Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 15

The High Council of Light Announces on February 18, 2014, Our Imminent Ascension to 5D

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 1, 2020

As you see, we received so many announcements of our imminent ascension by various sources, which Amora channeled on a daily basis at that time, that it is not surprising at all that we fully reckoned with this event in early 2014. Therefore, you can imagine how devastated we were when our ascension was canceled end of May and we had to stay for another almost 7 years in this reality in order to reach the current low point of humanity before the people can turn into the light. When the goal is finally achieved, nothing from the past will ever matter, as the past will be abolished forever and we shall only live in the Now.

The recommendations of the High Council of Light from the mothership of the Galactic Federation are so precise and practical in their message that it was obvious to us that we had entered the final phase of preparation before our transfiguration and ascension to the fifth dimension. We stopped eating meat, which was quite a sacrifice on my part and changed fully our diet. It didn’t help at the end but we are in the exact same situation again in this fall of 2020.

February 18, 2014, The High Council of Light on the Mothership

Amora: I received this message from The High Council of Light, following our visit to White Rock yesterday afternoon (February 18th, 2014).

” Our dearly beloved One, it is with great excitement that we announce to you the beginning of the major transforming events, foretold to you in a previous message. 

(George: I received information from my HS in the dream state on February 4th that I should enter this state of bliss in two weeks, which is exactly the date when the HCL came and announced the beginning of our last phase of recollecting and implementing our multidimensional skills as ascended masters.)

We are The High Council of Light and we now take this moment to assure you that the majority of the physical transformations required to move you to higher dimensions have now been completed.

Now you shall begin to experience moments where new abilities shall shine through your current experience of wakeful reality, according to the level of activation found in each DNA template (yours, Georgi, and mine).  While you are dual souls, and you carry the same energetic signatures, your DNA activation templates differ and shall demonstrate key differences, each from the other at this time.

We are eager to see these dynamics unfold, and are ever-present now within the sealed fifth-dimensional frequency of your abode.

Continue to drink a lot of pure, fresh water, and limit the intake of red meat as the energetic structure of red meat leads to the absorption of animal DNA and the negative experiences also held within this DNA. Sources of protein we recommend are those expressions whose role is to consciously enter the food chain, including fish and fowl. Mammals are incarnate upon this earth to hold consciousness and elevate the consciousness of Gaia, and they hold no active role in the food chain of humans.

Extra rest is very important now, in order to maintain cellular levels of ADP and ATP, substances that are reduced during interaction and sustained exposure to the third dimension.

Sleep is also very important indeed, as this is the time when you are actually traveling and working upon the multi-dimensionality of your Souls’ expressions.

We are The High Council of Light and we wish you to know that you are loved, you are protected, and you are cherished beyond words, as this moment shall now reveal new levels of creation within your and our experience of All-That-Is.


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