The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 25, 2020

This will be a very complex and composite disquisition as it involves many pieces of the current ascension puzzle. The good news is that I have discussed all these pieces in my previous articles and energy reports. This would say that you have to carefully re-read all the references I will mention in this article in order to understand what will happen when the global shift will arrive – most probably at the end of this year – and will change humanity and this planet forever. My key point of departure is that everything that will happen has already happened and has been experienced by us. 

I have proved in the last several months in daily retrospective reports that we accomplished the first planetary ascension already on May 28, 2014, and since then many more times. Now we are preparing the ascension of the final batch of timelines with the current last soul fragment of ours that is still incarnated in a physical vessel. All our other soul fragments have already ascended and exist on the new Gaia-5.

The same is true for our individual ascension. Both Amora and I transfigured our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies in August 2013 and then ascended one more time officially and became Logos Gods in December 2013 in Lofer, Austria.

I can only speak of ourselves and each one of you must find out in an intimate dialogue with your soul where you stand in the LBP and the ascension process in order to have a better idea of what to expect during the impending global shift.

This article will help you do precisely that.

Read for this purpose one more time all the articles from the last 4 months and try to understand the inner logic of the ascension process in the multidimensional simultaneous existence of All-That-Is:

I have been asking my guides for a long time to give me more precise information on the impending global shift which I announced already in July in a discourse with Patrick and I received it a few days ago. My July description of the shift is the point of departure in my current discussion, on which I will expand more in this publication:

Moving Towards The Shift

In this discourse, I have outlined the cardinal psychological transformation which the human incarnated personality will undergo as an energetic system during the impending global shift. Here is the quintessence:

This shift will not be the final ascension as, except for the few PAT members, all humans and most lightworkers from the new age are not yet ready for this transfiguration. Therefore, there will be a global shift that will be caused by a tsunami wave of Source energies from the Central Sun that will lift humanity and this holographic matrix to a new energetic constellation. The minds of the people will be opened with one fell swoop for the truth and above all their inner conscience will be activated for the first time. They will know without any doubt what is right and what is wrong, what is truth, and what is a lie.

However, I did not elucidate the energetic mechanisms that will lead to this profound mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical transformation of the awakening human personality. This will be the topic of this publication.

I made it very clear already at that time that this global shift will not be the final ascension of Gaia and humanity as Gaia has already ascended during the stargate 11.11.11 and then one more time firmly during 12.12.12 with the help of the PAT and we also ascended in the following time (see above).

The rest of humanity is not ready yet. Most of the ascension candidates have barely begun with their LBP as described by myself in numerous books and articles and this includes most of the new agers who are currently writing excessively about ascension and the upcoming shift after I first introduced this concept in 2011 officially on the Internet with the publication of my book from 2010 “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“. I first wrote about the LBP and ascension in 1999 in my book “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”.

However, the new agers have not grasped until now the close energetic interrelationship between the individual light body process (LBP) and the planetary ascension as they do not pertain to the Planetary Ascension Team and have no understanding of our light work as the driving motor of all ascension, simply because they do not make this experience. Humans can only comprehend and consider in their world view the limited experiences they make in one lifetime and are, as a rule, not capable of learning from the experiences of other people, not to speak of previous incarnations. That is why humanity is such a primitive sentient race and has evolved very slowly in the past.

This will change radically with the impending global shift and I will explain to you why.

That is why anything you can find and read in the new age scene is superficial guesses and superfluous figments of wished-to-be-experts in spiritual matters with a pronounced guru complex; such platitudes are then parroted in a never-ending manner until the total intellectual depletion of the putative guru and his/her followers destroy their ascension aspirations.

Each time you find a halfway adequate presentation of the actual ascension process, it is always limited by the overall poor intellectual capacity and knowledge of the author or the channeler who ultimately fails to grasp the bigger, very complex picture of the ascension process. None of these people display a genuine curiosity or the desire to expand their knowledge as to include fundamental gnostic and energetic topics and ideas the way I discuss them on this website, even when I invite some of them to enter such a constructive and productive discourse with me.

This is rather disheartening and this will be the reason why none of these people will be able to assume the role of a prominent spiritual teacher after the shift. In a way, they will experience temporarily the same disastrous personal fiasco as the dark ruling cabal, however will recover from it more quickly and with greater success. But the fiasco of most new agers after the shift is pre-programmed and unavoidable. A better word for this is spiritual soul catharsis as I shall discuss below.

There are a few individuals from the PAT who are very much advanced in their personal LBP and will be able to ascend when this global shift arrives but this is a general statement on my part and the decision has to be made by themselves at the soul and personal level.

The vast majority of the ascending humans have barely entered the LBP under the current lockdown and are struggling in this first phase of energetic cleansing with their existential fears stored in the 1st root chakra. They are also cautiously beginning to open their 4th heart chakra of love and compassion and their 5th throat chakra of truth and divine God’s will so that they will be sufficiently evolved to participate intellectually and consciously in the impending tsunami of sweeping revelations that will come with the shift without being overwhelmed too much and end up in a mental and emotional stupor. To this, I will say much more below.

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Therefore, every ascending human candidate will experience the impending global shift individually based on the actual level of evolution in the personal LBP. However, there will be a common denominator as humanity has already reached collectively an important threshold that will have a global effect on the life on this ascending planet. This will be the actual topic of this disquisition.

The dark faction of humanity which is currently composed of the international globalist cabal in politics, MSM, and leftist parties are completely closed, refractory human energetic systems to any of the upcoming energies and codes of Ascension from the Source and will not undergo any evolution in this lifetime. They will not be influenced directly, i.e. organically by the impending global shift but only indirectly by the sudden change in the energetic situation on this planet that will deprive them of their current dwindling social and economic basis to dominate and manipulate the masses. This will lead to the quick collapse of the old matrix that is an expression of the cabal’s past enslavement of the masses through deceptions, lies and blatant political oppression as this has become so obvious now in the current second lockdown.

In fact, there will be an escalation of their nasty, evil behaviour as they will try in this way to recuperate their lost power and thus will expose their true dark nature even more blatantly than in the past. This has already begun on a massive scale with the rigging of the US election results and we will see a sudden revelationary peak when the global shift will arrive (Watch also this video).

In the following, I will explain the energetic mechanisms and processes that will unleash this despicable social behaviour of the dark ones as a result of the sudden and full awakening of the ascending majority of the human population.

But first and foremost I will concentrate on the positive energetic changes that will happen during the impending global shift in the chakras and systems of the incarnated human personalities who are now preparing for their future ascension as none of this is discussed in the esoteric literature and numerous meaningless channeling messages.

This discussion was inspired by a pivotal experience which I made in a conscious manner in the astral plane in a lucid dream state after I have been asking my guides for a long time to give me credible information on what to expect till the end of this year. This dream was preceded by another key astral experience in the dream state where my role as the revelator of the US election fraud was presented to me. These two dreams followed another pivotal dream where I had for the first time an amicable encounter with Trump after having some nerve-wracking encounters with this intransigent and agnostic man in the past. These three astral-dream experiences built a conclusive triad of important revelations for me and I hope also for you after reading this disquisition.

As I have written on many occasions, a key part of my role as an incarnated Elohim soul is to coach through inter-counseling at the soul level influential political leaders who are important in the overall cosmic plot for this planet in the End Time. I have met, for instance, dozens of times with Putin, and our first encounters were all very hostile after he took power and still behaved as a belligerent KGB agent. Then he received a very old soul as a walk-in and I remember how friendly and joyful my encounter with this old soul mate of mine was when he came on earth and we met in Kremlin one night. I have reported about this encounter in my book

Gnosis as a Personal Experience, page 48

After that, Putin mutated into a wise statesman, and the rise of Russia as a bulwark against the plans of the Western cabal to install the NWO earlier by destroying Russia on our ascending timelines commenced.

My encounter with Trump recently was equally friendly and joyful and I knew with certainty that he is a walk-in of a very old soul and a close soul mate of mine shortly before the election. This information was vital for me for a better understanding of the upcoming ascension scenario on the ground but it is of little relevance to the main topic I discuss here – “How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift“.

Since these events are linked I will report here on all three dreams so that you get the full picture.

Before I proceed, let me state as clearly and unambiguously as possible: We have entered the last phase prior to our final ascension and transfiguration where we very easily drift in a dream-like state but in full consciousness into the astral plane and higher dimensions to receive direct information or meet other entities as our vibrations are now so high that we are dwelling most of the time in the 5th to the 7th dimensions day and night. That is why we do not get any verbal messages anymore as our information is now direct and immediate. This is also the reason, why I speak of pivotal dreams, they are real astral events of great importance.

And here is what I wrote in my diary regarding my meeting with Trump’s new walk-in old soul and my mate 2 weeks before the US election.

My Encounter with Trump in the Astral Dream State on October 18, 2020

“I met with Trump. He was holding an election rally and was talking on the street. I was surprised that he has come down to the people and that there were so few to listen to him. He saw me all of a sudden and was very happy to meet me. He embraced me and said that he has been waiting for me and that he is very happy to meet me. I told him not to worry and that he would win the elections but that was not the point. Big changes are coming.

Then we walked on foot together, side by side, to the White House where he resumed his work. I was surprised about this very positive encounter with Trump as my previous encounters with him in the dream state were very critical and ambivalent. He must be a new walk-in as this happened with Putin shortly after he was elected president for the first time and then stopped the bloody war in Chechnia. He is also a walk-in of a very old soul and a soul mate of mine and since then he became a very wise leader.

It is significant that I dreamed of meeting Trump today, only 2 weeks before the election day as I wrote a very precise analysis in 2016, also 2 weeks before the election day and predicted the victory of Trump contrary to all experts and polls at that time. I only recently mentioned this article in my correspondence with other PAT members as proof of how we form the reality on the earth (and later published an article on this topic). I am confident that Trump won the elections only after we installed the protuberance field in North America in June 2016 and because I did this analysis. The Elohim told us that we shape the world reality with our thoughts in a very effective manner.

I see a big movement for us in North America too.

I just read that Trump has said the following in a rally yesterday: “Speaking at the Saturday rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump told his supporters that “Democrats would terminate our recovery with a draconian unscientific lockdown like your governor is doing right now.”

Something is afoot and I will inform Amora…

Then exactly one month later I had my second pivotal astral dream experience revealing to me what will happen when the global shift arrives. Here is my diary entry from that day:

How I revealed the US Election Fraud in the Astral-Dream State on November 18, 2020

“I went to bed at 11 pm and woke up at 2 am after I had a very realistic dream. I was in a municipality building in the USA where ballots from the election were kept in a formally sealed room. Then all of a sudden in the middle of the night I walked through the building and found that the sealed room was illegally opened and there was a sign that an audit was underway. I tried to open the room and see what was going on but the door was locked. Then I knew all of a sudden that the two rascals of the un-democratic party Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were in the room and were forging the ballots. I ran through the building to find other people responsible for the vote and told them what the two criminals have just done. When we came to the sealed room with the ballots, the two criminals were gone and were hiding in their room in the same building. Of course, the whole building was just symbolic – it was the stage for what is happening in the USA at this moment.

And now comes the most important information. When I realized that the two have fraudulently falsified the election results, I began to shout loudly in great outrage: “These are very evil people, these are the evilest people on this planet”, in front of the locked door of their room where the two were hiding. While shouting this in full rage, I received a massive download of source energy in my 3rd chakra, it was a pillar of energy pouring down into my stomach and I had immediately a lot of pain in the stomach, nausea and giddiness. I woke up from this pain and the energies were off the scale. My whole body was trembling.

I knew that something huge was happening as when I experience such energetic intensity something is always happening on a global scale. The 3rd chakra is the chakra of power and bilocation and I was aware that a new episode of massive cleansing and separation of negative timelines has commenced in preparation for the global shift, when we are moving very fast through all these timelines, cleanse them or separate them as we did this already in early 2014 when the first planetary ascension was accomplished.

This dream triggered a 3-day massive cleansing of all ascending timelines with a non-stop cc-wave and excruciating headache for me, leading to a critical split of all lower frequency timelines with a negative outcome from our ascending timelines prior to the shift. As usual, at the expense of my physical body that was crashed during that time but I have had so many similar episodes in the past that I knew exactly what was going on.

We moved with the ascending portion of humanity to much more favorable timelines where the election fraud will be peacefully revealed by myself and other ascended masters based on our direct access to immaculate information from the Akasha chronics. I had very vivid visions of how I will publish on my website the exact election results in every contested state in the USA and expose the magnitude of fraud which “Biden’s best voter fraud organisation in the world” has committed.

This will preclude the engagement of the corrupt US  judicial system and the inefficient recounts which Trump attempts to achieve as I wrote in my latest article “Time Determinants of the Ascension Schedule“.

Under this ascension scenario on the ground, the truth of the election fraud will be revealed but it will not automatically lead to Trump remaining president for a second term. He has now fulfilled his function as a system buster and will resign as we shall take over as ascended masters the destiny of humanity in our hands and will lead it towards ascension through unity, prosperity, bliss, and immortality. This aspect of the ascension scenario has been extensively discussed on this website.

There is no way that this agnostic person will still continue tinkering on his wet MAGA dream and trying to prove that it is possible to square the circle: to strengthen the deep state and the Empire of Evil that almost killed him with the Russiagate with simplistic businessman’s ideas without having a single idea how a true social reform should look like. You can’t build a radiant future for the American people on the foundation of the Washington D.C. swamp, in which Trump formally drowned during his first presidency while hiring and firing one swamp creature after the other.

We must abolish first and foremost the US state and then all other national states. But it will begin with the US state as it is the biggest, youngest, most aggressive, most corrupt, and least cohesive state.

Trump knows that at the old soul level of his new walk-in who has incarnated in his body with the limited goal to bust the system and he will be more than happy to give the baton to us, the incumbent Logos Gods and new spiritual leaders of humanity. This is what this second dream is all about.

Please observe that as soon as we separated all timelines with a negative, more violent outcome on November 18/19 and thus made a huge ascension leap, the Arcturians came the next day with this message as if out of the blue: Better Timelines for the Future of Humanity.

And here comes my third pivotal astral experience in the dream state that actually inspired this publication as after that my HS continued channeling me and helping me connect the dots. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and established the new Science of Ascension. Here again my entry in the diary:

How I experienced the Global Shift Energetically on November 20, 2020 (222 = Master Code)

“I had the most extraordinary experience this night. Between 5 and 6 am I dreamed that I was with Amora on a university campus on Vancouver Island, north of Victoria. It was not Victoria and I knew we were not in Vancouver itself, although I had the notion that this university was a branch of the universities in Vancouver. I kept hearing Nanaimo and was wondering whether this city had a university. I checked this morning and couldn’t find one.

Amora and I were in a building with a big glass dome and it looked very futuristic. All of a sudden there was a huge storm and we could see through the dome the whole sky and how pink bubbles began to build up in the air and to grow quickly. Then they began to conglomerate into big grapes-like bubbles and sank very close over the glass roof of the dome. I asked Amora, “What the hell is all that? Do you have any explanation, are you getting anything?” Amora said that she didn’t get anything and we wondered why nobody around us was noticing what was happening and why nobody had any explanation. I said, “These meteorologists have absolutely no idea and are simply silent on such phenomena.”

And now comes the second interesting part of my astral dream experience. At the same time, I was almost awake and could hear that there was a huge storm here in San Bartolomeo, Italy. I could hear that the sea was very rough and the waves were breaking with great noise as they usually do when there is a storm as was the case last month so that I could hear the constant thunder even when the windows and the blinds were closed. I was wondering if the waves would destroy again the breakers with the boulders on the beach which they were currently repairing with a crane. At the same time, there was a very strong wind that was hitting the blinds of the window. I was thinking that I might not be able to have a hike today as I planned it if the weather remained so bad.

I even considered getting up and seeing if there was a storm outside but decided to continue sleeping as I wanted to know what was happening in Canada with Amora and me at the university campus. I thought to myself that I am surely changing timelines as Amora did when she experienced the destruction of near-by timelines in Delta BC in August 2013 about which I had reported.

At some point, the huge grapes of pink bubbles hanging over the dome of the campus building became so heavy and bulging that they burst all of a sudden and released massive amounts of pollen. “What the hell is that?”, I exclaimed one more time and asked Amora if she had any idea but she was clueless as myself.

Then we moved from the big hall with the dome to a smaller room which somehow felt to be our own and then all of a sudden I saw with my third eye how these clouds of pollen that were released from the pink bubbles turned into pink-golden-blue-violet light that imbued the entire world (Later on, upon reading my dream, Amora also saw the purple flame of resurrection being also released.). At the same time, I was overwhelmed by a massive wave of love, my 4th heart chakra was fully opened and expanded vastly and I felt deep compassion for the entire world. “I know it”, I exclaimed and explained to Amora what I saw and experienced as a massive emotional wave of love, “This is how the shift will occur at the end of December.” As this wave was very stirring, I woke up from this powerful emotion – it was 6:15 am.

It is the second time in a few days that I had a key dream and experienced a massive emotion that awakened me and gave me an idea of the emotional intensity of the dream and its probable global effect. The first time it was outrage at the deception of the democratic camp in the election and this time it was a wave of love that will probably arrive at Winter Solstice and will cause the global shift I am expecting to come. After such a wave, it will not be possible for any human being to continue lying and cheating as everything will be obvious and there will be energetically no place for lies anymore. I think that this was a prophetic dream as I am asking my guides for a long time to give me an idea of what will come soon.

I then got up and noticed that there was no storm outside as I had heard it before. I opened the door to the balcony and it was very calm, a clear sky and a little bit fresh but clean air. No signs of a storm so that I can still go hiking on the hills today (This was prevented as immediately after that a massive cc-wave with downloads of source energies began that led to the separation of numerous timelines with a negative outcome.).

What is the Explanation of My Astral-Dream Experience of the Impending Global Shift From an Energetic Point of View?

The Activation of the Threefold Flame of Life – the Seat of the Soul

The threefold flame of Life – the seat of the soul in the human body system is the least understood energetic centre of all in the esoteric literature. Its preeminent role in the impending global shift that will transform the current very primitive human body system into a more evolved system of spiritual and cosmic sentience and propell humanity into ascended transgalactic civilisation is not at all understood. All too often the threefold flame of life is confounded with the heart chakra.

Therefore, before I proceed with my elaboration as to how the global shift end of December will change the human race,  let me explain in more detail what is actually the threefold flame of life. As I said before, it is the seat of the soul in the human body. It is located exactly behind the manubrium (green) of the sternum, which has joints with the clavicles and the first ribs of the thorax cage:

Thus, the threefold flame of life is in close proximity to the heart chakra, some authors describe it as embedded in the heart chakra but this is not correct and to the throat chakra. The correct way to interpret it is to consider the threefold flame of life as the primary power centre of the soul when she incarnates in the human physical vessel. From there, she radiates three energetic vectors to the heart chakra of Divine Love and compassion, to the throat chakra of God’s Divine Will and truth and to the crown chakra of the Divine Mind and Transcendence. Through these three chakras, the soul manifests in the human body as an incarnated personality – as a mirror image of the soul as a spark of Godhead.

The threefold flame of life consists of the pink, yellow and blue flames. These three flames are then radiated to the corresponding three chakras of the human body. The pink flame of love corresponds to the 4th heart chakra, the blue flame of Divine God’s will to the 5th throat chakra, and the yellow flame of illumination to the 7th crown chakra. These three out of seven sacred flames will play a key role in the evolutionary leap which humanity will experience during the upcoming global shift in order to open to the necessary revelations and take the road to ascension as a collective that accepts its transcendence and close bond to the Source. This will be the biggest Evolutionary Leap of Mankind ever.

In order to understand why the activation of the threefold flame of life is so important and revolutionary, you must know that it was deactivated after the destruction of Atlantis on Mars and the arrival of many humans from Mars on earth causing also the destruction of the beautiful continent of Lemuria. Most of the Lemurian civilisation had already ascended to the 5th dimension or went into the Inner Earth of Agartha and built the city of Telos under Mt. Shasta. This is a well-known story and Aurelia Jones has discussed it at length in her channeled Telos books, which you can find as pdf here. In particular, I recommend you to read the book on the seven sacred flames. We have also discussed the seven flames in articles on our website.

There is, however, very little information in her books on the threefold flame of life but the most important piece is given and it is the key to an understanding of what will happen during the global shift towards which we are now swiftly moving:

“When you think of the Sacred Flames, beloved ones, perceive their wonders with a
sense of equality. There is not one that is better or lesser than the other; although
each one holds a different attribute of the qualities of God, they are all equally
wondrous and effective. Some of their qualities overlap, creating an energy field of

The seven flames are also part of the Earth curriculum about which you need to gain mastery and balance in order to qualify for your Ascension. Everyone who has ever ascended was required to master the attributes of the seven flames.

In our teachings to humanity, we emphasize the seven flames, but in reality, there
are many others. When you fulfill your Ascension, the twelve Sacred Flames and
their corresponding chakras will be fully restored within you and you will be able to use them constructively with all of their numerous gifts in wondrous ways.

In the ascended state, as you continue to evolve your consciousness in the various
levels of the fifth dimension, and later on, in the consciousness of still higher
dimensions, you will discover many more flames and many more chakras will be
added to your lifestream. In fact, it will never end; evolution continues on forever
unto eternity. How many chakras do you think your Creator or Lord Melchizedek

Shortly before the destruction of the two major continents, Lemuria and Atlantis,
most of the Sacred Flames were removed from the surface of the planet and taken
inside the planet or to the etheric Temples of Light. With the removal of the flames,
also came the deactivation of part of your DNA, the minimizing of the Threefold Flame of Life in the sacred chamber of your heart, and the temporary shutting down of the five Secret Rays with their corresponding chakras.”

Because of the severe misuse of these rays and their chakras in the two continents
mentioned above, it was decided by the universal and galactic Councils of Light that restrictions had to be imposed on humanity. From that time on, only seven chakras with their corresponding flames were left activated for the continuation of mankind’s evolution.”

This quotation sums up why humanity is such a deficient incarnated humanoid species and also shows the way back to evolution, ascension and unity which the global shift will bring about. It is actually very simple but this topic is not at all understood, actually absent from the current esoteric literature and discussions as most new agers do not appreciate and do not use the seven sacred flames to create their own reality. This must and will change very soon. Hence the importance of this publication.

The current agnosticism of the masses, their total rejection of the soul and the higher realms of existence is entirely the result of the deactivation of the threefold flame of life since the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. This is the proverbial Fall from Grace of humanity and it is time to reverse this deplorable situation.

The activation of the threefold flame of life will be accomplished during the impending global shift in all ascension candidates depending on the level of their individual awakening and progress in the LBP. Essentially, this activation means the descent of the soul in the human physical vessel.

Until now, there are very few human beings who have experienced this energetic phenomenon as most of the people are not ready for that and would not have survived it as incarnated beings. Only very highly evolved human individuals have experienced sofar the descent of the soul in their physical energetic system and have been transformed into remarkable personalities.

This author is one of them. I experienced the descent of my soul at the age of 21, in 1972, and remember very well how painful and at the same time, ecstatic this experience was, all the more as I was not prepared for it and there was nobody to explain to me what was happening. I have captured this experience in my book Gnosis as a Personal Experience (page 80), which I recommend everybody to read. I described it with the Greek term soul catharsis as it transformed me in a profound cathartic manner forever and since then I am a foreign body on this planet.

Here is an excerpt from my book as it captures perfectly what many ascending candidates will experience during and after the global shift and why they will need our help as they will be overwhelmed.

“A soul catharsis, even though it superficially manifests as a deep depression, is actually a profound soul phenomenon, whereby the earthly personality is touched by the divine expression of the Source. Such a process can only be endured by old souls at the end of their incarnation cycle because it represents a tremendous mental and emotional challenge for every incarnated personality. At the same time, it is a necessary initiation that prepares the willpower of the personality for a future transpersonal mission.

However, I was not prepared for this catharsis, so that it hit me with the concentrated force of a powerful earthquake. I experienced my catharsis at the age of 21 when usually the second chakra opens slowly. In my case, all seven body chakras opened at the same time and I experienced such a tremendous expansion of my personality that I lost the ground under my feet and no longer knew who I was and what I was searching for on this planet. All my existential fears came up and plunged me into a deep spiritual depression…

A soul catharsis goes always with a descent of the pure, astral-energetic personality structure into the psyche that is associated with the earthly personality. While the astral matrix of the psyche embodies the Ideal Self, which forms the inner core of the incarnated personality, the psyche, being an image of this Ideal Self, is fundamentally shaped and deformed by earthly life both in a conscious, as well as in a subconscious manner. That is why the human psyche is almost never healthy: it is through the many conditioned low-frequency anxiety patterns of the
environment deeply damaged and vibrates with dissonant frequencies.

The conditioned earthly personality must incorporate during the catharsis the pure, high-frequency, harmonic patterns and properties of the Soul Matrix. In this energetic sense, the soul catharsis is a massive descent of major soul and spiritual aspects coming into the physicality of the individual, who is energetically transformed forever and becomes a remarkable exception on earth. This energetic transformation can only succeed when the earthly personality is ready to radically reject everything experienced up to this point in time, including conditioned opinions, beliefs and behavioral patterns which she considers part of her being, and replace them with the higher-frequency psychological and mental property patterns of her ideal astral Self.

This energetic transformation manifests superficially as a deep depression, in which the old behavior patterns that are genetically stored in the cells, come up to the surface; the affected person experiences them speciously as unpleasant sensations and properties, before they can be irrevocably deleted. This experience represents a tremendous psychomental exertion and can only be endured by very old souls. Similar processes also take place during the LBP.

From an energetic point of view, very strong polarizations occur incessantly in a wave form in the emotional and mental body during this psychic conversion in the course of the LBP or a soul catharsis. They are perceived by the individual as very unpleasant contradictory feelings and thoughts: rejection and affection, hatred and love, clarity and confusion, all race in rapid succession before the inner perceptual horizon and are extremely exhausting on mind and body.”

This description of the impending soul catharsis of humanity that will be triggered by the global shift explains why the worst experiences are yet to come for all humans and why they need spiritual teachers like us to explain to them what is happening and guide them out of their collective depression that cannot be avoided if humanity is to evolve to an ascended transgalactic civilisation.

Luckily, this time the experiences all ascending candidates will have with the shift will not be as drastic as it happened to me half a century ago when the density on this planet was maximal throughout the whole history. Why?

Because we have created in the meantime the fountains of freedom, which are the threefold flames of life as powerful external portals, first in Italy and Europe and then in Vancouver, Canada and North America. I urge you to read very carefully one more time my energetic report on these creations from last summer as the information it contains is indispensable to understand what will occur end of December and more so at the beginning of 2021:

How the Trinity Created “The Fountain of Freedom”. The Creation of the Divine Heart Chakra Portal in Italy, Central Europe and in Vancouver, North America in June and July 2019 – Full Report

These energetic creations are an absolute novelty and have never existed on this planet and probably nowhere else in the multiverse in this particular form. They were created by our souls especially for this earth at this time to facilitate the transition of humanity to a society of soul-activated human beings when the shift will come by the end of this year.

Humans have never been truly soul-guided entities before as the fear-driven ego-mind had usurped the human personality after the threefold flame of life was deactivated after the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. For this reason, its reactivation will be a very difficult and painful process at the beginning before the benefits of this profound energetic transformation can be savored by the ascending humans on all upper 4D earths.

There is a special aspect in our creations that will play a key role during the upcoming global shift and will also facilitate my role as the world spiritual teacher and the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law.

First, it is cogent that when the threefold flame of life is activated in most ascending candidates, their world view will be transformed and expanded forever as it leads to the unification of all their seven chakras as with the opening of the 4th, 5th and 7th chakras all other chakras will be automatically integrated into a unified chakra. It will represent a huge leap in their LBP individually and collectively and this will also transform the entire earth and human society overnight.

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A unified body chakra is an indispensable prerequisite for an expanded holistic world view and thinking. Until the present day, all humans, even the best alternative thinkers with some of whom I have exchanged opinions on this website, have a very compartmentalized and disjoint thought process as this is reflected in their writings. They constantly mix the categories and come to the wrong conclusions as they always depart from the parts, mostly from trifle facts, to explain a situation or their limited reality and thereby neglect the Whole – the Primary Term of human consciousness.

This holistic perception of the primary term of human consciousness, which is energy perceived as space-time, All-That-Is, God, etc. currently cannot be achieved by almost all humans as I have observed it in the last 25 years since I have begun propagating the new Axiomatics and Theory of the UL.

The reason for that is that their threefold-flame of life is closed and thus also the Divine Mind of Clarity and Transcendence (intuition, which we first anchored and integrated on the earth already on August 6, 2017), the Divine Heart of ubiquitous constructive resonance perceived emotionally as love and compassion for all living beings (as the unity field of All-That-Is) and the centre of Divine God’s Will that knows only truth and exposes all human lies and deceptions as local, dark, low-frequency phenomena of destructive interference.

Most humans on this planet are now cut from these higher dimensional systems of human cognizance that are expressions of the soul and this is going to change overnight when the shift will come. This should explain to you the dramatics that we will see very soon – the birthing pangs of the awakening humanity.

In order to further mitigate this painful transition of humanity, I volunteered to undergo a unique experiment last summer that prepared me for my mission as the new world teacher. And as the Arcturians confirmed in February this year, those timelines where the ascending humanity has chosen to make the experience of a world spiritual leader will be the most advanced and will enjoy the best outcome:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Shortly after we created the first world heart chakra power centre of the threefold flame (blue, yellow and pink) in Diano Marina, Liguria in June 2019 and one week after Amora returned to Canada, Vancouver in order to open the second world heart chakra in North America, I had the most dramatic, beyond-human experience on July 1st, 2019. I have captured this experience in this pivotal energy report, the title of which is of remarkably prophetic character as it perfectly anticipated what will happen during the impending global shift. Read it very carefully:

The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September 2019. How We Create a New Human Race Capable of Ascending

As Lord Melchizedek announced a few days earlier, my threefold flame of life that has been opened since my soul catharsis in 1972 and was then directly connected to the source with the beginning of the last most intense phase of my LBP in 1999 so that I could assume my role as the captain of the PAT and the human nexus to the source, I received a further energetic upgrading that no human being has received so far.

My threefold flame of life was energetically fully connected to the first world heart chakra centre in Italy and then to the second world heart chakra in Vancouver, which St. Germain also dubbed as the “Fountain of Freedom*, when it was created on July 25, 2019, in Vancouver. With that my threefold flame of life extended globally to encompass the whole earth and by default all threefold flames of life in all humans. This is the common effector level on which I will reach all humans energetically and open them to the new teachings of the Universal Law. 

 * “This Energy today that you three (Amora, Sophia and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov) have supported unconditionally through your steadfast commitment to the creation of the Fountain of Freedom (divine heart chakra portal) was magnificently anchored into both areas (Northern Italy and West Coast North America), where the Sacred Heart Fountains of Freedom now lie. Your lives and all the lives of humanity shall gain from the energies flowing forth from these sacred Portals. 

All three Flames, the Blue, the Yellow, the Rose, and the unified activities created as The One Unified Heart Centre , have now been refueled, reinforced and expanded to fill the world with the sacred divine fire of Power – Wisdom  – Love: The Basis of Freedom for All.  

(Here St. Germain alludes to the connection of my enhanced threefold flame on July 1st, 2019, to these two external heart chakra centres to create a global energetic field with the threefold flames of all ascending humans that will also lead to their liberation from perennial enslavement as they will be able to see the truth when the shift will come.)

The Blue Flame of the Power of God’s Perfect Will for All, with the Yellow Flame of Divine Wisdom connecting to Cosmic Truth and complemented with the Rose Flame of the Love that fuels All of Creation in existence, has been sustained once again, and now it grows in magnitude so fantastic as never before!”

St. Germain

I hope my readers begin to realize the gargantuan light work we have been doing for many years and in particular throughout the whole last year to prepare humanity for the impending global shift and the activation of their threefold flame of life.

While I was fully aware of what we had achieved energetically last year as my reports from that time document unequivocally, I needed this latest astral-dream experience of the global shift to fully connect the dots and be able to explain to you these intricate and very complex interrelationships and creations which will converge at the stargate 12.21.2020 and will culminate in the global shift of humanity to a new race.

At this stargate, humanity will experience the last Harmonic Convergence where the threefold flames of life in all ascending candidates will be activated and harmonized to the two world heart chakra centres in Italy, Europe, and in Vancouver, Canada and North America through my enhanced threefold flame of life. These centres have in the meantime expanded hugely and have encompassed the entire globe. These activations will be further supported by the numerous wheels of light and life of the five flames of ascended creation which we have built the world over. They are the new power centres of immediate creation.

The five flames of ascended creations are the aforementioned five flames in Aurelia Jones’ book which I quoted above. They were also removed from humanity’s chakras and the earth after the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. Now they are back again. This is how the pieces of the ascension mosaic begin to fit again.

Although I am fully aware that I am getting only glimpses into the unimaginably complex nature of the current ascension process, this disquisition is, nonetheless, a further highlight of the ascension chronicle on this website and gives you the only truthful and reliable information you can get on this planet on this topic, actually on any topic. This should be also stressed unequivocally at this place as we should begin to honour our achievements as long as humanity slumbers and disregards what we are doing for the people in decades of unconditional sacrifice.

Also, this unpleasant situation will change overnight when the global shift arrives and the proof is in this article.

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