Quantum Manifestation in 2021

Marina Jacobi, January 3, 2021

The Harmonic Reactor


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov


Nikolay, a Bulgarian reader of my website from Germany made me aware of our countrywoman Marina Jacobi who lives in the USA, New York. I visited her YouTube website and something strange happened. I could find only videos and posts that were one year old or even older. I mentioned this to Nikolay and he sent me a link to this same website and I found that Marina is channeling and publishing videos every week and even more often. I must have bilocated to a lower timeline as this happens frequently these days.  Other PAT members report similar experiences.

I am publishing below Marina’s latest video from Jan 2nd and I must say that I am very positively impressed by this powerful and clear-minded Bulgarian woman. I contacted her and hope she will respond.

The most remarkable aspect of her channeling is that she receives very sophisticated messages on quantum physics with respect to immediate creation that are fully compatible with the new physical theory of the Universal Law and what we experience daily.

This is also our current topic and that is why I do not wonder at all that the Universe enabled this connection with Marina. I am very confident that if Marina works more closely with me in the future and I introduce her in the systemic presentation of energy from a scientific point of view, this may even further boost the quality of her channelings. Let us see how this will unfold.

There are so many synchronicities between her and me that this is the best proof for me that it was meant for us to connect. For instance, go to minute 22 and listen to what she has to say about the false oracles of the new age and then compare it with my article on this topic, which I published at the same time as Marina channeled her video below.

I am now happy to present my compatriot Marina Jacobi. Enjoy her video:


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