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Ines Radman, You Are the Light..., February 11, 2021


Your latest post

Hi Georgi,

I read your latest post dated Feb. 9th. I wish I tagged all my posts on my blog so that I could easily find the ones I wanted to show but it’s too time-consuming. Your thoughts on Religion are the very same as mine, but before I go into this I wanted to touch on something that only now is being discussed in the “Truther movement” and that is “Creating reality”.

Not only do we create our own reality, but we create their reality. The Cabal or whatever you want to call those that control humanity know humans very well, they studied and even genetically modified us to suit their needs. They knew/know exactly how to get what they wanted because they do not have the ability of creating their own reality, so they used their stories, false religions, and movies to move us into thinking what they wanted us to think and believe thus creating that reality. If someone/something is continually repeating something like ” a war is imminent” and enough consciousness believes this, that will increase the possibility of a war. So this is how they have controlled us over thousands of years; by creating a storyline and putting it out there, humanity picks it up and starts manifesting it through their thoughts.

This is very well proven in the Religious Christian theory. Make man believe he’s a mortal, he’s born in sin, he must pay for Jesus’s suffering and sacrifice, suffering is good, sacrifice is Christian blah blah. So humans have roamed this planet for thousands of years believing they are nothing and that only their God will save them from whatever it is that has come upon them.

I often feel sad when I see, for instance, a catastrophe happen. Most people are out in the streets calling for God or saying God is good, God is great and He will get us through this. Wait a minute. If God is good and great, he would have stopped the catastrophe, right? It is only after terrible events people call out to God but never question why God didn’t stop it in the first place. There is no logic here, but that’s been the mind control all these years. There is no logic in anything humanity has been taught, so they don’t know the difference between logic and illogic, that’s how dumbed down humanity has become.

Religion is the most toxic mind programming of all. It strips humanity of all dignity, empowerment, they feel helpless, instead of fighting for what they believe in, they sit and wait for God to come along. I know this very well because I live in a very Catholic society (in Croatia) just as you do (currently in Italy and before that in very catholic Bavaria, Germany). There is no need to explain any of this to you, but I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with you. I see it every day.

One day, my cousin came to repay a favor. She’s my age, has always lived in poverty and in short, a very bitter and angry woman, yet she is a devout Catholic, goes to church, and is a hard-working woman. I asked her to help me weed the garden and while doing so, I said: “Let’s pretend that I am God and you are praying and talking to Him”. She starts out with: “God, I have no money, please help me”. I respond: “Nada, I’m not a bank!”. She continues: “Dear God, life is hard, I have nothing, I’m poor and things just don’t seem to get better”. I respond: “Dear Nada, life is what you made it, you have everything because I created you with great powers and things don’t get better because you live in poverty consciousness. You see darkness instead of light, you don’t believe in yourself, you have given your powers to me and I don’t want them because I have plenty of it.”

I fed this family for four years. Her son ripped me off for a lot of money and when I told her, she stood up for her son and not on my side. It’s not the betrayal that bothered me, it was the fact that she goes to church and calls herself a god-loving woman, yet she didn’t hesitate to betray my love for her and it was like a bomb going off. But, karma is a bitch. Her son is a well-known drug dealer here on the island, I didn’t know that at the time. Her daughter is an addict. They still live in poverty, can’t save her, she created this.

We are powerful beings, I’m only starting to explore my own powers. Thanks to Jane Roberts, and Seth in the book “The Nature of Reality”, it opened up my thoughts to another dimension. I learned through Seth that I as Soul use this body to experience and create my own realities. What this does is it leaves me to really think and watch what I think, because I often get what I don’t want by focusing on things I don’t want. Instead, I focus on things I want and have finally learned that being Selfish isn’t a bad thing. That I have to put myself in the first place.

Right now I am under stress because my doctor won’t cooperate with me getting off pain meds. For 2.5 yrs, without ever meeting me, she issued my pain meds. Never called to ask me why I take so much. But when I told her that I wanted to try getting off them and gave her a plan, she sabotaged it. All of a sudden she cared about how many pills I was taking daily. So I left her a nasty message this morning. She could have called me to explain why she didn’t do what she did, but I am going to see her tomorrow afternoon and I will not allow her to dictate to me what I should be doing after 9 different physicians came to this island, never stayed longer than 2 years, and now I am supposed to just shut up?

Not anymore. I have removed everyone from my list of friends and anyone that can cause me further harm because I can no longer help anyone. I am not going to sabotage years of my work to help anyone. It is their creation, their reality and they will have to live with that.

I see your arrogance* now. Perhaps it comes across that way in the words, but I now see that you have a right to feel that way. It’s one thing to be arrogant and not walk the talk. It’s another to be arrogant because you do walk the talk, you live what you teach, you ARE what you know, therefore, you have a right to feel that way.

Perhaps we have demonized the term “arrogance” as something bad but I now see that I am becoming arrogant too. If you don’t like what I have to say, go away. I don’t try to justify or explain anything because I have helped so many people over time and even though I never wanted anything in return, I learned that unless someone comes to ask for help, you don’t have a right to decide when they need help because most of these people not only didn’t ask for help, they were not ready for it.

I see that now and so like you, I have my stance. I will give my last shirt off my back, but only to those deserving it. Each one of us came here to have a specific experience or lesson. We all work at a different pace. Not all of us came here to be good or the light; in order to change anything, we have to see and experience both sides, I respect that. I will respect it so long as no harm is done to me, I won’t tolerate any harm.

We are now in the midst of the greatest change in “history, life or existence”. Put aside linear reality and there is no future or past. Everything exists and happens in the moment, the only difference is that many of us can’t see or tap into other realities and dimensions.

These are exciting times, I knew that this would happen eventually, I just didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. Today, I’m taking my electric scooter to a beach and doing some metal detecting. Life is good. Thank you for listening.

Just wanted to share!

Much love,



I am not arrogant at all, I am simply blatantly honest and always tell the truth, no matter what other people think. For instance, when I say that I am the greatest scientist on the earth and in the history of this mankind, this is not arrogance, this is an undeniable fact. Because I know the human mentality and if I argue according to their political correctness, i.e. not to disturb them in their slumber, nobody will listen to me and will notice the existence of the Universal Law and its new theory that exposes all human science as fake and fraudulent. Everybody who has understood the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law knows that and he will never consider me arrogant. Those who are incapable of grasping the new theory of the Universal Law have two choices: 1) to admit that they are stupid, which almost none of them is willing to accept, or 2) to project maliciously their viciousness onto me and resort to the usual dark human prejudices by characterizing me as “arrogant”. This is the convenient way of hiding ones’ own ignorance behind common ill-conceived prejudices and surreptitious accusations in order to feel good. This is an important clarification on my part that should shut down all superfluous discussions on this matter.

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