankind forever will be the emotional disgust, outrage, and true shame, all ascending humans will experiences with the utmost intensity first hand during their soul catharsis in the shift.

Those humans, who will not ascend, will remain dark, they will be emotionally and mentally untouched by this soul catharsis during the shift and will move to much lower timelines where they will continue with their long incarnation cycle until they may eventually qualify for redemption in eons of linear time. This will be the proverbial separation of the wheat from the chaff.

This is the reason why we have incarnated in the current End Time: To explain to the masses, based on our personal experience for many years and decades, how to cope with this new, never experienced before in a human physical vessel cathartic situation, without having a human ego but with the full presence of the soul in the human body – the I AM Presence – and lead them carefully and lovingly to the new earth as the new ascended masters.

This will be a huge task, believe me, as this is what I am doing now for more than a decade with my readers and PAT members, many of whom have in the meantime dismantled their ego and are ready for their ascension.

The human ego will be dismantled during the Shift because in the last several months the souls of all ascension candidates have gradually descended into the seat in the human body – into the threefold flame of life – before they are fully anchored in a soul catharsis during the Shift.

This was accomplished with my active support which made the last several months to be the most strenuous and difficult in my whole life as I was suffering all the time from a very unpleasant emotional asphyxia (suffocation), while activating the threefold flame of all ascension candidates and helping them release their dark patterns that are then being processed through my huge fields, encompassing the whole earth and humanity, and released them into the Tao with the help of my turnstile mechanism.

It had to be done this way so that the shift can also take place very soon. Nothing comes as a free lunch without our effort as the ground crew of ascension on the earth.

This is the greatest illusion of all new agers who have no clue what is happening currently at the energetic level and are too self-conscious to admit their ignorance or learn from us. You will not read or hear about these energetic processes anywhere else except on this website, as nobody outside the PAT knows about these phenomena as these new agers also do not participate actively and consciously in the current transformation of humanity to a new energetic species. This is entirely the task of the PAT, and you should know about and be proud of that.

The dismantling of the ego is the first most decisive step in the LBP, and I have stressed this fact particularly in all my writings on the ascension and the LBP for 2 decades:

The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

This is the most poorly understood aspect of the ascension process as all lightworkers still have their human ego at full display in the current new age vanity fair and do not even realize the necessity of giving it up. All their world views, no matter how devotedly they parrot the empty “love and light illusion”, are completely dominated by their unprocessed human egos and are thus imperceptible to the true overarching transcendental dimension.

This should be obvious from a first glance when you scroll through any new age website. That is why this small, halfway enlightened faction of humanity has no clue about what is currently happening and only scratches on the surface, while the rest of humanity sinks into total confusion and blindness.

For this same reason, most of the new agers will experience the same shock during their soul catharsis as the rest of humanity in the shift, but will eventually recover quicker as they are further in their spiritual evolution. Only then will they enter fully the last most intense phase of the LBP in order to ascend in the not so near future, while we have been in this most intense phase for many years.

In my case, since 1995, and definitely since 1999, when I began to distinctly feel the mighty vibrations of the source in my body and to live with them in this dense toxic reality which has been since then a huge emotional, mental and psychological splits on a daily basis. This is the greatest challenge an incarnated human being can encounter and this distinguishes us as ascended masters from the rest of the lightworkers and humanity as a whole.

Now we are very close to this culmination point in the evolution of humankind, and the more desperate the current political, economic, and personal situation becomes on the ground, the sooner the Shift and the soul catharsis of humanity will occur.

One may argue, and I fully concur with that, that the shift could have happened earlier, or that some major political events could have happened during the inauguration day on January 20th, or shortly thereafter, as we initially expected them. But when nothing happened, I realized that we have moved to much higher timelines where such events will only happen after the shift as this is the optimal and most favorable scenario for us.

How to Create New Timelines of Ascension For Humanity

Such dramatic political events as a military coup d’etat in the USA did indeed happened on many lower timelines that we have severed since then, but “this is no longer our beer” to quote a popular German brewery saying.

I explained the reasons and how we moved to these higher timelines in a comprehensive article immediately after the inauguration charade in Washington, which was most probably filmed in some Hollywood studios in advance:

The Usual Delay of the Ascension Scenario Propels Us to Much Higher Favourable Timelines

Therefore, you must admit that I have given you the red thread leading to the upcoming global shift so that you can safely and confidently navigate in these murky times and not lose hope and faith in the Divine Plan, which has always been planned as Divine Intervention.

The Divine Intervention is we, the new ascended masters and Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity and the human embodiment of the Christed Energies – the Second Coming of Christ.

Finally, I recommend you to listen to Brad Johnson’s Earth Intelligence Report of today, where he addresses indirectly the seaming delays in the ascension scenario compared to his first forecast 3 months ago for the year 2021.

While this report remains rather generic, it, nonetheless, highlights what is happening now, for instance, that the Biden government is a staged event in Hollywood studios and that the real power lies in the invisible US military government. The report also acknowledges that the prolongation of this unhealthy situation will only stir the tempers of the people and may not be tolerated for very long. Which is what we hope and work towards as light warriors.


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