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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 19, 2021

Yesterday Robert David Steele from Public Intelligence Blog sent me an email and asked me for an interview.

I decided to respond to Robert Steele in a comprehensive letter as I had to decline his offer for a very simple reason: Until now there is no photo of myself on the Internet and I personally reject all kinds of optical presentation as it is not conducive to human intelligence.

It is true that I am very present on the Internet since 2011 when I opened this website, although I had previous websites since 1997. But then I boycotted the internet for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, in order write my five books on Human Gnosis and do in private the light work I am doing now officially – being the captain of the PAT and the human nexus to the Source. It was a very hard time for me as I was alone in doing this heavy-duty cleansing of Gaia and humanity for the most part.

There is also a psychological reason why I prefer not to appear publically. I will try to explain this to you with the following example, which unfortunately only partially applies to me.

I assume that the older readers of my website may have read or heard of the book “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. When this book appeared after WW2, precisely in 1951 when I was born, it became a cult book for the postwar generation. It is considered to be the greatest hit on the bestsellers lists of all time. Each year since then more than one million copies are sold.

The book is of rather poor quality and does not have much to say but it appealed to the postwar teenager mentality as it rejected the bigot prewar society. It is very similar in its style and rejective world view to that in the novels and plays of the “angry young men” in postwar GB, which were also very popular in communist Eastern Europe when I was young.

I did not like “The Catcher in the Rye” when I first read it as a teenager and was wondering why all my friends were so mesmerized by this book.

Soon after the book was published, Salinger vanished from public life and thus created a myth around himself that vastly contributed to the success of his novel. He wrote some more pieces in the 60s but, as he had nothing to say, his later works did not have the success of his first book. He knew that and he created his notoriety by a conspicuous absence.

Well, I cannot claim that I live in a conspicuous absence on the Internet and the scientific books on the Universal Law are the most important written documents in the history of this mankind. But apart from that, I have no desire to impress my optical appearance onto other people. I want all my readers to concentrate on my written word and understand what I am teaching and saying as this is the only thing that matters.

When you have understood the new scientific theory of the Universal Law, you will reach a peak in your intellectual evolution when you will realize that you no longer need me as an author and a person as you have integrated this theory forever in your awareness. The reason for that is that this theory represents the verbal manifestation of the inner core of every soul, and thus of All-That-Is, when she incarnates in 3D.

In other words, the better the incarnated human beings in all 4D worlds internalize the new theory of the Universal Law, the more superfluous I become because then they will have a direct connection to their souls and will no longer need my interpretations. This is how the multiverse operates.

On the 5D earth, which the Elohim called Gaia-5 when we first created it in December 2013, the ascended human beings will have automatically a direct knowing of this theory on a much broader and expanded level of awareness and I will be also superfluous as a teacher. I may still be present in 5D as a creator but that’s all, as all other beings will also be sovereign creators on the new 5D earth.

Yesterday Robert Steele published my letter to him on his website and today he has published some more articles:

George Alexandrov Stankov: Email to Robert Steele

Here is my letter to Robert Steele where I introduce essentially the light work of myself and the PAT to his readers:


Dear Robert,

I am very happy that you have connected with me. I know you for a long time and appreciate what you are doing, I tried to establish contact with you in February last year but you did not respond. You were not ready yet, it is OK. I will forward this email to you one more time separately in case you have missed me.

Now that I have activated the threefold flame of life of the souls in all humans, they are beginning to flock to me and my mission as they are beginning to be attracted energetically by what I represent – the ascension of Gaia and humanity. I have been waiting for that for a quarter of a century since I discovered the Universal Law in 1995 and started with my spiritual pathway. It was a very lonely journey for the most part.

I very much appreciate your invitation for a video interview but I must kindly decline. Let me explain. I have a very prominent presence in the new age scene since 2011 when I summoned all the members from the Planetary Ascension Team worldwide as their captain and we first opened the stargate 11.11.11 and then I activated their threefold flame of life of the soul so that they can ascend. Then we opened the stargate 12.12.12 -21.12.21 so that Gaia could ascend. Some of us also ascended to 5D. Then we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014, and since then several more times. We are now ascending the last batch of timelines and then we are gone, back to the source from where we come as Elohim. But we will be present as Logos Gods on the new 4D earths that will emerge after the impending shift. You should read my homepage and some of the recent articles to learn more.

My website is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity through personal ascension as Light Body Process (LBP), which is unique in the world literature and history (forget also the bible) – one has only to read and learn. I was the first to introduce these concepts in the new age as before that they did not know them and didn’t believe in them. A started doing this with Alfred Webre from Vancouver in 2010 but later on created my own website. All the new agers that parrot these ideas since then have borrowed them from me without much understanding and this is a source of great chagrin to me as I have written on many occasions. People know me well in the scene but fear me for my pitiless frankness and because I expose them as new age fraudsters.

Hence my presence on the Internet worldwide is well established. I even have a Chinese website and am translated in many languages, such as German, Spanish, and Italian.

And now comes the reason why I have to decline an interview on video.

There is until now not a single photo of myself on the Internet and no videos with me as I am not appreciative of visual and verbal presentations. Not as videos, only live. In my opinion, humans have become “eye animals” much to the detriment of their abstract intelligence. My new general theory of science based on the new axiomatics of the Universal Law that rejects the entire current fake human science and substitutes it with the new science of ascension is based on logical abstract thinking and this is currently virtually non-existent worldwide and particularly not in all anglo-Saxon countries where even the word “axiomatics” as a concept is not known.

The only four videos which I have made in my life with the help of a friend of mine in Austria early this year are these ones.

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

He mischievously put a picture of mine in the second video without telling me and then I let it go. I consider these videos to be the most important scientific videos on the Internet with enormous revelation power together with the script, which you should carefully read as to know what is happening on this planet from a scientific point of view. You know the other side of hiding advanced 4D technologies by the elite and the secret services.

I recommend you to watch the videos as they are also very beautiful and aesthetically made with original photos from Austria and Czechia early this year and the music is my soul portrait composed by my friend Paul Armitage from Vancouver, whom I consider to be the greatest living composer on earth. His previous incarnation was Edvard Grieg and he has written a book on that. But I consider him to be better than Grieg, although I like Grieg, and his Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16 is a masterpiece. This as a side note.

I am ready to give a written interview to you and you can publish it on your website and I will publish it on mine. We can talk about everything and anything you want, also about the cognitive ignorance of your compatriots as alternative thinkers whom I have exposed on numerous occasions, e.g.:

Why the Paradigm Shift Has to Come ASAP

On Intellectual Encephalomacia and the Structure of Fear of Spiritual Newcomers

There is a psychological reason why I do not want to appear too early in the public:  I will be the first human to ascend, transfigure to the 7D dimension ( I actually ascended first in 2000 and then many more times to higher dimensions as you can read on the homepage) and then I will assume the role of the world spiritual leader and teacher as announced by the Arcturians in this message:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

This is not a secret and I have said that all along since 2000 in my first book on Human Gnosis, which is foundational for any proper understanding of what is happening now. There I also predicted the events that will occur this week in Washington DC more than 20 years ago:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

These events will be only the precursor to a much greater revolution and evolution, whereby the USA will cease to exist as a nation as all national states will be abolished very soon as humanity is evolving to a transgalactic civilisation and the national state has been the origin of all wars due to artificial separation of humanity. Look at all the so-called American patriots how they trash viciously (e.g. Bannon in pandemic war room) China now because of a non-existent virus and scamdemic and forget that the USA which I call the Empire of Evil has been responsible for all the wars and calamities since the end of WW2. I can’t stand this political myopia of your countrymen:

La Grande Illusion*

I have no idea what Trump intends to introduce as new economic and financial reforms after the military takes over the government this week but they will be very short-lived. I recommended Trump already when he was first elected in 2016 to abolish the Fed immediately, of course, I knew he can’t do that but I showed him “where the rabbit is buried” to quote a German saying:

What will come next is an evolved society without the need for money. Or there will be an interim solution which I describe here from a theoretical point of view based on the Universal Law, NESARA and GESARA are BS:

 This will be the preferred solution in all cities of light we have created and will appear this year beginning here in Italy where I am now on my last mission. My dual soul, also an Elohim soul, is back in Vancouver to manifest the second city of light there which will have a huge impact on North America. Read our Crowdfunding website and my report on the centre of light in Sanremo, Italian Riviera:

The Creation of the Portal and Temple of Ascension in San Remo

We were urged to publish this website by the Vegans who came to us in March last year immediately after our arrival in Italy and were very much present in our room – big tall guys. As far as I am informed, this is the first time that this civilisation has established contact with humans.

We have very intense contacts with the Agarthans/Lemurians (Inner Earth, my dual soul Amora is the head of the Lemurian council for the surface earth and humanity after the ascension and I am there responsible for science as I am also sitting in many other universal and transgalactic councils as the chief architect of the current ascension of the earth and this galaxy: PAT’s Most Spectacular Ascension of This Multiverse in August 2014Why the PAT is the Focal Point of Ascension of This Galaxy and Universe), Hyperboreans, Arcturians, Andromedans, and many ascended masters, and of course with the Elohim, our monad from the Source. There are hundreds of messages from the Elohim and other higher dimensional sources on my website. But never with the Vegans. From what I searched in the literature, the Vegans are the primary seeders of such civilisations as the Lyrans, Pleiades and Syrians, probably also the Arcturians, and obviously the Terraneans in this galaxy. This may be of interest to you.

If you haven’t lost your initial desire to interview me at the end of the lecture of this email, I am at your disposal.

Let me finally say, that I believe that you can play a big role in the transformation of the American society if you collaborate closely with me after my ascension but of course you have to study the basic tenets of the new theory of the Universal Law and its applications as described in our Crowdfunding website.

It is your choice. As I wrote yesterday to Scott McKay, Radio Show Host “The Tipping Point” whom you may have heard of:

“I am 70 years old and have gone through so many calamities in my life you cannot fathom. I was already dissident under communism in 1970 and know how the NWO truly is. What should be of utmost interest to you, you will not find anywhere more ascended masters on this planet than around me and my website. I have helped more people to ascend than any other person as I enjoy the company of ascended masters.”

Now, my dear Robert, you know where you stand – the ball is in your courtyard.

With love and light





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