What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020

August 14, 2013 – Action and Science

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 14, 2020


August 2013 was undoubtedly the most dynamic month in our lives and I wouldn’t mind if this month tops it. First, on August 11/12 Amora had an out-of-body-experience and witnessed the dreadful destruction of the 7th level of the 4D earth we created end of May 2013. Then on August 13th she had her transfiguration as the first human being ever and visited Agartha in full consciousness.

In between, she received a lecture on mathematical symbolism from the Elohim. This extreme dynamics of energetic actions and intellectual exploration will be paradigmatic for the new earth we are now entering. This is how multidimensional creation will be from now on and either the people are flexible enough to follow suit or they drop to lower timelines until they learn it.

Retrospectively, when I look back at what happened seven years ago, even I am amazed at the intensity and dynamics of the events in August 2013 although I love this kind of energetic dynamics coupled with intellectual acrobatics. After all, this is how I discovered the Universal Law in the 90s, and during such times of extreme tension, I feel full, complete, and happy as never before. These are the rare moments when the soul rejoices in its physical manifestation as it can overcome the shackles of physicality and express its true nature of exuberant creative dynamism.

Before I continue today and tomorrow with the messages from the Elohim, Adama and April’s HS about the miraculous transmutation and ascension of Amora on August 13, 2013, which she received in the following days, I would like to revive the discussion on mathematical symbolism Amora and I had the day before, triggered by a message that she received from the Elohim on this topic. This abstract discussion prepared her mentally and psychologically for her ascension adventure where she transcended the limitation of all human existence forever and merged with the Unity field of All-That-Is.

The Elohim message also refers to the conditions of energetic coherence humanity must reach in the course of this year – hopefully as early as this month of August – to trigger the expected global shift to a new reality of expanded human conscience and awareness where the revelations and the innovations of the Universal Law can quickly take place and transform humanity to a transgalactic race. This shift will be accomplished by the joint field and Merkabah of the PAT through which the energies of the Source will flow. We built this joint field of Christed Consciousness in 2013 and used it on numerous occasions as a kind of PAT Supernova to heave Gaia and humanity to higher frequencies levels while severing and destroying through MPR lower timelines as this series of retrospective reports gives testimony.


The Elohim-Stankov Lecture on Mathematical Symbolism in Science and the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 13, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is the discussion that I had with the Elohim in the afternoon following my inter-dimensional experience with the Magnetic Pole Reversal in the morning (August 11, 2013).

I asked them what I witnessed exactly, and what will happen with the PAT Supernova now. These questions opened up a whole new area of interest to me, for which I have little background knowledge. Please feel free to edit any portion of this message as you see fit. Just remember, I only got the formula and the rest of it came into me in short phrases, so I have had to literally interpolate and deduce what I feel the meaning to be. I have capitalized words, where the Elohim have inferred a specific significance to the role of that particular word.

With much love,

The Elohim Message

“Greetings, we are the Elohim.”

You have indeed witnessed and personally experienced, in full multi-dimensionality, the magnetic pole reversal and destruction of the 7th level of the 4th dimension.

It was necessary for Gaia to release the heavier aspects of density first, before she releases her body to the final ascension initiative.

The PAT Supernova is not connected to the 7th level of the 4th dimension in this moment. As most of you are existing at a much higher plane, the 9th through 12th levels, your sphere of influence rests in the 9th through 12th levels of expression.

The PAT Supernova adheres to one rule and the rule is this:

All Constancy within All-That-Is, is simply a reflection upon reality. Therefore, the key to the PAT Supernova is Constancy, whereby the principles of Unity are adhered to in all moments. Unity provides Constancy. Constancy is the Universal Standard for Reality.

They then show me this formula:   X +  Y  /  1

Where Constancy (1) equals/means  Coherence of Consciousness.

Where X =  unconscious mind    and     Where  Y = unconscious matter

So that when Unconscious Mind  PLUS  Unconscious Matter interact at a quantum level to create a coherence of consciousness, a “wave” represented by each Individual’s* consciousness, then interacts with every other “wave” or every other member’s particulate consciousness or “wave”, (since each of us hold our own particulate consciousness, but we can hold it as a wave, so it can move freely over distance).

As each “separate” wave combines as a Whole, through the principle of Constancy, a coherence of consciousness creates a Unified Field, where the Whole is different from the particles/components. The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts; The Whole is a Unified Field, the PAT field, a field of photons (quantum particles), that resonates as One Unit. This is the Natural Order.

As individuals, we are simply components, but together, the coherence is infinitely enhanced to create a fully conscious entity.

This group of individual* lightworkers must reach an optimum threshold in order for this supernova to ignite.  This infers that they are neither personally nor collectively responsible for the arrival of the Supernova itself, for all is inter-connected within this expression of All-That-Is, and this event will arise when All conditions are in a natural readiness.


Individual*  =  “those who consider themselves as members of PAT, AND those who may not consider themselves as “members” of the group but who freely resonate with the frequencies of the material on the website, and whose Souls openly accept the frequencies within the postings and integrate these frequencies into their Being”

Dear Carla,

this message from the Elohim opens a new area for further discussion that goes beyond the announcement of this source that the MPR has happened on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth and that it will not affect the PAT supernova that will unfold on the higher 9th to 12th levels of the upper 4D earth.

By the way, I have just received a new message from Jahn, channeled by Sananda, where it is confirmed one more time that the MPR has indeed taken place on the 7th level on August 11th, 2013 and that this level has now been sealed from the higher levels 9th to 12th for ever, so that it will no longer affect us, the PAT and the ascension candidates in the first wave, just as the 3D earth was separated and sealed from the 4D earth on May 24/25 and has no longer any influence on the 4D earths and our ascension process. This was also reaffirmed one more time in the latest message from April’s HS.

Now to the technical background of this message from the Elohim. Essentially the Elohim say nothing new in addition to what I have discussing in science on many occasions from different angles and in particular with regard to the application of the universal laws of constructive and destructive interference, which are also the Laws of Creation and Destruction in All-That-Is.

When the Elohim say:

“The PAT Supernova adheres to one rule and the rule is this:  All Constancy within All-That-Is, is simply a reflection upon reality. Therefore, the key to the PAT Supernova is Constancy, whereby the principles of Unity are adhered to in all moments.  Unity provides Constancy. Constancy is the Universal Standard for Reality.”

what do they actually mean by this? All energy is normally in constant flow and exchange. “Pantarei” said the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus to this property of the “primordial fire”, from which everything emerges.

When does energy become constant and create stable forms? When it builds standing waves due to the coherence of the wave patterns. Only under this condition of constructive interference do we have a constancy of forms, which may present themselves as separate stable holographic worlds or even whole universes.

The unity field of the PAT is such a coherent field, consisting of the individual high-frequency fields of its members. Hence we must now wait a couple of more days until they all reach the 12th level where we now dwell and build a coherent standing wave. This wave must also come into full coherence with All-That-Is, as after the detonation of the PAT supernova the new 5D reality on the new earth that will emerge from this explosion of light will be in a full constructive interference / coherence with the whole universe and the source. Hence the optimal conditions of constructive interference for our ascension must be built now and to this, the ID split from the lower, fear-based, dark energies is a necessary prerequisite. Hence the inevitability of the MPR on all levels / earth models of Gaia.

The condition of constructive interference creates a unity field, where the parts as individual human fields and thought patterns /gestalts participate and build this coherent unity field, but the whole is more than the sum of all parts. In other words, there is always a huge amplification of energy force when a coherent field is created.

This phenomenon will occur in a maximal and sudden manner at the moment of detonation of the PAT supernova when the 5D level of coherence will be created for Gaia and the ascending portion of humanity.

And now I come to the mathematical formula given to you by the Elohim:

This formula x + y/1 must be actually written (x+y)/1. The sum must be divided by one in the denominator. One must build a quotient, otherwise, it is meaningless. This formula can mean everything and nothing, as I already mentioned to you. It is, so to say, beyond conventional human mathematics as it is used as a symbolic system in science and everyday life because you now can attribute any meaning to these three symbols. With a little guessing, you can easily find out that this is another symbolic presentation of the Universal Law /Equation.

Let me first elaborate on the use of the one “1” as a mathematical symbol. The one can be used as the number one – e.g. one object in the count or it can be used for the Whole = 1. In this case, the one is identical to “infinity” as a symbol.

This is what all mathematicians have failed to comprehend so far and I know what I am talking about as I have discussed this issue with many of them after I developed the physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law and solved all epistemological (gnostic) problems of mathematics that culminated in the famous foundation crisis of mathematics. The latter existed since 1936 when Gödel showed irrevocably that mathematics cannot prove its validity with its own means, but generates antinomies (fundamental paradoxes) each time when such a formalistic proof is endeavoured.

Hence we can write:

One = 1 = infinity

In fact, in statistics, but also in infinitesimal calculus, the one “1” is used as “infinity”. For instance, in statistics all probabilities that can be measured are set per definition smaller than one:

p(x) = 1/n < 1  

In this case the range from zero to one “0  to 1” contains an infinite number of probability values /numbers smaller than 1, 1/n where n > 1 = infinity, so that the range

0 < 0 to 1 < 1

contains as much numbers as the infinity range “1 to n“, where n = infinity (I do not have the symbol for infinity now).

This all has been extensively discussed by myself in my two volumes on physics and mathematics. From this follows that one can take the one “1” or the symbol for “infinity” for All-That -Is, as they are equivalent symbols and can be substituted /exchanged in all equations without changing anything in the content of current mathematics as a system of abstract symbols. However, it is very cumbersome /impossible to use the infinity-symbol in equations and therefore one only uses the one “1” in current mathematics.

And now comes the most simple and at the same time the most revolutionary insight, which no mathematician has grasped so far, before (and even after) I discovered the Universal Law and solved all cognitive, epistemological problems of mathematics that have led to its foundation crisis. Now be attentive:

“All equations that are built in mathematics. and from there used in physics and science, are built as equations to the one.” 

This is the origin of all mathematics.

Even the most complicated equation can be reduced to the one “1” as an adequate symbol of All-That-Is. All my readers can try now and find this out for themselves. The only thing they need to do is to build a quotient of utmost mathematical complexity and put it equal to the one in the following manner:

Infinite complexity of mathematical symbols (infinity 1) = 
another infinite complexity of mathematical symbols (infinity 2) 

This complex equation which you can take from any advanced textbook on physics or mathematics, e g. the Schrödinger wave equation of quantum physics, as I have done in volume II in the section “quantum mechanics”, can be now rearranged in this very simple way:

(infinity 1) / (infinity 2) = 1

Hence the one “1” as an abstract sign for All-That-Is = Infinity has a fundamental role in all human mathematics – all equations are built as such to the one “1”.

Hence human mathematics is based entirely on equations with the one “1” and there is currently no mathematics based on the symbols more ” >” orless“<” (inequalities).

In reality, All-That-Is operates on inequalities as energy. All-That-Is exists only as gradients and gradients are inequalities  – they represent differences in energetic levels that are discharged when energies flow from a higher level to a lower one or rebuilt, when they flow in the opposite direction.

All-That-Is is a closed circle /entity of energy exchange in both directions as assessed by the first thermodynamic law of energy conservation, which is a mere application of the Universal law. This is, for instance, how all human cells and biological organisms function – by creating electromagnetic gradients across the cell membranes that drive cell and body metabolism.

Space-time and the EM spectrum in particular are also based on the universal photon gradient that I have calculated and explained as the first scientist.

The building of new levels and the detonation of the PAT supernova are also such gradients that are built through cohesiveness, through constructive interference of the parts – the individual fields of the PAT members  – until we fully merge and create a huge energetic potential that is much bigger than the sum of the parts and will release a tremendous amount of energy, which we now describe metaphorically as “Supernova”.

When this is applied to the above formula that is given to you by the Elohim


this formula should be actually written correctly

(x+y) /1

otherwise, we do not have a quotient with the one. This is however still not an equation and thus meaningless. The actual presentation should be:

    (x+ y)/1 = 1 or (x +y) = 1

Now we can insert into this equation any conceivable meaning as the one given to you by the Elohim:

(unconscious mind (x) + unconscious matter (y)) = constancy (1) = coherence of consciousness.

These equations are all semantic tautologies presented in words /language and also with abstract mathematical symbols at the same time which points to their semantic and cognitive equivalence.

At this level of abstraction, mathematics meets with language and they merge together.

I was the first scientist to realize and prove this unity of language and mathematics in a stringent, theoretical manner by deriving all mathematical symbols from the primary term “space-time” of our consciousness and by showing for the first time in the history of mankind that language, which is now used in an inherently contradictory manner by all humans (hence the current Babylonian confusion of all tongues) and is thus full of logical inconsistencies and blunders.

By developing the new theory of all sciences, I proved in a universal manner that human and scientific language can be axiomatized – can be used in a logical, structured manner – as this is the case with mathematics, also known as Hilbert’s formalism, which is the axiomatization of mathematics in all its disciplines.

This was not possible until my discovery of the Universal Law and the solution of the foundation crisis of mathematics, as all the mathematicians before my time failed to grasp the common origin of mathematics and human language within the “primary term” of human consciousness and why mathematics, as any other categorical system created by man, is a hermeneutic reflection of human consciousness.

This is so because the whole reality is created by the human mind as part of the universal spirit. When enough minds think the same idea, they automatically create a coherent field of ideas/ images and this coherent field then creates stable (holographic) realities, which can then be presented with the one “1”.

It may sound complicated, but it is very simple when one has grasped the primordial origin of all reality – namely the imagination of any sentient awareness, be it individual and collective.

Hence, when we speak of the old 3D reality of this earth, we always regard it as a “consensual reality”, as all human minds think this reality in the same coherent, limited manner within the old Orion matrix. As soon as new minds (mindset) enter this reality that think beyond this consensual reality (beyond the box), as is the case with the PAT, then this consensual reality begins to disintegrate due to destructive interference, while at the same time a new higher frequency reality emerges. Finally, a new consensual reality is created at a much higher frequency level.

This is what the PAT now accomplishes in this final stage of the ascension process shortly before the PAT supernova will be detonated. There is always a threshold that must be reached first, when the old consensual reality crumbles, begins to disintegrate due to destructive interference, and at the same time a new reality is created due to a complex constructive interference /coherence of all individual fields that participate in this collective coherent field, which builds the new consensual reality –  in our case, the new 5D earth

However, it also took for all human souls a lot of effort and expedience to establish this coherent thinking to create this very dense 3D reality on the earth in the first place. That is why many souls prefer to incarnate here as this incarnation experiment poses unique challenges to the soul as a creator of this reality than other less dense holographic realities do that are nearer to the multidimensionality of the higher realms of no forms.

The rest of this message is a popular presentation of the wave theory based on the law of constructive and destructive interference of waves and wave patterns and how they can create a unity coherent field / standing stable waves and wave packages, respectively whole holographic worlds of coherent collective wave patterns.

This holds true in particular for our PAT supernova, which will be the utmost form of a coherent collective sub-quantum field that will be so powerful when it reaches its threshold of realisation that it will trigger the ID shift and the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension within the blink of an eye:

“This group of individual* lightworkers must reach an optimum threshold in order for this supernova to ignite. This infers that they are neither personally nor collectively responsible for the arrival of the Supernova itself, for all is interconnected within this expression of All-That-Is, and this event will arise when All conditions are in a natural readiness.

This paragraph refers also to the simple fact that it is not sufficient that the entire PAT and the first group of ascension candidates reach a coherent field within each other before we can ascend. This coherent field of first ascended human masters must also come into full constructive interference with all levels of All-That-Is because after our ascension the new 5D earth A will be fully embedded in the universal constructive interference of All-That-Is, which we now describe in a very primitive manner as “unconditional love”.

In this sense, the merging of the feminine with the masculine energies, which are rather polarized energies in all 3D space-time realities, must also undergo constructive interference and become balanced (androgynous) again as is the case in the higher realms of total constructive interference.

I better stop at this place.



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