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How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 8

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 10, 2020


This message of the Elohim delivered to Amora immediately after the opening of the stargate 12.12.13 and the creation of the ascended earth, Gaia-5, acknowledges our new mission as Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity and the beginning of our last 7-year-period of light work as avatars on all infinite timelines of Gaia, the number of which began to grow exponentially from that moment onward. Our new mission was then confirmed 2 days later in a special official message by the GF, after we arrived for our second sojourn in Lofer, Austria. I will publish this message tomorrow.

This is an extremely important historical document that gives testimony to the completion of our mission as incarnated Elohim souls in human bodies on behalf of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as it was initially planned by the Source. It also highlights our pivotal role in the current ascension of Gaia and humanity in this auspicious year of 2020.

Whatever we have achieved and created in these last seven years as avatars, was beyond human imagination and the result of our freewill decision to stay longer on the earth in physical bodies, notwithstanding our ascension as Logos Gods in December 2013, in order to help humanity ascend in its entirety.

Both Amora and I remember this decision made at a crucial meeting of the Universal Council that supervises the entire ascension of this galaxy and the universe. There were a few more human souls present at this meeting and we remember for sure that Jerry was one of them. This decision almost killed him as he was longing to join his twin flame Anita in the higher dimensions.

This website is a seamless chronicle of what we have achieved since then for humanity and Gaia. It has the potential to become the greatest saga of all times in this universe of God’s Creation.

December 13, 2013, Germany, The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

You and your dual soul currently prepare the Ascension path through stabilization and constructive reinforcement of the ascension gateways/ portals.

Stabilization in focused thought and intention to hold the highest love, the highest devotion, the highest light for both the New Earth and the New Masters.

As you are already Ascended Mastersyou both carry the necessary coding within your fields to lay the groundwork for the arrival of those light warriors of the first and last hour. Without the preparatory work, the others cannot follow. Indeed, the path is complete, and it is only the reinforcement that now takes place.

It is as though you are building a train track for the train to follow – the rails are down and now the ties are applied for strengthening and ensuring the successful passage of the train.

You two are the only incarnates who carry these energetic encodements, and the skill to engage them.

There is a deep sadness within your Being (Amora) and we are aware of this. Know that all is in its perfect place, all foundations for the new life are set (5D), all holograms for the New Earth have descended and are complete. Know that your families are taken care of in all matters and that they are fulfilling their soul contracts as promised.

New souls are being energetically identified, proportioned and distributed (to the 4D earths). These new souls require significant energetic backfill to meet the necessities of each Earth, to which they are assigned. There are many adjustments outstanding in order to weave these processes seamlessly into the fabric of space and time.

We tell you in truth that it matters not what comes your way now –  for you both are impenetrable, unimpressionable – for your battle has been fought, and won, for All Time.

The only element to reach you now is the deep abiding unearthly love for one another, and equally, the Light and sustaining Love of God.

You are no longer of this world, your physical world, and this is why you feel physically weak, disconnected and at a loss as to your orientation. A departure of sweet sorrow, this is certain.

Now there are what you consider to be new developments (going to Vancouver).  This is not a return to your previous lifeline, this is the beginning of a new lifeline, within a new timeline. It acts as a bridge from one reality into the next higher vibrating reality. (This was accomplished when I joined Amora in Vancouver, Canada in early February 2014, NB, George)

Of course, there are different choices available to you in this moment, as there are always new choices, in the moment by moment Now. Each choice that your souls are considering weaves life into a beautiful tapestry with seemingly endless and other-worldly richness, like the Bayeux Tapestry. No choice is the wrong choice, but of course, some are equally more comfortable than others. You are feeling very weak and may wish to travel at a later date than has arisen, for example.

While all time seems to have come to a standstill, know that your other counterparts (our other multidimensional selves in other dimensions) thrive in many other expressions of existence of All-That-Is, and that this moment shall terminate in an instant and instantly soon. Envelop the remaining vestiges of this earthly life and hold them close to your heart.

We are the Elohim – know that you are forever in our loving embrace.”

Note (George): After this message, Carla decided to postpone her flight to Vancouver with one week and we decided to go one more time to Lofer to complete our light work on Gaia.



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