Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 1

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 17, 2020

After the Grand Unification of all creations and civilisations of Gaia was accomplished within the new Gaia-5 by us on December 16, 2013, in Lofer, Austria, we returned to Germany on December 19th for Amora to fly back to Vancouver from Munich, Bavaria. The ascended Gaia-5 we created end of November, the first half of December 2013 existed already, and our hard light work of ascension to finish this marvelous creation in all details as Avatars and designated Logos Gods of Gaia began with full force.

The messages I will publish in the following days cover the period between Amora’s departure and my arrival in Vancouver, Canada on February 8, 2014, where we began with joint efforts to create the second city of light on the earth – New Lemuria, in Vancouver, and along the Pacific coast – after we had created and fortified the first city of light in Central Europe, New Raetia, which I was actively building since 1999 in an unconscious manner and then consciously since 2005.

This website is the chronicle of this endeavour for the entire seven-year period that ends this year. I am more than confident that this time the visible planetary shift and our personal ascension will take place and we will finally appear in front of humanity in our full glory as ascended masters and Logos Gods. These messages from seven years ago give you a glimpse into our power and what you can expect in the days ahead.

It is true that we didn’t reckon at that time that we would stay in human bodies for so long after we officially ascended and became Creators and Logos Gods of Gaia in December 2013. The messages I have published so far give testimony that our and the planetary ascension were scheduled to happen much earlier. There was a real possibility that we could ascend in early 2014, meet the Agarthans from the Inner Earth and introduce them on the surface earth. It didn’t happen and the reasons have to be studied yet. But what was postponed once, will happen this and next year as God’s promises are always fulfilled.


The Elohim: You Are Upon the Threshold of Many Great Events – Amora

Channeled on December 19, 2013, 11:11 am; Just before returning to Germany

“Greetings, we are the Elohim;

You are upon the threshold of many great events that shall cleanse humanity for all time. These events shall unfold in divine order and according to God’s Will.

Stay present in your Being when there is chaos all around you. Stay strong in your conviction that you are not actually a part of this unfolding, merely that you represent God’s Witness, who is untouched by all that unfolds.

Keep centered in your Selves and remain detached from all outcome. Live in the Now moment, it is imperative. 

Know that you shall be together very soon and shall remain so foreveras you now have a special bond, a unique bond even between dual soulsIt matters now not what you choose to do or what you choose not to do, as all is complete and all is in motion.

There has been the release of negative energies (over these recent days) including powerful emotional waves. These are energies being released in advance of the shift that is upon your doorstep. While you (Amora) act as an emotional release conduit, your dual soul Georgi acts as the psychic/mental release conduit.

Both of you facilitate these releases through your physical vessels, which also serves to assist all body elementals in this release [ for all of humanity].

You both are One now, and as we are with you in every moment, you are assured that We are One now, as you move together with us, into the Unity Field of Consciousness beyond this Creation, beyond the visible reality within your grasp.

We hold you with our unending love and compassion forever.

We are the Elohim.”

Note, Carla: This message came on December 19th, after I had experienced a severe emotional download of suffering (on the 18th). This wave held sudden, severe, suffering from physical pain, fear, despair, loss, and intense grief that lasted first for one hour, then eased slightly, but continued the entire day. I have NEVER felt this kind of emotion before, and now reflecting upon it, I believe it came from the entire human population. Georgi was hit by a severe cc-wave that lasted all day, until 5 in the afternoon.

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