Use of Psychedelic Drugs – Pros and Cons

U.M. and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 14, 2020

Dear Sir,

I have been reading your blog recently and have felt the need to express what I feel and share my own experiences. Your writing fascinates me and at the same time is very far away from my daily experience of reality. From a limited intellectual point of view and my limited knowledge of science, medicine, or mathematics, I fail to grasp the technical parts and cannot really embody it mentally. Also, I do not have daily experiences of aliens, channels, and other dimensions you write about.

I do have have a clear intuitive and direct understanding of the oneness principle that all is. I live by experience and thus never accept what is being said without having embodied it. Yet I am open to accepting that your works did not come as mere coincidence in my life and I feel you might help me see clearly with a fundamental conflict and question that arises in me on a regular basis.

Since a child, I had been on a quest for truth and 3 years ago woke up from my own dream. Using a psychedelic (5 – meo dmt) I went through an extreme experience that stripped me of all that I regarded as “mine” or “me” and thus revealed to me pristinely the essence of that, that I am. It began by seeing a void with a central core, like a donut, that was spinning. Each side of this core had a different effect. One side had a shockwave expanding effect going through me and removing all I held on to. Like a blast. The other side was the negative of previous, drawing me closer to the core, like falling. The power of this experience was so much more than anything I had experienced until then in my life.

It was hell and heaven in one experience. My deepest fears and my greatest longing. A force that humbled me. At a point, I literally felt all the pain and sorrow of the universe. At the very final moment, I was in front of this core leaving only one final progression until I finally saw it disappear. The last object in my awareness was gone. In that centre of no – thing, I realized that having lost all, nothing was missing. On the contrary. I realized the fullness that I AM and always WAS. There was nothing outside of this. Nothing to do, no movement, all complete and perfect. I realized how thoughts and beliefs had clouded my vision. How even the mere core and fact that I moved into it were illusions. The core was always present as me. I realized that any attempt to describe this moment would take me out of it. I realized that there is only one principle, undivided and that it is undifferentiated from me.

That essence had always fully been there, but my installed ideas about “there having to be” something out there were creating that reality of missing out, and having to find… The idea that completion was the goal but definitely not the starting point.

In the days after this experience, very intense after-effects arose where I was pulled into the void unprepared at night or during the day. This was unexpected and gravely affected me since I was not prepared for this. I had visions of being pulled back again and again towards this centre and that if I did not stop it, it would pull my life as I know it apart as I would finally dissolve back into it. I resisted and felt that I would not abandon life and family and fought to ground myself.

It was exhausting.

It came to a point where I surrendered into the possibility of losing everything and even expected it, but then it faded away till the stability of the common reality came back.

To this day I hold great respect for this “core” and even under quite low use of mushrooms it seems that it can open to me tough I hold the possibility to resist. When I feel this opening I always close and resist because fundamental questions and doubt arise.

I believe that if unable to close oneself off from this “core”, it would not be possible to live and attach meaning to the world of shape and physical death would be unavoidable.

Is this core experience with all the powers real as in truth or an illusion? A mere image on the screen of consciousness that we mistake for another state to hold on to? The experience is so strong that it certainly can set up the mind of even the strongest and trap them in inflation, delusions, insanity, or self-abandonment. Others (not all) I met who had the same experience had struggles afterward to integrate and not all made it, lost love ones and livelihood, or mental sanity.

Is this samadhi mystics talk about? The highest realm of experience? The prison of the holy man? Mystics say that samadhi is not what it is finally about, just the realization that all is one in a never-ending stream of consciousness.

Do we have anything to say in matters of reality? If the very force of creation is what we are: Do we have any mind driven creative powers to be wielded? Some mystics say no. That we are just the one consciousness, the witness of matter and mind. But there is no say in it. The mind is resistant. So can we create a new reality by envisioning it with our mind? The mind is a tool of limitation and dissection. It gives shape and thus also limits. As such it can never lead to wholeness.

Is evil real? Does it exist apart from the whole? Or is it just a trapped mind?

Resistance to flow, till the day comes it will also burst and flow again.

Is dreaming of a better world not the same as judgment, resistance to what is?

Is active and dedicated participation in true creation not merely an exercise of being totally in it? Of giving up the inner resistance. Of staying in that what I am? Is there a fight to fight? A goal to reach?

You write about dimensions and the process of raising to higher ones. Is this a metaphor for the process I went through and still am? Do you really mean to say that raising dimensions (frequencies) is about stopping the flow of resistance in ourselves so a reality of lower friction can form?

Or are you saying it is about fighting evil as an opposing force?

I feel quite a passive being “that I am”. The world is full of upheaval, I struggle at times with the question if what happened to me lulled me into a passive observatory state. I can feel frustrated and powerless in the face of world events and all I can do is to feel it and be with it.

Surrender the mind and let the flow of creation take care of reality? Is that our highest doing?

Can we raise ourselves? Or merely stop lowering ourselves as we have been doing for a long time and is the raising part of it just the natural progress of that?

All is one, and I am one, then I will never go anywhere, never meet another, as all is just within me and there can never be anything but myself.

Thank you.

(Should you wish to use parts of my letter for your own publications that is ok, but please remove my personal name in that case. )


Dear U.M.,

thank you so much for sharing your psychedelic experiences with DMT and how they have influenced your life and personality. First of all, what you describe is very similar to the innumerous reports and descriptions of the effects of psychedelic drugs from the 50s and 60s when there was an explosion of psychedelic research in the West and in particular in the USA. I have written a little bit about that in my pivotal article

about which I will speak more below. There is a lot of literature dedicated to psychedelic experiences with LSD and DMT, the most famous is the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, whose books were bestsellers for a long time and the stepping stone into spiritual evolution for many new agers. Many artists also painted pictures under the influence of psychedelic drugs and it was generally acknowledged that they stimulate creativity.

This and a plethora of other important considerations led me to write down the above article on the use of DMT and other psychedelic drugs. At that time, the earth and humanity were in a completely different energetic situation than now. Both the earth and the human population were living in extremely high density, i.e. low frequencies, and the human minds were almost hermetically closed. I am talking of the darkest period in human history during the first decade of the new millennium, especially after 9/11 that paralyzed the world with fear and terror.

Superficially, the situation then was very much like today under the current lockdown but with very little or no light energy coming from the Source to raise the frequencies of humanity. This situation changed overnight when the PAT came together in the summer and autumn of 2011 and we opened the stargate 11.11.11 that guaranteed the ascension of Gaia which was then accomplished one year later at the stargate 12.12.12 when we, the PAT, also ascended to the 5th dimension.

The expansion of awareness under psychedelic drugs in the 50s and 60s led to such innovative social movements as the beatniks and flower power and, above all, the surge of the antiwar peace movement that very powerfully transformed the society at that time and of which we, unfortunately, see nothing these days.

That is why when I wrote this article, I recommended the very cautious use of mainly DMT as a natural biological product of the brain that can also be found in a number of plants and has the effect of expanding human consciousness and connecting it to the unity field of All-That-Is without the many negative side effects that are known with LSD and many magic mushrooms. At that time, one could still find clean DMT, known also as 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine). This psychedelic drug was comparatively harmless and very seldom led to bad trips. In fact, it was used daily by many people as its application was also very easy.

In the meantime, the drug companies that still produce this substance and are under the total control of the dark evil cabal have contaminated all available psychedelic drugs so that it is no longer responsible for me to recommend the use of such drugs that expand the human awareness and could be helpful in promoting their spiritual awakening. That is why I can no longer recommend the use of DMT. I must state this clearly and unambiguously at this place so that there are no misunderstandings.

There is another key aspect that I would like to elucidate at this place and thus answer your question:

Is evil real? Does it exist apart from the whole? Or is it just a trapped mind?.”

Let me say it loud and clear:

Evil is not only real, but it has also been, and in a way still is, the predominant experience on this planet. 

I published quite a few articles in the last several months since I arrived in Italy where I have extensively described our battles with the evil entities that controlled the earth and this population for eons of time before they could be finally eliminated by us.

However, all humans are more or less infested by dark entities as parasites from the astral realms upon birth without being aware of that. These entities are now loose as they can no longer cope with the rising frequencies and have become even more unhinged and jump from one person to another.

Only last week we had a group of Italian teenagers who rented the neighbor apartment for a few days. When they first came and opened the window, we saw a young lady that we immediately recognized as possessed and at this very moment a dark entity from her fields jumped into our light-filled fields, attracted like a moth by the lightbulb, while we were sitting on our balcony and did not expect anything bad to happen. As we are experienced light warriors and have had numerous encounters with such dark entities, we can smell and feel them 10 lightyears away against the cosmic background radiation. We started coughing and this is the clearest proof that you have an entity in your fields.

We immediately left the balcony, entered the living room, and closed the door. Then we made a purge and invocation to remove this dark entity. After that, we had to do such purging and smudging three times a day as long as this group of spoiled Italian brats stayed in the neighboring apartment while slamming the doors day and night under the influence of drugs. They were all contaminated with dark entities and their presence in our proximity was unbearable.

In the end, I felt obliged to confront them and compared their behavior to that of the vandals who destroyed the late Roman empire and I knew these savage tribes were part of the school lessons on Italian history. The vandals have become a synonym for destructive, reckless behavior in most European languages and I was surprised that these youngsters have actually heard of them at school and even felt something like shame, which is unusual with these spoiled Italian “mammones” (mother’s boys and girls with demonic behavior). It is for us sometimes very difficult to imagine how this nation will evolve to a leading spiritual country and we can only reckon with big miracles in this respect.

Why am I telling you all that? Because evil exists and it is very real and it is a constant danger for all lightworkers and that is why we must stay all the time vigilant and be prepared to act and purge them when they enter our fields. If one rejects the evil or thinks to be above it as many pseudo-lightworkers believe from a position of spiritual high-esteem, then they are already lost. They live with the dark and cannot recognize it as it has become part of them and they are incapable of critically perceiving it and combatting it.

Such people show as a rule very little compassion for other people, especially when they have been attacked by dark ones as they negate their existence. They display as a rule zero social competence that makes them very unpleasant friends and partners in daily life. One can say that people who do not accept the evil and have not have conscious experiences with it are not only socially incompetent but also very unripe personalities.

As the dark ones have infested their fields and hijacked their emotions, they are also unreliable, full of energies of betrayal and self-righteousness and display usually an abominable toxic behavior that can be hidden only with great effort for some time under the pretense of being enlightened people until they can no longer hold it and show their true dark evil nature in a sudden vicious aggressive behavior. With that, I have very precisely described the current situation on the earth and in particular in vast portions of the awakening humanity.

The whole situation is more grievous than most lightworkers and light warriors surmise. We have had many cases when they come to us because they were attacked, in most cases already infested with dark entities, and had huge problems including suicidal thoughts and asked for help and advice. They all showed a remarkable and to me inconceivable tolerance against these dark entities that sponged on their energetic fields and reluctance to expel them with the proven means we recommend them. It is a very frustrating situation as the victims of these dark parasites have been weakened for such a long time and have no will to resist the dark entities that control them through their emotional and mental fields.

You have to be a conscious and seasoned light warrior to act immediately as Patrick wrote to me the other day (July 12th):

“Three nights ago, I awakened in the early AM, 2:30 and immediately felt a presence in my room hovering right over me. It was menacing and very dark as a cloud of black smoke. Additionally, the picture frame of a glass cover showing the picture of a river meandering through the mountains with the Title “My Destiny”  began to turn into a darkened image as if it was vibrating this same darkened shadow. I invoked the angel Michael and cursed this fragment of a reptilian source and engaged in an action with my lightsaber and it was gone. Archangel Michael was present in the upper right corner of my ceiling during this entire escapade showing a visible light. “

With this presentation, I have almost answered all your questions, most of which have nothing to do with true spirituality but with your bad experience with psychedelic drugs. You have started their use without being prepared for the expansion of your awareness and the necessary strengthening of your character. All the light warriors of the PAT have first gone through so many existential and other challenges that they all have a very strong character which is an indispensable prerequisite for any significant expansion of human awareness without losing ground and fearfully dissolving the earthly personality as this happened with you during your bad trips.

My impression from your letter is that none of these conditions are fulfilled in your case. You have had bad trips accompanied by fearful experiences and some kind of expansion of your awareness that always comes with the use of psychedelic drugs and has even been described in pharmacological textbooks as I wrote in my article. Given the continuing dreadful experiences, you have had after your psychedelic trip and the additional use of magic mushrooms, I conclude that you have thoroughly contaminated your fields with dark entities as you were not mentally and emotionally prepared for these psychedelic trips. Now you try to interpret these negative experiences and give them a universal spiritual touch but this is a futile endeavor. The use of such obscure terms as samadhi does not help any further. This is a cheap label and nobody knows what it means and everybody understands something different under this term so that there is no point in even discussing this issue.

You, yourself admit that you have difficulties in understanding my writings, which is OK with respect to pure science. But I have written a lot of books and articles on the new Gnosis (scientific esotericism) which are easily accessible to most of my readers, otherwise, they will not be my readers, and in the first place to the PAT as they make the same experiences as we do. You, on the contrary, admit that you do not have these experiences which makes me come to the conclusion that you are not in the LBP and actually not prepared to experiment with such artificial expansion of your awareness.

I must admit that I recommended this approach more than 10 years ago when I wrote this article but no longer under the current energetic conditions when we are on the cusp of our ascension and transfiguration. The use of such psychedelic drugs will only suppress and derail the ascension process, especially as they are deliberately contaminated to do precisely that by the cabal manufacturers. There is a real war that is raging on this planet and all sinister means are employed to cull humanity and prevent our ascension as I am writing over and over again in all my articles on the current lockdown. One must be very naive not to know and consider that in his personal life.

Now, as far as your psychedelic experiences during your bad trips are concerned, none of them is relevant or representative of the multidimensional life in the higher dimensions in the unity consciousness of All-That-Is as you were full of fears when you made them, while we have eliminated all our fears while still in a physical body and ready to transform it into a crystalline light body and experience true bliss and unity. Therefore, all the questions you have raised are based on these negative experiences and are invalid. They do not help you in your spiritual growth in case you want to have one. That is why I will not answer them one by one but simply discard them as your subjective reflections of bad psychedelic experiences in an unprepared state. This is the usual trap into which many people, and especially many young people, fall and it is time to address this issue one more time.

Ascension and merging with the higher realms is indeed bliss and total freedom but it cannot be achieved with the help of pharmaceuticals but with tedious, focused, and courageous light work to overcome all the 3D imprints and rise above this toxic illusory reality.

You still have the chance to do that but you must first begin cleansing your fields from the dark entities that have infested them during your bad trips – that is why they were bad as they instilled fears in you when you made them – stop taking any drugs and begin with the real light body process and raising the frequencies of your personality by shedding off all your current behavioral patterns. You will soon realize what a difficult job this is – the most difficult in this multiverse – but also the most rewarding one when one is successful in this respect.

With love and light




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