The Activation of the Knee Chakra of Levitation

Channeled by Rick Jewers, June 30, 2020

Here is a message channeled by our friend and PAT member Rick Jewers from Canada. I haven’t heard of Rick for a long time but I know that, as a true master, he is on his own pathway of ascension. I was made aware of his message by a Rumanian reader of our website.  Rick’s message confirms exactly what we experience and know about the current activation of the knee chakra of levitation and bilocation. I cannot exclude that he has read our latest publication with Arcturian and Elohim messages where I discussed the activation of the knee chakra but he brings forth some new valuable aspects of the LBP in its current final phase.


Currently, some are experiencing specifics in the KNEE areas, this is a commonality throughout the collective to varying degrees at this time and prior, and moving forward.

For some of you now, and more of you will follow, what was perhaps known as your Earth Chakra is no longer stationary about 3 feet below your feet into Gaia. This Earth Chakra was for grounding and other divine energetic work and was your main connection to the current reality. As Gaia ascends in frequency, the steady connection of each to Gaia directly will no longer be required as it was. You may wish to think of your Earth Chakra as an anchor, that was important for the Planetary Ascension, whereas the higher You Empowered Yourself and you lifted Gaia higher as well as in proportion to all of the Lightworkers’ efforts.

To allow for your miraculous feats here, like walking upon water and levitating, this energetic attachment shifts at this time for you, from about 3 feet underground to a position between your knees. When this detachment from Gaia occurs, and upon some other bodily/energetic upgrades, some of you WILL BE at least levitating.

There is a Divine Order, meaning that only certain miracles will be allowed to be seen by humanity in accordance with the Divine Plan. There are some secrets that will NOT be available for the first echelon of the 5D state of existing/timeline, as to assure the human experience stays intact until humanity is transitioned forward through linear time, to that extent.

Although 5.38 billion are ascending to the first level of 5D, at this time, only approximately 4 million will be able to go further into the multi-dimensional experience with the human vessel intact. The teachings are integrated into the present timeline and will remain going forward, however, when each soul is ready, the content comes into her awareness, and the person will be able to begin with his higher multi-dimensional transition.

With this upliftment of the Earth Chakra within your energetic chakra system, comes new balancing and alignment modalities, and it is important to acknowledge this stabilizing point of your chakra system. Remember, as you transition higher timelines and states of being, metaphysics also changes, along with other human laws of physics, to satisfy the new dynamics of being in a higher C0-Creator state of Being, in these lower densities.

The same laws that apply for an unawakened one, do not apply to you, plain and simple, and as you ascend, your physical laws change. When one first begins the process of detaching the stationary Earth Chakra, you will experience wobbling sensations as well as vertigo sensations, whereas you are no longer permanently attached to the present reality which consists of a certain frequency band, which results in your energetic field to begin to wobble, looking for stability it once had.

The soul and physical vessel are required to be energetically prepared to ascend to other dimensions, and this is one preparation that is taken care of by your soul. Remember, you are different, and that your abilities far exceed those of an ordinary human, and it is divinely assured that each of you is and will become an example of what they too can achieve.

Harmonics and crystals work well with balancing the new location of your Earth Chakra, and the higher frequencies are most adequate at this balancing. Your Earth Chakra will tend to favor the Feminine side, meaning, that it will be slightly placed to your left, for most of you, because of the imbalance between the collective, whereas the Divine Feminine is on the large scale the dominating gender of the energy. This slight misalignment is fine for now, however, the finetuning of this chakra is recommended to maintain it as close to a perpendicular center as possible. Whereas also, this is the defiance of gravity law, this new ability for many takes a little getting more accommodated with it.

The representing energetic color for this Chakra is brown, and for any healers or selves, upon seeing this color in your energetic work/the third eye, or whatever another way you utilize to examine current energies you may be working with, the brown will indicate, an Earth Chakra alignment is due within you or the individual you may be assisting.

The repositioning of this Chakra also facilitates and enhances the bilocating ability while in physical form as well as enhancing the remote viewing gift. As you detach more and more from the old reality through your individual processes, this ability strengthens within you and is part of your preparation.

Your old ways of grounding still work for you, just consciously push any excess energy out through the foot chakras into Gaia. Remember, do not push your kundalini energy out, this energy is your Light Body energy, and is to be continuously pushed/pulled upward, to continue the advancement of the etheric body, which is the physical and energetic body combined. You do not wish to be constantly draining your kundalini energy into Gaia, into the old reality, so assure this energy is utilized to advance your Light Body and to empower your divine gifts.


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