Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 3

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 5, 2020


For further information read the introduction in Part 1.

November 30, 2013 in Lofer, Austria, The Elohim

This message explains exactly what is happening now in 2020 on a much grander scale and as a completion of what we started seven years ago.

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Your Grand Sun imparts willingly through open gateways to the Central Sun, those informational Codes necessary now to seed the newly anchored Fifth Dimensional Holograms upon your New Earths.

All upper holograms of the ascension protocol that have expanded upwards and outwards require insertion and integration of refined consciousness, purified mathematical models and rarified seemingly tangential objectives, all proven means of the deterministic outcome of all new holographic representations of your New Earths.

We say “New Earths”, as you are correct in your clear assessment, there are now many, many holographic Earths, that are sealed from dark forces of influence previously rendering cyclical incarnation for the sole purpose of energy containment and separation from the Source. These ways are now isolated and kept at a distance from those of Godly proportion, from those that are of All-That-Is.

These codes form the basis of consciousness within each New Earth, the framework is fundamental to future onward evolution throughout eons of time/multitudes of expansion and expression.

As each set is imparted upon each hologram, there also follows insertion points for new informational packets to be received as identified along with that reflection of reality.

It becomes like the LEGO CITY with many foundational pieces having the ability to receive new pieces (of consciousness) in order to build each Earth’s level of consciousness according to those incarnates, who have found that place in which to evolve.

Each Earth receives different foundational pieces, having differing levels of consciousness, differing levels of participation and differing outcomes. 

There is a “New Earth” for everyone!

It is in this manner that All-That-Is creates and creates Fully (No exclusion, All-inclusive)

As Ascended Masters you ARE taking part in this creation, in a moment to moment inclination. Your contribution continues to be honoured by All-That-Is and you must recognize this to be so.

You are deeply loved, Elohim of the First Light, forever and All ways!

The pendant you (Amora) hold (Silver Sun Pendant) contains all codes necessary for the creation and building of your New RaetiaIt is decreed and it is done. It is the seed of the new and first City of Light, bridging the Old reality upper 4D to the new reality lower 5D.


In Lofer, Austria we were the object of massive attacks from the ugly evilest Reptilians (which we finally eliminated on June 10th this year), who could see our shining light of ascended masters from afar. Therefore, we had to be protected with a special shield from the mother spaceship of the GF above us. These reptilians had their underground bases in Obersalzberg of the Bavarian Alps near BerchtesgadenBavaria, Germany, where Adolf Hitler had his home in the Wolfsschanze in Berghof. He regularly met with these big ugly evilest reptilians who gave him orders on how to destroy the world as this has been their intention all along. There are clandestine written reports of witnesses about these meetings and what angst these reptilians have evoked in this simple and very weak creature of Adolf Hitler. This explains a lot about what happened during WW2. Obersalzberg is less than 20 miles away from Lofer and that is why we had to be very well protected.

December 1, 2013,  Galactic Federation of Light (Three Beings Arrive in the Living Room, Lofer, Austria)

“We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light and we come to you in this moment to clarify the current situation.

In this moment, our grand ship (mothership) is anchored above you in its full majesty, although unseen by you with your physical eyes, you know we are here because of your astute telepathic ability.

Yes, we are here, for you (Amora), and for your dual soul (Georgi), to provide the ultimate protection from any insurgence which can manifest in any moment and jeopardize the ascension process at this time. The experience you encountered yesterday (a sudden attack on us by these ugly evilest reptilians while shopping, when we were urged by the mothership to suddenly return home where we were protected under an energetic shield) was not your imagination, but real in every way. We shall not dwell on details as they are of no importance. Suffice it to say that your Light (light from our light bodies) shines the worlds over and can now be seen easily by those of ill-nature who remain in small pockets upon the Earth, outside of this dwelling.

A special protective shield is now in place around you, as a frequency fence, to camouflage your presence.

You will notice a build-up of energy, in the form of thermal energy, or heat, and this is simply a side effect of the efforts of this fence in its camouflaging properties. It shall certainly do no harm, and may only fatigue you at moments of overload.

Your concern for your family (Carla) is natural and comes from the social conditioning of the “Mother” role. It is best to remember, and to focus on this idea, that your children represent All of Humanity and All of Humanity deserves true Freedom in the Light. True freedom shall arise from the “setting straight” of Humanity’s history, true history, and these revelations shall set these Worlds on a new footing, and upon a new path into the Light.

(Let me say it here as clear as possible: Only the perspective that our children, whom we both love very much, will be able to live one day in a free world of bliss and abundance has kept us both alive and has given us the strength to accomplish this gargantuan lightwork as Elohim souls and Avatars after we became acknowledged ascended masters and Logos Gods seven years ago in Lofer when we created Gaia-Five as the following publications will show.)

You must simply rest now, and you must hold the faith through and through.

Yes, we are here! We are real! We are here for You! Your dual soul (Georgi) knows this truth!

Pull from deep inside and bring forth the natural faith in the Prime Creator, in the Divine Order, for your salvation from concerns borne of earthly focus and of ill-alignment. You have done it many times! Trust in this Divine Order!

Meditate on it now, to hold it, and bring it into your very Being. Meditate on it frequently, even when you feel solid in your beliefs.

We wish only to openly support you on your divine path, and, of course, as it is still your final decision, we can only hope to lovingly support you along the way.

Thank you for your dedication to the Light. There are many, many here, upon our ship. They are sending you both their messages of love, of light, and of peace in support of your sacred mission during this auspicious time in Earth’s history.”


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