Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 1

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 3, 2020


End of November, early December 2013 we created the new ascended 5D earth in the centre of light Lofer, in the Alps of Austria. The Elohim also used the name “Gaia-Five” at that time. It was a work in progress over several weeks between the two major portals of the year 11.11. and 12.12. It took one year to accomplish this task after we ascended Gaia when the PAT successfully opened the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 and roughly half a year after we began with the creation of new earths /timelines end of May, early June 2013 about which I recently reported.

It is very important to revisit the fall of 2013. My gut feeling tells me that we shall experience a repetition of these same energetic events on a higher level when the seven-year-cycle since the creation of the new 5D earth finishes this fall. This would say that around this time the planetary shift will occur, together with the manifestation of the city of light here in Italy and the appearance of the first ascended masters. All the prerequisites are in place.

There is no doubt that this lockdown will not continue for much longer or that the dark ruling cabal would be allowed to double down on it and install the NWO on all ascending timelines. This lockdown will serve only as a trigger for their final exposure and demise in a dialectical manner these dark ones will never grasp.

Already seven years ago we were hailed by the Higher Realms as ascended masters as the following messages reveal. This would say that the last seven years we have spent as avatars on earth, constantly bilocating between its numerous timelines and creating new realities. This website is a seamless chronicle of this endeavour.

During this time, there were many opportunities for our ascension and the appearance of the Agarthans and the Lemurians from the Inner Earth on the surface earth. All these opportunities were prevented in the very last moment by events that we will understand in their full scope only after our ascension and the acquisition of unlimited awareness. I am confident that this time we shall welcome the arrival of our soul brothers, the Lemurians and the Agarthans, in the new cities of light, with whom we shall work together to transform this planet into the new Garden of Eden of this ascending universe.

In the following, I will publish in sequels some of the messages we received in November and December 2013 that shed light on how the new ascended 5D earth, containing the cities of light New Raetia in Europe, New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada and Terra Nueva in the Andes in South America, was first created in the city of light Lofer, Austria, in the fall of 2013, which we then completed six years later last December.

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Messages From the Higher Realms by Amora

November 28, 2013, 10:00 a.m. in Lofer, Austria, The Elohim

“The realms of light move with the divine grace of God to hold the perfection of purification for this expression of All-That-Is. We are the Elohim and in this moment we bring great news of joy, of wonder!

Many levels of rapture unfold to embrace this expression, this world you call Gaia, and within her great halls, her story borne of great pain and suffering, very shortly comes to an end, where resolution re-incorporates to her Being, where distinction resumes [where it was once lost to the world].

Begin by re-arranging your light upon the Earth, by re-inventing your creation to reflect the grace and harmony and love from which the Prime Creator chose your path.

Return to the inward focus, do it today! Refrain from speech, social gathering, all inter-action with the world, today! Turn toward your Self! Today is a celebration of You!

Know you are of Divine orientation, that you need only your internal reference points, the points of God alignment, that one can only know from the inner embrace, the inner reflection.”

November 28, 2013, 8:18 p.m.,  The Elohim

“Welcome!  We are the Elohim!

You have been brought to this place (Lofer, Austria) as a sealed portal, where neither heavy energies, nor stray mal-incarnates shall affect you.

The area of this Gaia holds profound protection for you as Ascended Masters, protection from low frequential adjustments to timelines and dimensions beyond your current location.

Crystalline caves fill these nearby mountains within their cores, and these are interconnected to Gaia’s crystalline grid within which the energies flow. These energies lift Her and all those who have previously followed suggestions to go within. These expressions shall be lifted with Her, as One.

You, as Ascended Masters, are now connected to this sacred crystalline light, as you are fully in your light bodies, your frequencies meld with those of the inner mountains. One supports the other in a symbiosis. You are now experiencing a Unified Field of light gestalt.”


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