Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 11

Adama and the Elohim Are Busy as Conciliators

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 27, 2020

On January 30, 2014, Amora and I were hit very hard by heavy waves opening the new moon portal on that day and were very debilitated. We had several conversations on skype on that day arranging my arrival in Canada. There was a semantic misunderstanding that stirred some emotions in both of us but we managed to resolve it very quickly on our own.

It was though amazing how quickly Adama and the Elohim assumed the role of conciliators on that day as they knew how important our coming together was for the mission “Ascension of Gaia and Humanity” and could not allow anything to jeopardize it. We both were stunned and had to laugh a lot about this loving intervention. We haven’t had such a caring personal exchange with Adama and the Elohim since then, most probably because we do not need it as our ascension tandem functions impeccably. However, the advises of Adama and the Elohim are of universal character and they apply to any person on the spiritual pathway and are worth considering.

It is notable to mention that Amora has her main incarnation in Agartha/Lemuria and is thus very closely affiliated with Adama who is a High Priest there.

January 30, 2014, Adama of Telos and the Elohim

Amora: Here is a long message that I received late yesterday evening, first from Adama of Telos, followed by the Elohim. They had all been with me for a long period of time before making full contact, clearly concerned about our highly emotional interaction earlier in the day. I have been too tired until tonight to prepare it thoroughly for you to read.

They really wanted to console us after our very unfortunate misunderstanding, and all radiated pure love and compassion for us both.

Dearly Beloved, I am Adama of Telos,

Your pain and suffering arises from fatigue, the stress response and over-reaction in both you and Georgi, mainly from the heavy energies from this portal that is upon you [ January 30th, second new moon portal of this month ].

Rest, inward contemplation and reflection shall show you the way.

There are really these few important questions to ask yourself:

*What is it that you love to do?

*What is it that you love to be?

*Why do you so love this thing?

*If it were taken away, would it be such a loss?

Imagine these questions as applied to your spiritual self, and your current lifeline, and know the implications.

How do you feel when you are misunderstood? I know how it hurts and I know your fear in believing that you shall never redeem yourself in the eyes and heart of your dual soul.

It is true that in the third dimension these aspects of emotional body injury have sudden onset, but most often resolve if both sides acknowledge that a misunderstanding has taken place. Be open to a natural resolution, be open with love.

Georgi wishes to de-couple from most aspects of the third dimension in order to realize his full ascension as quickly as possible. It is true that some involvement in the third dimension is a necessity still, as one must eat and sleep and continue to interface with the ever-present reality, at many levels.

However, it is most important that you are holding joy in your heart in all moments. If you do not hold joy within the moment, then the third dimension is drawing you in to the slowly vibrating and heavy energies.

If you remain steadfastly cheerful, happy and fulfilled that you are on your true path and feel an inner peace, calm and contentment, then all is well. If Georgi does not share in your happiness, then there is discord. But should there be a reason why he will not share in your joy? If you expect it, a discontentment, it shall arise from these very energies and rapid rates of manifestation! As long as you are inwardly truly happy and contented, Georgi can never rebuke you, for he only ever desires your true happiness within this current lifeline, and indeed, for always.

Beloved, if you feel you will be walking on eggshells, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot hold joy in your heart, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot be open and honest, then do not invite the issue. If you cannot be yourself at least full-time, 100% of the time, do not invite the issue.

I support you in your decision now, because I love you in All ways, for eternity.

You are coming into your full power now, and your connection to your I AM Presence is formidable. It is perhaps best to review thoughts twice and thrice before any final written communications. The decisive confidence and powerful thrust of your I AM presence matches even Georgi’s, and he himself was surprised by such a force. He himself understood it as ego and even this is how others interpret his pointed remarks. He has actually experienced, in your response, what others have often felt coming from him. It is the natural reaction of your Souls, while they are engaged within a third dimensional expression. Of course, the strenuous conditions of living in such a detached state from the Oneness and Unity field promotes reactions such as this and it is absolutely no cause for alarm. Simply be aware of the power of the word, even when the word is holding less and less influence in your reality, because great energies flow from language, and miscommunication is a natural outcome.

Embrace each other in your pure love for one another, as this connection is rare indeed. The stresses and strains are becoming awkward to bear and one must be generous with your Self and Georgi, and keep this in mind.

Meet life in joyful and playful ways as this is what shall consistently offer the perfect remedy in every situation.

I am Adama and I love you both beyond all imagination, your conscious arrival in Telos is imminent.”

(Here Adama promises again our imminent ascension and arrival in Telos. We received so many messages in 2013 and 2014 that heralded our ascension in early 2014 that you can understand why we were devastated when the plan changed at the end of May.)

Note, Carla: Here is where the Elohim began their message, although some parts of the above message curiously carry the frequency of both Adama and the Elohim; I especially notice this upon typing the message:

“We are the Elohim and we come to discuss the Ascension as it appears to you Now.

This portal (second new moon portal on Jan 30) holds magnificent energies that facilitate the release of emotional and pain body blockages from human physiology and the electro-magnetic fields of your vessels, as well. You have experienced this first-hand and while you feel that your connection one to the other has been damaged, this is not the case. What has happened is that previous experiences you each held from previous lifetime incarnations, needed to be resolved through release in this portal, in order for a deep, permanent and final clearing, and now healing, of your pain bodies.

You each may feel as though you have been unplugged from the other, and this is a normal feeling and a necessary one, as reconciliation in the emotional body and the etheric body must be achieved before one can move upward into new higher dimensions of expression [Georgi, I am getting, upper 5D and lower 6D]. We know you feel a loss, an emptiness and we send our greatest compassion to you both for this most unpleasant aspect of the ascension. Hold each other tight [in a physical and emotional way] and all shall be right.

The arrival of your dual soul will herald in a great connection between your newly healing emotional bodies. You shall both now go through a deep healing and a greatly beautified wholly loving growth, necessary for your interception with the upper fifth dimension.

You will notice a shift in energetic frequency in your living space, once the preparation work is complete and the excess ballast is lifted forever (the boxes are removed from the apartment). You shall first notice great waves of pure, clean energy, raising frequency in subtle ways and dosages in order to transition first the space to the fifth dimension, then your bodies to the fifth dimension through transfiguration. The mother ship above shall influence the space in order to raise and hold the vibrations to a very high and clear fifth-dimensional frequency. When the time comes, they shall then charge it with a proton flush in order to clear the way for a smooth transition to the sixth dimension. Initially, you will notice these high energies flooding in at particular times, times which you may consider at “regular intervals”. This process can only be a gradual and gentle one.

(Note, George: This announcement of the proton stream from the Source heralds the coming of this highest and purest form of Source energy, which then became a steady stream since the beginning of April through May and actually transfigured the whole energetic edifice of Gaia and humanity to the 5D level.)

You will continue to meet with Adama in Telos, as well as the High Council of Light, on a daily basis, usually during your sleep state. Gradually you shall be made aware of your multi-dimensional existence, through journeys initiated during the waking state, initiated through your higher selves and facilitated through the High Council of Light.

When your dual soul arrives, there will be a conjoining of your fields up into higher expressions of the fifth dimension. This will not happen instantaneously, rather in a very gradual fashion after all healing has been fulfilled. As your physical vessels acclimate to the higher frequencies and immediate representations, you shall feel a great release. The feeling of great release is also an adjunct to propulsion to higher levels. These healings shall be enhanced through the engagement of therapeutic touch of each other’s skin, over extended periods of time.

It is best if you can resolve any mis-communication in order that you remain close to the ascension pathway. We recommend limiting all written communication from this point forward, as it represents third-dimensional chaos and therefore failing constructs now on many levels. Verbal communication is superior to written and even this should be replaced with mental telepathy, very soon.

We hold you close in our fields as your home frequency rises steadily on a moment to moment basis. We are the Elohim, and we surround you in infinite love.”

These were the last messages Amora received before my arrival in Vancouver, Canada on February 8, 2014. And the rest is history as they say.


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