Energy Forecast Till The Lion’s Gate Portal, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 17, 2021

This energy forecast is a follow-up of my previous energy report:

Energy Report For February, Outlook For March 2021

It became necessary because after I wrote it, I received valuable additional information from my soul on the most likely timeframe of the Shift and all the changes and revelations that will be associated with it in this year of transition 2021.

The shift that we expect in the course of this year, will happen from within all human beings who are ascension candidates and this will reshape the reality on this planet forever. It will be an inner energetic phenomenon that will lead to reciprocal, mirror-image changes at the societal level and will transform the human race and its earthly civilization beyond recognition.

The velocity of the changes will be dictated by the velocity of the inner energetic transformation of the human species as outlined by me in the previous report and in numerous articles on this topic throughout the last year.

Follow the red thread.

The main transformation will be the full activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul through the full descent of the soul in the human body. I have explained the role of this key energetic centre in the human body in great detail in this pivotal article, which you all should read one more time as to grasp the full scope of the change that is bound to happen anytime from now on:

The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

The activation of the threefold flame of life is essentially the light work I am doing in a very intense manner since the fall of last year and announced to you in due time.

It is very important to keep this time schedule in mind in order to understand what we should expect this year. This is brand new information.

The activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul, and its full descent in the body is not a random process that can happen anytime along the linear time. It is closely associated with major stargates and portals throughout the calendar year. This has always been so, and we know it very well from our experience of the planetary ascension process for many years and even decades. The rest of the new agers have no clue as they do not participate directly and consciously in the planetary ascension as the PAT does, but only talk about.

There are a number of major energetically most powerful portals throughout the year that need to be incorporated into the descent of the soul in the human body. The most important are:

  • the stargate 11.11.20
  • the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.20, The Point of No Return
  • the spring equinox portal 3.21.21
  • the summer solstice 6.21.21, and
  • Lion’s Gate Portal end of July/early August, 8.8. portal

The descent of the souls in the bodies of all human ascension candidates began around the portal 10.10.2020,  i.e. in October 2020 in preparation for the year of transition 2021. I reported extensively about this unique energetic process in November after I was completely sure what was going on (see the article above).

At the same time, I was watching and analyzing very carefully the political events worldwide and in particular in the USA around the rigged election. I knew that any inner energetic change in the human species will go hand in hand with parallel political and social events as this is the historical stage on which any evolutionary change of mankind will first manifest collectively.

Immediately after the massive election fraud which I predicted brilliantly one day prior to the election day, it became obvious that humanity has entered the final phase of the End Time characterized by an “escalation of the confrontation between the forces of light and that of darkness leading to the final resolution – the Ascension/ the Shift.

Time Determinants of the Ascension Schedule

The intensity of the energetic downloads from the Source was already breathtaking in November 2020 and then it even exceeded throughout the whole month of December, something that I feared but somehow didn’t believe that it was possible to top it:

The beginning of the new year 2021 was marked by a massive shift, which I felt very strongly:

Do You Feel the Shift?

In January, I continued to closely scrutinize the rapidly evolving mindset of the awakening portion of the American population, who defined themselves as “patriots” and what I saw was rather disheartening and disappointing as I and Patrick expressed in a series of articles:

Around the middle of January, it became obvious to me that the expected 3D resolution as it is still propagated by numerous naive, and hence false popular prophets, such as Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, followed by some politically ignorant new age channelers, such as this young lady Michelle Fielding, to name a few, will not happen on our ascending timelines.

I knew that with certainty since early January when I realized that my soul was guiding me to create new more favorable timelines for the ascending portion of humanity by carefully analyzing their collective mentality and making significant psychological changes in their mindset through my very effective inter-counseling at the soul level, while still activating their threefold flame of life:

How to Create New Timelines of Ascension For Humanity

When the expected military intervention of the alleged and still hypothetical American resistance of the good guys (white hats) failed to occur on the inauguration day on January 20th, it was obvious to me, and later on to the PAT, that we had made a huge leap to higher ascending timelines and have dropped this 3D scenario to happen on lower timelines.

Why am I making this retrospective analysis of the energetic events that now shape the impending global Shift? Because without this historical perspective that has been clearly outlined on this website and which you will not find anywhere else, you will not grasp the energetic imperative behind the events leading to the Shift and also what will happen thereafter.

The activation of the threefold of life, the seat of the soul in all ascension candidates, is a very precise energetic cycle that culminates with the soul catharsis.

I have experienced my soul catharsis in 1972/1973 and have lately described it very precisely in my book:

 Gnosis as a Personal Experience (page 80)

My activation of the threefold flame of life began in October 1972 when my life was completely derailed by my soul. Then the process peaked through the stargates 11.11.72 and 12.12.72 to fully knock me down in the early winter months of 1973. The worst time was around the spring equinox and the intensity of my inner transformation began to recede slowly towards the summer solstice 1973.

During the Lion’s Gate portal in July and August 1973, I reached a stabilizing plateau as a new completely transformed human personality with my I AM Presence fully descended into my physical body. From that moment onward, I was in the full grip of my destiny as an ascended master in spe and a remarkable personality destined to be the eternal dissident on this planet. You can read the biographical details in my book above.

I am telling you these biographical facts only to illustrate to you when the soul catharsis that will occur with the Shift, during which time the souls of most ascending human beings will descend into their bodies after their threefold flames of life are now being fully activated, will eventually happen.

As we have to deal with a very heterogeneous human population, where all individuals are at different stages of spiritual evolution, it is impossible to say when the Shift will exactly happen.

Actually, before we will be able to answer this question we must contemplate, what exactly we mean by this term. It is unrealistic and unlikely to expect that the soul catharsis will occur in all ascension candidates during the shift at the same time and they will experience a huge expansion of their awareness and their conscience and ethical perception will all of a sudden begin to reflect the true essence of the soul.

This is a very painful and tedious process. In my case, I completed this process in August 1973, that is to say, my activation of the threefold flame of life and the soul catharsis lasted almost 10 months – from October 1972 to August 1973.

We must expect a similar cycle for the ascending human population this year. The activation of their threefold flame of life began definitely in October 2020 as I explained above and this process was extremely intensive throughout the following 4 months – November till February.

Based on this evaluation, I expect that humanity will very soon reach the energetic threshold when the descent of the souls in the predominant majority of ascension candidates can happen around the spring equinox. I reckon that this threshold will be reached when a little bit more than 50% of all ascension candidates are ready to experience their soul catharsis.

As I estimate the ascension portion of humanity on all our ascending timelines to be about 2/3 of the whole earth population, this would say that it will be sufficient for the global shift to happen when roughly one-third of all humans will be ready to experience their soul catharsis – this most difficult and painful energetic event an incarnated human being can ever have on the earth.

This event will transform this reality forever as all those humans, who will undergo their soul catharsis, will enter the cycle of the old soul and many of them will even finish it. It is sufficient when 20% of all incarnated humans in a given population are old souls to change the human civilization from the current debased biological species striving for naked survival to a transgalactic multidimensional civilization as this was the case in Lemuria and in certain epochs in a small format in ancient Egypt.

The rest of the ascending souls will experience their soul catharsis after the global shift has happened under much more favorable conditions. It will happen in cycles, most probably following the moon cycle. The full moon will be in the following months always at the end of each month:

27 February (8.17 am) Snow Moon
28 March (7.48 pm) Worm Moon
27 April (4.31 am) Pink Moon (supermoon)
26 May (12.13 pm) Flower Moon (supermoon)
24 June (7.39 pm) Strawberry Moon
24 July (3.36 am) Buck Moon, The Beginning of the Lion’s Portal

These are the most probable dates when the global shift can happen. However, it is unlikely that it will happen at the end of the cycle, when the powerful Lion’s Gate portal begins to open with the Buck Full Moon because at that time there will be a stabilization of the energetic conditions at a very high plateau so that the social changes can occur smoothly in the second half of the year.

The first half of this year will be the period of transition to the old soul age cycle and the transformation of the external physical and societal conditions will manifest after that in the second half of this year and will continue in the coming years.

The Soul Age Model of the New Gnosis

Based on this analysis, I consider the spring equinox to be the optimal point in time for the global shift to occur as this date is exactly in the middle of the ten-month period of the soul catharsis as I experienced it and use as an etalon for the energetic transformation and full awakening of humanity this year. But, please, don’t take my word for gold as the human mind thinks and the souls decide.

Given the fact that the ascension of the earth and the human population is the focal point of the ascension of the entire universe as the Arcturians have said on numerous occasions, and we know from the Elohim at least since 2013, this Shift is such a complex undertaking that includes infinite alignments on so many levels and dimensions of which we have no idea.

But if it is true, that “as above, so below”, then my thorough analysis of the energetic processes leading to the global shift may, in the end, be very precise.

We only need to activate our patience now, as our threefold flame of life has been activated a long time ago, and then calmly and competently wait when this inevitable Shift will occur so that we can begin with our mission. We have had our soul catharsis in the past and now we are in the starting blocks, ready to help humanity overcome this most difficult phase in their long evolution that has just commenced.

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