The Power of Human Ideas… and Their Misuse

An Epistemological Approach to Humanity’s Self-Imposed Quarantine

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 6, 2020

It should be a well-known spiritual truism that we create our reality with our ideas – we gestalt our external world as a mirror image of our inner thoughts and perceptions and reinforce them with the power of our emotions. Both ideas and emotions are powerful source energy, while the 3D matrix in which we currently live in is an energetically diluted holographic presentation thereof.

The material world that surrounds us is the faint landscape of energetic symbols of much deeper meaning which the incarnated personality is supposed to explore and assess with her limited senses, mind, and rudimentary intuition in order to remember who she really is – immortal soul and co-creator of her own reality. At least, this has been the case until now and we have just entered the new era of higher dimensional existence where this hide-and-search game will change overnight.

What are the leading ideas behind the current lockdown that has created a new reality for the entire humanity?

There have been numerous, more or less sincere attempts in the alternative media to explain the current lockdown because of the fake coronavirus epidemic that reflect the various levels of spiritual evolution of the authors. In this discussion, I will leave the orchestrated lies of the presstitutes in the MSM aside as they are not interested in any sincere exploration and explanation.

We have some very insightful contributions by honest doctors and scientific experts who question the logic and wisdom of the current quarantine that makes no sense from medical, epidemiological, economic and any other rational point of view. They essentially follow my arguments presented in my six articles on the coronavirus scam (two of them translated in Italian):

There are even some very bold colleagues who challenge the existence of viruses and consider them to be cell exocytes or endocytes (see exocytosis and endocytosis) coming from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) where the translation of the mRNA and the synthesis of protein occurs in the ribosomes (rough ER). Indeed electron-microscopic images of exocytes and endocytes are identical to those given as viruses when they leave or enter the cells while there are no images of viruses in the cell during their replication cycle. It is impossible to detect and capture viruses in the cell during replication but only when they allegedly leave or enter the cells as particles which renders the same images as during exocytosis and endocytosis. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish viruses from exocytes or endocytes (secretory vesicles):

Secretary vesicles (exocytes), Dr. Jastrow’s electronic microscopic atlas

200303 corona 1

This handout illustration image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first US case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV, with the spherical viral particles, colorized blue (photoshopping), containing cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.

I can personally find a lot of sympathy for this extreme opinion, all the more as it does not alter anything in my scientific argumentation on behalf of the synergistic role of the many viruses that are endemic in the human body and cooperate with the human body cells. This interpretation only reinforces my accusation that we are dealing with a fake epidemic.

Then we have the legal experts who point rightfully at the massive abuse of fundamental human rights due to the abrogation of the democratic constitutions in all western countries in the current lockdown that expose these rogue national states as elitist oligarchies of the dark cabal whose only aim is to oppress and enslave their citizens.

None of these publicists and experts, however, grasp the bigger ascension dynamics behind the current lockdown as presented by myself in my six articles on this topic.

Then we have the new age community existing on the fringes of society that does connect the quarantine to the ascension process. Some more enlightened individuals as our friend Dianne Robbins correctly pointed out that the current quarantine reflects the energetic quarantine under which humanity has lived in separation from other highly evolved civilisations for eons of time because we are seen as the most bellicose, dark, aggressive and irresponsible incarnated sentient race in this universe. Deplorably, because of the lack of any intellectual clarity, which even the well-intended Arcturians admonished the other day:  “lately the spiritual and new age communities have gotten a bit cluttered…, most new agers are incapable of any deeper insights as to the actual psychological and intellectual dynamics behind the current ascension scenario.

In particular, there is no effort and no understanding in plain sight to explore the current situation from a philosophical, epistemological, gnostic, and cognitive point of view and to explain to themselves and the rest of humanity which wrong ideas have brought the current mess and how they have achieved that. Instead, we encounter numerous speculations about various conspiracies, accusations against fictive enemies, and other stupidities which in fact reflect the same deficient thinking that has caused this temporary enslavement upon humanity.

Under other less favorable conditions, on lower timelines, this situation would have been perilous as it would have led to the permanent slavery of humanity under the NWO. Fortunately, this will not happen on these ascending timelines on which we dwell and actually created with our thoughts while taking with us, so to say, piggy-back the rest of humanity as incarnated souls. Many of them are freshly incarnated walk-ins that are supporting our ascension timelines with their higher dimensional soul essence, while the old dark tainted soul fragments are descending to lower timelines where the current lockdown may indeed end up with permanent enslavement under the banner of the NWO.

When we scrutinize all the key ideas that both politicians and self-proclaimed medical specialists, such as Bill Gates, have been forwarding these days on TV and other mass media on behalf of the further continuous lockdown of humanity and excessive vaccinations, we can very easily discern the common pattern of their faulty thinking.

I wished, I need not discuss this topic that has been a leitmotif in all my articles and books on correct logical, axiomatic human thinking but I am afraid that this aspect has remained unnoticed so far by all critical thinkers. Therefore, I have no other choice but to address this issue one more time in the light of the current epidemic confusion which grows with every moment and with every deficient breath behind a useless mask.

The first core idea promulgated by the dark cabal is that there is a dangerous pathogenic virus that has spread with great speed – hence the announcement of a pandemic by the WHO in obvious contradiction of its official definition of a real pandemic – and has the potential of killing millions of people. Medicine and health care systems in all western countries have thus admitted that they are incapable of dealing with this plague and that is why the entire population had to be locked down in order to limit the dissemination of the virus and allegedly save human lives.

This is done notwithstanding the fact that the propaganda bullhorns of the same dark cabal that have invented this false epidemic are in constant competition to inflate the numbers of new infections and alleged death cases from this virus so that this seemingly upward trend puts into question the efficacy of their very strategy to combat the virus dissemination with such a massive lockdown of the entire population that ruins the national economies and causes more harm and pain to the people than this fake plaque.

Although we observe an ample falsification of medical data, the actual infection and death numbers are still below the usual seasonal flu endemic each year where within the 6 weeks of the usual flu season in January and February, i.e. during the cold winter months, 6 million people in the average have the flu and more than 200 000 people die in association with flu infections. Besides, new data shows that the current death incidence in association with flu and other seasonal infections is lower in 2020 than in previous years. The coronavirus effect is practically zero.

Please observe the official medical term “die in association with a flu infection” and not because of the flu. This definition was deliberately dropped from the medical vocabulary describing the current fake epidemic that now lasts officially almost 5 months since December 2019 and at a time of the year – April and May – when no flu has ever been observed in the history of humanity. Now we are being told that this fake epidemic will last the whole of June at least.

These obvious facts should be sufficient to convince anybody, even with no medical background but with a modicum of logical thinking, that the reality on the ground defies any, and all, official explanations and reasoning of the ruling cabal why the current lockdown. I just read the new ministerial decree of the unelected political bastard and prime minister of Italy who does not even belong to any political party and has no legitimacy, the infamous Conti, the man of false clinical numbers and calculations (“conti” means in Italian “numbers, calculations, accounts”) and in this document you have in plain sight the obvious dilemma of the ruling cabal to explain their crimes on humanity in a convincing manner.

Here is the quintessence: The cabal can introduce as many false ideas as possible to modulate this holographic reality in their desired direction, they will always fail big time as the Source and humanity have made the decision to ascend and enter a new blissful and joyful 5D earth this year. The discrepancies between the lies and the facts on the ground will become so obvious in the days ahead that at some point the sudden pre-programmed apoptosis (= sudden cell death) of the old matrix will be inevitable. To my estimate, it is bound to begin this month and will continue throughout the year.

But why this disquisition now? Here is the key explanation: Because all the ideas that the dark cabal now put forward are N-sets that exclude the Whole and themselves as an element. Essentially, they reject the unity and harmony of all Creation and all Life which is a logical axiomatic conclusion when one departs from the Primary Term of human awareness. The latter is the first and only a priori axiom in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that leads to a new Pantheory of all Science and Human Gnosis.

Let us analyse epistemologically and axiomatically the core false ideas of the ruling cabal with which they try to enslave humanity these days:

1. There is a pathogenic, extremely virulent virus that is an enemy of the human organism and kills it – a “killer-virus” (compare with the term “killer-cells” which is another N-set.)

2. The current healthcare system cannot cope with this plague on its own although it has become so expensive and ruins the people.

3. Therefore, the only way to avoid this outcome is to lock down the entire population (earth as a prison planet).

4. If somebody challenges the appropriateness of these three ideas, then he is accused of disseminating fake information by these false keepers of the truth, or rather true keepers of all lies, and is banned from the social media. This is total censorship which did not exist even under communism.

All these ideas have a common thought pattern (N-set) which, as I will show below, runs through all categorical systems of human knowledge, and especially in science, and totally compromises them:

Accordingly, life on this planet and in the multiverse is not a harmonious, synergistic creation of all sentient light beings in the unity field of human and cosmic awareness according to the principle of constructive interference but a battleground of hostile antagonistic forces of organic matter, where only the fittest survive.

It is obvious that this core idea can only be created by derailed pathological minds that have severed themselves from the Source and represent the faction of the darkest entities in this multiverse, including their dark human stooges, known as the dark cabal or the elite on the earth. They carry the energies of betrayal and treachery of the rogue Atlantean clique which was eliminated in March this year.

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When one adopts the dark, sinister idea of separation and having a life in a hostile environment, it is very easy to multiply this idea at all levels of human thinking and thus vitiate the collective world view (Weltanschauung). All these ideas are N-sets, that is to say, sets of thought patterns that exclude the Whole of creation and each one of us as individual creators, and claim that this earth is a constant battleground of antagonistic biological forces.

These faulty ideas are the primary cause of all survival fears that the incarnated humans have stored in their 1st root chakra in numerous incarnations and are now releasing during the lockdown under the Damocles sword of a “deadly virus”. Survival fears are based on the primary notion of separation from the soul and the Source; they lead to the development of the greatest illusion of all, namely that humans are mortal beings and have only one precious life. In this sense, any kind of agnostic separation from the soul – be it religion, atheism or science – cannot be distinguished from the survival fears of all unawakened humans which this fake pandemic has now triggered to a maximal extent.

That is why with our ascension all religions, atheism, and present-day false science must be abolished once and for all.

The primary false notion of separation from the soul and the Source has brought forward the idiotic Darwin evolution doctrine, widely taught in all schools, which claims that only the fittest survive and that human evolution is driven by this merciless battle. Education as a pandemic of lies.

Then comes the political idea of capitalism as being a hostile competition between individuals and companies (social Darwinism) or between social classes, such as the capitalist and the working classes (communism), etc., before this original idea was dropped on the eve of the establishment of the NWO. This happened most obviously in 2008 when the cabal banksters destroyed the few democratic elements of the free-market economy and substituted it with the financial dictate of worthless fiat money printed out of thin air by the criminal central banks for the sole enrichment of the few very rich cabal; the latter believe to represent the top of the evolutionary pyramid they created for themselves and declared it to be the NWO (read here and all the articles in section “economic collapse“).

Then, we have the same core idea in bio-sciences over and over again. One forgets the simple fact that all viruses that affect the human body exist already in all human bodies in a very finely attuned synergism within their energetic regulation by the soul as otherwise, we will always be ill from a viral infection and not a single virus can replicate. The biological regulation of the body by the soul enables the viruses to reproduce in the human cells. The replication of the viruses in the human and animal bodies is not a “free lunch” or a hostile invasion as the ruling cabal and their paid and bought experts make us believe because nothing is “free lunch” in All-That-Is. “Hostile invasion” is the classical N-set thought pattern of the ruling cabal and their evil ETs masterminds that explains all their inhuman behavior towards the earth and its human population.

Viruses do not live on plants and trees and jump onto the clueless humans and kill them at their whim. If they happen to exist in animal bodies, they have entered these animals through contact with human bodies but cause no harm (see past fake epidemics with avian flu and chicken flu that dissipated without any consequences). This is basic knowledge since the beginning of modern medicine and bio-science.

If numerous viruses co-exist in the human body – indeed we all carry thousands of viruses of which most people have no idea –  how come they all of a sudden go amok and kill their own host and thus themselves? And what is the role of the immune system in all these considerations which has now become a major argument of the awakened experts against the insanity of the current lockdown?

All forms of life exist in harmony and synergism with each other. Physical death is in this sense only an energetic transition to a different aggregate state of being. This is basic esoteric truth. Therefore, there are no hostile organisms that kill each other. From a higher vantage point of view, one can argue that we are the creators of all our reality, including nature as organic and inorganic matter, at the level of our souls.

In this case, we also create all the viruses which then play a major synergistic role in the regulation of our human bodies. There are no rogue viruses that all of a sudden decide to kill their host – the human body – as their replication cycle is dependent on human cells and it is closely coordinated by the energetic program of the soul who creates and keeps the human body alive. This should be cogent to any gnostic person who acknowledges the existence of the soul and human life as an eternal part of All-That-Is.

The new General Theory of Biological Regulation that will be the theoretical foundation of the new higher dimensional Healing Centre in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo explains all these bioenergetic interactions very precisely and in a congruent manner for the first time in the history of modern human science. It is entirely based on the proper application of the new Axiomatics of the UL that allows the use of only such ideas and concepts that are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole = the Soul = the Source = All-That-Is as an element.

At the same time, humanity must eradicate once and for all ideas in science that are N-sets and are based on the primary notion of separation and therefore develop the false idea of antagonism and constant battle between the living organisms. This is how I developed the new General Theory of Science of the UL by completely re-writing the old failed sciences of separation (see Tetralogy of Science, left column, top).

You will be amazed to learn how extensively such false scientific ideas are used as a pretext for the imposition of the current lockdown against all common sense.

Bio-sciences, such as biochemistry, pharmacology, biology, medicine, etc. have developed a few basic explanatory concepts that foster the idea of separation and antagonism in all life in order to explain the miracle of biological regulation while rejecting the existence of the soul as the creator of all biological organisms. In this sense, agnosticism is the utmost form of separation from the Source and the soul. All the experts, including all alternative thinkers among them, are unaware of this basic epistemological fact because they are agnostics.

This situation has to change profoundly with the imminent manifestation of the Healing and Study Centres of Light in Italy as heralded by Melchizedek recently.

Let us discuss this issue in more detail from a methodological point of view. For instance, we have in bio-science the “agonist-antagonist model” with which the scientists explain the functioning of all enzymes and other regulatory bio-molecules in the human body. You can make a search on the Internet and find out that this unverified model (that is why it is not considered an established theory) is almost universally applied to explain, more or less clumsily, virtually any bioenergetic interaction in the human body. You have a variety of applications of this model as N-set, such as the lock-and-key model with which the functioning of all enzymes (actually proteins) are explained.

The entire pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry are based on this false model and have led to the massive introduction of highly deleterious cell-inhibiting drugs (more than 90% of all the drugs on the market) that increase morbidity and mortality in the patients. They have already caused the greatest genocide in the modern history of mankind by prematurely exterminating an estimated half a billion people as patients since the end of WW2 when modern pharmacology began. This fact was unequivocally proven by myself after I developed the new General Theory of Biological Regulation.

As I have written on numerous occasions, all thoughts that are N-sets and are based on the separation from the Whole, and the rejection of the Whole, lead to the annihilation of Life. This is the trademark in particular of the current ruling cabal and their insidious healthcare system. The “philanthropic’ mass murderer (energetic oxymoron of the End Time) Bill Gates embodies this evil way of thinking in a perfect and most obnoxious manner.

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The current rectification for the use of vaccinations against viral and other infections is based on this false N-set idea. It excludes the regulation and the functioning of the immune system which I explained for the first time in a stringent way while including all the available scientific evidence so far with the help of the new theory of the UL. Most of volume III is dedicated to the axiomatic explanation of the regulation of the immune system and explains why the current lockdown to prevent the alleged virus distribution is the pinnacle of human insanity. Other doctors and bio-experts are now also beginning to argue in the same direction from their limited but, nonetheless, intuitively correct understanding of the functioning of the human body.

From an epistemological and methodological point of view, the agonist-antagonist model or its variation as a lock-and-key model reflects the very rigid deterministic world view in science that is the quintessence of failed empiricism as the prevailing approach in science today. This has been a major topic of all my critics on present-day failed science.

Scientists wrongly assume that there is always one full cause for one full event (effect), so to say, all life is supposed to follow only one narrow deterministic chain of cause and effect. At the same time, they exclude hypothetically (virtually in their heads) all the other energetic interactions at numerous levels that occur simultaneously in All-That-Is and thus cannot be excluded in true science. These interactions are all parts of the Whole, which means, they are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole as an element. They are superimposed wave systems that constantly influence each other. This is how the Whole operates and this is the basic knowledge that the new theory of the UL imparts on humanity.

In particular, I have proved that the human cells are regulated energetically by the action potentials of their cell membranes, where the stored electromagnetic energy of these membrane potentials (gradients) is transformed into biochemical energy in the cells, such as the production of proteins and other biomolecules (through the electromagnetic activation of the DNA strands that operate as superconductors); these biomolecules create in turn the cell membrane potential again during the cell metabolism after the discharge of each action potential.

Image result for action potential, images

These electromagnetic gradients affect as long-range correlation all biochemical reactions in the cells in a global manner at the same time. Therefore, all rigid deterministic approaches in bioscience, such as the agonist-antagonist model and the lock-and-key model are absolutely wrong ideas – they are N-sets that exclude the synergistic simultaneous co-regulation of millions of biochemical reactions in the cell metabolism which is accomplished by the soul in a perfect manner.

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That is why all doctors and bio-scientists do not know how a single cell is regulated, not to speak of viruses no one has ever seen in a cell. Being bribed or threatened by the cabal, these false experts support and propagate the current lockdown and harm humanity more than any epidemic. They are accomplices of evil masters and even more culpable than the latter as they should know it better.

Similar wrong deterministic models are also broadly used in physics and have effectively prevented the unification of this science. The use of closed systems, such as the Carnot engine in thermodynamics, or vacuum in the theory of relativity belongs to this same set of wrong N-ideas. I have admonished these false concepts that have prevented the unification of physics on many occasions and recently in the four videos on free photon energy:

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

All these fake models contain implicitly the false idea of the universal biological antagonism between the species and within the species as an N-set – the antagonism of organic forces which any modestly intelligent person with a good sense of observation will easily reveal as fake only by watching the behavior of animals. The explanation we hear from politicians and false experts is based on this absolutely wrong idea. And the masses swallow it without any major resistance and behave as if they already live under the dictatorship of the NWO. That is why we have to ascend asap and awaken the slumbering masses. When one slumbers in democracy, one inevitably awakens in the dictatorship.

The whole idea of the “enemy at the gates” versus us, the civilized humanity, be it a Nazi, an Islamic terrorist, or a virus, is a variation of this original N-set idea of biological antagonism and the separation from the Source, which is the negation of true Creation in All-That-Is. The invention of Islamic terrorism by the USA that sponsored these terrorists in the first place is a typical example of this faulty thinking that only leads to wars and destruction of human life. The solutions which the dark cabal proposes to eliminate such fictitious, invented dangers are always the worst-case scenario in life, as the political situation in the Middle East clearly shows. That is why the dark cabal will not ascend and will very soon experience their Waterloo (Your Gate Has Opened, Run):

Perhaps you wonder how those fully of 3D will respond as you move forward in your new world. We do not wish to promote an “us and them”-barrier in your new world. But those, fully of 3D, will experience a great deal of fear as they realize they no longer have a pulse on the fears of the people. So it is those fully of 3D will remain enmeshed in fear as you move into your joy. So be it. Amen.”

The current lockdown to suppress the dissemination of a harmless virus is another typical example where the remedy is infinite times worse than the non-existent danger to die from a virus. The people are dying instead of their existential fears, when their time has arrived, which is always a decision at the soul level. Or they release their existential fears so that they can very soon realize the greatest revelation of all – that they are immortal beings of the light and have the Divine Dispensation to ascend to the new 5D earth and live forever in bliss, joy and imminent creation. This is where we stand today.

In other words, by beginning to think logically and axiomatically according to the UL every human being will immediately know the truth and discern all the lies of the ruling cabal as their lies are N-sets that should be excluded from human thinking – forever! When these N-sets are eradicated from all human thinking, we will have an evolved human race that swings in harmony, in constructive interference with the Source, and can ascend to the unity field of consciousness – to Spirit.

This is the simplest and easiest definition of the current ascension process from a physical point of view in the light of the UL.

No human thought that is N-set will make the ascension as there are no energetic N-sets in the 5th and higher dimensions. Consequently, no dark generators and perpetrators of N-sets, such as the current human cabal, will ever ascend while sticking to their permanent insidious lies. This is the only exclusion that All-That-Is allows in the current End Time of Ascension.

Therefore, while we must embrace the plurality of all human ideas as valid expressions of the Whole, insofar as they are not against the Whole, we should not show any tolerance against all ideas that are N-sets as they only promote darkness. I have seen it numerous times in many people who claimed to be spiritual and enlightened but never bothered to check their simplest ideas that determine their daily routine. Humans are, unfortunately, habitual animals and they automatically tend to succumb to darkness, especially when they praise the purity of their hearts. This is how humanity has been infested and has become the darkest humanoid race in this multiverse.

Based on this elaboration, it is cogent that there can be only one total and complete form of revelations of all the lies, deceptions, and subsequent crimes of the dark ruling cabal on this planet – their exposure as the origin of all human ideas that are N-sets that should be eliminated before the ascension.

I am explicitly speaking about the elimination of such ideas as N-sets and not the elimination of their originators who will eventually return to the Source and the Whole in eons of time in the distant future when they drop these wrong ideas of separation and embrace the unity of all Creation. After all, even when rejecting the Source and the sanctity of all its Creation, these dark ones are still creations of the Source that allows them to live in such delusion for some time as to explore to the bitter end the impossibility of any energetic separation from the Source.

Human thoughts of separation, such as “life is a constant battle where all the other people, organisms, or viruses are your enemies” are indeed resilient bugs that easily disseminate in a state of separation from the soul – in a state of profound agnosticism – and decisively determine human existence.

Who would have predicted only a few months ago that the entire humanity will be enslaved because of the most ridiculous lie that there is a deadly viral pandemic against all obvious facts? The masses have fallen prey to this deception, except for me and a few far-sighted enlightened human beings who have analyzed the dynamics of false human thinking and its psychological ramifications a long time ago and are now the beacons of light for humanity, so that it can successfully overcome its own darkness in the current process of ascension.

From this elaboration, it follows that there can be only one true revelation on this planet:

the exposure of all the wrong human ideas and lies as N-sets.

This can only happen when the new Axiomatics of the UL will be fully implemented. That is why I must ascend as the first human being and introduce the new Theory of Science of the UL before all the other detailed revelations can follow in an organized and logical manner and will bring about the utmost clarity to all humans. This most favourable ascension scenario will prevent the people from being overwhelmed by the darkness that has always existed on this planet but has remained hidden from their awareness for such a long time.

The reason why any revelations of the inherent darkness of the human race must happen on the solid foundation of a true scientific Axiomatics is that all humans have, until now, only produced thoughts that are N-sets, dark thought patterns of separation, that have determined their world view in the deepest possible manner and because they have buried this bitter and painful truth deep in their subconscious. There is nothing more painful for a human being to realize how dark he has been all the time – this is the real and only tragedy of any incarnated soul. But also the end of all human illusion…

The following beautiful video clip was just deleted from Youtube, which proves everything I have said in this article. I hope you can see it in this version.


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