How to Hold the Spiritual Highground in the Current End Time of Tribulations

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 3, 2020

We have entered the End Time of Tribulations as predicted by our spiritual predecessor Apollonius of Tyana, alias John the Revelator in his Revelations (Apocalypse). The good news is that the current riots, looting, and social unrest in the USA have already fully hollowed the idea of social distancing imposed on humanity during the current lockdown as a very effective means of incarcerating the people into the NWO. The second equally important good news is that the total destruction of the Empire of Evil has commenced and there will be no stopping. The quarantine was a strategic respite for humanity prior to the actual tribulations that will unfold this year.

This sober analysis of the current political situation leads to the only possible conclusion: Something big and decisive must happen very soon to offset the agenda of the dark cabal.

These dark ones do not care how humans destroy their society and their lives as long as they kill each other in big numbers and thus support their genocide policy while contributing with their civil unrest and destruction to the already existing impoverishment of the people. Poor people are much easier to enslave than wealthy and independent people. That is why the middle class, the backbone of a free society under the current free-market definition, has been systematically destroyed in the West since the 60’s after the Western capitalist countries stabilized their ruined economies from WW2 and could withstand the expansion of dictatorial communism coming from the East.

I have written on many occasions that the social phenomena which we now experience in the end phase of the ascension process are at best described as energetic oxymorons. Whatever the intention of a dark heinous act might be, it will always achieve the opposite result in a strict dialectic manner.

The lockdown was imposed as a precursor to enslave humanity into the NWO under a false medical pretext and instead of the fake pandemic killing millions of people as initially predicted, billions of humans were healed from their fears stored in the root chakra and in the other chakras and the light body process was initiated in many of them. Instead of preventing the planetary and human ascension, these dark imbeciles actually fostered the ascension of humanity.

The lockdown was unanimously supported by the corrupt fake mainstream media that are fully controlled by the dark ruling cabal. Now all of a sudden they are supporting the looters and the rioters, not because they care for their legitimate reasons, such as poverty, unemployment, racism, etc. but because they see a chance to oust Trump from power. In doing that they conspicuously offset their narrative of social distancing and show how ridiculous this idea was from the very beginning.

In other words, everything currently the cabal and their stooges do, write, and think is so blatantly contradictory at first glance that they simply dismantle themselves as a social authority. The energetic mechanism behind that is immediate karma, which works now very efficiently because the energies of truth coming from the Source are engulfing humanity and this planet. There is no more space for lies, deceit, and obfuscation, that is to say, we shall experience a peak in these atrocities until their intensity and true nature become so obvious that the masses will turn away with revulsion from the Powers That Were and their rotten institutions. They will flock to us when we begin with our immediate creations, most probably first in the Healing and Study Centres in Italy.

We have just entered the phase of learning how to create real-time under the guidance of our souls. I am sure that our learning curve will be very steep and the results of our creations will begin to manifest very soon – June is the right month for that.

That being said, I want to advise you emphatically not to fall prey to the current low-frequency scenarios and timelines which the cabal is now imposing on humanity in order to mire the people and prevent the ascension. It is not our duty or obligation to take a stance against the numerous injustices that now surge high and become visible to the masses – we knew about them many years ago, but nobody wanted to listen to us. The people have to deal themselves with such injustices, cruelties, aggressions as they themselves are the carriers of these despicable traits and must experience them first hand before rejecting them forever.

We have done our light work a long time ago and we cannot take away this burden from the shoulders of the awakening masses at this time. We can only stand firm and manifest the most sublime vision of ourselves and the world we want to live in and thus raise the frequencies of humanity. We must act as beacons of light and role models for the people and must know that very soon this role will be hugely rewarded. That’s all.

Therefore, I decided to publish my discussion with a reader of my website who contacted me for the first time today as to elucidate one more time why it is so important not to participate anymore in other peoples’ dramas but follow only your spiritual pathway of creation and ascension as this is the only optimal strategy we can follow nowadays if we really want to help humanity. We have to live according to the law of energy optimization which is an application of The Universal Law.

Georgi, “Is the Role of the Police to Enforce the Law or to Keep the Peace?”

Dear Georgi,

First I hope you are doing well during these crazy times of both political and social unrest.  On top of everything else happening with COVID recently, we have had significant riots spread across the country resulting in a heightened police presence and in turn putting many departments their procedures under high levels of scrutiny.  While communities have come together through this, many people are questioning the military-style equipment and full tactical gear which we now see in almost every police department.  It’s a far cry from the small-town sheriff with one bullet we watched on TV as kids.

While reading through your site Stankov’s Universal Law Press I noticed you have written about how police forces in America are being militarized.  With programs like the Pentagon’s 1033 and civil asset forfeiture filling our police forces with military-grade weapons and equipment, I believe we need to review these policies and also look at the outcomes from these programs.  A quick look at the statistics shows that only 7% of all raids conducted by SWAT teams were done for situations that the program was invented for!

To be upfront, I’m emailing you to ask if you would share this article on Stankov’s Universal Law Press because I think it is important to discuss these policies more openly as we begin to see their downsides.  You can find it right here the article covers the militarization of police over the last 20 years and just how things got to where they are today. I would love to hear your thoughts on it whether you agree or disagree! 

For further transparency, I personally believe that pouring billions of dollars worth of equipment meant to wage war into the hands of police is a bad idea, but we wrote the article with as much balance and fairness as possible.

Stay safe and healthy,
– Windham


Dear Windham,

thank you very much for establishing contact with me and sharing this information and article. While I fully agree with the facts and conclusions made in this article, I think that the approach is too narrow-minded and lacks the overarching ethical and spiritual direction. 

First of all, the USA militarized the entire world with hundreds of military bases, weaponized hundreds of splinter groups of minorities in various countries and turned them into dangerous terrorists, destroyed dozens of countries and then declared the war on terrorism only to terrorize even more effectively the rest of the world. Nobody, I repeat, nobody in the USA truly condemned this imperialistic policy of destruction and mayhem since the end of WW2.  In Canada, there is only Professor Chossudovsky who does that:

And even the antiwar movement in the USA remained remarkably silent on this issue. I have been decrying this lack of ethics and morality of the American people since many years and have earned only scorn and aggression, also from many of the so-called enlightened people in the new age who are, in fact, awful political analphabets (illiterates).

It is not my duty to participate in a narrow-minded discussion of what is wrong with the US police as I have always sustained the view that this institution is obsolete, just as the national state. Nothing makes me happier than the current mayhem in the USA as this is the only way how this savage and brutal nation and country can be destroyed before the new earth can emerge. Read my book on the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. And the sooner and the more profound the destruction of America, the better. And it is the Americans that do this to themselves, which is the best part of all.

We knew already from our higher sources that the USA will have to go under first before there can be any true spiritual progress in North America. This holds partially true also for Canada and that is why we created the city of light in Vancouver and then spread it south along the Pacific coast in the USA as a nucleus of hope. However, Canada has a small population and it is easy to reform it as also the political opinions are not so rabid in this slumbering nation, if Canada can be called a nation.

The USA, on the contrary, is so much embroiled in irreconcilable hatred against each other that they must begin to kill each other in big numbers as they have killed millions of people in their more than 200 direct wars and instigated civil wars all over the world since the end of WW2 until they learn their karmic lessons. The chickens must come home to roost, as you say in the USA.

“This is truly not my beer” as the Germans say, the Americans must drink this poisoned cup themselves. I have done enough all these years, have condemned the USA as the Empire of Evil (search for all the articles with this designation on my website) and many American people ridiculed and attacked me just as unhinged as they do now to themselves. Of course, I exclude the PAT members in the USA, after all, they are starseeds and not Americans and they know that perfectly well.

Now the Americans have the right to bring upon themselves their own craziness, their uncontrolled aggressiveness, their contempt for human life, and all life until they learn their lessons. But they may as well decide today to become civilized people and stop their aggression, which they can no longer export abroad and must spoon out at home. It is their choice. 

And why should I as a foreigner come to help the Americans as these ones have always attacked and harmed me my whole life, beginning in 1985 when I worked for RFE (Radio Free Europe) as a program editor and criticized this institution for the lack of democracy and freedom of opinion, the very principles they propagated in their transmissions to Eastern Europe?

Therefore, if I decide to publish anything, it would be this discussion with you in order to highlight the higher spiritual perspective in the current End Time of chaos and tribulations, which anyone should follow these days if he considers himself an enlightened person.

With love and light



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