Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 23

The Beginning of the Energetic Preparation for the Introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law on Gaia 5

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 10, 2020

This message of the Elohim and the energetic events that surrounded it applies fully to what is happening now in the fall of 2020 and will continue next year with maximal force.

Energetic Background, written in May 2014

This message was preceded by a massive wave on March 17, 2014 as part of the most severe cleansing episode beginning on March 8th, which I and Carla have experienced so far. It caused severe acute broncho-pneumonitis, incessant, persisting cc-waves with severe headaches and a complete physical depletion to both of us.

During a walk on the beach on that day, I was very much frustrated, sensing actually the collective frustration of mankind with the current situation, and began to rant against heaven for the pains I have experienced throughout my whole life and during the prolonged LBP on behalf of humanity. Then I decreed that I am no longer willing to be the martyr and the servant of humanity and All-That-Is during this tedious ascension process and desire the immediate completion of my mission in a physical body on this timeline by ascension.

As always, I knew that this emotional outburst served a higher purpose and is meant to open a new portal/level of expression for me and humanity. Essentially, I demanded the beginning of the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law. I knew at that moment that this emotional outcry is the most efficient metaphysical, alchemical way to create new realities.

Amora was initially tempted to stop my ranting, but the Elohim told her to let me continue with my complaints towards Heaven as this emotional energy is the fuel for any global change. This is how I have created many new timelines and have given them a new gestalt. The next day the Elohim gave this message to Carla that confirmed our experience on the beach the previous day.

March 18, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: I was feeling completely mentally and spiritually detached from this life, from this reality, and noticed a loud buzzing in my ears, and felt as though I would physically lift off the ground and up into the ceiling of our apartment when the Elohim arrived with a personal message for you (Georgi).

Just as an aside, I have the intuitive knowledge that something will be “discovered” or “understood” that shall have a substantive and foundational impact on the acceptance of your Universal Law, into the current scientific arena. Of course, your/ our ascension may also be connected to this event, and may even trigger the acceptance of the Universal Law.

The Beginning of the Energetic Preparation for the Introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law on Gaia 5

“Greetings, we are the Elohim… There are great forces moving now to prepare for the introduction of your work on the new theory of science, which shall serve as the foundation to the new framework of general science and all supporting thought constructs and technologies that flow and indeed, thrive from this point of departure.

As you know, there is much work to be done in order to prepare the canvas for the arrival of the paintbrush. First, the canvas must be prepared in great detail, where the surface is taut and flat, and where the paint shall be smoothed on in an expert fashion. Without such preparation, the paint shall clump, crumble and fall away, leaving a scene that is wholly unrecognizable.

The preparation has begun, and as the foundation to the presentation of your theories is rendered, all shall fall into place.

As your desire to present this new knowledge drives you, re-create the circumstance to show the way. 

It is time! The time is ripe!

Begin slowly, carefully, and in a methodical fashion. The way shall open for you now. The success of the implementation of these new theories of science begins now.

(After our transfiguration and ascension were cancelled end of May 2014, respectively we decided to prolong our stay on lower timelines for another 7-year cycle, nothing happened in this direction and I had to wait until the end of this year of 2020 for something tangible to occur. However, I cannot imagine this to manifest under the current circumstances of the second lockdown when the people have become brain-dead under the prolonged quarantine and the oxygen insufficiency caused by the masks, and are also totally paralyzed by their existential fears. Hence only major miracles can extract humanity from its current stupor and awaken them to the blessings of the new General Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law.)

We stand by you, as you re-tool your approach and appeal to your colleagues on the basis of purely foundational concepts, as the commonality between you and your peers. Their proclivity to hang onto old, safe and therefore, comfortable ideas, will lead to protracted discussions and therefore will also dictate your unconditional support from all angles.

Show them the way! It was always about you as the Master Teacher!

Your recent work [on your own website] prepared you for this moment, where you were the professor for several years. It has prepared you and now you are ready.

We stand by you now.

Go in confidence with the inner fortitude and strength of an Elohim!

(My strength of an Elohim is still there, though somewhat withered under this increasingly toxic atmosphere and incessant, exhausting battles with the dark ones on numerous levels, timelines and dimensions. The promised land of bliss and harmony is still nowhere to be seen, quite on the contrary, and my imagination that creates it is being depleted by the adverse circumstances. Time for a Big Change, my Elohim!)


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