Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 6

The Elohim Comment on Our Hard Work as Creator Logos

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 22, 2020

Foreword: Expect Some Catastrophic Geological Events in the Coming Days

This message elucidates what will most probably happen this fall on our ascending timelines and about which I have chosen not to speak sofar. However, the indications grow that we must reckon with some major geological cataclysmic events that will precede the global shift and will trigger the total collapse of the old 3D matrix. According to our preliminary information, North America will be hit in the worst possible way. I do not want to trigger any fears in my readers and PAT members living in this part of the globe as you will not be affected in any way if you do not resonate with this catastrophic ascension scenario as the Arcturians also stress in their recent message.

We have participated consciously in so many destructions of lower timelines through MPR all these years, while safely bilocating to higher intact timelines, that we no longer bother to deal with such negative scenarios.

This is convincingly confirmed by the Elohim in their message below: Being great empaths, we not only sense all dreadful devastating MPR on lower timelines, but it is actually our emotional response that fuels these events through a powerful alchemical reaction on multidimensional levels. This is essentially our mission as Creator Logos (Logos Gods), and I have written recently a lot about the nature of the alchemical reaction we use for our creations:

The Elohim: The Essence and Power of the Human Alchemical Reaction

Therefore, the Elohim message below is of great actuality as it highlights the energetic mechanism of geological destructions that are about to occur for the first time on our ascension timelines – the release of negative emotional energies from humanity and the earth grid, where they were stored in the past but can no longer be kept by Gaia which is now fully ascending. It is getting earnest. As the emotional negativity has reached an unprecedented peak in the USA compared to all other parts of the globe, the impending cataclysmic events will affect in the first place this forsaken country and its unripe soul population.

We have avoided the physical experience of such dreadful events in the past by bilocating to higher ascending timelines while fully sensing them emotionally, which is equally terrifying as I can assure you. This website gives vast evidence about this kind of horrific experience we have been exposed to as Logos Gods, who are instrumental in the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

And here is what I wrote to Amora on January 7, 2014:

“I slept comparatively well this night but woke up with a heavy vibration that shook my body with a dreadful component, very similar to the first Magnetic Pole Reversal, MPR, which we experienced on June 8, 2013, in Austria during our first trip there. My body elementals in all realities and parallel timelines are in high alert and survival mode as if I am in a death row and am waiting to be executed at any moment. I have to exert much persuasion to calm down these somatic fears in my body elementals.”

Amora confirmed that she was also hit by this same terrible wave. I then asked her to check with the Elohim what had happened.


Amora: Here is a message from the Elohim. I still have a bad headache and am really not feeling well, so I hope it comes across clearly for you:

January 7, 2014, The Elohim

“Beloved, we are the Elohim, and we join you in this moment to confirm your understanding of the energetic events of recent arrival.

There is a full electro-magnetic reflexion (MPR) upon a nearby timeline of Mother Earth that has had a sustaining impact upon neighboring timelines and upon each expression therein.

The final adjustments flow into your fields and into the fields of your dual soul, as you both are great sensitives. It is your connection to an event and your knowing of an event that indeed creates further unfolding of the ascension process. Both and each of you are barometric measurement systems whereby an event is felt, and then measured, and where new events then unfold from this reality.

You are truly Creator Logos.

The widespread announcements of grand terra-forming events  (in the MSM) prepare the collective consciousness for events and even serve to create the events themselves. Where you both can sense the events through your on-line streaming connections to Gaia and the Cosmos, humanity itself must read about it first, in order for it to enter into their consciousness.

As you experience these dynamic shifts in energy systems, you are feeling depleted, as they do affect your own electromagnetic system. All is taken care of, you are not at risk. It is for this reason that you (Amora) have attended the lightship, for treatment following your involvement with this nearby timeline stabilization. This engagement took a great toll on your system.

You are correct in understanding that you have also attended a crystal temple of healing in Telos following this experience. This is required to re-attune your light body to this expression as well as to its previous pure energetic signature. (Since then we regularly visit the jade healing temple in Telos when we experience such destructive events that harm our energetic electromagnetic fields.)

Very soon events shall stipulate when you shall be lifted free and clear of any direct experiential component/ engagement with the electromagnetic events in close proximity to your primary physical location. You both shall be safely withdrawn as your own electromagnetic systems are too sensitive to withstand a direct and personal planetary experience (of an MPR).

(This promise was based on our planned ascension in the spring of 2014, which was then suddenly postponed at the very last minute. That is why we continued experiencing to this day such catastrophic MPR on lower timelines in a very distressing emotional and energetic manner, which I then use as fuel to separate lower catastrophic timelines from the ascending Gaia as designated Logos God.

However, we have reached a new threshold where we have now only ascending timelines so that no separations are taking place anymore. Therefore, the inevitable geological cataclysms associated with the impending global shift will happen on timelines we currently populate and will be physically experienced by the people around us for the first time as huge natural calamities.

In the past, such catastrophic timelines were separated and, apart from Amora, myself, and a few other PAT members, nobody on this planet knew anything about these terrible destructions. This, of course, caused a lot of cognitive dissonance between our truth about the ongoing destruction of Gaia’s descending timelines as part of the ascension process and the limited awareness and experience of the new age mired by the “love and light illusion”. The lightworkers felt to be safe in their linear time perception of our multidimensional reality, the nature of which they have not understood to the present day and could only invent rosy, fluffy, naive versions of what was actually happening behind the energetic veil as one can read ad nauseam on the Internet. And the masses are, of course, clueless all the time and this will cause the shock waves of the upcoming radical change.)

Ensure you get plenty of rest and know that All Is Well.

We are the Elohim and we offer you love, light and enduring peace forever.”

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