What Comes After the Inauguration Charade?

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 21, 2021


Before you begin to get deeply disappointed and frustrated that nothing happened yesterday during Biden’s inauguration, let me put the events in the right perspective. I have never expected that the big change will come from a military coup, no matter how enlightened these military men around Trump may be as Simon Parkes praises them in total disregard of the transcendental spiritual dimension he claims to be in possession. He has still a lot to learn. This is not how the shift and the ascension will occur and I have always stated that.

The unfolding political drama in the US capital and throughout this country is the playground for the big population of young souls who need this form of confrontational experience before they lose interest in the national state and flock to us to teach them how to ascend. This transformation will mark their transition from young soul age to ripe soul age with a completely different spiritual orientation. This is what we are preparing now for humanity to experience. There should be no doubt about that.

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Now let me give you my perspective on the inauguration charade yesterday. I was watching it on 5 channels at the same time and what I immediately noticed, was that they were timely displaced from one another from 1 to at least 10 minutes or even more, although they were allegedly transmitting the inauguration live. How could it be possible? For me, there is no doubt that this event was pre-recorded and was emitted, so to say, “from the can”. It was a virtual presentation in the current End Time.

Then you should compare the very optimistic, positive emanation of Trump during his farewell speech before leaving the WH which I published yesterday, and also at the Joint Base Andrews after he left the WH to fly to Florida:

Pay attention to some coded keywords he gave to his supporters from the military prior to his departure in view of the ongoing military operation to dismantle the entire deep state of the corrupt cabal.

Then watch one more time this ghost congregation of most corrupt politicians and elite at the Capitol during Biden’s inauguration, and in particular his face full of resignation and fear during his speech. But also the pale, lifeless expressions of all the others as if they have been summoned to their execution. My intuition is immaculate in this respect. It was surreal. I am not publishing any video here as I do not want to contaminate the high frequencies of my website with such dark trash. This was the most abominable artificial satanic show, however void of any demonic power, I have seen in my whole life.

Yesterday late in the afternoon, Simon Parkes published the farewell letter of Trump for Biden, which he allegedly has left on his desk in the Oval Office prior to leaving the WH as is the tradition during each presidential change. If it is true, and there is no reason why it should not be true, then what happens in the next few days in the USA is already a done deal and the dark ruling cabal has no chance.

Today Nic, our PAT brother from Montreal sent me the following information:

Quick question, have you seen Biden’s “inauguration” video being broadcasted on TV in Europe as a LIVE broadcast, but 10 hours earlier in Spain than the actual live event in the US?

See the video below from the 3rd minute mark.


I’m curious to see if anyone else in Europe can confirm this.

Also, for the past week or so I tried to remain in the “observer mode” while watching the events and different analysts and channellers, but I have to say that today, seeing Biden signing that pile of executive order kind of knocked me off my observer mode and got me angry…

I then used that anger to invoked the higher realms to bring on the good stuff.

It also reminded me of one of your past energy reports where you wrote that you had a similar experience where you got angry because of a situation, but it was a plan, the higher realms said later that you needed to get angry about something in order to get you to summon the higher realms to get things moving. I think you did an invocation after that if I recall correctly.

So there you go.

Going back to meditative observer mode…



Dear Nic,

this is what I wrote to Patrick as we watched and commented on the inauguration together. I didn’t watch European channels but I had 5 US channels opened at the same time, such as c-span, Newsmax, NBC, CBS, war room, and all had the transmission at different times, from 1 minute to 5-10 minutes differences. How is it possible if it is live?

Of course, we are all doing now the alchemical reaction based on this frustration and this will move the ascension forward. From an energetic point of view, there is no doubt that the light has won and these people have no power anymore. Therefore, we shouldn’t be too much fixated on the political events on the ground.

With love and light




Well, this is the Biden world of the future. 


I am giving serious attention to terminating entirely my FB account which saddens me since it is my only communication channel with PAT members worldwide and I know they will wish that I do not.


Dear Patrick,

Don’t throw the towel in the ring. Let us see what will happen in the next few days. We are expecting imminent arrests and revelations but the military may want to give these people the opportunity to make more crimes as to be much easier to indict them. What I saw yesterday was a farce and the people present at the inauguration were shadows, ghosts – they have no power at all. At the same time, the city is occupied by the National Guard and was empty, it is loyal to Trump. He was extremely confident when he departed. This clique of corrupt politicians that attended the inauguration is completely isolated as in a zoo and were not even able to invite a few people. How comes that nobody from the democratic party attended on their own? Because this party does not exist. Please, remember 75% of the population voted for Trump, I knew that in advance and Simon Parkes confirmed it much later independently. These are the facts and this relationship of power must materialize in actions very soon.

The energies are off the scale and yesterday they almost killed me. I must have done a huge cleansing work while watching the charade. The shift is very close one way or another.

I am sure that we will see and get what we want very soon.


And a few minutes ago Patrick responded:

Dear Georgi,

You are quite correct. After a gnashing of teeth session immediately subsequent to watching the smoke and mirrors farce yesterday, I allowed some deep contemplative thinking on the matter and realized that there must be more systemic reasonings for allowing this mania to go forward. I just finished watching Simon and his group reiterate the real drama unfolding and it all seems so axiomatic. Also, I was aware of possible stagings of the entire inauguration time frame prior to yesterday’s fiasco and again Charlie points this out in Spanish time.

There have been consistent outages on my television across all channels with people’s voices going mute, off again on again. Perhaps, the military is testing their EBS system for actual deployment and soon. Also, my cell phone just lost my WIFI connection and this never happens.

So, it is a cat and mouse game. Bill Clinton did look like he was in a state of mental stress yesterday as the others.

Question, are these souls who have aligned themselves with such unfathomable evil beyond redemption?

I often find myself asking this question.

Sometimes, I step back from it all and simply laugh since we of the PAT have taken this sorry state of affairs to an entirely new level of transcendental comprehension and this 3D shenanigan is simply theater for the awakening souls.

And so it goes.

With love and light,



Dear Patrick,

I had also big problems this morning with the Internet and could not open my websites. However, I had another blast of very high vibrations and I was ascending very rapidly through the timelines. My computer showed that I was connected to the internet but there was no real connection. Then after half an hour, it returned to normal.

I am now publishing an article explaining what happened yesterday.

With love and light


As you see, we have the political 3D events on the ground that evolve more and more to a tasteless, repugnant, cheap political drama. At the same time, we are bombarded by unprecedented powerful and extremely high vibrating waves from the sources that are rapidly lifting us to the 5th dimension and even higher.

I meditated already yesterday while the inauguration was ongoing and got from my HS that the military around Trump will allow the cabal to perform this charade in order to expose them more easily and in a more convincing way when they begin to release massive amounts of revelations. They have all the trumps in their hand and can play cat and mouse with them as my tomcat used to do with the mice he caught every day in the farmer’s house (Bauernhof) we used to live in the Bavarian countryside before killing them. He never ate them, this was his daily sport.

Now I am getting from my HS that the shift may as well occur simultaneously or shortly after the beginning of the mass arrests of the dark evil cabal in the USA as this entirely negative event must be mitigated, or entirely offset, by the light-filled perspective of our ascension.

I have no understanding for all these savage, blood-thirsty American pseudo-patriots who fall into ecstasy by the very notion of how these dark ones will be executed en masse in Washington DC. I do not want anybody to be killed or even sent to prison but only to dismantle the political power from the cabal so that we can commence with the creation of new forms of social life.

I also do not trust the new quantum digital currency which the new military regime in the USA is expected to introduce in the next days as it will be man-made by low vibrating unenlightened young souls from the military who still do not understand the nature of money as a mirror image of the behavior of space-time – the only way humans can perceive energy with their limited senses. That is why whatever system of payments and transactions they will introduce, will be inherently flawed.

For this same reason, you are well-advised not to invest any higher dimensional hopes in this population of young souls who are now creating their new 3D worlds free of the perennial dark evil cabal installed on this planet by the likewise evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire eons of time ago, where they will slowly evolve in the next few centuries before they will eventually qualify for the individual transfiguration of their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies. Precisely, what we are about to accomplish in the coming days and weeks depending on which timelines we dwell and bilocate.

The entire Shift is a very complex multidimensional, multilayer process where there are so many realities and destinies that overlap that you are well-advised to envision only the highest, most noble, and light-filled version of life you want to experience in the Now so that it can manifest. If you concentrate on inferior versions of reality, you are in trouble to get them as the Arcturians warn us:

Which Reality is Coming? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

That is why watch the unfolding political drama with the only objective in your mind – to give you an inkling when the Shift will occur as both events are energetically and timely closely correlated, however, the all-dominating force is the Interdimensional Shift and not what is happening at the political and societal level. Please do not invest any expectations in this shallow, empty, shadow drama as it has no relevance to our ascension.

By the way, there is another massive download of source energies today with a cc-wave and excruciating stabbing pain in my left eye socket which indicates profound global cleansing of Gaia and humanity from the toxic fallout yesterday that is continuing today.


The Creator confirms today the arrival of the impending shift as I have announced it above: “The work ahead will be vital in moving your Earth plane to its new level of wisdom and knowledge so, it is particularly important to keep your wits about you“, is for me another way to describe the Shift without upsetting the people. I can also confirm the soothing quality of the energies today, notwithstanding the ongoing political drama in the USA that hugely upsets most of the people in America and worldwide. Jennifer Farley who is channeling the Creator is running into high form after our information exchange yesterday:

Dearest one, some of you may have noticed a marked increase in the calming energy surrounding your world in this moment.  Think of this as a short breather before the next round begins. (Smiling) The work ahead will be vital in moving your Earth plane to its new level of wisdom and knowledge so, it is particularly important to keep your wits about you. Think before you act, think twice before you speak, and always be kind to your fellow humans.  Each of you is walking a new and curious path.” ~ Creator

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