Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 33

The Grand Finale: Amora’s HS, the 6D Fleet of AN and the Elohim Announce the First Planetary Ascension on May 28, 2014, New Moon Portal

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 27, 2020

May 5th, 6th and 12th, 2014; Messages from HS, 6D Fleet and the Elohim

Amora: Here is a message from May 5 which I hadn’t written to you formally about, but which I shared in a conversation on that evening.

As I was in the bathtub, I asked when the Ascension would arrive, and I heard

Your ascension will occur during the New Moon Portal (May 28, 2014)“.  

I am not certain of the source of this message, although I believe it came from my Higher Self, as no name was given as to who had told me this.

The next day, May the 6th, when I was aching so severely in my body, the Elohim came with this message:

“We are the Elohim and we come to you now to support you on your journey, your journey of cleansing your own sacred bodies, as well as those of humanity, and particularly those of Gaia.

It once again comes to the point of an analysis and deconstruction of a personal experience [a family situation], an intimate experience where pain and suffering is converted to open the floodgates for yourself, all of humanity and especially Gaia.

Your physical vessel is cleansing Gaia in this moment, yes, while she separates out her many parallel earths, where much dross is flooding the perspective, as she ascends into her ultimate timeline, the timeline of her final destination of ascended Beingness

Much dross is released with every copy, every hologram, even though each “copy” is empty of humanity as incarnated souls (4D holograms, consisting only of soulless, empty duplicates)She sheds that which does not serve her, and there is much!

Amora: Following the receipt of this message I then directly asked the Higher Realms for confirmation of my new role to cleanse Gaia, and I was flooded with a huge energy from my I AM presence as full and complete confirmation that now it is ALL about Gaia.

On May 12th, we had a dialogue with the 6D Fleet, where it was confirmed that timelines and holograms are shifting frequently, almost continuously, and that we are being pushed up constantly, every second, higher and higher towards the fifth dimension. They confirmed that ascension will come after the New Moon Portal, which is on May 28th.

They further discuss that the proton stream that is now underway will continue until May 24th, when it shall abate, and when 3 days of stasis shall occur.  When you asked if we shall ascend together, I saw a very strong vision of you, alone, with me being very faint in the background. My impression was that you ascend first, and that I will come later on, and that we will appear within three weeks, by June 21/22.

I believe this covers all the short messages received during this time frame.

This is a possible template for what might happen this time, however, everything is so malleable now that no fixed predictions are possible.


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