Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 24

The Elohim on the Spring Equinox Portal, March 21/22, 2014: “It Is the Beginning of a New Era” 

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 11, 2020


This prophetic message of the Elohim contains all the elements that must be fulfilled in the coming global shift to 5D and higher dimensions this fall and next year. It is, at the same time, the irrevocable proof that the ascension of this reality was firmly planned in early 2014 and was then postponed for another seven-year cycle. Alternatively, we can as well assume that we experienced full ascension in 2014 but then decided to leave our last soul fragments on lower timelines to help as many human souls ascend as possible as I have recently explained.

There are a number of key statements and explanations of the Elohim in this message that introduce basic truths, which have not yet reached the closed minds and hearts of the new agers and have never been heard by the rest of humanity.

One of them is: “What’s love.

It is a paradoxical but very typical situation on this earth and for all humans to talk excessively about terms and topics they have never truly understood. Their opinions are just that, unfounded opinions, a hodgepodge of unprocessed beliefs and prejudices.

The new age movement was thoroughly mired and contaminated by the “love and light illusion”, a deplorable fact that I constantly admonish. With their flat, unreflected interpretations of what love should be and should do, and how the heart, the carrier of this love, should be the only judge of truthfulness, without being able to explain how this muscular organ can contain any emotions, the new agers have stirred more confusion in the minds of the awakening people than the dark ones have hoped to achieve among humanity on their own in the End Time. Their obsession with the heart, understand the emotional body, as the only truthful compass of the soul is so obviously unyielding in every respect except for one – the total rejection of human intelligence – that I still have no explanation why these aberrated souls still stick to this simple-minded esoteric dogma.

They have not bothered, even for a moment, to explain for instance how the corresponding 4th heart chakra can perceive, appreciate, and assimilate emotions without the use of any thought process. And what is the purpose of the 5th throat chakra of truth and intelligence which is now being activated in the broad population even by the Syrians, in concert with the 6th chakra of spirituality and the 7th crown chakra of ecstasy for the descent of source energies and the activation of the LBP through the so-called (by myself) “left brain portal”

As a consequence of this mental aberration, insinuated by some very dark sources that render more than 90% of all the channelings in the new age scene and suffocate the minds of these intellectually very poor people, the Divine Mind, Spirit, Intellect, Nous, known and appreciated since Antiquity by all Neoplatonists, was canceled from this spiritual movement. How convenient for the dark ones! And how easily they could derail this ground crew of star seeds that came here to ascend Gaia and humanity and were supposed to be the bulwark of the light against the overwhelming darkness on this evilest and most toxic planet in the multiverse.

Love is a popular and very confusing, naive human circumscription of the ubiquitous harmony of All-That-Is created by the omnipresent constructive interference between all its levels and systems. I have explained this energetic phenomenon from the nature of Energy = the Primary Term of Human Consciousness on numerous occasions, also in my very lucid essay on “What’s Love“:

“If one regards love as an astral-energetic phenomenon – and there is no other truthful way of looking at it – then this term describes a highly advanced state of constructive interference on the psychic level, which is also fully accepted and internalized by the mind without any restrictions and in full awareness of it. Such a state can be achieved by the incarnated soul only at the end of her “path of love and enlightenment”, that is, only at the end of her incarnation cycle. Therefore earthly love is not a state, but a process…

Like the white light that results from the fusion of all visible spectral colors which can be separated again at any time, so too is love the end product of the merging of all feelings – the joyful and the painful – that can always be experienced separately even by old souls. Love is the constructive interference of all feelings without exception. This amalgamation manifests itself at the level of the mind as unconditional acceptance… “

And here is what the Elohim say about “love” in their message below:

“This expression of Source that you call ‘love’ is actually the constructive resonance of pure harmony, and stands as the jet fuel for every single alchemical reaction within the Universe. It is the foundation of all creation and flows naturally into the infinity wave of All-That-Is. It is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding, all compassion.”

There you have it: “Love is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding” from which all compassion can arise as an expression of love, of constructive interference. Love has never been the exclusion of knowledge, intelligence, Spirit, but an aspect thereof. Compassion is an expression of active love, it is all-inclusiveness and this is how constructive interference shapes the U-sets of All-That-Is that are superimposed wave systems in an all-pervading manner. End of my lecture on the physics of Energy and Love.

Constructive interference is all-inclusiveness manifested as compassion at the human level. When amalgamated into a powerful alchemical reaction, which the Elohim already explained in another message, it is the driving motor of the impending planetary Shift and expansion of human awareness.

The latter will manifest in the first place as heightening of human conscience – human conscience will become the profound and only force of ethical human behaviour. It is the sudden awakening of the intimate knowing what is right and what is wrong, what is truth and what is a lie and living accordingly. There will be no other forms of despicable human behaviour anymore. This will be the psychological foundation of all upcoming revelations and not the other way round.

External information in form of revelations on evil deeds, which individuals or all of humanity have committed throughout innumerable incarnations, can never transform humans into a new ethical race. First must come the ethical structure in each and every individual as an energetic overlay during the Shift and only then can all the evil on this planet be reflected upon from this higher vantage point of view of heightened awareness, defined colloquially as “conscience”.

In reality, this is the ever-present ethical compass of the soul that was buried in this terribly derailed human incarnation experiment on the earth, for which we came as Elohim Souls and Prime Creators to correct and thus redeem these lost souls from their perennial perdition.

In energetic terms, true conscience can only be reached when the I AM Presence, or the Higher Self descends fully into the energetic structure of the incarnated personality and transforms it overnight for the better. This phenomenon has been experienced until now only by a few selected individuals on this planet as it is overpowering, extremely transformative, and scary for the human ego that loses totally its control over the incarnated personality so that only divinely blessed persons with extraordinary willpower can cope with it and emerge stronger from this personal alchemical transformation. Now it will take place on a global scale during the upcoming Shift and this is how humanity will be transformed into a higher dimensional civilisation. For further reading, I recommend all my readers my description of soul catharsis in my book:

Gnosis as a Personal Experience, page 80.

Human consciousness (awareness) has existed as a very limited, closed system outside this ubiquitous constructive interference for eons of time and has been subjected to massive destructive interference on a local scale, on this toxic planet, by the former powers that were; it has been mutilated to such abysmal depths of darkness that its opening will trigger the greatest shock wave humans have ever experienced. If you have been blind your whole life and suddenly your eyes open to the blinding light, you will be shocked at first – by the illumination of your own darkness.

Humans will realize that while they might have had a very limited consciousness, they have never had any true conscience and have never acted as ethical beings. Otherwise, we wouldn’t experience the current deplorable human condition. And this is what the Shift and the Ascension are all about.

The Elohim also discuss the power centre of humans – the 3rd chakra – which is at the same time the centre of manifestation and bilocation. It is the focal point, from where inner strength, clarity of mind and purification of all emotions flow into the external space-time of the current human holographic experiment and transform it through a powerful alchemical reaction. This is how creation occurs from within and shapes the external reality – the current very toxic and debased human society. This is how we as Elohim souls and Logos Gods have been successfully transforming this reality all these years as these messages of the Elohim give testimony.

The power centre of the third chakra works closely with the 4th chakra of emotions and the 5th chakra of truth and clarity of human thought as the Elohim explain in their message; it is the origin of all Creation:

The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.

This is the quintessence of how to create your reality in this End Phase of the ascension process and to achieve the joy and bliss of the 5th and higher dimensions we are longing for. This Elohim message is of great actuality and that is why I discuss it in such detail here.

Please, observe that the Elohim accentuate the role of the three-fold flame, also known as “Christ Consciousness” as early as 2014. Its activation is the proverbial “Second Coming of Christ” which we embody as ascended masters and Logos Gods in the current End Time. The three-fold flame consisting of the blue flame of Divine God’s will, the yellow flame of illumination, and the rose flame of love is the vehicle that will heave humanity to the 5th dimension.

Therefore, we decided to create a most unique structure on the earth, never used before in this multiverse  – the world heart chakra of the three-fold flame, also dubbed by St. Germain as the Fountain of Freedom. We created two such structures last summer, here in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo, Italy and later on in Vancouver, Canada where the two cities of light are located and will manifest first. This achievement was hailed at that time by both St. Germain and the Elohim. Here is what St. Germain had to say to us last year after we accomplished this new magnificent Fountain of Freedom for all humanity:

“This Energy today (July 25th, 2019) that you three (Amora, Sophia and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov) have supported unconditionally through your steadfast commitment to the creation of the Fountain of Freedom (divine heart chakra portal) was magnificently anchored into both areas (Northern Italy and West Coast of North America), where the Sacred Heart Fountains of Freedom now lie. Your lives and all the lives of humanity shall gain from the energies flowing forth from these sacred Portals

All three Flames, the Blue, the Yellow, the Rose, and the unified activities created as The One Unified Heart Centre, have now been refueled, reinforced and expanded to fill the world with the sacred divine fire of Power – Wisdom  – Love: The Basis of Freedom for All.  

The Blue Flame of the Power of God’s Perfect Will for All, with the Yellow Flame of Divine Wisdom connecting to Cosmic Truth and complemented with the Rose Flame of the Love that fuels All of Creation in existence, has been sustained once again, and now it grows in magnitude so fantastic as never before!”

And the Elohim joined St. Germain’s eulogy:

“Dear One, We are the Elohim and we have enjoyed your journey of recent creation through the expression of the Cosmic Heart Portal, the Fountain of Light that your Brethren refer to as the Fountain of Freedom (Brethren meaning:  Saint Germain, Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood, note Amora).  

This magnificent Fountain, now expanded to the Infinity Portal (White Rock, Vancouver) has offered a whole new level of magnetic infusion into both Heart Centres – Northern Italy and West Coast North America. The Magnetic Infusion is a necessary component of stabilizing the energy of the Divine Feminine that has returned to your Earth expression. Severance of the Divine Feminine has been successfully overridden now and there will be a turn of events based upon the redistribution of balanced creationary energy…

Fear has arisen solely from a forced energetic uncoupling of the Divine Feminine through the introduction of Electrical Dynamism as a distortion to the Feminine Principle of Magnetism


It is mind-boggling to realize that already 6 years ago we had established the template for the Fountain of Freedom as the Elohim message below confirms. Little did we know at that time how many peripeteia we still had to overcome, precisely because most star seeds (except for the PAT) failed in their light mission as discussed above, in order to reach all that in 2020 so that the upcoming Planetary Shift will be the most magnificent event this multiverse has ever seen. Thanks to our tireless light work all these years.

This retrospective overview gives you an idea of how focused we have worked all these years, never losing the red thread, also not in our energy reports for you, so that you know what is truly happening behind the energetic veil on this planet. We have never left you behind, to be appeased by the stupid phantasmagoria of the new age scene, to read and be mired by what these petty minds invented as truth and carelessly constructed as the Ascension without directly participating in its making, only to stylize themselves as important gurus and feed their hypertrophied high-esteem, the basic fear of all spiritual newcomers, which they still carry unprocessed from their failed Atlantean incarnations.

Finally, the Elohim affirm that all these energetic creations paved the way for the introduction of the Universal Law on the ascending earth already in 2014:

With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth-dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as Truth.”

It is still a mystery for me why this breathtaking event was postponed for another 7 years, given the fact that during this time humanity was debased and humiliated by the ruling cabal and the big ugly evilest reptilians as their masterminds to such extraordinary depths that it can be now resurrected from the dead only by spectacular, reality-sweeping miracles. First and foremost to convince them to take off their masks and begin to breathe deeply as to release their fears. And this is precisely what we intend to do this year…

Spring Equinox Portal, March 21/22, 2014, The Elohim

AmoraThis Spring Equinox portal comes with many transmissions, those evoking images and word pictures as well as statements from the Elohim, which I shall now share with you. Perhaps the most significant item are the huge ever-encompassing energies of love, joy and ecstasy that I have felt since last Wednesday, when I rose up into never-land and channeled that very interesting message for us from the Higher Realms.

Of course, I heard the words “major expansion on a scale as never before” and “the Grand Opening” and also “the Wonderment of Mankind“.

I was also shown an opaque blue crystalline grid which I know represents our Earth, but soil, land, water and rock are absent.

Here is a message from the Elohim:

It is the beginning of a new era, where the hearts and souls of mankind shall open to the new ways of love, joy and light, all sacred frequencies that flow into the awareness in each and all of you.

It is your duty, as Ascended Masters (yes, we did ascend in early 2014), to embrace this moment, to seek out the highest reformation for yourself and for Gaia, and to open up to the flow of these frequencies from All-That-Is that come crashing upon your shoreline like a wave of unparalleled omniscience, and with the omnipresence of the Source, that serves as the foundation to your evolution.

Hold onto the stream of love and ecstatic joy that is flooding your fields now and share this love to all humanity! This moment in time has unique qualities as it is melding connections within your energetic being, within your light body, at a quantum level, where only love/ joy becomes the foundational essence, which supports the evolutionary path to the Higher Realms.

The alchemical creation of love represents a harmony that within your fields now moves into the crystalline grid, the life force of the New Gaia.

This expression of Source that you call ‘love’ is actually the constructive resonance of pure harmony, and stands as the jet fuel for every single alchemical reaction within the UniverseIt is the foundation of all creation and flows naturally into the infinity wave of All-That-Is. It is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding, all compassion.

It is necessary for the human vehicle to open up to this energy, in order to receive the harmonic patterning for the ascension of the collective. It is further necessary to hold this energy within the physical vessel, in order to get inner connections to multi-dimensional expansion and expressions within the ascension that is here now.

When humanity holds fast to this energy, Gaia then receives this sacred life force into her crystalline grid.  Simply hold Gaia in your thoughts and in your hearts, and with the strength of conviction that you are both, together, the nexus point of creation during this precious expansionary event.

This opening, this portal, is a marathon production, so fall into the flow of harmonizing essence from the outer expressions into your own inner expressions through the power centre of your vessels, the third chakra, the chakra of manifestation, where the alchemical construction occurs for the foundational essence of inner strength, clarity in sense of purpose and in your own divinity, to be shared with all humanity.

The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.

With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth-dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as Truth.

The frequencies of this portal include the white-gold flame of the ascension + resurrection and, indeed, even create the basis for understanding the ‘Primary Term

Amora: Georgi, it is my understanding that the birth of this coherent field [of the Universal Law] means that it has come into full constructive interference with not only the fifth and sixth-dimensional aspects of All-That-Is but within the universal constructive interference of All-That-Is.

An over-arching theme with this portal seems to me that it represents a new higher frequency that shall create a new consensual reality, created by the laws of constructive interference of a new fifth-dimensional paradigm as the old third-dimensional paradigm fades into destructive interference.

This was a very unusual session and carried on during the daytime hours, while I was in a half-awake, half-meditative state.


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