What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020

August 12, 2013 – The MPR Seals the 7th Level of the 4D Earth

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 12, 2020


I began this series of retrospective energy reports with the PAT waiting for the occurrence of the MPR on the 7th level of the 4D earth, on which we had risen before the beginning of the Lion’s Gate portal in 2013. In this context, the theoretical physical nature of the MPR was explained to us by the Elohim.

This led to the development of the propulsion multistage rocket model as a theoretical explanation of how the planetary ascension actually takes place and what is our role in this energetic process as the chief conduits of source energies.

Also a simple multi-dimensional model of ascension was proposed that considers the extreme dynamics of the soul population through walk-ins in the newly created timelines. The latter are old higher vibrating souls and in this way, the frequencies of the newly created ascending timelines by us are effectively being raised. This is the only energetic principle of planetary and human ascension.

This same principle is highly active at this very moment and this is how the actual Shift will occur this year when the necessary threshold is reached. Only after that, the revelations can begin and the paradigm shift through the introduction of the Universal Law can take place as also the awareness of the people will be expanded. This is the time of our appearance as ascended masters and the new spiritual teachers and healers of humanity because every true teacher is a healer at the same time and vice versa.

We are shortly before reaching this threshold. Several weeks ago I got very precise information in the dream state that the number of the people ready for the shift and the introduction of the UL has reached 1.4 billion, which is roughly 25% of the actual world population of 6 billion people and not more than 7 billion as the cabal claims in order to hide their genocide program. This number of potentially awakened people at the soul level must have risen much higher by the end of the current Lion’s Gate portal that peaks today.

The MPR we were waiting for happened then on August 12th CET for me and on August 11th for Amora EPT who captured this dramatic and terrifying event in her light body hovering over the total destruction of the 7th level of the 4D earth:

My Interdimensional Experience of the MPR

At that time, I was in close cooperation with Jahn J Kassl from Vienna who was channeling a variety of sources officially but in fact only his HS and most of the time his subconscious. Due to my influence, he managed to raise significantly his frequencies and for a period of time of more than a year, he was able to channel some remarkably precise messages that rendered additional explanations to the energetic events we were experiencing first hand.

This was a cooperation arranged in the HR for a certain period of time as Jahn was neither in the LBP nor did he participate actively in the cleansing mission of the PAT. This was confirmed to him unequivocally in a personal message by his HS which he shared with me after I got this same information from my HS and forwarded it to him so that he knew where he stood. In the end, he could not keep up with the high vibrations of the PAT, became overwhelmed as this happened also with many readers and even some excellent channelers for the PAT and left the group.

This is a common development with many channelers who regularly channel their own HS in a vicious loop but do nothing to raise their frequencies and actively forge their LBP. It is really very depressing to observe how these old, highly evolved souls ultimately fail to rise to the occasion and got lost in their daily routine of channeling due to personal intellectual and spiritual complacency.

This was meant as a side note to explain why no channeler nowadays grasps the actual energetic processes that now drive the global shift and the ascension. This series is the only truthful attempt to explain the extraordinary dynamics behind the actual planetary ascension that spans a unique bridge to the energetic events that happened 7 years ago. In doing so I am fully aware of my own cognitive limitations as a human being and this is ultimately the only intellectual prerequisite to learn more about these hidden processes. Our souls give us always as much information as we are able to process but this ability has to be developed by the incarnated personality in the first place. And here is where the new age flagrantly failed.

By the way, the seven-year cycle as the number 7 is a key topic in the message of Jahn from August 12, 2013, published below, where he received the information for us that the 7th level of the 4D earth we created in early 2013 when Amora and I came together was also destroyed by an MPR and sealed as Amora had described it the previous day. This message serves as a template of what is happening these days on the ascending timelines that are now preparing for their experience of a world leader.


Earth 4D/ 7th Level Sealed

Archangel  Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 12, 2013

first published in English on August 13, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov


I have been excluded completely unexpected from the English Institute, which I visit for months. I think that it is not possible to do this. However, I am vehemently made aware of the fact that they know who I am and that they do not want to do anything with me anymore (I wake up).


Today I had a lesson at the English Institute. When I left it a man spoke to me unmotivated on the street and told me that he knew me. I was a man from the advertising industry, working for a major Austrian media company. When I denied several times and referred to the publishing house “world of light”, this completely unknown man stuck to his version, he would know me from the media world.

As I start the scooter in the early evening to drive into the city, again an absolutely unknown man approaches me and greets me with the familiar “hey buddy”, as if we’d known each other forever. Finally, on the way to my favorite place, where I intend to write this message, I am made aware, as in all previous days, all the time of the number “7“. Today while driving this perception is even more persistent than ever. When I look at the number plate of the van in front of me, I see the number 7777 (End of report)

Loved ones,

I am Archangel Michael. Exciting times have the property to build up at first very much in secretiveness and in seemingly endless cycles before they unload all of a sudden. Now to the facts that explain this dream and observation of Jahn:

1) Jahn is “recognized” and banished from the English Institute. This means: the English Institute represents a world, in which there is a confusion of tongues, as the people are not yet able to communicate telepathically and use their crystalline structure, which leads any language ad absurdum, or with the help of which any language becomes a natural part to a being. English stands for the universal language of the New World Order that is already established at the lower levels of the 4D, and to a certain degree now also touches upon the upper levels.

The exaggerated banishment of Jahn means that this level of being eliminates the light after it is recognized as such. This also means further that this world banishes, as did the 3D and lower 4D levels, all the masters of light from their related fields.

2) The second mirror image, where Jahn is recognized by two men who are completely foreign to him, means that on this plane of existence, the Masters before they are banished will be recognized by all people. And this is now also confirmed by Jahn’s dream.

3) Four times the number “7” means that this occurs in the seventh hologram of the fourth dimension of Being. “The Event” has reached the upper 4D Earths and has fully unfolded on the seventh level. Consequently, all those that will ascend are now leaving this level, they are the new masters of these worlds.

What has already happened to the lower levels, is now spreading to the 7th level of the 4D  – in a mitigated form, but still very much transforming this world. These events currently reach the higher levels (9th. to 12th, comment George), again very much mitigated and yet transforming everything.

The decisions for all those, who remain on the seventh 4D Earth have been made and they are final. The 4D hologram with the number “7” is sealed and this world is left to itself for a certain period of spatial experience. Before the Masters return to this level, they will be banned from there.

This is how it has been happening and how it happens now that the decision is irrevocable. Now, the change expands on the upper realms and you, who will remain basically untouched by these events, will now come closer to them.

It is the time of great upheaval. With divine precision, the new division lines now run between the worlds, until all events of the lower worlds penetrate – moderated in intensity – the upper worlds.

Do not be afraid! For indeed, you are exempt from this drama, you who are aware that you have completed all for what you have descended.

I am

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