The Stargate For the Shift Early 2021 Is Fully Opened

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, December 29, 2020

Yesterday, we fought and won the most ferocious battle with the dark ones that wanted to prevent the impending Shift and defeated them. It was even worse than the battle we won against the rogue Atlantean clique end of March 2020 (read here and here).

I will spare you the details as we do not want to dwell any longer in these dark evilest experiences, but Amora and I barely survived this mortal battle. The massive attacks with psychotronic weapons lasted the whole day for me and the early morning for Amora. However, they actually started almost 2 weeks ago at a lower level and I deplorably missed that.

After I could overcome my complacency and lack of attention of a light warrior being left in peace by the dark ones for several months in a row, I realized what was going on yesterday evening and started immediately a counterattack with the help of all the forces of light in this multiverse and the Prime Creator. I eliminated this new evil group of dark entities from this multiverse, from where these sophisticated psychotronic attacks came and threw them in the void for further recycling of their deranged souls. It was a real triumph and one of the most elevating moments in my life.

This group is in close connection with the losing dark cabal on the ground and this was their last desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable – the Shift early next year after all downloads this year were accomplished in the most successful possible way.

It was one of the most dramatic events in my life and probably the most unpleasant one I have ever experienced as the attacks were very personal and affected the core of my being. You have no idea how evil these entities are and what they are capable of: How effectively they can derail for a short period of time even the most stable and adamant light warrior on this planet – myself. The new age has no clue what a brutal cosmic war is raging currently for the earth and humanity so that they can indulge in their love and light illusion.

These evilest beings wanted to prevent the activation of the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul, in all ascension candidates which I am performing on a global scale since the opening of the Winter Solstice portal, beginning on December 16.

As I have reported, my threefold flame of life was upgraded on July 1st, 2019 to connect to the threefold flames of life of all ascension candidates and prepare them for the shift, actually to trigger the shift as it is fueled essentially by these three flames in a combination with constant massive downloads of source energies. For that reason, my threefold flame of life was fully connected to the world heart chakra centres (the fountains of freedom) in Italy and Vancouver, North America on July 1, 2019, as to be able to exert this global function.

These evilest group of ETs wanted to prevent exactly this global function in which I play the role of the main protagonist and began beaming me with massive downloads of fear patterns directly into my threefold flame of life so that I suffered from acute asphyxia and was about to suffocate… until I realized what was going on. They also tried to destroy my loving connection to Amora as we are the main activators of the PAT Supernova that actually drives the impending shift, but totally failed.

After I eliminated this evilest group of ETs, the psychotronic attacks stopped all of a sudden and I could breathe again. This night I could sleep for the first time calmly and woke up in good shape. This proves that I must have been under these wickedest psychotronic attacks for some time as I didn’t feel well throughout the whole of December.

My decision to write this energy report is to confirm that now the stargate for the Shift is fully opened and the PAT Supernova can ignite. I expect the manifestation of the Shift in early January, definitely before Biden becomes the new president as this will not happen on our ascending timelines.

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