The Creation of the Portal and Temple of Ascension in San Remo

Energy Report with a Message from the Elohim on This Crowning Creation

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Amora, November 1, 2020

“La Classicissima” to experience at first hand the magic of great cycling


When I first opened this ascension temple and portal in San Remo in August 2019 and then reinforced it, and further cleansed the area in September and October before I left Italy, I immediately wrote this report as not to forget how I actually created it chronologically. This report refers to my first two visits in San Remo. After that Sophia and I went there several more times. During these later visits, our light work turned into a fierce battle with numerous dark entities who had settled in San Remo and the region and had interrupted the leylines of the Rose of Mother Mary and AA Michael leading into France, Spain and Northern Europe. For this reason, I was emphatically urged not to publish anything at that time as not to draw the attention of these dark ones and risk unwanted interference.

Little did I know at that time that with my trip to Austria on October 25th, 2019 the most decisive final battle for this planet and this universe would begin when I had to eliminate almost single-handedly the entire dark evil heritage from Atlantis in the course of almost half a year as embodied by a multidimensional rogue clique of extremely evil and dark entities on numerous timelines and dimensions in this universe. The ferocity of these battles exceeded anything I have experienced so far and was only comparable to the darkness of some human individuals with whom I had to deal at that time and who embodied these old Atlantean energies of betrayal and treachery in human, mostly soulless vessels. This information should suffice for the time being.

In late 2019, we were told that the creation of the temple and portal of ascension in San Remo was a special gift of the Higher Realms for me and Amora, and, through us, for the entire awakening humanity. It was, so to say, an extra bonus to our ongoing incredible Creation since we became Logos Gods and Ascended Masters of Gaia and humanity in December 2013. Both Amora and I envision strongly that we shall live in San Remo after our ascension, independently of our healing activities in Diano Marina (DM) /San Bartolomeo.

Amora had a very clear vision one day in August 2019 of the city of light above San Remo and its vicinity. This place fills us with great joy. Since I left Italy, my thoughts constantly and involuntarily dwelled in this area and I saw myself walking along the streets of San Remo, Imperia and Diano Marina, where the healing centre is as if I was located in two places at the same time. I assume that this is indeed the case as Amora had the same visions during that time.

Now, we are very close to our final ascension and the energetic conditions have changed profoundly during this year of 2020. We have entered the phase of immediate creation and there is no longer any danger of dark interferences. We can create virtually anything but we can do this only with an absolutely clear and focused mind and emotional dedication to our future mission as spiritual teachers of humanity.

In March 2020, we were urged upon our return to Italy by the Vegans to create the crowdfunding website for the two healing and study centres of light in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo and in San Remo. With that the San Remo project became public and there is no need to keep this information confidential anymore. In particular, after we eliminated the rogue Atlantean clique end of March and severed all Atlantean timelines from the new earth, which we simultaneously built end of March, early April. Then we fought some more decisive battles with the dark ones that culminated in the total defeat and expulsion of the evilest big ugly reptilians on June 10th from the earth who were responsible for the current lockdown.

Since the initial creation of the ascension portal and temple in San Remo, we have been working diligently on this project. The development and publication of the crowdfunding website for the Universal Law of Nature on April 23rd was the preliminary crowning of this long-creationary effort that will yield immeasurable abundance for all humans involved when the global shift will happen this fall. In fact, we were told by our spiritual guides that this is only the 1st phase of the project and that there will be two more phases which will happen after our ascension and the global shift.

This summer Amora, Sophia and I visited San Remo several more times and did decisive lightwork to reinforce the study centre and the temple of ascension in this city and to anchor the new energies and codes coming from the Inner Earth of Agartha. Now the city of light New Raetia here in Liguria and throughout most of Italy and Central Europe is complete and ready for its manifestation.

Finally, we saved all the Druids’ souls from their earthly entrapment on September 13, 2020, in the area north of San Remo and consecrated the land prior to its glorious ascension and the manifestation of the city of light*.

Precisely for this reason, I decided to publish this report from September 17th, 2019 now and let you participate in this crowning creation, which will attract enlightened people from all over the world for their healing and further illumination in the course of their preparation for the ascension.

The date of publication, November 1st, is auspicious as on that date I entered the earth in a physical body 69 years ago with the mission to accomplish its ascension and that of humanity as an incarnated Elohim Soul and the human embodiment of Prime Creator. This has been achieved beyond our most daring plans. During this last life, I have fought, mostly alone, infinite battles with hordes of dark entities from the astral plane, such as archons and demons, and on the ground, such as evil dark reptilians, shape-shifters, and their nefarious human henchmen in order to cleanse numerous timelines and prepare them for ascension. No wonder my name is St. George, the Reptilian Slayer.

Palazzo di San Giorgio, Genova, Liguria

Obviously, I needed all the help Heaven could offer. That is why I was born on All Saints Day and since my birth, I am surrounded by saints, ascended masters, angels and archangels, the entire spectrum of light beings the higher realms can offer. This mission was destined to be a full success from the very beginning, and it IS.

The first successful ascension was accomplished on May 28, 2014, and then many more times in the last 6 -7 years until the fall of this year of 2020 when the final ascension is in the offing. It will be the crowning of all our efforts as the Planetary Ascension Team, of which I had the honour to be the Captain.

The focal point of the impending planetary ascension will be San Remo with its higher dimensional study centre of light and its unique Ascension Temple and Portal.  All humans, who will endeavour to achieve ascension in the coming years on all ascending 4D Earths, will come here and be prepared for this momentous transition from one aggregate holographic state of Being (as humble, weak biological human creatures) into powerful multidimensional beings and Creator Gods with unlimited awareness. What more can one expect?

I see many PAT members visiting this place. It is part of the bigger city of light in Italy that I hope will manifest in the course of this or next year. Therefore, enjoy this light work travelogue and the pictures of beautiful San Remo, Liguria, Italy as this is the place where planetary and cosmic history is made.

Energy Report – September 17, 2019

Only a few days after we transcended the heaven’s gate and entered the Living Universe, I was urged by my HS to expand our creation. On August 29th, the vibrations and the quality of the energies were exquisite upon awakening, I would say 7th dimensional, and I was wondering how it was possible that I still awake in this reality. Then my HS entered the scene and urged me adamantly to take the bus and go San Remo. I must admit reluctantly that I have been in Italy now for a year and a half and have never taken the opportunity to visit San Remo, which is only 30 km away westwards from where I live. As I always obey my inner voice, I took the bus in the morning and after 50 minutes drive, I was in the centre of San Remo.

As soon as I got off the bus my eyesight was attracted by an old basilica church near the bus station.

I immediately entered the church without having any intentions whatsoever, but as soon as I was there I heard a voice: anchor the pale blue light of Mother Mary in this church. We had already anchored Mother Mary portal in DM in March this year and now it seemed natural for me to do the same here in this city and church. I had no idea what the name of this church was and whether it was related to Mother Mary. I walked to the altar and then I saw a sculpture of Mother Mary to the right hidden behind a pillar. She was wearing a pale blue dress.

I still did not know the name of the church but when I decided to leave, I noticed an announcement at the entrance and the name of the church was: la chiesa della nostra signora degli angeli – the church of our lady of the angels, also known as Parrocchia Santa Maria degli Angeli, San Remo

I knew I was divinely guided to go to San Remo and visit this church. As soon as I saw the sculpture of Mother Mary, I sat in front of her and made my invocation of the pale blue ray and all the other sacred flames and five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life and asked for the creation of another portal of Mother Mary similar to that in DM. The vibrations were very high and pure when I arrived in San Remo and now in the church, they were out-worldly, I guess 7th dimensional and very blissful.

I stayed the whole day in the city and visited other attractions and was impressed by the big casino and the many luxury hotels there. It was obvious that San Remo, hosting the famous musical festival since 1951 that became the prototype for the Euro contest and many other music festivals, had an excellent infrastructure to become a cultural centre for various scientific and spiritual symposiums and congresses where the people from all over the world would come and discuss the creation of the new earth. This is what I was missing in DM, which is a small place and is excellent to harbour the healing centre but has no infrastructure for bigger social events. This was my first very positive impression of San Remo.

Back home, I told Amora on skype about what I had experienced in San Remo. After we talked on skype for a while, there came a huge vortex over me, similar to the one Amora got when she created the fountain of freedom in Delta, and burnt my skin and inside, especially my emotional body. It was very unpleasant, a huge alchemical reaction, but it lasted only for 1-2 hours and then subsided. I knew we were creating something big…

Sophia saw my aura that evening as being of pure crystalline, white light, like pearls up my crown chakra and that my fields were fully cleansed. I asked Amora to attune to my aura and tell me what she saw. I had a feeling that this was a very important and powerful initiation wave leading to my ascension and it was connected to my visitation of the Church of Mother Mary of the Angels in San Remo.

The next day, when I woke up my HS urged me to go to DM and visit our Mother Mary church again and bring there the codes from San Remo. I visited the church in the morning. I was alone all the time and stayed there for 20 minutes. Back home I talked to Amora and told her how I spent the day. When we talked about San Remo, she got all of a sudden the message that this was an ascension portal and this explained why the frequencies were higher in this city than in Imperia and even DM, which surprised me a lot. I thought that I have moved to a higher timeline, which was also true. Then Mother Mary told Amora that this was a sacred place but we could not figure out why.

These are the only notable facts I could find about San Remo:

From the middle of the 18th century, the town grew rapidly, in part due to the development of tourism, which saw the first grand hotels built and the town extended along the coast. The Empress “Sissi” of Austria, Empress Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, and Emperor Nicholas II of Russia vacationed in Sanremo, while Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel made it his permanent home.

As I am going to end the Nobel prize charade, it is important, to begin with at the same place where this guy died. There are plenty of beautiful villas in Sanremo and we may use some of them as interceptions to the city of light.

Then Amora told me that she had never seen this white pearl-like aura except in my field and that this was the ascension energies. She believed that I had a special consecration. I asked her to attune to this one more time.

On September 2nd, I was urged by my HS to go one more time to San Remo. When I arrived, I immediately went to the church of our lady of the angels. It was about 11:50 am. As soon as I entered the church, which was almost empty, a huge vortex of the most intense and purest vibrations of ascension energies poured down onto me like a cascade. I could barely walk and sat in front of the blue madonna statue and invoked the seven sacred flames and the five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life and also the new heart chakra centre with the threefold flame and created a huge portal of ascension and also a temple of ascension in this church with the help of Mother Mary and all the other angels, AA and AM. I stayed about a quarter of an hour in the church and when I was about to leave, I noticed another sculpture of Mother Mary as a nun in a side alcove, this time dressed in violet. It was an older sculpture than the blue one. I then invoked the violet flame and cleansed all my fields and the church.

When I went out in the hot sun, my coordination was fully impaired and I was like a drunken sailor. I could barely walk and felt dizzy. I walked slowly towards the park with the Ormond villa which is really beautiful and an ideal place to have an interception of the city of light with this reality as these photos show:

Image result for ormond villa, sanremo

Image result for ormond villa, sanremo

Image result for ormond villa, sanremo

From there I returned to the centre and found that all churches were closed at noontime. It was such a good idea to go immediately to our church as initially, I wanted to visit the Ormond villa first. Then I walked around the centre and visited a few more churches that were also closed and then decided to climb up the hill through the medieval village of San Remo, La Pigna to the top of the hill crowned by the church (sanctuary) of the lady of the coast (a Jesuit order):

Immagine Le pittoresce stradine della Pigna, la città vecchia di Sanremo - "La Pigna" è il curioso nome con cui viene abitualmente chiamato il centro storico di Sanremo, un pittoresco susseguirsi di scalinate, cortiletti e fontane. Un caleidoscopio di colori e architetture medievali che rendono questo centro storico, uno dei più belli e caratteristici della Liguria.- © Joana Kruse /

When I reached the hilltop and the church, I was exhausted from the light work and my legs were barely holding me. In the church, the same vortex came one more time though probably a notch lesser in intensity and I did again my invocation and created the portal and temple of ascension there one more time.

Back down to the centre, I went to the nearest beach and had a dip in the warm water. Luckily it was sand and the sea bed was flat so that I did not need to swim as I had no power.

Back home I spoke with Amora. She confirmed that she woke up around 02:30 am in the night shortly before I entered the first church and was asked by the light beings that were in her room to begin with her light work as to support me – she knew I was going to San Remo. Amora saw that this would be a new city of light and also a centre for ascension, while DM will be the healing place. We will live most probably in San Remo, but of course in a higher dimensional abode. Amora promised to attune and see if she could get a message of what we created in San Remo. According to me, it was as important as the creation of the second heart chakra centre in Vancouver and North America and this estimation was brilliantly confirmed by the Elohim who gave Amora a special message on our new creation on the same day.

Message from The Elohim on the New Portal and Temple of Ascension in Sanremo

Sanremo is a sacred portal for all divine energies coming to your expanded reality now. The Living Universe has anointed the ascended reality of Sanremo through the influx of much needed high-frequency light. The Light and Life energies of the Wheel are now downloaded constantly and the Sacred Heart of the Living Universe has expanded from Diano Marina to Sanremo.

There was a “processing” that needed to take place and this processing may also be called a cleansing; this is true for the surrounding area of the village (it is actually a city of almost 60, 000 inhabitants) and it is always a process that is required before introduction of sacred energies, especially now that this reality is in the new Living Universe.

(Amora: The Elohim refer to the new Living Universe which we entered when we transcended the Heaven’s Gate on August 18th, 2019 as reported in Transcending Heaven’s Gate. )

My consciousness is drawn to the February 19th message describing an abode in which to live as a 3D intersect, located in Diano Marina, and I am feeling somewhat confused by being reminded of this and what it now means to us, so I begin a line of questioning):

Amora:  “The February 19/2019 message that I received through the Cherub angels that called themselves “The Angels of Light”, described an abode for us that was to be located in the city known as Diano Marina, correct? “ 

Answer:  “Yes”

Amora:  “Now you are saying this message is about an abode in San Remo?”   

A. “Yes”

Amora:  “Why has there been this change?  Is it because of a change in the Timelines?”

A.There has been a change in the Timeline, Yes. This has arisen because there have been new choices made relating to: 1. ~  Inner processing of each member of the Trinity at the conscious and subconscious levels; 2. ~ Cleansing of San Remo was not projected until September 2nd when it was spontaneously undertaken by one of you (Georgi); 3. ~ A successful anchoring of the Fountain of Freedom – the Sacred Heart for the Southeastern portion of the Country of France; 4. ~ Sacred Anchoring of the Wheel of Light and Life with connection to Vancouver, Canada; and 5. ~ The download of the Purification Flamethe Ascension Ray in the village of San Remo, as a spontaneous event.  The result of all this lightwork means:

1) The Purification of the village of San Remo and very importantly,

2) the Sanctification of the Land through the Churches that were visited on that day.

A connection now exists between the beautiful cities of Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo and the key positions in San Remo. San Remo becomes an Ascension Portal ~ Diano Marina became a Healing Centre ~ Imperia connects both, each to the other.” 

As I am typing this message I ask: Why is there an Ascension Portal in San Remo?  What is the role of this Portal in San Remo? 

San Remo is hallowed ground since the beginning of time* and holds a special place in the heart of God for this expression. The recent work of the Trinity in this area ( I am shown both Northern Italy and the whole of Italy as well) has had a profound influence on the direction of the Resurrection of Light within the expression of this reality and its projected ascension path. It has long been lost to the energy of the Resurrection and light of Purification from the heart of God’s creation. By following the Higher guidance within each of you,

You have all three created a new timeline with new expansionary outcomes for this World. The anchoring of an Ascension Portal in the area of San Remo is a gift for such dedication of service and that shall, in time, provide openings to access levels of experience not seen beforehand. 

We are the Elohim; We honour your service and our love for each of you is always by your side.”

San Remo is the place to which people from all over the world will make a pilgrimage very soon when they are ready to ascend or need to be consecrated for this purpose.


* San Remo was a Druids’ centre since time immemorial and it was precisely here, in this area, that we liberated their souls trapped in the astral plane of the earth’s reality after the Romans committed a genocide on the druids.

Read: How We Saved All Druids’ Souls From Earthly Entrapment on September 13, 2020



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