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Marek Prochyra and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 7, 2021

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Dear Georgi,

I don‘t know how to express my gratitude to you for constantly reminding us of what we’ve achieved.

I remember very well how, after you closed the website and we all went into silence for some time (meanwhile the Cities of Light were built), I tried not to immerse back into mundane 3-D reality since my expectations of imminent ascension were set very high at that time. And yet, despite daily reminding myself who I am, I was dragged slowly but surely deeper and deeper back into 3-D. Everything seemed to stop and not progressing, my health wasn’t improving in any way…

Starting this December, I’m feeling again the same way as in 2012 and later on in 2014 – that the end is really near. The same expectations, the same envisioning of my next and real mission. The difference is that now I have much better insight into the whole process and I know that all these postponements were in fact successful ascensions of relevant timelines and the creation of the new Golden Galaxy.

Today, I had to re-read all the articles ( the main one with all the links ) a few times – it was simply too much to digest at once what we’ve accomplished – and yes, You’re right. These achievements are from 2014 – so where are we and who are we now since then?

By reading the articles, my pride in myself and the PAT has skyrocketed so I had to hold my breath for a moment to manage the emotions. Strange thing is that I don’t remember feeling so proud back in 2014 when this message about us becoming Guardians of new Galaxy was published. Probably the knowing of the bigger picture now is making me understand more deeply what really has happened from 2011 until 2020.

So thank you again for reminding us of our achievements through reposting the articles.

In relation to this, I’m trying to envision how my ascension could look like. I know that it’s difficult to predict this since each of us has a unique mission but I think that there should be a common scenario where most of us could fit.

Let’s say that I will concentrate on a scenario where after my ascension one of my fragments will return back here to help others by bringing this matrix down and implementing new stuff.

What happens at the moment of my ascension? It will probably be in a dream state, but since I have experienced an ascension test run in full consciousness, I know that it can be anytime.

I assume that I’ll move onto a 5-D timeline where I will create consciously my new crystalline body and I will re-learn how to use my gifts and abilities. What will happen meanwhile here on this timeline?

One option is that here some time will pass (a few days, weeks, … ). Will I disappear for my wife and children in that case?

Another option is that I’ll spend some time in 5-D and will return here the same night but with a new body and new abilities. How will my wife see me? (supposing that I lower my frequencies to 3-D ranges so that I can be visible). In addition to being healthy, will my aura be now visible to others? Will I emanate some colors?

In both cases, does it mean that I’ll be able to freely demonstrate my new abilities anytime? I expect yes, but logic is telling me that there should be some rules where and when I can use these abilities.

Do you have any insight into this?

Thank you,


Dear Marek.

2014 is the key to understanding what we have achieved all these years and what is happening now. I am also overwhelmed at times grasping the full scope of our light work, all the more as we continue struggling with this 3D reality and it has not gotten better over the years. Quite on the contrary, the last year was terrible and I can only hope that this year will fulfill the promises set in it.

I do have some ideas about how the ascension will occur and what will happen then, but I do not want to put them into words for two reasons.

Any verbal description will be a limitation of my expectations and I want to stay open to all the magic and surprises that this experience should bring with it.

Secondly, every person will experience his ascension in an individual manner and therefore I do not want to interfere in your conceptions.

I would only suggest that you consider the fact that linear time is an illusion so that when you ascend you can go back and forth in time. In this case, your family may never notice that you were gone and for how long. They would believe that you were always there. Or you may decide not to visit them at all. This is also a possibility and they may think that you are dead or have disappeared. I don’t know – we enter here uncharted territory but I know that every person will experience his reality in a unique and very subjective manner.

I will publish today a new article where the Elohim even tell us that we have ascended the whole multiverse and I had fully forgotten this message. It is true that in 2014 we didn’t fully appreciate the scope of our work.

Let us see what will happen in the coming days. The demonstration today in Washington will be the biggest ever and there will be so much energy released and personal freedom gained that this may tip the scales towards the shift that will follow as I do not expect any political decision in favour of the truth by the Senat and Congress. This is when the shift will come as a regulatory force and change the course of history as the dark liers and deceivers in power can no longer be allowed to have the upper hand.

This is obvious now and the coming days will be very intense, similar to the ones when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall fell. The Americans are beginning to have this historical feel and I begin to like them for the first time. They are really awakening, although it is still a long way before they can join us. However, with this dynamic and speed, it will not take much time.

Enjoy the ride now – we have enabled it and we deserve it.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your answer. I understand what you say regarding personal ascensions and I fully agree with you on that.

But there’s only one real question for me that I was trying to describe in my previous email and it is:

– How will we appear to other people after our ascension? By what will they recognize that we’ve ascended?

Every other detail regarding when and how are indeed personal and there’s no need to disclose it preliminarily.

Thank you,



Dear Marek,

First, when we appear as ascended masters, we will emanate so much light as an aura that there will be no mistake. I remember that I had a session with Julia in Vancouver, shortly before we came to Italy. St. Germain came promptly to this session and he predicted a few things for me, some of which have already happened. I am still waiting for the others to be also fulfilled this year.

He essentially confirmed for me, but I guess this is also valid for any ascended master, that I will carry a massive column of light above my head after I ascend that will impress all the people. Of course, as ascended masters, we will immediately begin to create and manifest all kinds of new forms and realities that will benefit humanity and also heal many incurable diseases, hence we will immediately become famous.

Besides, after the shift, the telepathic abilities of the people will be much more evolved and they will immediately know who we are as they will also, for the first time, be able to discern the lies from the truth. This will be achieved by the activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul, which I expect to descend in most ascending candidates when the shift occurs.

I hope this explains your question.

With love and light



Definitely, a fully exhausting answer.

Thank you.

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