The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 2

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 6, 2020

In Part 1 of this energy report, I explained how this lockdown was installed by the big ugly reptilians that controlled the Unholy Six from the Orion /Reptilian Empire and fulfilled the function of the former evil Powers That Be, whose role was to enslave humanity and dumb down all humans for eons of time to the lowest level of consciousness in the entire multiverse.

As Gaia and humanity are now on the steady course of ascension  – actually on the verge of this event thanks to the heroic light work of the PAT – this evilest clique of dark entities in this galaxy had to be finally eliminated from the earth. Only after that, it will be possible to end the current unnatural lockdown that has fulfilled its pedagogical function, has helped awaken sufficient numbers of humans and has paved the way for the sweeping revelations that are scheduled to begin in July.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was instrumental in luring the big, ugly, evilest reptilians into their final mortal battle which had to be waged before being eliminated on June 10th, 2020. The bait was my pivotal article “Why There are no Viruses” that will go into human history as probably the most important and consequential publication of all times. Judge for yourselves. This is what I entered in my diary for that day:

How We Defeated the Big Ugly Reptilians and Saved the Earth and Humanity From Their Perennial Oppressors on June 10th, 2020

“I had a stabbing pain in my right eye socket the whole night and in the morning. Now it turned into an excruciating headache. The vibrations were off the scale and are smashing me. This painful experience tells me that I have been engaged in a ferocious battle with some very dark ones. Not a good start into the day as it was revealed soon.

Although I was in terrible shape, I was urged by my HS to correct my article on “Why There Are no Viruses” which I wrote the previous day and prepare it for publication. Amora then did the proofreading and I published it in the morning shortly after 10:00 am.

Around 11: 00 am the weather became very bad all of a sudden, it started to rain cats and dogs and around 12:30 pm a storm with thunder and lightning began with full force. This was very unusual and we could sense a huge danger and menace in the air. We began talking about the reptilians that caused this lockdown and discussed the Arcturian message on this topic, which we had received more than 3 weeks ago on May 17th (see Part 1).

Before that, early in the morning Amora had a vision that the reptilians are in her face right in our proximity, in the living room and they are very angry, desperate, and up to something. When the thunder and flashes of lightning came around noontime, they were so close to our house, just in front of our window and there was no time-lag between lightning and thunder which were extremely loud and almost frightening. Amora felt how her heart chakra was shattered. I was so weakened by my headache and cleansing that I couldn’t think or do much.

We got very tired and went to bed after an hour of lightning and thunder. The thunder felt very much like we were being attacked with a psychotronic weapon as if somebody was firing at us with huge cannons from a short distance, and we knew that there was a real battle going on with the GF and with us in the higher dimensions. Our apartment on the 4th floor felt like a besieged citadel with the enemy at the gate constantly bombarding us.

Amora was urged to make an invocation to protect us with gold Christed light and the other seven sacred flames while lying in bed. I also did my invocation to support her.

As the attacks did not seem to stop, my HS urged me to invoke a massive vortex and throw all the reptilians from the earth into the void.

I, and also Amora, saw with my 3rd eye how powerful I was, how all the reptilians were sucked into this vortex and disappeared forever. This was the most awesome vision I have ever had in my whole life and the relief after that was indescribable. I also felt a deep satisfaction with my great power as an ascended master.

All of a sudden, the flashes of lightning and thunder stopped and the weather improved within minutes. The rain also stopped and the sky cleared. We felt such a huge relief as if we have been saved from mortal peril.

Of course, I could have acted earlier and eliminated these evilest big ugly reptilians but I was very weakened by the headache and the stomach pain from the constant and rapid bilocations. Most probably this was the right moment to act and eliminate these evil ones and this exact moment in time was precisely coordinated with the GF which had a massive presence above our heads.

Obviously, this battle was raging on numerous timelines the whole night given the excruciating headache and downloads of energies I had the whole night. This shows that it was an epic battle in which all light warriors fully participated and I will not be surprised if some of the PAT have reminiscences of this battle and have written down their nightly experiences.

The rest of the day we spent recovering from this shock.”

Two days later we met with Sophia at a cafe to discuss what happened with us in the last several days and exchange information. She told us that she participated in this battle exactly as we did from her apartment and had to invoke all her guides and forces of light to fight and repel the big ugly reptilians. Her experience fully coalesced with ours and this was an important proof for the validity of what happened on June the 10th.

Amora received a message that we had done a great job. On that day (June 12th) she had a 4-hour appointment at the hairdresser in the morning and the lady that combed her hair did it so painfully that she was almost dying. This hairdresser must have been a torturer in previous lives and is surely a clandestine sadist in this life, this is what we three unanimously got about her intuitively. This pain was, however,  a necessary preparation for the alchemical reaction that we three unleashed on that same day.

Sophia established contact with the GF while we were sitting relaxed at the cafe and they confirmed our battle two days ago and how they had helped us eliminate the evil big reptilians from the earth and prevented them from harming us. The ETs were very happy, almost exuberant, and rather talkative. They told Sophia that we were under the protection of Mother Mary who immediately connected to the source and we received divine dispensation. After that the GF “came to us through a wormhole in the blink of an eye”, that is exactly what they told us, and defeated the reptilian fleet by busting their spaceships and weapons as soon they tried to use them against us.

This was what we experienced as massive thunder and flashes of lightning at the same time, just in front of our windows, a thing that has never happened to us before. This was not the usual lighting and thunder during a storm, although the weather seemed to be very stormy. It was a real battle in the astral plane and we were fully engaged in it as we already live on a 5D platform.

I got in the evening from my HS that these evil reptilians dwell, among other places, under the Vatican. This was also confirmed by Sophia. When I published my article with the open letter of archbishop Vigano to Trump on June 8th, they read it and believed that we are working with this faction of the light in the Church against them in order to take over the Vatican and eliminate their stronghold as I wrote nonchalantly in the article, guided as usual by my HS who can be very mischievous and unleash some very dramatic events, much to my liking, as otherwise human life can be so dull and boring.

That is why the big ugly reptilians decided to attack us on June 10th, two days later in a most ferocious battle. They were desperate because the lockdown didn’t bring the desired effect for them and they saw that we, the light warriors, are winning the war with them and humanity is beginning to awaken.

Amora had bilocated on June 10th in the morning, shortly before they attacked us, to their meeting. She saw how these reptilians were very distressed and full of hatred against us, talking about their plans on how to destroy us, and then she felt them the next moment to be present in the middle of our dining room, which was a clear warning what would come next.

I took this vision of Amora very seriously on that day, but as my headache was excruciating throughout the whole night and morning, I couldn’t think and act as decisively as normally. This headache was the result of massive downloads and indicated that we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, were already fighting a huge battle in the higher realms throughout the whole night and on many timelines while cleansing and severing low-frequency dark timelines from the ascending Gaia.

However, the HR waited until we were personally attacked to eliminate these evil reptilians forever from the earth. We served as bait, so to say, and my article was the initial trigger. How clever that I was channeled to publish this article, not knowing what it would unleash.

This explains the message of the Arcturians from May 17th when they warned us to keep silent about these battles with the reptilians as we are involved directly in the ending of the lockdown and have to preserve the surprise moment. The ending of the lockdown can only happen after these reptilians that initiated it has been removed. This happened on June 1oth.

I must add that we had in the second half of June some more skirmishes with dark entities which were dwelling in the human fields and even had in grip whole countries and were weakened by the incoming very powerful high-frequency energies from the Source but also because they had lost the support of the Reptilian clique. The latter functioned as the de facto evil masterminds of this planet and its population and thus facilitated the infestation of virtually all incarnated human personalities with dark entities and even demons from the astral plane.

Currently, the human stooges of these ousted evilest reptilians, the politicians, and the elite, are trying to step up into the role of their former masters as the new controllers of humanity but they will not succeed. Conte had invited the entire European cabal in Rome in June to discuss the future of Italy behind closed doors, i.e. how to enslave Italy and from there the whole of Europe, by excluding the elected parliament, but we could prevent this evil plan with daily invocations.

After our meeting with Sophia on June 12th, I got the message that we have opened humanity on that day in a massive alchemical reaction to the energies of the new earth and reality after we cleansed all ascending timelines from all the evil reptilians that were also responsible for the current lockdown. It began with Amora taking over the pain of the entire humanity, as allegedly Jesus once did on the cross, while sitting in the hairdresser’s chair of torture. Then came our discussion with the owner of the apartment on that same day when we three showered him with our light and high frequencies and he was very charged and excited. After that, we continued disseminating these codes to the people on the streets who seemed to be very happy on that day after the lockdown had been eased a little bit in Italy.


The second half of June was filled with miracles of personal and collective nature. It was a continuation and an expansion of the healing miracles that began in May. I cannot report at this point what miracles happened but it suffices to say that they were big surprises for us. They dwarf by far and large the usual miracles of the Christian Church that this fraudulent institution is so proud of and upon which it founds its faith, such as the Immaculate Conception or the Fatima miracle. This gives you an inkling what to expect in July when we are about to experience another significant peak in manifested miracles while at the same time the old matrix will fully crumble.

Here is a small foretaste of what you can expect in July and during the rest of the year.

For several days Amora was getting a message from her guides that the channeler Ron Head will receive a message that will be groundbreaking as to what we should expect in the coming days. This is a common procedure with us as I also know in advance what messages Daniel Scranton will get from the Arcturians because we are in constant contact with them after a soul fragment of myself ascended to the 9th dimension of Arcturus in January 2019.

Unfortunately, Ron Head very rarely gets a message and we had to wait a long time. Otherwise, he is one of the few clear channelers who doesn’t channel the usual new age crap. Finally, on July 4th he received the message we have been waiting for so long. While it doesn’t say anything new, it heralds the beginning of the crumbling of the old matrix and human society exactly as we envision it.

The remark that most people will not be prepared for the shocking revelations that will come very soon refers in the first place to the fact that the only categorical system of knowledge humanity has developed so far after all religions have fully failed as gnostic teachings, is,  in fact, fraudulent, fake science. This source also admonishes that all shocking truths are already available on the Internet and it is the failure of the new age in the first place and all alternative thinkers and intelligentsia in the second place to disregard them – by disregarding the existence of the Universal Law and its new true theory of science and gnosis since it was discovered and published a quarter of a century ago. Hence the shock they will have to undergo very soon when they realize their own self-afflicted blindness.

There will be no spectacular announcements as the truth will actually reveal only the intellectual, emotional, moral, and ethical deficiencies of all humans on this planet and this is the bitterest truth of all and the most difficult to swallow, as Ron Head channels. And exactly this insight has been a leitmotif in all our discussions over the years. Including the individual ascension of some advanced humans before the real global shift can happen who will assume the role of the new spiritual leaders of humanity.

This message also addresses the upcoming freedom of humanity as discussed by ourselves, the Elohim, the Arcturians and St. Germain recently, which will be possible only when the cities of light manifest and some advanced humans will be able to reactivate their spiritual feats, overcome gravity and will be able to bilocate with ease through space and time with their new crystalline bodies. The greatest transformation will be though the huge expansion of our multi-dimensional consciousness, which this channel also announces. This will be the source of immediate creation, abundance, individual freedom, and bliss for all.

In Part 3, I will report on the energies of the latest Full Moon Eclipse Portal and what we can expect in the days ahead till the beginning of the Lion’s Gate on July 26/27.




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