Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

Our Latest Battles to Accomplish This Goal

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 5, 2020

On April 25, one day after we made our announcement on the new crowdfunding website, which we published a day earlier, Melchizedek came to us and gave an important message of confirmation to Amora about this key project. This is the first time he has given her a message although he has visited us on numerous occasions.

For instance, he came to us on June 25, 2019, in Imperia, one day before Amora flew back to Canada and gave an oral message to Sophia for me. Essentially, he told me that I will be hugely rewarded but… I have to endure some particularly difficult challenges in the time ahead. As he channeled us all three telepathically, we got the same message.

Then on July 1st, in a most dramatic moment in my life, I was hit during a strong tempest in Imperia by a massive lightning bolt right into my heart, while being asked by our guides to lie on the bed shortly before that. It came from an ominous dark cloud, which was in fact a mother spaceship of the Arcturians and the GF, right through the opened window. This was a special divine activation of my heart chakra and the beginning of the last most crucial phase in the ascension process as from that moment onward I am able to reach energetically the heart chakras of the entire human population and open them so that they can see the truth. The current respiratory symptoms in the broad population are the result of this massive opening of the heart chakras of humanity as I explained in my recent article. I reported later, on August the 1st, 2019 on this event in my energy report titled:

The Magnetic Nature of Human Heart Chakra and Its Role in the Evolution of Mankind to an Ascended Civilisation

I put a photo of the cloud with the spaceship of the Arcturians and the GF from where the lightning bolt came right into my heart and transformed me forever:

During this most dramatic event, Melchizedek was in the apartment and established contact with Sophia. He guided her to come to my room and witness through the opened door the lightning bolt while he was soothing her that everything that is happening to me was in perfect order.

Why is this past event so important? Because when Melchizedek came to us on Saturday, April 25th, and gave a message to Amora, a similar dramatic event happened this time with Amora about which we cannot write now for a variety of reasons. However, we know that it is associated with our imminent ascension. What I want to convey to you here is that Melchizedek, who is the right hand of God, never comes casually to human beings but always in association with a divine mission.

Below is a beautiful summary of the role of Melchizedek written by my countryman and spiritual predecessor from the White Brotherhood Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, which he wrote more than 60 years ago. Aïvanhov was a student of Peter Deunov and a famous spiritual leader in France. He established his community of the White Brotherhood in Southern France, Le Bonfin, near Cannes. Here is a short video on the biography of this light gestalt, unfortunately in Italian, but there are good reasons to believe that Italian will become the future universal language of the enlightened humanity: It is no coincidence that Paul, The Venetian, whose earthly abode is also in Provence, Southern France, near the Italian border, is regularly coming to Amora and pushes her to learn Italian as he wants to give her messages in the Italian language.

Le Bonfin and the abode of Paul, the Venetian are within the area which I cleansed last year when I expanded the city of light from Italy to Southern France in the autumn before I traveled to Austria. There I began with my final major and crucial battle with the evilest clique of roque multidimensional entities in this universe that carried the dark energies of betrayal and treachery and caused the destruction of Atlantis.  By the way, Atlantis was on Mars, and only shortly before and after its destruction, did many Atlanteans arrive on the earth and took over the Lemurian colonies after they ascended or moved to the Inner Earth Agartha.

It has always been inconceivable to me how two such evolved and completely different big civilisations could exist side by side on such a small planet and would not have had any major exchange of information and trade so that they would not influence each other. One only needs to look at the current primitive western-type of society and how it has spread as cancer the world over, annihilating all local cultures in order to know that such a historical phenomenon can not exist.

The perpetuation of the myth of the technologically highly evolved, but very aggressive Atlantis, which allegedly coexisted as a big civilisation side by side with the peaceful nature-bound Lemuria was deliberate as to promote these energies of betrayal and treachery to the present day. The ruling cabal on the earth is the carrier of these dark evilest energies and one will be surprised to learn how many “normal” inconspicuous human beings also carry, under the disguise of a lightworker, these evil obnoxious energies that have turned the earth into a prison planet.

After all, betrayal to others is, first and foremost, betrayal of one’s own soul as we are all One. It happens constantly on this planet and especially with self-proclaimed spiritual individuals who suffer from high-esteem and are unable to develop a critical inward approach to their inherent darkness. The current lockdown due to this fake epidemic is the latest pinnacle of this obnoxious tradition – it is the collective betrayal of humanity and the sanctity of all life and the quickest way to confront the unconscious masses with their inherent darkness.

All the timelines that carried the Atlantean heritage of these dark energies were finally severed on March 29th in an act of Divine Dispensation by the Elohim, our higher selves, after these evilest entities brutally attacked us. This was the most dramatic moment in the history of the earth and this humanity and, as usual, it remained completely unnoticed by the entire lightworkers’ community. Here is an excerpt from the Elohim message we received with respect to this historic decision and event on April 3rd:

“The events surrounding you arise from extreme imbalance of many energies resident in the fields of humanity, but also those energies that have been “trapped” in pockets from trauma-filled events, such as the Atlantis event; Energies from this event were quarantined from your reality but humanity’s memory of it has re-opened the wound from it very recently, as was revealed to you.  Such extreme trauma was experienced with this event!

When the Atlantis event occurred, it was immediately isolated in frequency, from that timeline.  However, the humans that took part in that event have brought the memory of it forward to this moment, and we, the Elohim, have decided that the Atlantis experience must be forever cut away, healed and re-integrated into the TAO in this current moment. (This is the Divine Dispensation we were informed about end of March.)

Such treacherous energy could not come forward onto a New Earth!  Yes, the Earth has separated into two expressions:  a higher expression of great beauty, openness, a union of soul, and the other, that has moved to another frequency of lower value where those beings may continue their current journey, forever.

When we say “forever” this means a new reality was created where infinite opportunities and possibilities for growth and expansion are available, and even expanded in order to facilitate their return to Godhead, but it appears they shall remain separate and apart as their desire is to be separate and apart if only to continue to hold control while caring only about one’s self-benefit, greed and justification to do as they wish at the expense of others.

The energy that drives these expressions is founded in profound betrayal.  This energy is self-perpetuating to a point where it has even led to a betrayal of the Godhead.  This energy has grown into a life of its own, where it is able to self-sustain without energetic input from us, from God, from the Source of All-That-Is.  This energy and the expressions that align so thoroughly with it are now severed since their only desire is to eradicate principles of DIVINE LIFE, AS CREATOR desires.

To reject the sanctity and divinity of Divine Life is to reject the Creator, to reject the Creation.  It is the profound desire to control with greed that has led to the rejection of the Creation, and as a result of a sustained rejection of the Divine, it has created its own Realm where there exists no divine life, no sanctity, no love;  Only burden and the necessity of trauma and tragic events that fill that experience.

That World is NOT of your World, and the Divine Dispensation is the decision of “Forever Separation” from your reality founded in infinite love, infinite light and infinite reverence for the Creation – a reflection of what the Creation and Creator feels for each and all of You at this moment.

Rejoice! As the coming days shall bring great joy to all who hold “Sanctity of Divine Life” in their hearts!


Before that, on March 16th, this roque Atlantean clique tried to destroy the earth by sending a huge asteroid but I personally averted this attack with my huge energetic field that now encompasses the whole globe and this saving operation almost killed me on that day. If you go back and read the news from that time you will find quite a few articles that predicted the imminent deep impact of some big asteroids out of nowhere. This insidious news was forwarded by the dark cabal through their presstitutes in the fake MSM to further scare the people but also because the cabal that stood in contact with this rogue clique of multidimensional Atlantean rascals knew what they were planning.

That is why Mother Mary came to us on that day and told us what had happened and how we have saved humanity. Shortly thereafter, on the actual Equinox, March 22, we opened a new portal in the Central Sun for the feminine energies from the Source with her help and that of seven other female ascended masters. We were told that it was also the portal of ascension for the earth and humanity.

I am giving you these glimpses into the latest cosmic battles for the earth and humanity as to understand that there is much more than the current lockdown because of a non-existent virulent virus at a time of the year – April and May – when there has never been any flu epidemic in the whole history of mankind. This lockdown based on such obviously fake grounds will soon lead to major revelations and upheavals that will shock the world.

And now back to Melchizedek and his preeminent role in the history of mankind as described by my countryman and spiritual friend Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov:

“Who is Melchizedek?

From earliest antiquity, there has always been one great initiative centre on earth which commanded all others. All the lesser centres were branches of this unique centre, whose light has never ceased to shine throughout the centuries.

To guarantee the continuity of this flame, there had to be a being who possessed all powers and all knowledge; a being who could be God’s representative on earth; a being who would never die. And such a being actually exists.

Melchizedek meets Abraham

He is mentioned under different names in all the spiritual traditions of the world; there can be no doubt as to his existence. In the Hebrew tradition, he is known as Melchizedek. In Genesis, Moses tells us that Melchizedek brought bread and wine to Abraham and that Abraham gave him the tenth part of his spoils of war.

St Paul also speaks of Melchizedek in his Epistle to the Hebrews: “This King Melchizedek of Salem, priest of the Highest God, met Abraham as he was returning from defeating the kings and blessed him; and to him, Abraham apportioned one-tenth of everything. His name, in the first place, means ‘king of righteousness’; next he is also king of Salem, that is, ‘king of peace.’ Without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.”

All decisions concerning the destiny of mankind come from Melchizedek

You will ask: ‘But if he had no father or mother, how was he created?’ A being who is God’s representative on earth is all-powerful with respect to matter. He can form an etheric body that is capable of lasting until the end of time, and he can also disintegrate it at will.

Of all God’s representatives, it is Melchizedek—whose name means ‘king of justice” –  who has the most important role to play on earth. He is the judge of the living and the dead, and all decisions concerning the destiny of mankind come from him.

Teacher of all the initiates

All the high initiates received instruction from him: Hermes Trismegistus was an aspect of Melchizedek, and also Orpheus, Moses, Pythagoras, Plato, Buddha, and Zoroaster, all the greatest initiates were taught by him—even Jesus.

It was Melchizedek who delegated the three Magi to represent his kingdom in paying homage to Jesus, because Jesus was the incarnation of the Divine Principle, of the Word made flesh. But Melchizedek, representative of the living God, who has neither beginning nor end, has a different role to play.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, January 4, 1959

After this beautiful introduction of Melchizedek by my deceased soul mate Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov enjoy now his latest message, where Melchizedek succinctly praises our programme – The Crowdfunding Website for the Universal Law of Nature – regarding the new Healing and Study Centres in Italy that outlines our educational mission to enlighten humanity and enable it to ascend to the 5th dimension, beginning this year:

My beloved:  Your (Me, Georgi, Sophia) masterpiece (I see the Crowdfunding Website for the Universal Law of Nature Study and Healing Centres) is complete and has achieved its effect and its effect is profound, enduring and offering such upliftment to those who know it is real, who know the City of Light exists.  All those who read, who believe, and who support, are sending huge waves of energetic light into this creation, resulting in an expanded and ever-expanding creation!

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