Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 20

Re-Seeding Lower 3D and 4D Worlds Into the Light in March 2014

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 6, 2020

Every energetic work we have been doing now for more than 2 decades in a conscious manner and practically since birth in an unconscious manner has left a huge toll on our bodies. One can describe this clinical condition as symptoms that arise from the LBP, from releasing 3D density, but actually, it is much more. I have discussed this topic on numerous occasions and have prepared a pdf book on it.

I have also recently explained the alleged clinical symptoms caused by the fake coronavirus with the mass awakening of humanity and the opening of their 4th heart chakra prior to the Shift that always goes with severe respiratory symptoms:

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After this episode of our light work in March 2014 – opening the early March portal and re-seeding all lower 3D and 4D worlds into the light, while we personally ascended to the 6th dimension – I got the obligatory severe acute and then chronic broncho-pneumonitis. I was happy at that time that we did not have the current scamdemic lockdown as I would have been sent to the hospital, intubated, and surely died from this clinical procedure as many patients died this year (iatrogenesis, iatrogenic mortality) and then blamed it on the non-existent virus…

After we received the joint message from the High Council of Light and the Elohim below, I wrote a description of my respiratory symptoms caused by this heavy and important light work. The fact that both the Elohim and the HCL came to warn us that we were having difficulties adjusting to the higher 6D frequencies was a clear sign that they knew how hard we would be hit and wanted to mitigate the clinical symptoms with their compassion.

March 9, 2014, The High Council of Light and the Elohim

AmoraHere is the message from the High Council of Light and the Elohim, which I received yesterday (March 9). This message follows a great inflow of many emotions, including those that are completely foreign to me. You were correct in saying that your impression is that we are cleansing the timelines on the third and fourth dimensions.

A word that has been given to me every day over the past 4 days, is that of “unification”. This portal has been of huge import for the ascension process.


“Greetings, we are the High Council of Light and we join the Elohim to acknowledge that your sensations and information you are receiving is of a collective formulation [coming from the Collective of Humanity].

This is a great portal that opens once again to flood your world with crystalline light, in order to re-qualify lost and errant emotions and patterns of the lower third and fourth-dimensional worlds that are now being re-seeded into the light.

As you perform the cleansing through re-qualification and insertion of cosmic love, all worlds are re-seeded upon the basis of divine love that flows freely through every expression in cellular form and etherically into and through all thought forms.

This portal consumes all negative feelings and thoughts and replaces them with the consciousness of love!

You are continually moving into a sixth-dimensional expression and we see that this transition is rather difficult for your physical vessels.

We ask that you once again release concern with earthly affairs now with regard to your family situation, as all is taken care of and done so with great love, and through the action of divine abundance.

Express your love freely between yourselves, do not hold back. Contractions are not supported in the more refined dimensions. Therefore, let go and enjoy freely the gift of each other. This union is sacred and defies earthly considerations.

Enjoin again out-of-doors, for your vessels demand great cleansing, while layer upon layer is re-calibrated and re-fitted to suit new worlds after transfiguration.

We all stand by your side, now and for eternity. Know that you are deeply loved and forever cherished.

We are the High Council of Light, and the Elohim.”

Addendum, March 15, 2014

With this message, a huge cc-wave episode began, leading to a final maximal transformation of our physical vessels. It manifested in the first place as severe pharyngitis and acute, later chronic, broncho-pneumonitis. This massive wave episode has been extensively presented in my articles on the LBP and I have experienced such episodes many times in the last 14 years. However, this time it exceeded anything I have known so far. The same holds true for Amora, who has never had this particular episode in this maximal and complete form.

It began actually five days ago for both of us with massive cleansing of the two lower chakras, leading to an inflammation of the urinary tract, severe back pains and maximal diuresis due to enhanced metabolism, before the emotional cleansing commenced on March 8, predominantly for Carla.

Then the acute pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis wave followed by extreme pains in the lungs, as if they are cut with razor blades during coughing and several persistent cc-waves with severe headaches lasting till March 13. Maximal physical depletion due to the extreme intensity of the source energies and the metatronic vibrations. The last cc-wave for me was so intensive that it burned the skin of my face, as this has happened only once in the past. This indicates the unique intensity of this prolonged portal opening.

This maximal energetic episode / huge portal led to the cleansing of all human chakras in humanity (mainly 1st to 5th chakra as the 6th and 7th chakras are still closed in most human entities) across all timelines. In particular, the divine three-fold flame of the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra was fully activated.

( I, honestly, wonder why we had to stay for another 7 years on this earth if we did all that so successfully 7 years ago…)


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