World Liberation Drive 2021 – Part 3

Brad “Interstellar” Barber, January 11, 2021

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To state the ridiculously obvious, this has been a long ten years. But there hasn’t been one thing that happened that I could introduce as a new input as a reason to change my mind or direction as to what was really happening.  And my wife tells me I’m stubborn and won’t change my mind.  I just kept saying, “If anything comes forward that necessitates a change, then I will change with it.”  And nothing has.  I am a Taurus, though, so I’m sure my hoofs are stuck in the mud in a few places.

And with the markets that has been ridiculously true. We’ve witnessed an incessant bull market in fraud.  And now the pillars are collapsing.  Especially with the tech industry.  I’ve said the whole time that I’m not investing in my own enslavement.  James Dines called investors in the tech industry “PFL’s” or “pre-frontal lobotomers” as it’s about to crash again which is the usual course after these bubbles, but not for the reasons he laid out such as bubble valuations.  The reasons are the ones now making themselves so blatantly obvious.

My friend and I just so happened to watch the best movie ever made the night after New Years’.  I can’t remember how it came up, but we watched “They Live” by John Carpenter.  If you haven’t seen it and have been a part of these last long years, you may want to as it was the most cathartic thing I’ve seen in forever, besides what’s about to happen.  I had seen it before, but the fight scene, which is renowned as one of the longest and most ridiculous in movie lore, made my short year already.  The star, Rowdy Roddy Piper, is trying to get his friend to put on the glasses that help him see the truth of what’s really happening with aliens and the mind-controlling advertising behind what’s visible.  That punch-up scene has been my life with everyone I know.

Carpenter did an incredible job making the movie a bit “cheesy” and by using an actor who was a former professional wrestler so that it would pass through the filters and not be banned.  I seriously don’t know if anything better visually exists for the moment besides watching reality.  If he had used his usual star, Kurt Russell, the movie would not exist to be viewed.

After writing what I had the day before, it blew my already blown mind to see him destroy the center of communication of the satellite network that kept the cover for the Fraud.  Somehow, this is what my Drive turned into.  So I dropped the worm.  And to top this all off, I’m writing this in my office next door to where my son is playing a video game online with his friends.  He just quoted the “all out of bubble gum and kick some butt” line from the “They Live” movie.  I have no idea where it came from, but I know my son has never seen the movie.  What a world I live in!

The first day of markets being open in 2021 showed exactly what should be happening.  And the Devil made an appearance to let you know that it was probably a good buying opportunity.  The metals broke out of containment and started the year off in fear mode as is more appropriate.  But, as I said in my last post, I wasn’t going to make any predictions as I knew these two weeks were going to be brutal.

The Devil had read my last article presenting how all of the values worldwide were distorted drastically by not including money supply in the charts so he had to take action.  He must have taken a break from selling health insurance to rig markets again and post fake news.  So the Fed was instructed to remove the M1 and M2 money supply metrics back to May of 2020 to fix the visual flaws in their failure.  Pretty brilliant, but I can’t keep teaching them how to get better at this scam.

The Fed Is About To Go Weimar – Gold And Silver Will Soar | GoldSeek

Did you know 35% of all Dollars in existence have been created in the last 10 months?  Holy shit!  And how then do so many have so few you punk bitchez?!  We know the answer but it still feels right to ask.  But as the old saying goes (my version), “You’re a saint if you feed someone, but you’re an asshole if you ask why they’re starving.”

The Fed Is About To Go Weimar – Gold And Silver Will Soar | GoldSeek

An interesting guy from Twitter, Kairon, who writes great concepts of the future and present, but unfortunately from an agnostic viewpoint, wrote the perfect Tweet to go along with the energy of “The Holy Fail.”  He wrote, “I would like to live forever, but not like this.”  Bingo!!

The CHAF index rose 6.85% and followed through up 1.85% on Tuesday before the Devil’s paper dumps on metals began in the night Tuesday to prevent a breakout at $1960 on gold.  The warnings were sent.

There’s a great account that has been fun to watch on Twitter called U.S. Dept. of Fear.  They actually post exactly what they do to us to perpetuate eternal fear amongst the masses.  Here was their post on Tuesday letting you know your future is tied to the Devil’s internet.

I left Los Angeles and headed home after five wonderful days with old friends.  My liver was feeling old as well, but I wouldn’t trade drinks with my friend for anything.  Any movie is made ten times funnier with him present.

The tension in Mordor was staggering.  We walked outside near a park without a mask and I don’t think I’ve ever been glared at so menacingly.  Everyone was on complete edge.  Yes, the hospitals are full, but there’s so much at work people are unaware of, and I know for sure, living in that much fear ain’t gonna help your case.  Maybe a little vitamin D and a massage.  How about that instead of paralyzing fear?  Stated very well in this article with Pepe and Georgi.

The Current Shift is Our Herculean Task » Stankov’s Universal Law Press 

Back in the Black Mule rocking tunes, something distracted me on my way out of town heading to Flagstaff, AZ.  I missed one of the biggest Interstate turnoffs possible for I-40.  I saw a sign that I was 50 miles from Las Vegas, NV and was going to turn around, but on this journey, there was a reason for everything so I looked at the map to see alternate routes as I didn’t want to drive the route through Utah for the thousandth time.  Although the Great Swell in the middle is so crazy to drive through.  The mountain sections of geology go in horizontal patterns exactly opposite the hill you’re driving and it’s so beautiful there.  But staying in a hotel in Green River risks playing out “The Deliverance” and my throat is too tender right now to squeal like a pig.

And besides, what’s a Liberation Drive without a quick jaunt through Sin City?  So I flipped the Devil off in Vegas and refueled.  I noticed that I could take a different route to get back to Flagstaff that went by Lake Mead.  This route took me right by Boulder City, NV which is where my mother was born.  Crazy!!  Now my drive went full circle through my family’s history all the way through my Grandparents and where my parents grew up.  The more I’ve heard about my grandfather on my dad’s side.  I am him.  He always thought education was the answer as a teacher and he kept a chicken coop in his backyard.  He would probably love the Chicken Coop Hall of Fame in my backyard.  I put all the best features of the greatest human beings in there to create the ascended being that hasn’t existed in full view.  Every human being has had his flaw. But not in my Coop.  Actually, all that’s there is a picture of my friend.  But that’s enough.

I’m not so in tune with my mother’s side but I was glad to drive through the area and accomplish whatever needed to be done.  My mom’s uncles and many relatives were responsible for building the Hoover Dam.  The stories around that one are incredible and many men lost their lives.  It really is quite fantastic to see the Dam, but I didn’t take the time to stop too long this time and take the tour.   In fact, I passed years of fun things to do and look at on this journey but maybe again some other time.

Downtown Flagstaff, AZ was great to stay in, but I just got some food and hung out in my room.  That really is a great spot to visit and the environment was so much less COVID stressed than every other state since I was in Idaho that I enjoyed a small break.  I knew heading to Santa Fe, NM the next day would be back in the fire of tension. California really was intense and I was glad to be out.

I pretty much listened to that album by “Wheel” the whole trip from Idaho on.  I just needed something new.  I did take the time to listen to “Everyday “ by The Cinematic Orchestra once again driving into New Mexico in preparation for the infamous Albuquerque Police State. What a great work of art.  The seventh song “Everyday” makes me feel so good. The standup bass creates tones that heal and probably why it’s used so rarely these days.  Plus, who wants to carry that beast around?  I continued my personal research into healing through vibration in the Mule at legendary volumes and it had worked.  I felt as good as I had in years despite already being on the road for over 50 total hours.

The fun that we had been expecting began that day on the 6th that we all knew would yield something interesting.  I spent the night in Santa Fe entertaining myself by watching Left and Right TV news shows just to hear what was said from many angles.  All the while reading Twitter to get the real takes from half-sane people.

No restaurants were open so I ordered a legendary green chile hamburger and picked it up.  If you haven’t had the chance to eat food in Santa Fe, hopefully, you get a chance to experience something similar.  The green chile is amazing and almost every restaurant that I’ve eaten at there has been incredible.  It would be nice if one were actually open to eat at and get it fresh

The plot of the Capitol “riot” became quite obvious very quickly and just echoed history.  It may help if some people actually read history around here to see the blatant repeats.  The thing that stood out the most to me immediately was the dialogue on the left TV news about “needing instant protection of all the important people in Congress.”  I tired of the Nazi propaganda quickly and went to bed ready to get home.

On the final stage of my drive past Taos, NM through southern Colorado, I was tired and barely thought about much.  During the trip, I experienced three energetic waves that kicked my ass.  One was in LA and I could barely speak for an hour without messing up words.  I felt it so intensely and my active mind was nearly erased in being useful.  It’s tough to hang out and be fun with this going on, but I do my best. The last part of the drive I felt pretty much like this.  Like a potato that had been in the microwave for too long.

But I continued my thoughts on music and vibration.  A gentleman on Twitter posted the exact thing I had been looking for but hadn’t taken the time to research.  And of course, it’s renowned as a scam as with most things energetic or vibration, but it’s the term Solfeggio frequencies.  Anyone can research it however they want, but as with most things that affect the soul and soul technologies, you have to understand we are existing in the greatest energetic Hellhole in history.  The frequencies work on me but I’m not your usual dude.

Everything is embedded with intent (or ignorance of lack of understanding that one can do so), and any music laden with intent to heal can do exactly that.  But a direct approach by attuning to proper frequencies can only help.  I’m sure that several of the bands I listen to intentionally attune to certain frequencies to do what they do as I can feel it.  Especially in the bass and it’s no coincidence that the healing for pain is in the lower frequencies in the studies.  174 Hz I think.  And any music coming up better be in tune with that because it’s not going to do squat unless you understand that.  I’d write the albums but not feeling like this.  The first band in the world that truly understands Universal Law and can harness it properly will be one of the most powerful forces ever known.  I haven’t heard it yet in frequencies available today.

I once joked about raising the vibration of the western US by raising the consciousness of the water to help.  Also helped that I lived at the top of the Nation and where the water splits to serve both directions at the Continental Divide.  I passed every major water supply on this trip from the Sierra Nevadas to Lake Mead to the Rocky Mountains so I gave it my best shot.  Drink up, people.  We gotta step it up.  That’s pretty much what I was thinking as my brain was fried on the final day.  “Wheel” carried me the last few hours home, and thank God for my “The Black Mule” wasn’t limping because I sure was.

The biggest mistake was ever parking the Mule and not keeping the Liberation train rolling.   Though that’s actually just a joke.  I went to bed and the “Night of the Long Knives” began that everyone should have known was coming from the reaction from the 6th.   The Banks dumped their usual ton of fake paper silver on the markets in the quiet hours of night and silver dropped 4.5% in about 8 seconds.  This dropped silver below 27 support and is the banks signal to each other to wreak havoc on the metals.

After a horrendous miss in the US jobs report, which is massively bullish for metals, the banks dumped a “million” contracts and trashed the metal markets stopping out most active traders and clearing out everyone as they like to do.  And, of course, they rallied stocks up as everything is so damn rosy.  The reason they prop the markets and made trading free a ways back is so that everyone is watching the wrong things in their lives.  That’s really the only reason the stock market does what it does.  If anyone thought fundamentals mattered, Friday should have been your last notice that none of it is true. Metals should have flown through the roof.  But I don’t exist on shoulds anymore.  So I bought a few things and laughed as the flood of people worried about metals contacted me again.  Everyone’s being tortured.  The Devil made sure to leave his mark on the trading.  Always does if you look.

The Devil’s a really good trader.  Seriously.  He’s a badass. Takin’ money from so many fools.  Gotta have some respect for greatness. But he’s got a money printer and no justice system so I don’t respect cheaters. Let’s do this face to face without backstabbing and then I’ll be impressed truly.

And then came Friday night as we watched all of the social media companies go through the “Night of the Social Knives” (as quoted by Kairon) as Trump was banned and the dominoes began to fall.  I wasn’t surprised as Bannon was next on the list.  Then Apple and Amazon came up to ban Parler where everyone was running for safety.  And the discussion about Gab. Where do we go?  The panic was thick and everyone started saying their goodbye’s on Twitter just in case.  What an incredible tool and collection of intelligence, craziness, anger, and possible genius that was flushing down the toilet. They were even banning people on Shopify who sell Trump stuff for a living.  Everyone finally began to see the implications and it’s horrific. We’ve been talking about how Free Speech didn’t exist forever, but these people are just realizing it.

And now the documents that have already been prepared to attack “domestic terrorism” are already being introduced in Congress. They finally get their chance to focus on the people. I bet they’re pumped. I know I am.

Kairon nailed it with a great Tweet which most Americans don’t realize.  We spent all the printed money on building a slave system for us and most of us invested in it.  Congrats.  And now that they’ve shown its true purpose, we haven’t invested in anything.  Here’s the Tweet.

And gold and silver get hammered into oblivion as Biden announces a possible $7 trillion stimulus and infrastructure plan.  And the charts say what they say.  You have to know in your heart what value is now because the Demon charts are all lying.  They have been for decades.  But if you get cut off from all of your information networks, you’re going to really have to know yourself and what you’re about.  Besides, most people would know what I’d say now anyway, but it feels better to contact someone and hear it. The stock market is set here to rally a few more percent into Opex this week and then drop 15-20% into February.  That’s what order flow is saying. Then should be a final bubble gasp into April-May before the dagger gets put in it.  What the metals do on a daily basis, I can’t say, but if any justice is served, they’ll steadily ascend to finally display the proper message to the world.  But Bitcoin’s what’s truly jailbreaking that path for now.  The Fraud can only bomb metals as they did on Friday when India’s physical buyers are gone for the night. So they did it. Because they can. Those pricks.

With the information coming due about the elections and also from our direction on the Shift, everything possible will be done to block anything from breaking the Matrix.  If it’s not Facebook and Twitter directly, it will be the exchanges of Bitcoin and such, or the Internet Service Providers or the free apps that they host.  Whatever stands between you and your God is set to fail when it needs to.  So you better be God at this point.

I realized as I was watching Twitter burn, that I had the TV on to have a movie in the background.  I absolutely died laughing in my own head when I saw I was watching the horrific movie about the “Deepwater Horizon” disaster called by the same name.  I didn’t really get it until I remembered that a great writer who has tried to help people, Jim Quinn, called his site “The Burning Platform” and had the picture of the Deepwater Horizon blowing as the header.  As I watched the Kristallnacht of Social Media I was watching The Burning Platform.  What an ending to my journey!!

The Burning Platform

That picture is intense.  But it brings up the whole point.  There’s an internet of the souls and many of us use it.  It only gets stronger the more people who use and connect.  It’s now time for it and soul technology to become the focus of the world.  Let’s just see how it unfolds.  My internet’s free though suckaz!!  The Internet of the Souls.

The Great Awakening » Stankov’s Universal Law Press 

I say “Interstellar” this time because I felt that the guidance on this trip was really just from myself from other dimensions as opposed to guides in this one as in the past.  A bit like the movie so that’s the best way to describe it.  It felt like me messing with me.  Maybe I can turn off that function with this new internet because I’d do some funny shit to myself. Like play a song by Fuzzerizer.  That’s so funny.  I’m an ass.

It’s been a nice rest.  But I hear The Black Mule calling already.  The loving Black Mule of Justice.   I’d prefer to teleport next time.  So let’s make that happen.

With all love, honor, and respect for each of your journeys.  Be well.


I got my new license plates for The Black Mule this week. The Scales of Justice have been weighed and The Black Mule has a message for the PAT about its imminent decision and announcement to this world:

It’s telling the world: “You Owe One”. Basically, it is saying:

“The world owes us, the PAT, a debt”.


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