Why We Had to Eliminate the Reptilians (Draco) From the Earth on June 10, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 3, 2020


Before I deal with this dark topic one more time, let me assure you that the Lion’s Gate Portal is unfolding its full power and has already brought some spectacular developments about which I will report after it has finished on August 12.

One of the greatest news, probably the greatest single piece of information, in the entire ascension process was the elimination of the evilest big, ugly Reptilians from the Draco constellation on June 10, 2020:

How We Defeated the Big Ugly Reptilians and Saved the Earth and Humanity From Their Perennial Oppressors on June 10th, 2020 in The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 2

These reptilians have been for eons of time the self-proclaimed masters of the earth and the human race and have considered humans as their slaves that they owned as cattle and could kill and oppress at their discretion in countless genocides throughout the history. The latest example is the brutal imposition of the current lockdown based on a fake coronavirus pandemic as I reported in early July based on the message and visions that were given to us by the Arcturians on May 17th:

How the Big Ugly Reptilians Forced All Politicians to Declare the Current Lockdown in a Futile Effort to Prevent Ascension – A Telepathic Message From the Arcturians in The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 1

As I commented at that time, the new agers would probably miss this biggest news of all as they are so confused and anti-intellectual, and because most of them do not participate in these battles with the dark forces as we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, are fighting now for many years.

Today, I read a message that very precisely and succinctly summarizes the role of the Reptilians from the Draco Constellation as the masters and oppressors of humanity for eons of time and decided to republish it for the sake of clarity and completeness.

We are now on the verge of massive revelations and they must begin with the acknowledgment that humans have been, for the most part, slaves of this darkest and evilest reptilian race and that this profound slave mentality has become their genetic make-up. The subservience of the masses to the current draconic measures in the lockdown clearly displays this slave mentality.

This will be the main truth that will shock the masses at the deepest level of their souls before they begin to realize that they are sovereign creators from the Source who have allowed to be deprived of their pristine nature as free, unlimited multidimensional beings as the Arcturians admonished yesterday:

You Have Been Disempowered…Take Your Power Back

“We have been quite fascinated for a very long time by your willingness to give your power away in this free will universe. You do not have to give your power away to anyone or anything, and you certainly do not have to give your power away to any group, but we see that many individuals are doing that and then getting angry at whatever they have given their power away to, as if they did not have a choice. You have a choice, always, and we are here to encourage you to take your attention off of that which you believe is responsible for your lack of power, for your lack of freedom, for your lack of joy. We invite you to put your attention back what makes you powerful as Source Energy Beings.”

From this perspective, the elimination of the evil Draco reptilians and former masters of the human race by us on June 10th was the greatest act of human liberation that has already reverberated in the entire multiverse and has triggered major follow-up events leading to the shift and the manifestation of the cities of light in the course of this year.

The most crucial of all was the Divine Dispensation for Divine Intervention bestowed to us by the Universal White Brotherhood on July 17th to end the current lockdown and the state of almost total enslavement of humanity by the human minions of these ousted reptilians in politics and the deep state.

Everything that has happened since then and will happen in August, and in the course of this year will be determined by this Divine Dispensation for Divine Intervention that was personally given to us by the two Bulgarian masters from the Universal White Brotherhood and my soul mates, Peter Danov (Deunov) and Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

Therefore, while reading the message below keep in mind that the channeler does not know that the reptilians have been expelled from the earth and her source obviously does not want to discuss this issue which is not part of the knowledge of the medium and will only cause further confusion. Otherwise, this message is a remarkably precise description of the evil nature of these Draco reptilians and fully coalesces with our experience of them and what we know about them so far.

Message From the One: An Ancestral Correction

Sophia Love, August 1st, 2020

It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

These things are stories about your ancestors. These things are summaries about what has happened to your race in the past. These things may shock you to discover. These things are true. Many of them not recorded. Many of them relegated to folklore, tall tales or myth.

You do not have authenticated versions of these, yet they remain within the lifeblood of your race, as a sort of imprint. They have become, and are, an actual part of who you are, and therefore will strike a chord with you once heard.

Some of these things inspire your movies and your stories, yet not most. Most remain unsaid. Most remain known in body only and deeply embedded.

There were times when your race was openly attacked. These were what you’d now compare to genocides – literal wars on large groups or areas where you had communities. These mass removals of humans were performed by the race of reptilians, the Draco, who had then, and still now, assumed ownership here. These genocides happened more than once. They happened to more isolated groups, before there was such mass and direct communication, as there is now via the internet or even the telephone.

These slaughters were done for multiple reasons. One was as a deterrent. The mere suggestion that such an action was possible, once spread to other clans, would help to instill obedience.

Another was to obtain minerals. There were areas, where your kind gathered, that were around various mines for gold and/or silver. The Draco desired access to these without interference. A slaughter was the fastest way to gain such access, once the mine was discovered.

The images inscribed on some very ancient stone here on earth were attempts to record things seen that were clearly not of the earth. They included beings not human. They showed some violence perpetrated on the race.

The Draco were always feared for this reason.

There was never a peaceful co-existence with the race. It began and remained one of dominance and subservience, master and slave.

In the beginning, they walked among you.

In many places, they were considered gods. Fear was always a component. Worship was not. This was more of an ownership arrangement than a god/subject arrangement. Ruling Class would be a more accurate term to describe it.

In every case, you should know that ancient carvings and drawings are of real, not imagined, beings. Your ancestors held the same mind you now hold, with its propensity to pass on to subsequent generations, things like knowledge and explanations. The human has always desired to pass on his learning to subsequent generations. In so many cases of your native tribes, this was done verbally.

The fact of these ideas, drawings and stories not being then written and preserved in your mass-produced and taught history books is not by accident. It is, instead, a planned insertion of an intentional story, that directs knowledge down a specific path. The path removes any notion of ownership and control of the human race, particularly the white color of the race.

Humans were, and are, the slave race.

Your beginnings show that clearly and absolutely. You were considered property from the start.

The idea of slavery as practiced on subsequent subsets of the population, such as Africans by Colonial Americans, is an idea they did not invent. It is in the race, a sort of blueprint for “how do I manage production?” “I take these beings who look different than I do, yet are sentient, and force them to do it for me.”

This became, eventually and in a more subtle fashion, your “work ethic”. Not work for the sake of self-care, but instead work, as well as sex and any sort of action, for the sake of another. This “other” was initially the Draco and clearly an owner.

This owner has morphed into what is now called several things, due to confusion about who is who – “The Deep State”, “The Cabal”, “The Illuminati”, and “White Supremacists”.

There is an order of ownership and rule. Humans are at the bottom of the list. There are instances of further divisions even there, as demonstrated today by color or country of origin. Know that these notions of “separate” and “ruling” come not from you, yet are now a part of your genetic memory.

The things that were done to your Ancestors were equivalent to slaughter, and complete annihilation; entire colonies wiped out.

When a species considers itself dominant over all others, justification is not required. Ownership is a fact of your beginning, was taught, and the mass revolting now is the race waking up to that truth. Notice so many of the rioters who do so in violence, are not the color black. It is for reasons they themselves have no access to, that they do this. They are speaking for a race of slavery, and, as well, in many places, (they are) being used opportunistically for political reasons.

All of this at the call of the owners – whose goal now is absolute control, population reduction, and dominance.

Every human is being played and right now, by events that are more orchestrated by, than directly performed by, the Draco; the Owners. (In this statement the source refers to the fact that the second lockdown that has already begun in many countries is currently being imposed by the human minions of the Draco in politics and media who may not know that the reptilians have been expelled from the earth. However, the first lockdown was clearly imposed on humanity directly by the Draco reptilians and then executed by their political slaves in their utter fear as discussed above and as the following paragraph explains. N.B. George)

The differences you see are that some of your race gladly participate to retain wealth, power and control such that they have it. Know that even at that level, it is a given control. Done so with permission, after much depravity and inhuman action has been performed. Part of the inhuman action has then been adopted by further sub-sections. It is a convoluted trail of many parts and sub-groupings.

At every level of participation, there is assumed ownership and subservience, and some level of dominance. There is no consideration of equality (The reptilian order has always been that of a rigid military hierarchy. N.B., George).

What I most wanted to impart here is the fact that at no time has the human been free. Your ownership and negation of value is very much a part of your genetic imprint.

This, partially, is why the Ascension is so very fiercely being fought. All levels of man have something to “lose”; some perceived bit of ownership that will no longer serve him once the race fully wakes up.

(This has been my invariant argument as to why the current lockdown was imposed by the Draco Reptilians and their human henchmen on the entire human population – in order to prevent our ascension. Needless to say that they have fully failed in this respect and only caused their demise from this planet. N.B. George)

The realization of equality and sovereignty is not a concept that will be appreciated by these factions of life on your planet. There is too much perceived “loss”.

As was said before, what happens now, and make no mistake, it is happening now, is akin to the sheep revolting and attempting to take over the barn, if not the whole farm.

This sounds ridiculous in that context, yet it is how the Draco see what is happening now. (That is why they decided to attack us on June 1o as I have extensively reported. N.B. George)

The realization and waking up of the race will happen in levels. Yet it will gradually occur on every level and by every sub-section. For unless equality and sheer freedom is a component of life – it is lived in slavery and only partially realized.

This time you enter is one of full realization and complete actualization. Even your royalty will go through an awakening. You do not see the top of the food chain, dear human.

The Ascension happens on every level, once chosen by the individual.

There are deeper reasons for every action and impulse than are obvious. There are ancestral corrections being made here. It’s all coming forth in this current population, in today’s world, in your Ascension process.

The force for this shift is so much greater, therefore, than is immediately evident. The force is unstoppable. It happens now and under your watch. You’ve chosen a powerful moment to be alive.

You will soon see, dear human, you will see.

That is all for today.

Thank you.


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