A Word of Utmost Clarity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 19, 2021


I need to say a few crystal-clear words on the eve of the political resolution of the current 3D drama in the US capital, which is neither our drama nor the world we live in or appertain to. That is why we have the necessary clarity to see through this illusion.

The fearful, disillusioned, disheartened, without any moral, ethical, and spiritual principles American patriots are all about to lose their minds on the eve of their redemption, as I have given new evidence in an addendum to Patrick’s article yesterday – go and check the links. I have never expected anything else and that is why I dubbed them “dark children of the Empire of Evil” and Patrick convincingly showed in his article that these “patriots” ain’t no better than the evil democrats.

Therefore, we can safely assume that whoever the president’s men are that will perform the military coup tomorrow and will install the legitimate new president Trump after a military interregnum, their spiritual (un)ripeness will not exceed much the one the American patriots now display, as where would these people come from if not from this same patriotic crucible of low vibrations?

Whatever will happen at the latest tomorrow, or even today can be regarded only as a precursor to the Divine Intervention that was given to us in July 2020 by the White Brotherhood and the Source and is in full activation since then.

But it takes a lot of linear time for the events to unfold in this sluggish 3D reality. Besides we had to make use of all the major portals and stargates in 2020 to prepare humanity energetically for the impending Shift. This website gives full testimony on all the energetic preparations that had to happen and in which we were fully involved as the main protagonists in order to reach this crucial point in time.

The collapse of the old matrix is the drama of the big population of young souls who predominantly populate North America. It will, of course, have huge repercussions on the predominantly ripe and old soul population in Europe so that these souls can move quickly into the new 4D worlds that will have interceptions with our cities of light from the 5D to 7D and will begin seriously with their spiritual evolution and ascension under our guidance.

However, nothing that will be announced tomorrow and in the coming days by Trump and his military clique will have any sustainable effect on the new earth we have created and will manifest in the coming days as these people have no say on what will happen on the ascended earth. They have to create their own lower dimensional reality and experience the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” of the current End Time in full force in order to progress emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

These young souls, the patriots and those that are about to save them now with Trump as their leader have so many personal deficits that for them it will be a difficult upward battle with their inner demons for a very long time.

This is their battle, not ours and it is unwise to expect from this young souls population any redemption as many politically ignorant new agers expect as this is the case with this channeling lady. She even goes that far to install the entire Trump’s family as the future kings of humanity beginning with Baron. It can’t get any stupider!


How often should I repeat that no meaningful change can come from the external reality as we are the ones who create this reality from within? Our light work in the last 10 plus years together is proof of that and it has been meticulously documented on this website.

Even the well-informed insider and half-baked esotericist Simon Parkes does not seem to get it, by going so far as to consider the ascension process to 5D being dependent on what is going to happen politically in the US capital today or tomorrow. All these people need a lot of spiritual education by us in the near future.

I have never understood why these newly awakening people are constantly confounding politics with the ascension process and true human evolution. Because they have never heard of the LBP and have never experienced in their body the force and the inhuman vibrations of the source energies.

However, they are still much more harmless than the greatest and very dark new age cretin on the planet Steve Beckow from Vancouver who for years wrote proudly on top of his website; “This is Pro-Obama website”, while this criminal was waging one war after the other and killing thousands of people with drones for which he personally gave the command. Or as Obama boasted himself: “I am very good at killing people”.

Yes, you remember this same fraudster Steve Beckow who invited his readers to come with him and made lists in order for them to be taken with black limousines and visit the spaceship of the Galactic Federation because he believed the channelings of the dark sources he is still regularly publishing on his website.

This is the kind of debased humanity, a remnant of the treacherous Atlantean past, we still have to deal with, no matter what will happen tomorrow.

The evolution of the human race cannot depend on a military coup. There have been countless military coups in the history of this forsaken race and it has always gone from bad to worse.

There can only be Divine Intervention that will propel humanity upward and it can only be embodied by the ascended masters of humanity from the PAT. We are the only representatives of Christ Consciousness as the Elohim have testified many times in the past in their messages to us. Go back and read them one more time.

This is the time of the grand confusion as the Creator is warning us:

“Over the next few weeks and months, there will be a greater emphasis placed on listening to/receiving information from The Universe. This help guide and support you as well as bring about much-needed changes in your Earth plane existence.

It may be very tempting to revert back to your ‘old ways’ of thinking/ feeling and acting/reacting, however, keeping a cool head and maintaining a peaceful demeanor will serve you best. One day, you will be able to look back on this moment and say, “I lived through one of the most interesting times in the history of our world…and I didn’t lose my way.”

Don’t lose your way in the coming days, stay close to your heart, sharpen your mind, and if you still lose your orientation, visit my website to find support and clarity. This is all I can do for you in this auspicious time for which we have been waiting for so long. We will prevail in the end, and we are almost there…

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